Taelim, Half Elf Druid

Druid princess with a taste for the wild.


Taelim is a medium sized half elf of barely twenty years. She has long, dark hair that’s usually braided. She has olive skin, and piercing green eyes. Some even say her stare is that of an animal. She strongly resembles her mother, Irielya, with the exception of some human features, like short, pointed ears common in a half elf.

Taelim is best described as free-spirited, with a carefree outlook and passion for the wild. Not knowing she was a druid until much later in her life, she often felt nobility caged her. She prefers the company of her caretaker, Feeps, or animals over the privileged society of her birth.

When given the opportunity, she chooses to dress practically. Soft leather and animal furs are her ideal choice.



Taelim is the princess of Illium. The kingdom is a powerful nation, backed by the strength of the king’s magic and warforged army. It is a peaceful place along the coast, where the temperature constantly feels like a warm spring day. Prosperous, proud, and allied with all its neighboring nations, Illium is one of the last, strong free cities of the Western Reaches.

Taelim’s father, Viceak Arroway, the king of Illium and a powerful wizard, is not her biological father. Her mother, Irielya, a noble elf, had relations with a strong human druid, Elroar Warson. For most of Taelim’s life, this secret was kept by her mother and druid father (whom Taelim never met). After learning about her birth, Taelim grew angry with her doting mother, and further distanced herself from the constant social aspects of her birth. Even if her mother was the only loving parent in her life. Taelim clung even closer to her caretaker, The Creature Feep, further raising the suspicions of others. Viceak, a practical, and not particularly loving man, decided marriage might right his daughter’s character.

Once Taelim discovered Viceak’s plans, she outwardly refused to marry the prince chosen. At a young age, Taelim was introduced to Prince Valium, who she considers a self-serving, arrogant, and possessive man, among other less than desirable qualities. More than once, Valium declared he would ‘tame’ the wild side of Taelim and set her straight. It was only due to the coaxing words of Feeps that repeatedly kept her from attacking the prince outright. After the engagement was announced, Taelim convinced Feeps to run away with her and never look back. Her disappearance left many questioning why, especially the king, who eventually figured out her true birth.

Taelim and Feeps journey for a few years, where she is free to be herself. She learns more about being a druid in this time, with instruction from those she meets along the way. She strengthens her skills and power, and for once, feels content with life by helping others and journeying around the world.

Valium, however, considers Taelim his, and to this day, he has not stopped looking for her. This act is not out of love.

Update on Taelim:

After discovering Viceak’s body in the tower, Taelim’s attitude takes a considerable shift. While she never loved Viceak, she did respect him. His death leaves her angry, and she vows to figure out the truth behind it. Though not of blood, Viceak was still family. She matures a bit after, and her journey, for once, has purpose.

Taelim worries for her mother’s safety, as well as the fate of Illium without Viceak to protect it. Fear of seeing Valium, and the truth that he is one of the true heirs to Illium, holds her back from rushing home immediately. Eventually she reunites with the Azure Prince, who promises to provide safe passage when she does return; the maritime captain was someone Taelim always admired and trusted. Perhaps more.

Taelim, Half Elf Druid

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