Yaup, Half Orc War Cleric of Kord

Half-orc War Priest of Kord, god of battle, athletics, competition, storms, and GLORY!


You see before you a hulking, muscular specimen of a Half-orc, standing 7’2" tall and weighing in at 290 pounds. Yaup has green-brown skin, long grey-white hair, and bright red eyes. He wears heavy armor and swings a heavy battleaxe, usually 2-handed. When his teammates need defending, he can go into 1-handed mode and hold a shield, but he prefers to be on the front lines, dishing out massive damage. He also likes to hit enemies upside the head with a magical barbell, courtesy of his favorite spell: “Kord Pumps the Pain!” As you stare at him, in awe of his imposing figure, he scoffs: “Do you even lift, brah?”


At the Eastern orc tribe’s rebellion against the Wroth, Yaup slew Jarmel the Giant in single combat.

Yaup, Half Orc War Cleric of Kord

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