League of Xee

Session Eighty Eight (TMA) Illium Stories - Making Everyone Happy

Day 4
Taelim unlocks the book
Kolae and Odi come back
Klotonk dreams to Cosmo

Week 2
Maziel one weeks of wages – 2 contacts
Klotonk – Lore Token
Taelim – talk to mom – Krow can get you to feywild but wants a favor
Can’t ask lysandra – asks Maziel
Cosmo -lute

Maz and taelim

Ilya is missing

Taelim – wants to ask mom about the Glaistig to get the torc
(thinks that Glaistig has the book)

Klo – spends lore token
Teleporting Painting – ancient archdruid royal city – fey – lost to time – made this
Taelim + Kolae to Cloudgoat and the sump
Got Gnasha to agree w the terms
Dmitri – Quest to learn your power

Relocate to Swamp south of Baron Sliths

Magicallly terraforming?

Ursa the Owlbear

Move the Tower (talk to Mage of Myth)

Klotonk studying
Taelim/Kolea and Gnasha go back to Illium

Mage of Myth will move the Tower to Alternate Illium

Terraforming druid book


_X_ _X_

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