League of Xee

Session 101 (TMA) - The Gilded Lotus

Arrived at the Riverboat/Entertainment Center named “The Gilded Lotus”

- Yaup and Beck won an insult swordfighting duel against the local champs and impressed the crowd, won a 1000gp purse to split

- Klotonk was cluelessly led around by an escort, visited the “gift shop” but didn’t understand what the potions and eungents were really for, and eventually met Granny Poultice herself – learned some background, confirmed that “unscrupulous” people are asking around about TMA, and got lore tokens and a ring that will summon GP, once, anywhere in the under/fey/shadowdark

-Taelim played competitive dragon chess, lost her shirt, and then took advantage of the free drinks in the gambling halls and got smashed. Met a little fey dude by the name of Muckwort, who says he’s friends with a formorian noble by the name of “Lug”

- Maziel discovered the fateweavers from the goblin market, got a full rebuild at the cost of level and a “side effect”
They wound up meeting a Kenku in the gambling hall first ❤ Maziel gets completely irrational, fey induced Love at First Sight ❤

Session 100 (TMA) -The Underground Moon

TMA fights lots of ghosts and wraiths.

Session Ninety Nine (TMA) - Into the Feydark

The only thing that matters:

Taelim and Maziel start to have a conversation under a waterfall with some new guides on their way to the Drow city, and are disrupted by Maziel’s mom, sisters, and I guess some wraiths of former Illium denizens.

Session 122 (NBL) - The Caterpillar

Fightiiinggggg. Massive BOOK, 10ft tall, works it’s way into the room. As it crosses in the pathway, you see the book that we killed, heal, as if went it past. There is a cloud around it. We can see a cloud of time around it. Three bolts attempt to strike Naora. Kill all the books. Grandfather clock opens.

We’re in the jungle in the middle of the night. Xillali goes off to look for chime with Naora. Everyone else is in the clock. It’s super dark, there are vines that are super colorful and it’s easy to get entangled.

The moon is nothing like we’ve seen before. There are no constellations that we may know. Dimitir thinks he sees one that’s similar, then it seems like the constellation walks off. Doki hears signing.
Doki finds a giant caterpillar on a giant mushroom. She starts signing with him. Doki gets enamored. Doki has learned the Song of the Caterpillar.
“Who are you?”
“Friends are people who keep your secrets when they get too heavy” to Doki
“A true folk hero never walks alone” to Zukko
“Sometimes a curse is also a blessing” to Dimitri

The caterpillar turns into a crystallized form.
There are two medium sized caterpillars that start munching on the bigger caterpillar.
Doki attacks one of them, and they banished her. So the group fought to make it lose concentration.
During the fight Dimtiri’s Maul broke in half. It’s seeping magic.
We left the book, we’re back in the library. (there is a way out for Doki)

The book has collected many stories and people. Since we saved the caterpillar. We are offered a choice. We can join the book forever or not.
Doki asks how to get the curse off and the book says OK. Chime chooses to join the book. The book will now travel with us.
Long Rest

Session 121 (NBL) - The Castle of Time


Dimitri is staring into a corner. Clueless and unintelligent, muttering, bronze is color.
There is a giant page that lands over us. There is darkness then slowly there is a castle that appears. It’s snowing. Doki recognizes the castle from a book. She can’t place it. She feels like it’s a fairytale castle. Zukko thinks he sees something. Erdan and Naora open the giant cracked door to the castle. In a ballroom there are people are completely lifeless. There is a lady with three magical keys. Each key has an hourglass. One is empty, one is half full, one is full. Doki takes them. We find a clock with a water motiph. We see a lot of fish but no fishermen. Erdan moves the minute hand one second over. There is a noise. A note falls out of it. It says:
“Wind me round, fishie/
Swim up the stream of life/
None of us have time left/
Your choice, to weave the weft/
First came the wise fish/ eyes full of regret /
Twice came the fishlets, too naive to fret /
But none pass the fisherman, with his finely made net.”
Xillali runs to see the ballroom. Everyone has moved a tiny bit. Doki gets the half key and winds the clock all the way. There is a big shudder from the clock. Inside there is another key hole. The Hour hand doesn’t budge. Move the minute hand again and nothing happens.

Doki uses the full one and winds the clock. A third key hole opens and she winds that one. The clock DONGS, Doki feels really weird. She starts to age EVEN MORE. She only has ONE Death Save. Hear flap flap flap flap sound, and another flap flap flap sound. At the end of the hall there is more clunk clunk noise. At one end there is a 4 foot wide book, and the other end there are two 3 foot wide books. They start moving towards us, roll initiative. In the middle of the fight Xillali hears giant thud in the distance. Fight Fight Fight, AHHH. (we did the puzzle wrong as told by DM, it was supposed to be full, half, half)

Session 120 (NBL) - The Principia Magica)


The book flips open, bolts of lights shoot out. Soon it’s too bright to look at. We hear a voice that resonates through our body.
“WeeeWreweeweweeweeeeee Ccaccaaaccaaaaannnnn”
There is a squeak behind you, “Chime, I like books”
Doki walks up, and she touches the page. She feels a surge of energy go through her hand. She felt a presence in her mind. There was group consensus of ‘this one can try’. She begins to try. She flips the page and it flops over to a big sigil. There is big summoning runes. They both go off at the same time.
1st – there’s a flash of brightness – everything is white. No longer in the same room you were in berfore.
Expanse of white in all directions. Zukko feels better. He sees a squid like creature next to him, looking at him with a squiggly eye.
“Put me back, use the code, on the sigil”
Zukko says the word, and it goes back into to you.
Erdan saw a morcoph. They are magical collectors that travel around.
Three black orbs appear.
Doki reaches to touch it, her skin starts to harden. Erdan dispells magic.
Chime is excited about the books.
Dimitri walks around with a shield on to go look at books.
Xillali and Chime go off to look at books. After a while, Chime is visually upset. Zukko charms her. The voice inside his head says he can help. Zukko sounds smarter and helps solve the puzzle.
After getting it correct – the page turns on top of us.
In this new settings there is a lot of trees. Monsters with the face of humans come towards us.
There is a fight. Erdan casts fly, lots of damage, then at the very end Erdan dispels the spell so they all fall and die.

Session Ninety Eight (TMA) - Torog Released, and the Queen of the Fey

Klotonk – rescue effort
Taelim – told Killian – Rescue effort –
Mazie bat l – Dragons showed up – start healing and rescuing People
Check in the unseelie contacts – goes looking for people – find them.
Maziel elf – Castle
Cosmo – Stealth 27 /Wis 12
Dagon – is going to go to hestavar (one way)
Beck – wants to do an aid benefit concert -

Cut scene
Klontok – research – Locate gems
Taelim – Erathis follower – Selm

Are the remaining power gems in Illium?
Would Doresain know where the remaining gems are?
Is Lysandra on the material plane?

Looking for Unseelie
Looking for work?

Spies for tiamat, orcus, torog cultists

Nirbolg and Redcap Lord – when they ask, say no.
Tell maz it was Doresain – redcaps know Lysandra isn’t around

Maziel – Krow

Went w Elven kind

Research – not in the city
Hestavar – Hostile
Dragons show up “according to the pact we’ve made”

Ambassador Krow and 6 Pixies
Titania – Queen of the Summer Court – wishes to see you immediately
Offer you can’t refuse

We’ve had spies – orcus’ forces are scattered – We believe that when you opened the storm bottle, you managed to destroy Orcus’ phylactery, so you’ve killed him for good.
Knights of the Summer Court for participating in the destruction of Orcus –
Advantage on cha checks w seelie court fey

Titania’s Kiss –
6 charges of Restoration (4 for greater, 2 for restoration)

Lord Oran, Lord of the Green Court –
“No beast will willingly attack you”

Prince of Frost
“…. you have my thanks”

Moon Maiden (gloaming)
“You are free to use fey gates without any repercussion” (time dilation is a choice now)

Erevan Ilesere
“I want to acknowledge your feats of bravery!”
X 6 marks w his symbol (a half moon (like cosmos!) w a rising star)
6 charges, 4 (greater invisibility), 2 (invisiblity)

Taelim and Mom talk
Maziel – Gloaming fey
Cosmo – Dancing w the fey (gets laid)
Dagon you and Gerty
Beck – story telling
Klotonk – finds out his school is gone

Rumor from redcaps rounding up the arcane – Dealt w and made magic items
“The one who changes”
Could it be the Glaistig

Titania would like to see you in private
Sehanine Moonbow, Goddess of the Elven Moon
Eilistraee is the moon maiden

“The mortal realm is in imminent danger from Torog”

There is a grand game going on – some Power with immense influence has been cleverly y and quietly pulling strings – This shouldn’t have happened – everything up to now – Hestavar releasing the Tarrasque, The return of Baba Yaga and the Glaistig, Orcus’ flagrant attack on the Feywild, Tiamat’s invasion of the mortal realms, we think even Primus’ release, has been carefully orchestrated to keep our spies looking away from Solstice and this incredible threat.
Torog is hatred unleashed, and the Seelie are depleted from this last war.

We have a request that only one of you can complete, and we know what it means to you.

Moon maiden – Maziel, will you take the fell power that you’ve been gifted, and turn it against Torog? We think someone meant you to have it, and to kill my mother with it. She’s the only force that’s stood toe to toe w Torog for milennia and stood fast.

Lloth is not answering, but she still has a firm grip on her powers – she’s most likely remaining neutral in this, waiting for a moment of weakness to step in and claim Torog’s pwoer

We ask you to go to the holy city, Szith Morcane, as our envoy, and speak w Lloth at her shrine – regardless of where she is, she cannot refuse to answer you there.

We believe that if you commit to use your power to kill Torog, that Lloth will join our alliance, at least temporarily

Dagon – find Harthoon and smash his face get the gems back

Session Ninety Seven (TMA) - Death House, Part Three

The Necromancer’s Sanctum
A collection of books
Treasure chest –
10 bars of gold worth 200 gp each
Potion – Invisibility to Undead
Arcane Scroll (Glyph of Warding)
Has Elemental Bane, Circle of Death, Magic Jar

Touching books summons a small imp – quasit
“You’re the ones he’s waiting for, Trust me, I’m on your side! I’ll cast a regeneration spell on one of you, and I’ll open the gate – just spare me.” – will turn invisible and follow
If not, they have to spell out Orcus from any of the titles (Invest DC 18)
Lose life if cast a non necromantic spell here.

Final fight

The Hole

The Bomb stuck in the middle of a Rift that leads to the Shadowfell
Pillars of bone facing cardinal directions
Twelve Candles Hope and Despair
The candles will go out, when they do, the ritual is over – if you attack the candles it just hastens the process
Necro finishes casting the ritual, then turns to deal w you

Dice Rolling Mechanics
“Flaw” what’s your flaw – RP and burn to cancel dis
“Ideal” what’s your ideal – RP and burn to cancel dis
Inspiration – Burn to cancel dis
Person on the left “Brink” -What is the worst thing you imagine this character is capable of.
RP and burn to gain advantage

Candles go out, or candles transfer to players
Ring 1 goes out – Fear skill checks at disadvantage
Ring 2 goes out – Sorrow – skill checks, saving throws, at disadvantage
Ring 3 goes out – Despair – skill checks attack rolls, saving throws,
“Center” goes out – Lose condition

Despair – Consign your soul to the demon locked inside the candle (Next time you die, it’s permadeath)
Hope – Arcana or Religion at Disadvantage – takes action (DC 15, DC 20, DC 25)

Win Condition
Fully stopping a ring or the line (4 either way)
Attack the pillars (AC 15, HP 100 each)

Time bound to rounds? (die of fate)
Any “sacrifice” (so killing)
Fall unconcious, auto lose a death save, 1 wave of candles
Attack the bomb itself (circle of death)

Wave 1
1 x Necromancer per Volo’s 2 swarm of zombies

Wave 2
“A wizard – Bargle – I told you all along, didn’t I? Demons wouldn’t stay in the basement, so up they came to the roof! (fights as death knight though) – necromantic energy as a shield and armor – necromantic energy as his “sword””

as Death Knight, 2 x raven swarms

Session 119 (NBL) - As Told by Zuko

We are in the woods. We have gone to the village of Naught, Chime was missing, so we went to talk to helen, who told us the fey took Chime.
The Fey told us that Helen probably took Chime, so our infamous adventurers went to pay Helen another visit to clarify. Doki managed to smooth talk her way back into meeting with Helen. She is attempting Helen to allow her to look at Helen’s Library with Erdan. Helen is playing coy, showing Doki and Erdan random books that are rather uninteresting. Dmitri investigates the hunting lodge. It seemed to have been used by hunters, and doesn’t seem to have much decoration from Helen. There’s stairs that go upstairs to her living quarters. Erdan asks Helen about more high level books that only a more experienced and intelligent person would know. Helen is ignorant about most of them, but seems to have an almost imperceptible reaction to one of the books, as if she was trying to feign knowledge about them. Erdan manages to pick this up. The great Zukko got bored of this frivolous and pointless chatter and decides to aim for the glorious truth. He casts Zone of Truth. The terrible shield robot that was guarding Helen asks Zukko to stand down, but Zukko doesn’t. The Shield robot casts haste on itself and hits Zukko with a weak fist as big as Zukko’s face. Naora rushes to shield the attack. It is a full on fight now. Glorious Zukko manages to land a glorious blow that destroys the haste on the silly robot. The Robot fights back and scratches the great Zukko slightly. He didn’t even feel it. Dmitiri moves into position for a breath attack and injures two helmed horrors that are trying to rush into the room. Naora moves onto the Robot and attacks with great furvor. Helen casts hold person successfully on Dmitri. Erdan walls off the 2 helmed horrors to split the enemies up. Doki struggles to tell the truth. The helmed horrors bang futilely at the newly created dome.
The Amazing Zukko loops around the robot and grapples Helen. He easily pins her down and attacks her, doing great damage. This frees Dmitri from being held. Dmitri attacks the robot, doing much damage. He questions Helen about Chime, and Helen says they’ll never see Chime if they kill Helen. Dmitri stands down. Doki continues the conversation with Helen about Chime. The conversation is colorful. The party demands that Helen give them information about Chime or else. She talks about how Bastion wronged her in the past. She wonders why they don’t just use the dagger that she gave them. Doki and Dmitri give their reasons, Doki wants great rewards from royalty. Dmitri is trying to find the easiest solution possible. Helen finally demands for her dagger, walks back to her room. After a long silence, Dmitri walks towards where Helen went. Helen appears with Chime, and hands her over to the party. Chime is very scared of the party. She demands that the party take her to the Fei. Dmitri gives Helen a health potion as an apology gift. The party promptly leaves the lodge and escorts Chime to the Fey. They Fey are excited to see Chime. The Fey console Chime and tell her that the party was sent to save her. She sighs a breath of relief. The party asks Chime about Bastion. Chime talks about how she has befriended the librarian of Avanon, and talks about what she discovered there. She says that it seems like Bastion cannot die. She mentions a fancy book (Prince of Pea) that she cannot read for it was locked. She tried to talk to Helen about it but Helen then kidnapped her. Erdan’s eyes perked up when he hears this as it is a rare book. They ask Chime to try to convince the librarian to try to let Erdan take a look at the book. Chime mentions a voice in the cave, but she doesn’t know what it is. The Fey just says that’s what the earth does. Erdan is getting way too excited about the prospects of reading this book. The party heads towards this cave in the middle of the forest. They spot a rock which then seems to be a crack in the ground. Chime indicates that there is a cave there if we descend into it. She takes the party inside and lights a torch. She indicates this is where she hears the voices. She leads the party to the back a bit. Erdan casts the Comprehend Languages ritual. As he’s casting, he’s hearing some language that he does not understand. Doki recognizes it as Primordial, she starts conversing with the voice. It questions why she knows the old words of Primordial. She came up with some story with how she broke her leg and had a lot of time to sit around and read about stuff, and she happened to read about primordial so she ended up studying it and that’s how she can speak Primordial. This rock slides out, it’s this stone sphere with 3 arms, 3 mouths, 3 legs.
Zukko, in all his greatness, does not recognize what this is. Doki stares at it a bit and determines it’s a Zorn, a type of earth elemental. It is not friendly generally, very hermit like creatures. They like to stay away from everybody else. They have been known to amass a large treasure. Zorn was impressed by Doki’s story and continued to converse with Doki. He walks towards Doki and sniffs her. A tongue flips out of the top of the creature. He smells star metal on Doki. He says it’s the armor that Doki is wearing. He asks how Doki got the armor. She does not really remember. She talks about how she had a stealthy cloak and how she got it embedded into her armor. She talks about Hestavar and the Astral Plane. This interests the Zorn greatly. He claims to also have star metal. He offers a trade to Doki for his star metal. She offers 3 diamonds for the star metal, which the party discovers is adamantium. The Zorn coughs up the adamantium. Doki and Zorn do some weird salute. The party then leaves the cave. Zukko commits this to memory, as he guesses that there are very few people who have ever seen such a thing. Chime thinks the party is super cool for talking to such a thing. The party heads back towards the gates of Avanon. The robots at the gate question the party, but Chime gets them to allow the party to escort her to the library. Chime convinces the robots that he’s here to help. The library is a two story building that looks like a large vault. It is spotless. There are tons of robots here that make sure that the library is kept in pristine condition. The robots question the party and Chime. Chime tells the robot that she needs the party to help open the fancy book. Chime tells the robots in the library that the party saved her life, and the robots allow the party to only look at the Prince of Pea. The party is lead down a fancy staircase by the robots and enter a large vault. The robots lead us around to a set of locked doors. They unlock the doors, and enter another room, with another big lock and a big robots. It is unlocked, and the group proceeds into another room which also has another door and lock. The group enters and they see a book as big as Doki and Naora. Erdan is drooling all over himself. Dmitri recognizes some of the words as ancient Draconic. He also sees 3 sets of numbers in Draconic on the book. Dmitri transcribes the numbers for Erdan. It seems to be a combination lock. Each part of the lock can take a number from 1-60. Doki attempts to Knock the lock. 6 bolts of energy shoot out and hit everybody. Dmitri figured out the combination and the book opens…

Session 119 (NBL) - The Forest

Look for Chime
Usually goes to the library
Her tracks lead into the forest

Find the chapel

Detect people
Erdan you’re better at talking at other people
The Seelie took Chime
Helen the enchantress lied
The dagger has a finger of death on it.


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