League of Xee

Session One Hundred and Ten (NBL) - City of Traitors

Erdan: Going to go check out the Shadow Library … doesn’t know where to start
Dimitri: I think we should betray Heirloon(sp?)
We may get the tuning fork this way
Zukko: It would be interesting to overthrow some lich god

Erdan is doing a thing with a library

We noticed an inculabum(sp?) who might know what’s going on

Zukko greets this inculabum.

Inculabum is attractive, but looks sick.

“Can I help you?”

“I have been sent to find some general knowledge. Is there a library or a place where I can acquire knowledge”

“There are many places… “ Inculabum looks around, “ I don’t think one of your stature would be allowed into any of those places, what info. Are you looking for? I am a purveyor of knowledge. What do they call you?”

“I’m Zukko”

“I am Voice that Weeps” “There are many storehouses of knowledge but for those like us, acquiring knowledge is not good, I myself am looking for a cure to this illness, but none would help me as I do not have the stature”

“Maybe Heirloon might help”

“You don’t look like the type of person Heiloon might use, unless you’re hiding another… I won’t question you” “Heirloon favprs the female sex, so you say you work for him?” “I’ll take any help that is offered, your price was that you were looking for knowledge? I may help you” “I do know many things, I am an avid recorder of stories”

“What type do you specialize in”

“Oh, all types! Ballads, plays…” … etc.

“I’m looking for knowledge about locations or maps or instructions to find secretive places”

“You seem like an adventurer, you’re not from here… would you know someone with the ability to cure disease”

“I may know someone”

“If you could help me with this ailment, I would be most grateful”

“Have you heard of the Shadowed Room?”

Inculabum looks around… “You’re not alone… I don’t feel safe discussing this. I mean you no disrespect and no harm. I know a few legends of the Shadowed Room, but at the same… “

Zukko persuades him that he has nothing to worry about.

Inculabum: “We shouldn’t talk here… I know a place that might be safe. Have you heard of a place called the Silent Shroud. Let us relocate”

Inculabum tells Zukko about torturing: It’s an holy act that is called the Unveiling. Some of their ranks train to become inquisitors. Their job is to extract information from people unwilling to share information, it’s like a religious calling for them.

We all follow him back to the Silent Shroud.

Naora heals the inculabum.

“This is not a spell… you’re a paladin. I must know all about you”

First give the information.

“The shadowed room is rumored to be destroyed. Many have looked for it. The last known public legend of someone looking for it was Koss. Koss was tryin to destroy vecna and thought the power in the room would be powerful enough to destroy him. There’s rumors of both cases of him finding and not finding it. There were some things that I’ve heard that no one else has heard: It’s in a room that hasn’t been opened in 10s of years, when this place was occupied by the doom guard, they were never able to find it.” “There are rumors that the room could be inside the palace or the temple… but the palace did not exist at that time, it’s new construction. If I were a betting man, I’d think it was in the temple. However, my kind and your kind, we aren’t generally welcome there.

There’s one other thing I heard. I heard in order to get in, you need a special key. The key is in the same room as the door. But… there’s no lock”

Erdan asks The Voice that Weeps if he is familiar with Truth of the House Ineffable (the other inculabum we met)

He’s familiar with house Ineffable. They tend to produce inquisitors and high wizards, but hasn’t heard of Truth

Some talk of Flying Books. Voice that Weeps: “It seems like a very odd thing to do, unless you’re trying to hide knowledge from people”

Erdan tells the story of those books to the Voice that Weeps and the Inculabum writes it all down

“How do we keep in contact with you?” asks Erdan

He makes his home in Jakarn’s Covy, he goes around to various bars and taverns
We need to have a pearl to approach the temple. (which we have)
Everyday in the morning the local clergy ascend the stairs and do a sacrifice. (a person)
If we want to know more she knows a Man by the name of Brafrom, who is a body guard of a priest. The priests tend to hire their own bodyguards.

The next morning we head over to the temple, for the sacrifice.

Doki buys a priest robe.

The bodyguard we’re looking for is hunched over, as he moves and walks Dimitri notices that he’s more build than his frame implies. Totally faking it.
The group is escorting a slave with a bag over their head. Doki follows the main ceremony and Dimtri pretends to be her bodyguard. The rest of the party is behind the main party. They notice that a couple of body guards are watching our crew.

Go inside the temple, as our eyes adjust to the darkness there is a floating over. Surrounding the walls are gargoyles and deamon statues. THe clerics push the slave over. They do a ritual chant and the slave rises up the floor. The floating oval moves down, and they put the slave on it. Dimitri and Doki stay.
As we exit standing next to us there is a large shadowy figure. We swear it’s smiling at us
“So where’s the bathroom” Demon’s grin gets bigger. Points toward the stair case
Points to a small staircase…..


_X_ _X_

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