Dunne (Deceased)

Older Raven Queen Follower, killed in the defeat of Nerull


Dunne was met in the Mage Tower in the Sump, in the Desert Room. He had almost complete memory loss and rarely spoke in coherent sentences. He claimed he could hear the voice of a dead god coming out of a giant crypt. Taelim took him as a follower, and he blindly followed and completed any task she asked of him.

Unchained Memory – Klotonk
_This Angry Ghost still holds onto a desperate hate for Dunne and wants him dead
Get one time XP if you witness or cause Dunne’s Death, then he’ll be on his way.

What was the reasoning for his hatred towards Dunne?

Dunne was a bad man, and participated in Bargle’s inner cabal of assassin’s and goons, along with Munio.

The particular incident that the ghost hates Dunne for that no one knows about: He knew Dunne from the old days before the fall, and when the Fall actually happened, Dunne did horrible, awful things – he turned in a family that was harboring the refugees which resulted in the death of an innocent girl.

The Ghost has never forgiven Dunne for this, and swore he’d see Dunne pay for it some day. But he was too afraid to, and now he feels guilty that he never got that chance_

Dunne died in the Shadowfell. An undead sphinx was demanding the answer to a riddle Taelim decided that Dunne should answer the question in case it was wrong, and that way the sphinx would attack him instead of the party. His answer was incorrect and the Sphinx felled him in a single blow. His body was left in the temple of orb, and not reclaimed. The mystery of the “dead god” that spoke to him, and any mysteries that he knew, died with him in The Temple of the Orb.

Dunne (Deceased)

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