Klotonk, Gnome Mage

The cheerful mage who is just as likely to jump at the chance exploration as he is to be lost in thought for his next tinkering project.


Klotonk is a very happy-go-lucky gnome mage with a knack for mechanics. All Rock Gnomes have some proficiency with tinkering, but Klotonk had a grander fascination. “Couldn’t magic bolster machines? Can’t machines bolster magic?” he thought. As his studies with machines and magic continued, he experimented intertwining the two. Making music boxes set off ghost sounds or illusions have been his proof of concept ideas that he has still yet to truly master.

Something about contacting the fey and becoming their arms dealer. Perhaps there are scouting faeries that jump into the material plane searching for those who might assist them. Perhaps the Gnome elder still have fey connections and sent word that I looked promising. Still working this out.

He realized that he had to venture beyond his home to gain the knowledge and experience to make additional headway in his work. A traveling circus had come by and it was a sign to Klotonk. Lighting, sounds and pyrotechnics did Klotonk provide and in return he got to experience much beyond his home. Performing at the shows, while often behind the curtains, gave him confidence in himself and his ability.


What he wants to look like (and sometimes thinks he looks like when he feels awesome): http://i424.photobucket.com/albums/pp325/JoySakura/Witches/45b7.jpg
What people see him like http://www.campbellwhyte.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/final-fantasy-black-mage.jpg
What he really looks like: http://static2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120626231418/ravemaster/images/f/ff/Niebel.png (for face/demeanor) http://images.wikia.com/fireemblem/images/c/c4/Male_Mage.jpg (for attire). Robe has a pocket on the left shoulder where Hoot often resides.

Klotonk, Gnome Mage

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