League of Xee

Session 115 (TMA) - Glaistig

“Are you here to bartner information?” Maziel to Glaistig
“You could say that.”

To Taelim: “I know you don’t trust me—”
“You killed my dad.”
“He took someone important to me.”
“Just help me find her.”

She’s uncertain about Klotonk who spoke with Granny Poultice. Taelim says Treetonk hadn’t made the connection. She warns about Aleph (aka Dorsain, the king of Ghouls), who’s had contact with all Fey.
She says Lys is also important to her, but she can’t traverse this world as we can, but she can still help. She says in one of the Sultan’s prisons, way underground, where there’s been increased magic presence and decreased amount of guard presence (called Dusk Mount). She asks Dorsain not be confronted, but that his equipment and plans should be tampered with, as a favor to her.
She leaves, and the Minx steps forward with five green gems with the face of Diancastra, that when crushed can be Superior Healing Potions or Potion of Storm Giant Strength. Taelim tells the Minx she’ll give the password IF the information proves true.
Egba the Digger and Pila the Sapper know the way. They lead them to a junkyard, then they delve into a hidden hole into Sewers. They trek deeper toward a cistern, slowly making their way toward the center of the city. When they get to the donkey area, the animals are gone—bones. Klotonk animates dead on the bones. Donkey skeletons. They carry on; it’s long and arduous.
They finally make it toward the prison. A chasm moat prevents them from entering the building, so they skirt around the cavern wall toward the prison bridge entrance. Klo casts detect magic: the whole place is lit up with Necromantic energy.
There are also two statues on the bridge, looking like the ones that hold the city up.
Naming the bridge the Gates of Death, they attack. They are crafted of Necrotic energy.
Klo disintegrates one, leaving behind a shadowy form, which frightens Maziel and Taelim for a turn before fleeing toward the stone door of the prison and vanishing. The other big stone one left is wailed on. Taelim uses Thunderwave to knock it off the bridge.

Session 137 (TBL) - The Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent says her servitute is for the better good of the people who are lost. She and the Black Mask Dude are supposed to be the main line of defense. She says that the black mask broke free of his ancient chains. The Black Mask is a powerful force. The Rainbow Serpent wants to let us use one of her servents. Xillali’s hair is going back to normal, it’s no longer stark white. We hear giggling from down the hallway, and see two ice pixies. As they they get closer they bow to Xillali.
Lead to a circular room, there is a perfectly round reflective surface made of ice. They walk in, and Xillali follows them. Dimitri believes it’s a fae portal, he does not trust it. We’re now in a long icy passageway, “follow us, follow us, follow us!”.
Dimitri is very unhappy. It looks like we’re under the ice, in the center of the room, there is a ruin. The ruin is made of stone. There is a stone statue that’s humanoid. The statue looks familiar, like the one where we found Vort. As we walk further, there’s green flames that are flickering. In 7 silver bowls, we see 7 green flames that are growing. “This is a safe place, you stay here.”
Green Knight seems unhappy, but follows their diety’s orders. We go to meet up with the hag, let her know we’re on our way. The little hag is curious. Everyone except for the Green Knight is ecstatic about the performance that Zukko made to introduce the Green Knight. The Green Knight switches forms and becomes vines that surround the area. There is no ghouls visible. Very suspicious.
Still no ghouls anywhere. Very odd. Get to an area where there are stone pillars, a cavern opens up. There is a pale light inside. Reach a petrified forest. Get to the top, Xillali notices a hidden being. Dimitri and Xillali speak to each other in Draconic. The hidden being responds back. It doesn’t want to join us. Visible. This thing destroyed Illium. It destroyed the entire Mage Academy.

Session 136 (NBL) Your Ass is Grass

Discussion heats in the Faith Crypt. The Black Mask people are very unhappy that the fae went into their head honcho’s area. Instead of the green guy, there seems to be a winter eladrin. She says that no fae has entered that area. The guys humpf and puff, then head out to leave, they have a skull tattoo on their face. The guys with the face tattoos killed the fae. Can’t find the green dude. Go back to reg world.
Doki overhears white mask individuals speaking Silvean. Remembers a word they keep saying over and over. Erdan and Xillali understand the meaning. Apparently if someone breaks an agreement, they can bring a judge to enforce the contract. They’re called Inevitables. They can travel across planes.
Lady is V.Mad. When we left the the room we noticed there is a plant/ grass that is growing everywhere around the city. Which is new. THE WHITE MAD LADY IS THE GREEN DUDE. In order for there to be a lot of plants in this area, there should have been an outpour of magic.
There is a monk in black robes who look very distressed. “It’s supposed to be winter right now, it can’t be summer”
Xillali recalls the Rainbow Serpent. Their tales mention either helping with changing of seasons or destroying the lands. Party heads back to the Gulag.
Fought some scary shit, they run away, they’re frog people. Vow to get back.

Session 135 (NBL) Fight

Discussion on next steps takes a while. Decide to go ethereal to sneak around and find the Celestial Lady.
Dimitri asks the Book. The Book think he’s not very smart. There used to be a chained creature there. How would that creature be binded? The Book wonders outloud.
Go down, keep going down. See a large humanoid creature curled up to a ball underground surrounded by fungus. This jail looks similar to the one we were in before hand.
Xillali checks out the plant life. She finds it interesting that the creature is a large creature. It’s a coiled snake like creature. There’s a large metallic band wrapped around where I think the head should be. We recognize the band around her neck.
Xillali and Zukko split form the party to check out barracks. Instantly feel like we’re being watched by a presence. Luke, Naora, and Dimitri see Dunn Guards looking for intruders. The guards head towards the prisoners. They run past us looking for someone. The Guards are having an intense discussion with something in the hallway. It looks like a gaseous blob. The Guards plan on calling the Master. They release the gas thing. Multiple hands escape the gas cage. Change into Giant Elk to run away, it keeps up with us. FIGHT. Zukko gets eaten, and Xillali is being smashed in the face. Erdan finds out it’s a Gug.

Session 114 (TMA) - Old Friends

Party agrees to find a tavern (The Humorless Guard), after another round of Seeming. People think Klotonk’s voluptuous form is nobility, Shi’ar sorcerer. Some offer to escort us. The tavern looks like a cross between a mausoleum and a bar/inn.
A halfling approaches with food and fine wine, “The Minx sends his regards.” Coming from a fiery-headed individual with onyx skin. They kick others out of the suite, and grant it to the group, mainly because they revere Klotonk.
Feeps cast Major Image to appear like a magical talking camel. While in the suite, an obscured robe figure knocks. “The Minx requests the woman’s presence” (Klotonk). They eventually go to his table.
The Minx, some type of elemental genasi, refers to himself as a finder of things. He brags about his accomplishments, then states he knows the party is faking appearances and are looking for someone. Klo admits they are looking for someone.
Taelim and Feeps, meanwhile, are listening into the bar talk. They overhear talk about how OC defeated the Cloud Giant Arch Magi with the Red Dragon Mask, but he fled. They acquired the mask.
The bard, Ian the Elite, telling the tale states he knows the name of the giant, and after some bribing, reveals the magi’s name was Obsilon. He was the mage of elements, and Viceak had him investigating magical artifacts. Obsilon might be hiding in Magaat.
Klotonk approaches (Aliah) and tells Taelim the Minx might be able to help. They relent to reveal a bit of information, but the Minx states it’s not enough.
Taelim admits her name is Lysandra. She says she’ll give the word of unbreaking in exchange for Lysandra’s safety. The Minx eagerly agrees, hurriedly leaving the bar.
Back the suite, Odison decides to pray to Pelor for help. His eyes glow, and Pelor’s presence is felt. Odison’s questions are:
Is Lysandra in a prison in the undercity? (Below the Sultan’s city)
-The location of this woman is unknown to me.
Can we bring her into the light?
Would Taelim’s information about the collars hurt Illium?

Long rest, and wait until next night since the day is dead. Feeps is now a centaur. Eventually Vulcan makes his way in, and he’s welcomed to the table, made aware of Seeming. Vulcan vouches for the Minx, stating that was the man he was going to introduce them to. Since Feeps asks about guides to the city below, Vulcna leaves and returns with a short fellow, Eastern-ethnicity. There’s another guys, tall and thin. Both grimy, but armed. Egba the Digger, Pila the Sapper (armed with explosives).
They learn there’s a huge bounty on information of Aleph (the former prison warden). The bounties on OC and TMA. Things in Magaat aren’t as peaceful as it seems. Feeps pays for their help in advance. Party asks Vulcan to find them maps of the undercity.
The Minx enters, followed by a robed figure, a monk, wearing a white mask. They ask for a private chat. From the mask is the voice of the Glaistig.
“Gods damit.”

Session 113 (TMA) - Magaat

Feeps, Taelim, Treetonk, Bat Maziel, (Odison) teleport to Magaat. They are in a desert at noon, and meet a wandering potions dealer. Feeps bribes him to talk about rumors in the city; his name is Vulcan the Wise and his camel, Savina. He’s an earth genasi. War with Baron Slith in the South, but they came to peace. He goes to the market the Suk.
Party casts Seeming and head toward the city. Feeps becomes a camel. They reach the city by evening. The city is 10x the size of Illium, ancient, and four titans that resemble humans hold up the Sultan’s city. By now, the city gates are closed.

They cast invisibility and begin walking alongside the wall, looking for an opening. They find one, climb, and Feeps gets cut on glass shards, warning the others. Behind it is a large courtyard, spacious unlike the other closely packed buildings. Maziel turns into a bat and scouts ahead.
A voice in their heads: “Who has stepped into the garden of my master?” A rock titan forms before them and approaches.
“Who is your master?” Taelim asks.
They get surrounded. Taelim admits to representing the family of Illium.
The head of the house confronts the group, Taelim apologizes profusely.
The head of the house: “I think Regis would pay nicely for your head.” He’s the leader of the church of Erathis.
Fight breaks out.
He takes out a sigil and makes the party suffer excruciating pain, he’s left standing.
Feeps threatens his life to call off the fight, the noble agrees.
The party is escorted out, he agrees to not tell anyone they’re here.

Session 112 (TMA) - Gods

Battle with Selvetarm continues. It’s bloody. People drop left and right, Klo casts Maze on him. He poofs away. Then Klo gets struck by a Wild Magic Surge, full slots restored. Party tries to heal, Selvetarm comes back to this plain. Battle resumes.
Kolae gets the finishing blow, and gains Selvetarm’s madness. Maziel picks up the god-shard left behind, giving it to Klotonk.
Maziel’s hear: “Come to me.” It’s Lolth.
The party proceeds to the ziggurat. Klo casts Fly twice to cut a day’s worth of travel down to a few hours. Maziel gets emotional and thanks the party for joining her.
At the top is an expanse of obsidian with 8 statues in around a courtyard. Lolth in the middle. A crumbled Selvetarm, and other Ellistraee, Ghaunadaur, Keptolo, Kiaransalee, Malyk, Vhaeraun, Zinzerena. There’s an altar in the middle, which Maziel approaches.
Maziel calls out to Lolth, and the party is transported to a dark space. There’s a massive spider, her white hair covered in blood, a massive sword driven through Lolth’s abdomen. On it is written: “When this is drawn, Ragnarok shall appear.” Here is where all that blood is coming from.
Maziel: “Did Torog do this?”
Lolth: “No, he’s a tool of Grazz’t. He freed the one who hated me—Selvetarm.”
Maziel reaches out to death touch her, but hesitates. Lolth then asks that Maziel take her power and give it to Ellistraee. Klo hands Maziel the god-shard, and Maziel catches her blood, in it, the divine essence of Lolth. Her body slumps, suspended in torture for eternity.
Maziel instead tries to harness the power from the gem. She dies, her body soulless—absorbed into the gem like a deatheater’s kiss, which drops to the floor.
Lolth laughs, Yaup Plane Shifts them to the Fey Court. They give the shard to Ellistraee, who then revives Maziel.

Session 111 (TMA) - The Demonweb

Party talks to the drow, but Maziel discovers they’re actually yochlol protecting a priestess. They explain there’s some ward over the city preventing people from escaping/teleporting. They state they saw an undead creature with the torso of a man, but had four legs and powerful magic (sounds like Harthoon); it was leading demons. They think the ward might be near the fane of Lolth, and Klo has a way to dispel it. They head straight for the edge of the ward bubble.
They set up, and Klo begins his ritual, but it fails. A mouth appears in a building wall, and Harthoon speaks: “Meddling again…” The party flees just as devils arrive, and agree to head toward the fane of Lolth, all black spires and the architecture of a spider dome, similar to a pantheon. Inside is a purple fractal portal of pure magic.

Stepping inside, they trigger an alarm spell. Kolae, Klo and Yaup sprint toward the portal. Yaup dispels an Arcane Lock (which was what protected the barrier), but the Gate still remains.
Harthoon: “Surprised you removed your only way out….”

Klo, curious, heads inside. Kolae follows. They see black pyramids in a violet lens world, suspended in spider webs about an equally intimidating ziggurat. The one directly over it with the face of Lolth, is pouring blood from her eyes and spilling into the Gate. This is the Demonweb Pits, Lolth’s domain.

Beck talks with some of the devils that come through and walk beside them, they ask for his shadow, the group all tell him to say no. They continue toward Lolth’s temple.
There’s a male drow out in front, a dark seldarine, killing demons. His name is Selvetarm. He sees the group then charges.

Session 110 (TMA) - The Fall of Szith Morcane

Party (now with Kolae) return to Mag Turea to speak with Finn Fail about what came of the investigation with Graz’zt. They learn suspected unseelie folks have left the city, including a regent by the name of Krow. Maziel thinks Lolth was displaced in the Abyss by Graz’zt with Orcus out of the picture.
They cast seeming before heading through the gate; Yaup a male drow, Kolae as a yochlol and Klo as a deep gnome. They head through the gate…disappearing in mist. They end up in dark temple similar to the one in Mag Turea, ankle deep in blood. There are body parts floating everywhere, hacked to pieces. Outside, the city streets are still flowing with rivulets of blood, bodies littering the area. It’s like there’s a river of blood. Yaup investigates the unnatural flow and learns this is some kind of magical effect; legends tell of the Blood of Torog.
They sneak by a marolith killing a spider-demon. “I’m sorry, cousin.” Then investigate spears of shadows impaling high priestesses. Klotonk casts fly.
They come across a massive 120 foot plus spider web in the city center spanning a chasm. As they fly across, they come across two drow females. Maziel goes over with Kolae to interrogate.
Maziel asks how long since the demons arrived. They reply several days. The drow’s priestess were killed, they were searching for another to serve, following some lights. They mentioned their cousins were killed, and Maziel assumes their yochlols in disguise.
They part ways and Maziel wants to beat them towards the lights.
They cross the chasm and finally there’s no more blood in the streets.
They end up being tracked by shadow demons, try to fly away, only to be pursued. A fight takes place mid air. Then a marolith appears to make things more fun.
During the fight, Maziel spots a drow priestess being carted away, unconscious.
After the battle, Maziel flies toward them.

Session 109 (TMA) - "Come."

The party rushes inside the temple. The priestess’ within are having seizures, backs ripping open as snake women with six arms (mariliths) are crawling out and speaking Abyssal. The slaves are on the floor their eyes turning white; they rise up—now turned into bodaks. Their eyes glow and Maziel, Beck and the fomorian guards immediately drop (having failed their saves).
After a grueling battle, they clean house. Maziel translates what they had said: “Long live the Dark Prince.” Yaup informs them the Dark Prince is Graz’zt.
Maziel explores the rest of the temple to find slaughter throughout. She triggers a trap to a secret lab, which sets off alchemist fire and ignites most of the flammable objects.
Treasure found:
500 platinum bar
2000 gold ore
Damaged silver mask, 750gp
Onyx Comb Set, 750gp
Bone Chalice, 750gp
Opal Statuette Lolth, 750 gp
Magic Dagger +1 (Ancient High Office)
Magic Ritual Knife (Dagger of Venom)
Magic Belt with the visage of Annam (Hill Giant Strength)

Maziel informs Naudu Finn Fail that Graz’zt was likely behind all the recent attacks. The king knows that Graz’zt and Lolth didn’t get along. But the Dark Prince tricked her, weaking her, and also took some of her worshippers—turning them into the Elemental Evil Eye. Credene offers an inquisition to hunt for Dark Prince worshippers in the city.

Maziel suggests they rest before heading through the gates, but Taelim thinks she shouldn’t go, and send Kolae in her place. She begs Klo to use Dream and find out as much as she can from Lysandra, namely where she is. Maziel tells Taelim to ask other Maziel (Bat), Treetonk, and Odison for help and let them go with her to find Lysandra.

Maziel does another round around the temple, seeing drow blood near the portal. Lolth whispers in Maziel’s ear: “Come.” Finn Fail immediately closes the gate to Szith Morcane, the holy city of the drow.

They head back to Illium briefly to makes changes.


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