League of Xee

Session One Hundred and Nine (NBL) - The Citadel Cavitius


After four hours, road slowly starts turning into pavement. See a giant orb like structure that is radiating light. As we get closer we see two black pits of darkness. It resembles a skull.
As we get closer we hear muttering of a city, it’s almost as big as Illium. There is two rows of heads on stakes.

There is a gate and two giant statues in front of the gate. The giants are undead.

As Xilalli begins to cast, she sees a fog coming out of the citadel. Fog stays at the gate.
7 undead.
Above us is a building, with a demonic presence. Everything is silent.

Go near the gate. The two giant undead turn towards us.
They pull big massive level, and the gates open. In complete silence.
As we walk in, we gradually start hearing the city.

Naora and Zukko go find a Bar/ Inn. The Silent Shroud.
Learn that we there isn’t that many free people.
There is an underground fighting arena.
Do NOT interact with people who want to give money for information.

As Erdan and Dimitri start walking around, it feels like a labyrinth of buildings. Some buildings have been knocked down and rebuilt. There are a lot of guards and soldiers. They look uneasy and suspicious.

Xillali goes shopping

Naora and Zukko talk to Jakar, who is in charge of the fighting pits. The dude is interested in the mask. Zukko asks about the rod, and Jakar may know information about it. A very nice looking servant ask if they’re from outside. She wants to know if we know how to leave. Those who leave are destroyed. We don’t speak his name, but his birds will destroy you if you try to leave.
You were looking for something, I know someone who might be able to help you.If I help you, will you help me escape. She;ll meet them after the fight at 9.

Doki is alone, and she notices that only female guards are there, at least with four guards. When she’s done scouting, she inquires about THE temple of veckna. An inculabum points up. There’s a set of stairs that surrounds the cimcounfrance of the city that leads up.

There is a skeleton that is assembled by bones. Singed the praises of the whispered one. She makes up a song.
After walking for more hours, she finally gets to a doorway, she sees a moving shadow.
The shadows stretch in her direction. A full shadow walks towards her.
“You want to pay your respects? You wish to pray? Then you may pass” It’s demonic.
In the wall, there are a couple of entrances, and a large white building with a door. Through one of the opening it looks like a meditation center. Doki goes through the main entrance. The entire inner chamber is black. There is a floating black stone platform suspended into space. With the hand and eye symbol. There is an altar in the back. Doki sings a beautiful song, The Fiend was super in love with the song, that she gave Doki a bone. The bone will let her go up the stairs whenever she wants. The priests won’t bother her. The shadow fiend gives Doki it’s name: Trendilla. That is the name it was given when it was created .

Lady comes over, she wants to leave. She grew up here as a slave.
Don’t make deals with jerk from the pits, he WILL backstab you
She thinks that the person whom we want to is that a person with the name of Harloon has it.
She knows people who can give us an audience with him
Give bribes. Several days to talk to the right people to get to know merchant folks. (~200gp)
Rumours that people have snuck out by the sewers. No one has come back.
Kas was driven out, Veckna is in palace.
There are is alters for other gods, in an area called the Secrets.
Doki enamored three sisters, we can get one favor from each of them
Naora and Zukko didn’t get very far in the Pits, only got 50gp
Erdan and Dimitri earn a favor. They give us 6 bids. It signifies that we’re initiated with Veckna.

Group goes to see Harloon. See female guards step out. Armour accentuates their figures. Everyone is female. He is an undead. He walks in
“So my friend has told me all about you. It’s not for sale. Even if you could, you wouldn’t be able to pay the price. Have you heard of the Shadowed Room”
Doki said yes,
“it’s an ancient library, now lost. For many years I have wanted to bring an end to the one we cannot speak of. There are many secrets and many things that are unknown. There are rumours that Kas has been doing some kind of ritual that has weaken Veckna and Veckna’s army. I need to find a piece of a ritual that is in the shadowed room. If I go there, I’m sure I could find the ritual I would need. However, even with my great influence, I don’t know where it is in this city. I suspect it’s in the temple or in the palace. I don’t want you to help me take him down, I want access to the room.”
He can get us a way out of the city.

Doki and Dimitri want to screw over the merchant, not Veckna.


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