Vort, Human Barbarian of the Asimba Hills


Vort the human barbarian holds no memories of the great catastrophe that occurred two decades ago. He was born in a small tribe of barbarians called the Volmak in the Asimbia hills many moons north of the small town of Stilt.
The Asimbia hills is known for being the location of some of the most memorable battles between tribes of the north, the Volmak being the long lasting victor. The Volmak dedicate themselves to increasing their battle strength by hunting the most dangerous creatures of the Asimbia hills, mostly dealing with large mammals.


Vorts main profession was making the finest boots out of his hunt; He would decorate them with husks, jewels, animal fangs. His feet always looked fabulous! When Vort was a young man, he spent a lot of his time eating all kinds of fungi that grew in humid and dark areas of the hills while out hunting; Sometimes he would end up with a sour stomach, sometimes he would turn blue, other times he would have visions of the past for days. Vort grew up only with his mother, so his training in battle came from friends of his father in the tribe who were willing to teach him alongside their own. Vort has always had a love of the arts and his mother was the best dancer of the tribe. Which is why Vorts mother secretly taught him to dance when most of the tribesmen would be too tired after long hunts and battles. Vort’s passion for dance led him to leave his tribe to venture the lands in search of new dance moves. He has crushed the jaw of any man who has ever made fun of his dancing, he is very self-concious about it. Maybe one day Vort will be the best dancer in what is left of this treturous land.

Vort, Human Barbarian of the Asimba Hills

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