Zan, Wood Elf Monk


A middle-aged Wood Elf male – tall, olive eyes, dark hair. Face, chest, and forearms marked with traditional “war stripe” tattoos common to the warriors of his home village. He currently serves as a smuggler and mercenary for hire in the dangerous swamps surrounding Stilt town.


Zan has a quiet disposition, content to coast through life one day at a time. Although he has long since eschewed his traditional monastery doctrines, Zan retains his humble lifestyle, valuing neither gold nor fame in high regard. He tends to distrust strict authoritarian figures, keeping his own moral compass closest to his heart; Zan’s innate sense of justice leads him to try to find the most peaceful resolution to a given problem.

When forced into combat, Zan first and foremost focuses on hedging threats away from the most vulnerable members of the party, swiftly attacking targets of opportunity head-on. Zan’s enthusiasm in battle stems from a desire to end the fight as quickly as possible; he treats his martial arts as a true form of defense, rather than a weapon. Using his escaping Ki energies from his wounds, Zan can create swirling torrents of emerald fire to riposte his enemies.

As a follower of the Way of the Elements, Zan is the only Elven monk (that he is aware of) whom has an affinity for fire. For Zan, fire is not a destructive force but one of cleansing and deliverance; because of his Elven blood, his Ki energy manifests as verdant green flame instead of the normal deep crimson typical of most Path of Fire monks. He is dedicated to the kung-fu style… the only thing keeping him from further mastery is his own wavering ambition. After all, for Zan, just getting by seems to be enough to bring inner peace.

Zan, Wood Elf Monk

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