The Creature Feep, Warforged Bard

The accidental Warforged, whose sentience emerged from a motley of magical enchantments.


The Creature Feep is the very embodiment of a clinking, clanking, clattering collection of caliginous junk! Easily mistaken for an ambulatory home furnishing, Feep does not resemble any other known Warforged. The general impression is that of a steampunk centaur – he has 4 spindly legs, a thick horselike lower half, with a humanoid torso, arms, and head. His legs and lower half resemble a baby crib bolted onto a small piano, because that’s basically what they are. At the footboard end of the crib, he’s got a clockwork humanoid torso, complete with 2 arms and a head with a friendly face. He can also lift a flap on his right flank to expose the keys to his internal harpsichord, but he’ll only do that if he really trusts you. Normally he plays it himself like a player piano. On several of the flat surfaces of his body, there are child’s paintings of things little Druid girls might like, such as rainbows, woodland creatures, and unicorns.


The Creature was created by a powerful wizard-king, who was too busy ruling his struggling city-state to care for his very young daughter. The king’s intention in the beginning was not to create a conscious entity at all. He only meant to create a robot, driven by clockwork, steam, and arcane magic, that would do the tedious and often disgusting tasks needed to nurture a baby – things like rocking her to sleep, singing lullabies, changing her diapers, entertaining her, and eventually, teaching her about the world. In fact, in the beginning he was little more than a crib with mechanical arms, but then the wizard would think of ideas to improve it. (“Gee, if I gave it an olfactory sense, it could be programmed to automatically change the diapers without any human intervention!”) As he added more and more enchantments and components, the crib gained a bewildering variety of functionalities, such as the ability to project moving pictures to illustrate the stories it would tell, and a friendly, almost human face, so as not to alienate the girl child.

Feep became sentient when the wizard installed a magical device designed not only to memorize stories and songs, but also to create new ones – essentially, an imagination, of sorts. He became ambulatory around the time that Taelim outgrew the crib. The queen believed it important that the young Princess Taelim be able to impress the court nobles, and Feep was enlisted to teach harpsichord lessons and make sure she practiced. Eventually, the king bolted him onto the harpsichord itself, but then the whole contraption was so unbalanced and awkward that it made more sense to enchant the harpsichord so that it could move around on its own.

Of course, the Creature became a major curiosity at court, and because he had been designed to enthrall people with stories and song, the nobles found him quite charming. He started out playing games with all the highborn children, but as the children grew older, he often found himself in the role of jesting to the king and the adults at court. Of course, all along he maintained a particular fondness for Taelim, whom he’d originally been built to watch out for and take care of for so many years.

The Creature Feep, Warforged Bard

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