Bargle's Journal


A vellum journal bound in hide, with no lock,. The insides are coded and make sense.
The characters confronted Bargle on his past sins, and he revealed the cypher to the journal that was tattooed on his arm.


Date: -

New journal. Reminded myself to purchase a new one when we met the traders from the Eastern lands of Magaat. It’s been 15 years since the Fall. One of the mercenaries escorting the traders i knew from the old days. He’d been back home, on similar escort. Hemapoline, jewel of the South, remains a smoking ruin. Dragons, Giants, Gnolls, and fouler things still scrape a living among the ashes. The few humans remaining are slaves, or are powerful enough to hold their own and even run a business. Some questioned my decision to take only the children with me and leave the Noviates behind to guard the Temple, but I made the right choice. The Raven Queen’s Temple remains Inviolate, and has even thrived in the years since I fled. Even Gnolls respect the dead, apparently.

There’s a story going around that makes sense.. that the ascension of the Wrath has happened before. That it’s real reason for the fall of the Cabiri in the North, the sea ruins in the far west that Illium was founded in. If so, will we last until the Wrath consumes itself? Or is this the final Ascension? The nations of Garland, Gallant, and Regis all fell, and only a few scattered points of light remain as the darkness spreads.

Date -
The Dream again. I am in a cavern, wading waste deep in warm, lumenscent water. Above me there is an Evil Shadow, and I dare not look up. I can hear the songs of the dwarves, though, far out over the ocean, leading me north. I clutch my spellbook, with the one spell in that I must never cast, lest the world die.
I wake.
The men are asleep, except Dunne, who never seems to need as much sleep as anyone else. He’s writing too, by the light of a candle. I wonder what he thinks of me, the choices I’ve made to keep my flock alive. I flick open my spellbook, to the last few pages. They are blank, but in the dream they were full. I can almost remember the words of the spell, but it must not be time yet.

We have taken a new job, directed by the usual suspect. Times like these I’m glad we parted ways with Barnabas and Clarice, they would have never been able to stomach this man that’s joined us. He’s a killer, cold and simple. Our mission is support and infiltration. The team is pretty reliable at this point. The ones that can stomach the killing, like Dunne and Munio, will lead, while Mattias’s group will secure the escape route.

Mission was definitely interesting. Our target turned out to be a fey, hidden among the mortals for whatever reason. Our man was required to not only kill, but perform a ritual in sylvan. Apparently fey can be felled just like anyone else, but if you want to really ensure their death, there is a ritual, which is why they needed us. Dunne did the ritual. I’ll ask him to make a copy, his memory is excellent.

“Copy of the ritual to bind a fey’s spirit is expertly detailed in a different hand, probably Dunnes”

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Bargle's Journal

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