League of Xee

Session Eight - Return to the Cursed Village

Maziel and Feeps meet up in Stilt Town

Kingdom of Illian has dark news, but nothing is really dire quite yet.
Feeps comes back to Stilt Town and runs into Maziel – realize that the rest of team hasn’t gotten back from their mission to the north yet. Feeps and Maziel travel north, arrive at the Hill just as Zann, Taelim, Mattias, and Dunne get to the Hill. Cosmo and Klotonk are missing, Taelim’s team can’t seem to remember what happened to them.

M, F, Z, T, and retainers head back into the village. Maziel is looking for a particular artifact that could aid the group, and they want to look for the missing party members

After exploring a couple of abandoned houses and feeling eyes watching them, as well as unsuccessfully attempting to track the missing, the team enters the haunted graveyard, covered in Mist. After searching the graveyard they encounter a group of Wights, along with a group of Ghouls. Taelim manages to kill the Ghouls with Thunderwave, and the rest of the team takes out the Wights, but more zombies arrive. The team splits up, but most of the team manages to escape the graveyard, make their way back to the cluster of houses, and rest up.

Maziel, alone and with boots of elven kind, is able to elude the zombies and outrun the wights, but doesn’t have much luck finding the place she is looking for. She finds a crypt but not much else, and eventually comes back to the houses to join the party after about forty minutes of fruitless searching.

Session Two (Maestro's Mission)- The Ice Cave

Erdan – High Elf Mage, Amoral Librarian, shady Artefact dealer
Doki – Lightfoot Hafling Bard, Con Artist, Professional Adventurer
Xillali – High Elf Druid Noble Scholar
Naora – Stout Halfing Fighter

Erdan receives a Relgion Tome and a Scroll of Slow
Doki receives a Magic Map and takes the Llloth pendant – casts protection from poison if you perform a sacrifice on it and spill fresh blood on it.
Xillali receives two scrolls
Noara was used in Experiments and get a sword that can summon a flame strike 2 x per day

The Maestro has used the book to complete his his spell and has created two maps that show the other areas that could be investigated. (one for himself and one for Doki, as requested
Next, he’d like Doki’s team to investigate the Frozen Caves. According the map, there was an ancient portal to the feywild there but no one has been there since The Fall .
- The Maestro has been preparing this for a while and will provide you each with a Brooch which has a simple spell – once per day, if you say the words “protect me” in elven, it will cast the spell Endure Elements, which will last for four hours.

- There are rumors of monsters that raid out of the cave – if you encounter anything intelligent, offer to make peace. If not, then the Maestro will give an extra reward for any corpses, as well as any unique flora you can find

- Document what you can and if you can find the fey portal, report on its condition..

Team uses the map to Travel to the cave unmolested.
They see a small crack on the left, a large entrance in the middle, and a medium size entrance on the right.

While other party members debate merits of going into the large entrance, Erdan strides off to explore the middle sized cavern… and runs into an ogre.

Special – Before exploring anywhere, Erdan will remember to announcing he’s casting Mage Armor!

Team manages to survive encounter with two Ogres. Since Xillali has her Flame Blade active, the team continues into the cave and encounters three more Ogres and deals with them pretty handily.

Team loots 3 Javelin (For Noara) s, A Cold Iron Short Sword (for Doki) a pile of copper pieces, and some GP

Team proceeds down a secret passage way and finds a staircase. Ignores staircase and finds a cavern with ice bats and a huge pile of guano with Ice Mushrooms.

Team notices something odd about the guano pile, loots a ton of mushrooms, and get 3 live bats (asleep) and 1 dead bat Leaves and goes up the stairway. Finds a room with 6 Fire holding pedestals – but no fire. D and X go back to the guano room to get guano for fuel. E and N explore the other direction and almost run into a trap, but avoid it. Explore north and find the portal room leads out to the big cave.

In the meantime X and D wake up some sort of Grey ooze creature from the guano Pile which dissolves X’s boots and hurts her. Team is able to run away.

Finale – Doki sets the pedestals on fire with her guano, the Pedestals enact some sort of magic effects right as Naora arrives, and at that moment the Grey Ooze enters the room.

Session One (Maestro's Mission) - Part 2

Erdan – High Elf Mage, Amoral Librarian, shady Artefact dealer
Doki – Lightfoot Hafling Bard, Con Artist, Professional Adventurer
Xillali – High Elf Druid, Elven Noble Caste Druid (probably Ovate, it’s a official title), Scholar, Cook

Party enters the Valley of Yellow Fog, takes potions, Doki navigates the party to the small ruins, which from above, look kind of like of eye.

Party finds hieroglyphs that show Cabiri (Ancient humanoid cyclops race) in a great war fighting against Tieflings
Find a hole in the ground, near a door with a charred skeleton
There’s a magic eye above the door, watching the characters.
Erdan casts a spell on the eye, which attempts to fire back – makes a lot of noise, attracts Carrion crawlers from inside the well.
Team gets into first fight, potions of poison resistance do their job, Doki almost goes down but makes it.

Xilliali finds out she deals out mad damage with her flame blade spell (3d6!) for 10 minutes, so they go down the hole and explore some caverns. Find passages with hidden elven runes, follow the safe one, make it to room with zombies.

Doki uses minor illusion to distract zombies, party sneaks past, into room with magic cubes.

Players solve the Magic cubes puzzle through trial and error, open a door and get a treasure chest

Characters loot treasure chest (160 EP and 10 PP)

Characters go out through door, up to a large room with 6 pillars, and a large round door. Elf Corpse. Elf runes that say “Sealed, Death, Danger”

Dead elf – high elf, xilliali knows him, corpse has died in an unfamiliar way with no obvious wounds – energy drain?
(xilliali know how to perform an autopsy?!)
Xillali searches corpse, gets cp, potions, gems, and a magic pendant that seems to be related to lloth

Doki goes up to stairs to West, finds room with Cabiri statue, gold throne, and piles of rubble, rusted iron pole
May our king watch over us in death

Erdan tries to decipher the runes on door to no effect

Party goes up to Gold Throne room. Erdan casts mending on piles of rubble, which form 4 perfect statues of elves in various states of shock (they’ve been petrified)

Xillali takes the iron pole, they move past statue without touching it to rooms to North. enter Library

Find a Yellow Musk Creeper and zombies. Avoid them, but Erdan makes a quick survey of the shelves and finds a useful book (Ancient weapons, in giant)

Explore an amphitheatre, avoid falling in water, make it to small room and find Bloodmusk the Muk Muk – who has been turned into a zombie.

Xillali loots his body finds the book, pouch (gold and gems), and an iron pole.

Xilllai copies the tattoos from Bloodmusk and party escapes the valley with no time to spare!

Session One (Maestro's Mission) - Part 1

Maestro Mors, the Magus of Stilt Town, has assigned your team to retrieve a certain tome detailing ancient secrets of the The Sump and surrounding lands.

You’ve taken a trip up the the source of the Wendmarsh River to the ancestral homes of the Muk Muks. The Muk Muks are froglike, humanoid cannibalss who live in the deep wilds, but this particular tribe is supposed to have an “understanding” with the Maestro in this case, and you were given a special badge that marks you as an ally to the Smoketread Muk Muks.

You were brought in front of Old Wart Nose, an enormous Muk Muk of venerable years and experience. He welcomed and provided food from his hearth for you, which seals your allegiance with the Smoketreaders (they won’t eat anyone who they’ve sat down to dinner with). Wartnose would be willing to give the book to the Maestro, except that the book has been lost for a few years in the Valley of Yellow Fog.

There are several locations in The Sump that even the Muk Muks are afraid to enter, and one of them is the Valley. The fog itself is hard to breath – exposure to the Fog for more than 10 minutes causes shortness of breath. Exposure for more than 20 minutes, partial paralyzation, and a half an hour is a lethal dose resulting in death. Even worse, creatures killed by the yellow fog rise from the dead, covered in yellow flowers, who attack mindlessly before sprouting into large plants that must be destroyed before they spew more poisonous fog.

The Muk Muks had a shaman who had perfected a magic brew (protection against poison) that protected against the fog, and from time to time he and some hunters would go into the valley and harvest for the creatures and plants they found there for potions.

One day they didn’t come back. The tribe attempted some unsuccessful forays into valley but lost even more tribemen – good hunters.

Old Wart Nose had given up on ever entering the valley – until you showed up. He gives you the last of his stock – 6 to 8 potions of protection from potion (6-8 hours worth) and sends you to the valley.

Things of note

:* Strange zombie like creature wander the perimenter, kill any that you find.

  • The giant yellow plants there are extremely dangerous – don’t get within 10 feet of one, or else you’ll be lured in by the plant’s hypnotising spores and infected by the plants
    .* Previous expeditions have ruled out the east and far side of the valley and the ruins that lie there. The only place remaining to look is a small temple complex on the west side of the valley. It’s been avoided because the muk muks encountered Large Centipede-like creatures called carrion crawlers in that area.
Session Seven - The Cursed Village of the Faceless Ones

Taelim wakes up on top of the roof a building with a vision.
Sends Feeps to the southern seatowns to get latest on the kingdom
Klotonk wants to find out about Goblin Market, tracks down his contact Lysandra but she’s “away” according to her assistant.
Maziel has taken off for a secret Mission (not sure what the party knows in character at this point but we’ll get back to that)

Taelim has a geas from Obad-hai – find the tree in the village near the center of the blight and “she’ll know what to do”

Party takes 2.5 days to get to the hill just outside the blight with no encounters, then start heading to the village, as it was raining.

(OOC) – as party gets closer to the village they start feeling uneasy, begin to flip over areas of exploration that they are “Randomly” coming across with a brief description (pond, village well, etc)

encounters of note:

  • First encounter was a large group of Ghasts that the party saw, and ran from (Mattias they thought they couldn’t directly face them and win due to their paralysing aura)
    *For some reasons the sun started setting, but then just stopped even though time was passing leaving the area in permanent dusk
    *Their shadows weren’t matching up with their bodies
    *There was a rain shower that rained blood
    *Found a graveyard, heard whispers with a floating headstone (that dropped to the ground when they approached) and an open grave, heard whispers. Investigated the open grave but left the coffin undisturbed and closed
    *Found a Tavern, found a pouch with treasure
    *Encountered Zombies – took a little damage – they weren’t too much of a challenge but very difficult to kill.
    *Found a Church with an adventurer’s kit and Alchemist’s fire.
    *Ran into some more Ghasts and ran away
    *Found a group of standing stones, with Ghouls. Debated fighting them but decided against it.
    *Found another cache of treasure hidden in a building and divided it.
    *Found an ancient yew with a druid or ranger hung from the branches, cut him down and burned him.
    *Taelim’s quest is complete and the party has left the area and is camped at the hill outside the blight now.


  • Random discovery was okay, seemed like a waste as a one shot but as a returning location (which it is) then it makes sense (locations will continue to be discovered in random order)
  • Dice rolling and spooky feeling of suspense worked.
  • X needs to work on balancing expectations between a “sculpted” story experience and “this doesn’t matter because it’s totally random”
Zan's Quest: Rumble in Stilt Town

so there was a discussion of doing a sub quest
[11/14/2013 12:48:38 PM] Luke Gamble: Neat.
[11/14/2013 12:48:45 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: (since taelim is going to have a geas anyway)
[11/14/2013 12:52:33 PM] Kelly Mangerino: oh, boy, why am I’m burning something down?
[11/14/2013 12:52:49 PM] Kelly Mangerino: is it a drinking challenge, then I accept
[11/14/2013 12:54:12 PM] Kelly Mangerino: [Thursday, November 14, 2013 12:48 PM] Xavier Rodriguez:

<<< (since taelim is going to have a geas anyway)also, what is that?
[11/14/2013 12:54:54 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: [Wednesday, November 13, 2013 10:31 PM] Xavier Rodriguez:

<<< Everyone else except Maziel has challenged the Party God. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGh2Ga1rVJ0
[11/14/2013 12:55:06 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: remember that kelly?
[11/14/2013 12:55:16 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Challenging the party god?
[11/14/2013 12:55:30 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: so the result of that:
[11/14/2013 12:55:54 PM] Monasch: geas is kinda like a magical commitment. The gods gave you a casting of a spell that you shouldn’t been able to do and thus they’ve locked you into a commitment to help their ends.
[11/14/2013 12:56:07 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: So, there’s 400 XP to distribute among the four challengers
[11/13/2013 11:02:30 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: 1 is Klotonk
2 is Cosmo
3 is Taelim
4 is Feeps
[11/13/2013 11:03:01 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: ROFLCOPTER
[11/13/2013 11:03:10 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Taelim has Caroused Excessively
[11/13/2013 11:05:22 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: dm rolls 1d20 (20!)
[11/13/2013 11:05:38 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Taelim has set fire to the muk muk village with the flaming drinks
[11/13/2013 11:05:49 PM] Ryan Walters: O_O
[11/13/2013 11:06:16 PM] The Game: Epic
[11/13/2013 11:06:18 PM] The Game: Party
[11/13/2013 11:06:41 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: DM rolls 1d6 (5!)
[11/13/2013 11:06:44 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: 5-6 a big chunk of town goes up in smoke
[11/13/2013 11:07:31 PM | Edited 11:07:45 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: DM rolls 1d6 (5!)
No one knows who did it!
[11/13/2013 11:10:17 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: DM rolls 1d20(19) While in said drunken stupor, with the town on fire, Taelim decides “She can handle this” and attempts to Cast Sleet Storm (a 3rd level spell) to put out the fire
[11/13/2013 11:10:21 PM | Edited 11:11:40 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The Gods actually grant her the spells, and she succeeds in casting Sleet Storm
[11/13/2013 11:10:53 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: So she’s actually hailed as the savior of town
[11/13/2013 11:11:39 PM] Ryan Walters: excellent! We have the village in our debt!
[11/13/2013 11:11:48 PM] Ryan Walters: … again!
[11/13/2013 11:12:00 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Yeah, but there is a price.
[11/13/2013 11:12:20 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Which I’ll get to Taelim about. She’s under a Quest Spell now.
[11/14/2013 12:56:11 PM] Monasch: X called it a Spell Quest earlier
[11/14/2013 12:56:23 PM] Monasch: *Quest Spell. :P
[11/14/2013 12:58:05 PM] Kelly Mangerino: WOOOOO!!! Maziel, please remember this as I will not even know my name when I’m sober
[11/14/2013 12:59:47 PM] Monasch: Eeehhhh, the gods’ll probably remind you when you’re coherent XD
[11/14/2013 1:00:52 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: oh yeah, the quest spell spell is.. rather insistent
[11/14/2013 1:03:01 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: @kelly – http://screencast.com/t/jtdChbQwXL
[11/14/2013 1:03:54 PM] Monasch: dat autoscaling curve
[11/14/2013 1:04:04 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: While a geas cannot compel a creature to kill itself or perform acts that would result in certain death, it can cause almost any other course of activity.

The geased creature must follow the given instructions until the geas is completed, no matter how long it takes.

If the instructions involve some open-ended task that the recipient cannot complete through his own actions the spell remains in effect for a maximum of one day per caster level. A clever recipient can subvert some instructions:

If the subject is prevented from obeying the lesser geas for 24 hours, it takes a -2 penalty to each of its ability scores. Each day, another -2 penalty accumulates, up to a total of -8. No ability score can be reduced to less than 1 by this effect. The ability score penalties are removed 24 hours after the subject resumes obeying the lesser geas.

A remove curse spell ends a geas/quest spell only if its caster level is at least two higher than your caster level. Break enchantment does not end a geas/quest, but limited wish, miracle, and wish do.
[11/14/2013 1:04:25 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: (from 3.5)
[11/14/2013 1:05:36 PM | Edited 1:05:42 PM] Monasch: so… the caster level of this geas is probably in the range of “ha, you’re funny” to “bro, do you even lift?”
[11/14/2013 1:06:59 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: [Thursday, November 14, 2013 1:05 PM] Monasch:

<<< the caster level of this geas is probably in the range ofObad-hai, God of Nature. -soooo… yeah.. find a level 30 cleric, yo.
[11/14/2013 1:08:00 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: I like the idea that Taelim’s a Druid Harry Potter
[11/14/2013 1:08:31 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and that fit with the roll
[11/14/2013 1:09:22 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: “19) When in a drunken stupor you asked your god(s) to get you out of some stupid mess. Turns out they heard you! Now as repayment for saving your sorry ass, you’re under the effects of a quest spell.”
[11/14/2013 1:34:54 PM] Dylan Gould: wow!
[11/14/2013 1:35:07 PM] Dylan Gould: so what happens to the rest of us when we challenge the party god?
[11/14/2013 2:06:04 PM] Kelly Mangerino: Oh.God. what slavery have I sold my soul to
[11/14/2013 2:07:31 PM] Ryan Walters: THARIZDUN GOD OF DESTROYING EVERYTHING
[11/14/2013 2:07:31 PM] Monasch: [Thursday, November 14, 2013 1:06 PM] Xavier Rodriguez:

<<< Obad-hai, God of Nature.Clearly. :P
[11/14/2013 2:07:52 PM] Kelly Mangerino: ….does this God have a history that I should be aware of
[11/14/2013 2:43:31 PM] Monasch: I suppose you’ll roll history/religion/arcana or something in the AM (rofl)
[11/14/2013 2:43:47 PM] Monasch: or PM, as it may be :P
[11/14/2013 2:44:34 PM] Monasch: I really hope the fire breaks out during the fight and there’s this epic roaring fire providing back-lighting for the monk fight.
[11/14/2013 3:23:58 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: [Thursday, November 14, 2013 2:44 PM] Monasch:

<<< I really hope the fire breaks out during the fight and there’s this epic roaring fire providing back-lighting for the monk fight.was thinking that too
[11/14/2013 3:24:10 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: along with the freak snowstorm
[11/14/2013 3:24:22 PM] Ryan Walters: On 11/14/13, at 3:24 PM, Xavier Rodriguez wrote:
> along with the freak snowstorm

[11/14/2013 3:24:54 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: [Thursday, November 14, 2013 12:56 PM] Xavier Rodriguez:

<<< [11/13/2013 11:10:17 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: DM rolls 1d20(19) While in said drunken stupor, with the town on fire, Taelim decides “She can handle this” and attempts to Cast Sleet Storm (a 3rd level spell) to put out the fire
[11/13/2013 11:10:21 PM | Edited 11:11:40 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The Gods actually grant her the spells, and she succeeds in casting Sleet Storm
[11/13/2013 11:10:53 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: So she’s actually hailed as the savior of town
[11/14/2013 3:25:09 PM] Ryan Walters: oh, sleet storm
[11/14/2013 3:25:13 PM] Ryan Walters: not snow storm
[11/14/2013 3:25:21 PM] Ryan Walters: sleet != snow
[11/14/2013 3:25:32 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: same difference, drow. you’ve never seen snow
[11/14/2013 3:25:40 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: nor has anyone else I wager
[11/14/2013 3:25:44 PM] Ryan Walters: Maziel hasn’t, but I have
[11/14/2013 3:26:06 PM] Ryan Walters: so does Maziel just think someone cast an ice spell into the air in the middle of a rain shower?
[11/14/2013 3:26:14 PM] Ryan Walters: because that would be cause for alarm
[11/14/2013 3:26:36 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: I don’t know. Does she? it IS putting the fire out.
[11/14/2013 3:26:51 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: I guess the question would be.. and this is a good one
[11/14/2013 3:27:04 PM] Ryan Walters: ok, I think he just thinks the druid is doing it
[11/14/2013 3:27:09 PM] Ryan Walters: which is accurate
[11/14/2013 3:27:19 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: was she watching Taelim closely to make sure she’s not getting into trouble?
[11/14/2013 3:27:32 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: or was she watching the two monks kick the crap out of each other?
[11/14/2013 3:27:40 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: or something else?
[11/14/2013 3:28:26 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: @ luke
[11/14/2013 3:29:00 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The Monk in question, is someone you’ve seen around town a couple times but never really taken more than a second glance at.
[11/14/2013 3:29:00 PM] Luke Gamble: yo
[11/14/2013 3:29:22 PM] Luke Gamble: Interesting. Race? Recognize the regalia?
[11/14/2013 3:29:27 PM] Ryan Walters: I kind of picture one of those scenes where Maziel as at the bar bench separating him from the barkeep with the camera focused from the bartender side, and Maziel is just sighing as things are on fire and people are fighting behind him
[11/14/2013 3:29:29 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: he’s human, pretty buff, and has a full body tattoo of a hydra with lots of heads
[11/14/2013 3:29:47 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: doesn’t wear anything special.
[11/14/2013 3:30:01 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: but the body tattoos you know of from your monk background
[11/14/2013 3:30:08 PM] Luke Gamble: Ooh.
[11/14/2013 3:30:18 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: he’s a sixth headed hydra style monk
[11/14/2013 3:30:45 PM] Ryan Walters: flying spinning cougar style
[11/14/2013 3:31:02 PM] Ryan Walters: your kung fu is weak
[11/14/2013 3:31:10 PM | Edited 3:31:25 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: which is a knock off style based on the Abbess’ sixth point palm technique (way of the fist)
[11/14/2013 3:31:48 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: So at some point, while you’re both in your cups, you bump into him, and apologize.
[11/14/2013 3:32:03 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: he refuses to accept your apologize, and questions your ancestry
[11/14/2013 3:33:28 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: as well as your fighting technique
[11/14/2013 3:33:37 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and challenges you here, now to a duel.
[11/14/2013 3:33:57 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: (there’s silence… and a then big “oooooooooooOOOOOO from the drunken crowd”)
[11/14/2013 3:34:24 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: you hear “you gonna take that shit from him Zan?” from the crowd (possibly Cosmo)
[11/14/2013 3:34:34 PM] Ryan Walters: (or Taelim)
[11/14/2013 3:34:39 PM] Ryan Walters: (whichever)
[11/14/2013 3:34:46 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: (or both!)
[11/14/2013 3:34:52 PM] Ryan Walters: (probably both)
[11/14/2013 3:34:56 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: He’s up in your face.
[11/14/2013 3:38:01 PM] Monasch: [Thursday, November 14, 2013 10:18 AM] Monasch:

<<< Klotonk tries to minor illusion a referee/announcer for the fight.
“Aaaand in this cor-HIC-ner we have the trash-talking self-proclaimed superior monk. HIC. Gurgle. What’s ya name buddy?”
[11/14/2013 3:39:56 PM] Monasch: Referee looks something like someone of authority from the circus. Maybe the lion tamer if there was one (hmm, that might’ve been Taelim?) or maybe just whoever was the circus announcer/opener.
[11/14/2013 3:40:23 PM] Monasch: Not looking for him to be menacing, if we decide that it was the Circus of Crime XD
[11/14/2013 3:48:15 PM] Luke Gamble: Oh-ho, well in this case, Zan’s going to (begrudgingly) take up a sparring stance.
[11/14/2013 3:48:52 PM] Luke Gamble: He may question my style, but he’s also ruining everyone’s good time (including my own), and that’s not zen.
[11/14/2013 3:49:05 PM] Ryan Walters: “Look, your thoughts on my skills are just like, your opinion man”
[11/14/2013 3:49:31 PM] Ryan Walters: “It is not keeping this place in balance. I mean, look, things are suddenly on fire.”
[11/14/2013 3:50:26 PM] Luke Gamble: Would actually say something approaching both of these things, only worded so they weren’t almost direct Lebowski quotes. :P
[11/14/2013 3:54:47 PM] Dylan Gould: You should make a line in the sand, and tell him this aggression will not stand, man.
[11/14/2013 3:55:18 PM] Luke Gamble: It won’t stand. Cuz he’ll be flat on his face when I’m done with him.

[11/14/2013 5:19:41 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: [Thursday, November 14, 2013 3:49 PM] Ryan Walters:

<<< “It is not keeping this place in balance. I mean, look, things are suddenly on fire.” (rofl)
[11/14/2013 6:55:00 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: It’s Zan, The Hydra guy, and the illusion referee (who I imagine looks like tim roth in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead) http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mb1n26u6RI1r9gwhe.jpg
[11/14/2013 6:55:33 PM | Edited 7:02:36 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: (for some other reason, this leads me to conclude that Zan looks like Gary Oldman with pointy ears)
[11/14/2013 6:56:32 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: http://www.lookmymovies.com/images/rosencrantz_x26_guildenstern_are_dead_4.jpg
[11/14/2013 6:57:35 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: (… That’s just, you know, your interpretation of the physicality of the cosmos, my friend. Things aren’t as black and white as they seem.)
[11/14/2013 7:00:32 PM | Edited 10:06:41 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: DM Rolls (1d20+2) for Brawny’s initiative: 22!
He quickly switches to a Mauy Thai Kickboxing Stance – Balanced on one foot, one knee up for a knee strike, both hands in a boxers pose http://res.cloudinary.com/display97/image/upload/c_scale,w_300,f_auto/v1362515922/105.jpg
[11/14/2013 7:00:42 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Zan, roll initiative.
[11/15/2013 9:39:25 AM] Luke Gamble: [Thursday, November 14, 2013 6:55 PM] Xavier Rodriguez:

<<< (for some other reason, this leads me to conclude that Zan looks like Gary Oldman with pointy ears)I dig it.

Sorry! I can’t finish the scene right now! Maybe later on today
[11/15/2013 9:39:37 AM] Luke Gamble: yesterday was unusually crazy for me
[11/15/2013 3:04:40 PM] Luke Gamble: OK! I can fight stuff through the magic of skype. X, let me know if ya wanna do this thang.
[11/15/2013 3:45:37 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: [Thursday, November 14, 2013 7:00 PM] Xavier Rodriguez:

<<< DM Rolls (1d20+2) for Brawny’s initiative: 22!
He quickly switches to a Mauy Thai Kickboxing Stance – Balanced on one foot, one knee up for a knee strike, both hands in a boxers pose http://res.cloudinary.com/display97/image/upload/c_scale,w_300,f_auto/v1362515922/105.jpg
Zan, roll initiative.
[11/15/2013 3:51:50 PM | Edited 3:56:08 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: (by the by, you are both fighting at disadvantage (intoxicated), but for the sake of expediency, assume that you cancel each other out)
[11/15/2013 3:57:19 PM] Luke Gamble: I shall ping this chat as soon as I put out a task that just landed on my plate!
[11/15/2013 4:17:04 PM] Luke Gamble: (slurring heavily)
“Alright, guy, you’re throwing off my zen. Not cool. Let’s do this.”
[11/15/2013 4:17:44 PM] Luke Gamble: Zan assumes a defensive stance, rolling a mote of emerald green fire in his palm.
[11/15/2013 4:17:54 PM] Luke Gamble: (Initiative is 17)
[11/15/2013 4:22:14 PM] Ryan Walters: (No one is policing this party, so other weapons can be found pretty much everywhere and on everyone, right?)
[11/15/2013 4:22:46 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Sure!
[11/15/2013 4:23:28 PM] Luke Gamble: (Oh, in case it doesn’t go without saying, all attacks from Zan are nonlethal in this contest)
[11/15/2013 4:23:59 PM | Edited 4:24:22 PM] Ryan Walters: (Judging by the nature of the event, I don’t think Maziel is particularly intoxicated, but is probably conversing with people. If Zann starts to lose, get to a less noticed area of the party, and loose the longbow)
[11/15/2013 4:24:55 PM] Ryan Walters: (Maziel is lightly suspicious of a setup)
[11/15/2013 4:41:45 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Brawny continues to stare Zann down.. and something wierd happens. He mutters “Hypnotising Hydra” and then his eyes go all wiggly on you.
[11/15/2013 4:42:17 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Zan seems to lose his concentration and with that, Brawny lightly steps in,
quickly fients a left punch, and then swings a lower leg kick that knocks Zan slightly off balance. (Supreme Flurry)
[11/15/2013 4:42:38 PM] Ryan Walters: sleep littllllllle man cub, reeeeesssst in peaacccccce
[11/15/2013 4:45:25 PM] Monasch: “Ooh, a clean hit from the bala-HIC-ncing monk. Will this fight be over as qui-HIC-ly as it started!?”
[11/15/2013 4:45:29 PM] Luke Gamble: (Well don’t keep me in suspense! Did it hit?! What was the roll? lol)
[11/15/2013 4:45:46 PM | Edited 4:46:32 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Zan, as you’re falling forward, Brawny does a slightly wobbly reverse spin and you have a split second to react as his backhand elbow heads for your face. Do you:
1. Attempt to dodge the elbow by leaping to the side?
2. Try to get under the elbow and grapple him?
3. Arm block the backhand?
[11/15/2013 4:46:13 PM] Luke Gamble: (Oooohhhh interesting, is this like a choose your own adventure thing?)
[11/15/2013 4:46:16 PM] Luke Gamble: (instead of combat?)
[11/15/2013 4:46:34 PM] Luke Gamble: (I’m fine with that)
[11/15/2013 4:46:37 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: there will be rolls
[11/15/2013 4:46:47 PM] Ryan Walters: (and blood)
[11/15/2013 4:46:55 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: one choice confers advantage, one disadvantage, and one no change
[11/15/2013 4:48:29 PM] Luke Gamble: (Interesting – In that case…)

Zan swiftly raises his arm to block the backhand, gathering ki to lash out with a Fiery Riposte from the kinect energy of the blow! (Disciple of the Elements, “Fiery Riposte,” page 35)
[11/15/2013 4:49:00 PM] Luke Gamble: (brb)
[11/15/2013 4:51:33 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: you chose poorly. You’ll have disadvantage on your attack, but you can spend a supreme flurry to negate that.
[11/15/2013 4:53:57 PM] Luke Gamble: Sooo fiery riposte doesn’t happen oooorrr?
[11/15/2013 4:54:22 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: He’s blown 2 Ki right off the bat – one for the supreme flurry, and one for the furry of blows. You’re at full ki
[11/15/2013 4:54:28 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: it will.
[11/15/2013 4:54:43 PM] Ryan Walters: you can either fiery riposte at disadvantage or spend supreme flurry to negate, correct?
[11/15/2013 4:54:56 PM] Luke Gamble: Fiery Riposte doesn’t have an attack roll
[11/15/2013 4:55:08 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: he gets a save
[11/15/2013 4:55:25 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: what’s your DC btw
[11/15/2013 4:55:30 PM] Luke Gamble: 12 Dex
[11/15/2013 4:55:43 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: okay just a sec.
[11/15/2013 4:56:16 PM] Ryan Walters: (Fight music from X’s playlist that feels like the right theme for this fight: http://grooveshark.com/s/Cranes/2SBja9?src=5)
[11/15/2013 4:57:34 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: 1st attack – DM rolls 18,9, takes 18+5 (AC 23)
2nd attack DM rolls 5,2, both miss
3rd attack, DM rolls 2,4, both miss
[11/15/2013 4:58:29 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: dmg: for the hit – dm rolls 4 +3
[11/15/2013 4:58:35 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: so 7
[11/15/2013 4:58:57 PM] Luke Gamble: Zan takes a swift crack to the ankle (right? That one was the leg sweep?) and goes to 14 health
[11/15/2013 4:59:16 PM | Edited 4:59:22 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: nope the first hit was the backhand elbow :D
[11/15/2013 4:59:26 PM] Luke Gamble: swift crack to the forearm, then
[11/15/2013 4:59:27 PM] Luke Gamble: haha
[11/15/2013 4:59:34 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: the other two hits he tried went wide
[11/15/2013 4:59:59 PM] Luke Gamble: (Want me to do the whole shtick with Riposte now?)
[11/15/2013 5:00:12 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: for the save roll, he rolled 12, +1 dex bonus, so your riposte didn’t get him
[11/15/2013 5:00:59 PM] Luke Gamble: It does do half damage on a miss
[11/15/2013 5:01:33 PM] Luke Gamble: Is that cool?
[11/15/2013 5:02:24 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: ah roll
[11/15/2013 5:03:40 PM] Luke Gamble: (rolled 5 + Monk Level, so 8 halved = 4 total fire damage)

Zan, unleashing Ki from his fractured arm, slices a tongue of verdant flame through the air toward his foe
[11/15/2013 5:05:03 PM] Luke Gamble: (and this was my interrupt for the turn, not the actual attack. It cost Zan 1 Ki)
[11/15/2013 5:05:25 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The flame washes over your foe, who doesn’t even flinch. you’ve burned off the hair on his body, and his skin is red and welted where you’ve struck
[11/15/2013 5:05:36 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: he scowls at you.
[11/15/2013 5:05:51 PM] Monasch: “Ah, but he’s not out! gurgle. groan.”
[11/15/2013 5:06:02 PM] Luke Gamble: :D
[11/15/2013 5:06:09 PM] Luke Gamble: (hahaha)
[11/15/2013 5:07:12 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Roll to attack him
[11/15/2013 5:07:36 PM] Luke Gamble: (sorry, was unclear, disadvantage here?)
[11/15/2013 5:08:24 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: correct.
[11/15/2013 5:09:59 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: you could spend supreme flurry to negate I think
[11/15/2013 5:14:03 PM] Luke Gamble: Zan’s focus is lessened, and he lets his injured left arm hang to his side. In a bout of frustration, he focuses his Ki for a follow up against his dauntless foe. (Flurry of Blows at Disadvantage, -1 Ki, 1 remaining).

He flings forward with a downward chop, followed by a low to high double kick (3 attacks)

Zan rolls 12, 17 for chop (12+5 = 17 vs AC)
Zan rolls 14, 16 for low kick (14+5 = 19 vs AC)
Zan rolls 3, 6 for high kick (3+5 = 8 vs AC)
[11/15/2013 5:14:46 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: first two hit, third goes wide
[11/15/2013 5:16:13 PM] Luke Gamble: Zan chops into his foes shoulder sharply (rolled 4 + 3 = 7 damage), and follows up with a low kick to the shin (rolled 3 + 3 = 6 damage), as his foe recoils and dodges a reckless high kick
[11/15/2013 5:16:22 PM] Luke Gamble: (13 damage total)
[11/15/2013 5:19:30 PM] Luke Gamble: (also I’m totally digging this music, Ryan/X, lol)
[11/15/2013 5:24:04 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: He looks staggered, and seems to favor his other leg now
[11/15/2013 5:25:37 PM] Monasch: “A miriad of strikes from our firey fo… fo… fourrrrgggghhhh.”
[11/15/2013 5:25:53 PM] Monasch: “How will one-leg respond?”
[11/15/2013 5:26:34 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Brawny has initiative.
[11/15/2013 5:27:01 PM] Luke Gamble: (OOC: Brawny? Why don’t you go sell some more paper towels, bro)
[11/15/2013 5:31:12 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: You trade fients as he sort of circles around to your right.. it looks like he’s try to go for your arm again.

He suddenly rushes in and does a frontal push onto your chest.. Zan staggers back, and the space between you increases. He skips up, and attempts to knee strike you directly dead center in the chest.

Do you:
1. Jump out of the way?
2. Attempt to deflect, using his momemtum to throw him off balance?
3. Attempt to counter strike him at the same time he hits you?
[11/15/2013 5:31:20 PM] Ryan Walters: (Bro, do you even absorb?)
[11/15/2013 5:31:51 PM] Luke Gamble: Absolutely, unquestionably #2
[11/15/2013 5:34:54 PM | Edited 5:42:32 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: As the knee strike comes up, Zan spins, grabbing the monk and throwing him past – Monk goes past Zan, through the crowd, and through the wall of a nearby building.
[11/15/2013 5:35:08 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: which, oddly enough, seems to be on fire.
[11/15/2013 5:35:16 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Zan stands, panting.
[11/15/2013 5:36:15 PM] Luke Gamble: (brb – 5 minutes!)
[11/15/2013 5:36:23 PM | Edited 5:36:44 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Brawny Explodes out of the opening, his pants ON FIRE, and attempts a flurry of reckless kicks on Zan
[11/15/2013 5:36:34 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Zan has advantage on his next attacks
[11/15/2013 5:37:22 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: DM rolls 18, 2, 6
[11/15/2013 5:37:36 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: so one hit. 9 damage!
[11/15/2013 5:37:46 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Riposte?
[11/15/2013 5:37:54 PM] Luke Gamble: None.
[11/15/2013 5:38:09 PM] Luke Gamble: Zan spits out blood. He is bloodied.
[11/15/2013 5:38:12 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: He looks like you’ve tapped him for chi.
[11/15/2013 5:39:00 PM | Edited 5:39:25 PM] Monasch: “And HIC with a quick exchange, Brawndo goes flying out of the ring and into a flaming? FLAM-HIC-ING BUILDING. But he’s back out and boy folks does he look FIRED UP.” Light chuckling can be heard from a gnome in the audience.
[11/15/2013 5:39:55 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: http://movieclips.com/ogEZY-ong-bak-movie-on-fire/
[11/15/2013 5:40:49 PM] Ryan Walters: (at this point, things are on fire. Maziel seeks to exit)
[11/15/2013 5:40:49 PM] Luke Gamble: (well gather thoughts and return shortly, gotta go do something)
[11/15/2013 5:41:14 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Zan is somewhat on fire as well, but he’s okay
[11/15/2013 5:54:43 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: (Maziel is gone, silent as night)
[11/15/2013 5:55:25 PM] Luke Gamble: AAAAAAND BACK
[11/15/2013 5:57:27 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Zan and Brawny are both smoldering slightly..fire is happily consuming the building behind you..
[11/15/2013 5:57:48 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Most of the people are still concerned with the fight and people are placing bets
[11/15/2013 5:58:03 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The muk muk’s are screaming “ZAN! ZAN! ZAN!”
[11/15/2013 5:59:10 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Brawny is breathing pretty heavily, and his last couple of attacks have been sloppy, indicating he’s out of chi. He’s favoring the leg you’ve damaged.
[11/15/2013 6:00:00 PM] Monasch: “The crowd has picked a champion! gurgle. Will he deliver or will he fizzle out!?”
[11/15/2013 6:00:03 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Zan is probably suffering internal bleeding from a contused rib, and his arm is swollen
[11/15/2013 6:01:09 PM] Luke Gamble: Zan, winded by the hit, decides to put all his energy into one final assault. Sweat and blood dripping from his clenched fist, he focuses his Ki for a flurry of incapacitating punches. Noticing his opponent’s leg, Zan hopes to knock his opponent off of balance, ending the fight before he can further retaliate.

SSSII!!” (Flurry of Blows, spending the last Ki point for three attacks)
[11/15/2013 6:01:35 PM] Luke Gamble: (advantage from previous body throw)
[11/15/2013 6:04:16 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: “CHO!”
[11/15/2013 6:04:27 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: says Brawny, attempting to counter
[11/15/2013 6:04:42 PM] Luke Gamble: Zan rolls 16, 16 (lol?) for a punch to the jaw (16 + 5 = 21 vs AC)

Zan rolls 16, 9 (swear to god these 16s lol) for an uppercut to throw his opponent’s balance onto his injured leg (16 + 5 = 21 vs AC)

Zan rolls 15, 17 with a flat-palmed strike to the chest to incapacitate his foe (17 + 5 = 21 vs AC)
[11/15/2013 6:04:57 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Hit, Hit, Hit
[11/15/2013 6:05:02 PM] Monasch: 22 on that last one, but doesn’t matter
[11/15/2013 6:05:04 PM] Luke Gamble: (thank god I switched to my black dice, lol)
[11/15/2013 6:05:40 PM] Luke Gamble: 8 damage, 5 damage, 7 damage
[11/15/2013 6:05:50 PM] Luke Gamble: 20 damage total (non lethal!!)
[11/15/2013 6:06:42 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: You hit him on the button with the uppercut
[11/15/2013 6:07:15 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: he eyes roll back and he falls flat on the ground.
[11/15/2013 6:07:30 PM] Luke Gamble: Zan takes a knee, panting and bleeding
[11/15/2013 6:07:34 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!
[11/15/2013 6:07:44 PM | Edited 6:07:51 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: THE FIRE GOES OUT OF CONTROL!!!!
[11/15/2013 6:08:27 PM] Monasch: “The fire throwing monk has done it! HIC The crowd favorite, Zan, takes the wiiiin!”
[11/15/2013 6:08:32 PM] Luke Gamble: Suddenly becoming incredibly luicd, Zan realizes the immediate danger. He staggers, limping, to his opponent, and attempts to drag him out of the burning bar with one arm
[11/15/2013 6:08:42 PM] Luke Gamble: (To safety)
[11/15/2013 6:08:47 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: yep
[11/15/2013 6:08:58 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: People are swarming over and helping you guys out
[11/15/2013 6:09:16 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: you’re quickly carried away.
[11/15/2013 6:09:28 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: there seems to be a unusually strong wind gusting up
[11/15/2013 6:09:34 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and the fire is carrying to other buildings
[11/15/2013 6:10:09 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: People are forming adhoc bucket brigades to try to put out the fire
[11/15/2013 6:10:41 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: but’s it’s too late, the whole block is going up.
[11/15/2013 6:11:50 PM | Edited 6:11:58 PM] Monasch: The illusioned ref wisps away as Klotonk stumbles to his feet to help with the buckets

Session Six: Interrogate the Wizard, and Challenging the Party God.

We examined the area quickly, saw it was growing dark we moved our unconscious friend back into the tower after activating the collars, which we learned a sleep command for. Cosmo discovered some bees and hijinks ensued. We brought everyone into the water lilies room and brought a cage in from the prison room (which are all activatible with the silver key)
Maziel wandered off and explored a bit of the glastique room and stated there is another entity here, and knows for sure we are not prepared to take it on. She definitely wants to bring in some associates to evaluate it better.
We began interrogations and are learning stuff now
Dylan is being Glados
Tower was likely built by an arch magi. This guy bit off more than he could chew
was hired by someone who has a lot of knowledge about arcane things, and was planning on disclosing the things to that person
He said about the glastique “I know my place in the world, and it is not dealing with powers that are there”
Witch had the collar on when we got here. The witch showed him her tattoo. His group had been to all the rooms except the Glastique room. His treasure is hidden somewhere.
The witch only answered yes/no questions and eventually ‘gave her what he wanted’
did not kill Taelim’s father
Bargle was only told about collar properties and would have just left Hissblood in the tower
On the dunes, “Yeah. That was weird.”
The sand dunes are actually another place is Bargle’s theory

After arriving back in town, the Muk Muks throw a party.
Maziel hands off Bargle to a drunken Barnabas, then leaves for a bit and comes back to join the group, who are currently drinking.
Zan gets into a fight with another Monk who insults his monk style.
Taelim accidentally sets fire to a house, the fire spreads and burns down a third of the town.
Taelim drunkenly declares “I can handle this”, and casts a number of spells beyond her normal ability in order to put the fire out. Miraculously, no one is injured or killed, and no one saw Taelim start the fire.
Taelim is under the effects of a Quest Spell now, however.

XP After First Quest Completion

Starting XP: 950
XP to his level 4 2,250

Current XP for Party (modifier: Story background added in game)

Cosmo 1572
Feeps 1612
Klotonk 1612
Maziel 1612
Tailem 1612
Zann 1572

Session Five: Bargle, and the Archway Out

Party assaults the Wizard in the library. Puts one to sleep, the wizard ignores the spell.
Summons air elemental, nearly kills Feeps
Party parlays, trades clue to demon room for Feeps, Wizard Dimension Doors away.
Backpack on cultist –
Implement Wand,
Scrolls with strange writing (indecipherable)
Tailem makes a Healing Potion, Team rests, interrogates the cultist.

Cultists Name is Dunne, gives them a little more info

Team goes to sand dunes, chest there has been opened, stripped. Find clue on other cultist that

Team explores the web room, Deals with gravity changes. Finds a looted treasure chest, dead bodies, nearly dead cultist. Klotonk Saves cultist, his name is Mattias.

Mattias gives backstory for the Raven Queen cultists (adding to wiki)

Bargle is the lead Wizard and has been acting erratically, been sacrificing his team to survive, mostly been looting the tower.

RQC group working with two other groups in the blight – a group of hobgoblins in the Crevice, and a group of guys at the abandoned village in dark robes that never show their face or skin

Team goes to Archway – gets last clue, solves the puzzle.

Goes to Glaistig room but can’t immediately find the Glaistig, decides to leave.

As they open door, Invisible Bargle attempts to escape.

Team takes wizard down for interrogation.

Session Four: The Throne & The Demon

Throne room wizard is Taelim’s dad.
He’s dead.
Taelim gets signet ring & dagger +1
Scepter Feep can hold talk to it once per day
10 bodies four guards 4 nobles servant and a guy from sultanate of magaat
Sultanate guy had scroll case can’t open
33 sp
3 potions – levitate, pass w/o trace, magic weapon

Go to demon room fight.
100 gp star ruby

Go to library, find owlbear destroyed and door cracked open


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