Cosmo , Kender Rogue

A Kender. Not a halfling, not a dwarf. Likes things.


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Cosmo is the third child of the Springerfoot family, the owners of the Springerfoot-Bandlegard Circus. The troupe began 60 years ago by Cosmo’s grandfather, Talorin Springerfoot, and his comrade, Juniper Bandlegard. Both came from craftsmen families and at first the show was a large scale puppet show of colorful wooden figures that took two Kender each to operate among colorfully painted sets. Over the years they attracted the attention of acrobats, who joined the show to act and battle alongside the puppets. Bards came, who helped keep the stories fresh and well accompanied with common and exotic instruments. A goblin illusionist joined and helped bring the puppets to life without need of several operators and bring realistic flame, magic and weather to the stage. For a short time a sorcerer had been part of the troupe and summoned magnificent creatures. Even with outsiders coming and going the circus was cemented as a family endeavor.

After 10 years as the most successful entertainers in (Kender Capital or homeland if there is one) the SBC decided to start a branch company to take the show on the road. A part of the Springerfoots headed by Cosmo’s great aunt, Lynna, began the Vagabond Springerfeet Troupe. It wasn’t long after Cosmo was born, during a caravan heading to Illium, that the land moved into a darker time. People weren’t as trusting of traveling entertainers and fewer and fewer could afford to attend performances. Thieves’ and assassain guilds, on the other hand, were quite interested in these Kender with great acrobatic skill on top of their innate tendency to make items disappear and reappear in their own pockets. Cosmo’s father, Chettler, and mother Celeste, started taking a job now and then to help raise their five children, Crescentia, Caesar, Cosmo, Claybyrn and Calder. Growing up Cosmo learned several skills from the circus ranging from acrobatics and tumbling, to dancing, to painting and building sets, sewing costumes and fixing wagons. Yet also he learned to pick safes with the most mundane objects and where noble tended to keep the most easy to split pockets. The Kenderfoot children became much more entwined with the guilds then their parents. While they disapproved outwardly, Chettler and Celeste turned a blind eye.

A few months ago, just like his older brother and sister, Cosmo’s Kender wanderlust hit and one morning he just disappeared to explore while expanding his resume.

Cosmo , Kender Rogue

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