League of Xee

Session Seventeen (NBL) - The Goblin Crevice

Team NBL decides to focus their efforts on helping No Name build back Maestro’s Tower.

Erdan, Xillali, and Naora head north to the Crevice. Along the way they run into two Traders, Olaf and Gort, who are heading south from Lowfort with a package for the Maestro Mors. Erdan tells them how to proceed. Then the next night they run into the same guys again, who are obviously very lost. So they try to send them to follow the river.

When they get the ridge where the Crevice is, they can see a small fortification over the horizon. Then they are ambushed by Goblins!

A Fireball and a Lightning summons later, and the Goblins are no more. Badass magic has won the day.

The team hears a horn, and tries to sneak around. They see fast moving forms leave the fort and head to the tree line.
The PC’s make it to the fort and see an edifice of black stone. They see the forms come back and go directly into the stone.
They come up to the walls and see goblin heads. Then they are attacked by wolf riding goblins made of Black Stone!

The team fights and defeats two Wolf Riding Statues, and erdan uses a counter ritual to “turn off” the remaining defenses. He also learns a charm for creating his own Wolf Riding statues out of Black stone.

The group figures out a way over the wall and descends into the Crevice. they heard chanting and hammering from below, in the fog. They find a door and enter a grotto filled with statues. They meet a blind goblin who tells them that they worshp a medusa but the team doesn’t want to fight, and leaves.

The cross a chasm by bridge and come to a goblin gate, but they don’t open it. They go down further into the pit and run into some goblins guards who are watching over goblin slaves and an ettin.

erdan casts the Suggestion spell, suggesting to the Ettin that the goblins are spiders, and he really hates spiders.

Ergo lots of goblin jelly. The two slaver guards make a good fight but go down quickly.

the Ettin is still up and headed to the lair of the Goblin Lord under the Mountain.

Session Nineteen (TMA) - Illium, Epilogue, Part 1

Maziel agrees to take on Taelim’s Mission
Maziel also gets an invitation from Baba Yaga to attend her dying day.

Quest taken – Maziel will search for Taelim’s Father Elroar in the lands of Magaat. The only clue they have is the magical scroll case and the note tying Elroar to Aleph.

Taelim hires a great hero who distinguished himself in the battle of illium – his name is Yaup, and he’s a half orc cleric.
Not wanting to have to convince Maziel that she needs Yaup, she gets Cosmo to agree to take him on as an employee.
Maziel meets a Courtier to the Feywild named Krow (a Troll)

Maziel gets assurances from Krow that they can get to the Goblin Market safe and that they’ll be safe from Baba Yaga

Maziel finds out from Cosmo that Yaup is on board, and flips out, tries to find Taelim but she knows Maziel will be furious so she has her Aunt run interference.

The bizarre misadventures of Klotonk

[4/28/2014 10:43:39 PM] The Game: Okay, so. Story.
[4/28/2014 10:44:20 PM] The Game: Alrighty, let’s start from the beginning. Not sure how much everyone remembers from the battle at Illium, so I’m going recap a bit there too
[4/28/2014 10:46:28 PM] The Game: After I drank all those potions and got a that interesting camoflague effect, I went off to see if we could find the summoning portal for Tiamat. By the way, I totally plan on trying that potion combination again. Potion mixology I think really could be something interesting to experiment in. A bit expensive and risky, but it could open up new fields of magical research and study
[4/28/2014 10:46:33 PM] The Game: Anyway
[4/28/2014 10:47:13 PM] The Game: Thanks for pulling a dragon away, not sure if I would’ve tripped one of their senses if there had been two
[4/28/2014 10:47:45 PM] Ryan Walters: Yeah, that only cost Feeps his hind quarters
[4/28/2014 10:48:26 PM] The Game: Oof, ouch. Though, not such a bad cost for Illium I would say
[4/28/2014 10:48:35 PM] Ryan Walters: He was repairable
[4/28/2014 10:49:01 PM] The Game: Oh good. I was wondering who took charge of repairing him with his creator not exactly in a condition to do the repairs
[4/28/2014 10:51:04 PM] The Game: so, after getting past the dragon that remained, I found a shaman performing a ritual for the portal for Tiamat
[4/28/2014 10:52:23 PM] The Game: I was contemplating letting the ritual finish and then countering the ritual after the fact.
[4/28/2014 10:52:57 PM] The Game: buuuuut that was going to take about 10 minutes or so and I wasn’t sure how long you guys would fair against one of the chromatic dragons
[4/28/2014 10:53:35 PM] The Game: countering the ritual as its happening is magnitudes harder but it was the better option
[4/28/2014 10:54:18 PM] The Game: and as we had discussed, worst comes to worst, I was going to crack dear old friendkey’s portal on top of Tiamat’s to cancel them both out, so at least there was a plan B in case I blew it
[4/28/2014 10:54:46 PM] The Game: so, good news was that I just barely managed to counter the ritual right.
[4/28/2014 10:55:13 PM] The Game: Bad news, as you all saw, waaaas that I was gone
[4/28/2014 10:55:30 PM] The Game: I woke up alone on a mountain of gold and broken toys
[4/28/2014 10:55:53 PM] The Game: I hadn’t been out long, I figured, since the potions I drank were still in effect
[4/28/2014 10:56:51 PM] The Game: And… after taking a bit of a closer look, it so happened that I wasn’t as along as I imagined myself to be
[4/28/2014 10:57:09 PM] The Game: The Red Dragon was just having a grand old time being invisible on top of her horde
[4/28/2014 10:57:55 PM] The Game: So I activated fly and tried to leave the horde and cave as quietly as possible, but Red somehow noticed
[4/28/2014 10:58:12 PM] The Game: and, rather politely actually, asked if I was looking for something
[4/28/2014 10:58:30 PM] The Game: showing off the fact that I no longer had Fiendkey since it was now in her posession
[4/28/2014 11:01:28 PM] The Game: so, I did what any reasonable intelligent being would do
[4/28/2014 11:01:59 PM] The Game: tried to amicably talk to Red
[4/28/2014 11:02:38 PM] The Game: Something along the lines of “Why yes, I do think I should be looking for that. How thoughtful of you.”
[4/28/2014 11:03:17 PM] The Game: Red chortled and I got scared out of my gourd and ran off accidentally
[4/28/2014 11:03:38 PM] The Game: before I knew what I was doing, my body was out of the cave as I was thinking of how to respond.
[4/28/2014 11:04:32 PM] The Game: So, outside the cave. I was on some crazy floating island. It looked to be an abandoned mechanical toy factory of an incredibly skilled craftsman
[4/28/2014 11:05:03 PM] Ryan Walters: you must have felt right at home :D
[4/28/2014 11:06:35 PM] The Game: Yes, quite. Red dragon camping out there and all. Right at home, Maziel, right at home.
[4/28/2014 11:07:01 PM] The Game: I think the word fascinated would better describe my feelings once the mind-altering fear wore off
[4/28/2014 11:07:20 PM] The Game: speaking of which, that was still going strong when I exited the cave
[4/28/2014 11:07:58 PM] Ryan Walters: (face turns serious) I completely understand your fear, by the way. Those things put fear in the hearts of anything not a Kender
[4/28/2014 11:08:41 PM] The Game: I’d trade a spell slot or two for courage like that now seeing how helpful it could’ve been
[4/28/2014 11:08:59 PM] The Game: Hmm, I wonder if that could be a spell in itself… should look into that
[4/28/2014 11:09:28 PM] The Game: In any event, above the cave was a dilapidated observatory that I flew up to for a bit of hiding
[4/28/2014 11:10:08 PM] The Game: I cast a minor illusion in front of the cave of myself to try and put a bit of indirection between Red and I to see if that might mitigate the fear
[4/28/2014 11:10:36 PM] Ryan Walters: Potion of Kender Karelessness?
[4/28/2014 11:11:11 PM] Ryan Walters: sorry, continue
[4/28/2014 11:11:13 PM] The Game: Red saw straight through it, naturally, but I was half expecting that. It was able to get me a few words in though.
[4/28/2014 11:11:58 PM] The Game: So apparently, the dragons exude fear and it’s a toggle-able thing for them
[4/28/2014 11:12:36 PM] The Game: After I mentioned that I might have some interesting information for her, she turned off her fear aura so that I might speak more easily
[4/28/2014 11:13:47 PM] The Game: Since the time I knew Red had the staff, I had been devising how I might get it back. I had realistically no chance of stealing it back or winning it through froce.
[4/28/2014 11:13:56 PM] The Game: so a trade would be my best option
[4/28/2014 11:14:53 PM] The Game: First, for my life, an idea on how to expand Red’s territory.
[4/28/2014 11:15:56 PM] The Game: I had let her in on the information about Orcus’ period of weakness. If Red were to take advantage of this, then perhaps she could gain territory and pillage more treasure for her hoard from it
[4/28/2014 11:16:19 PM] The Game: This wasn’t enough to also get the staff back
[4/28/2014 11:16:57 PM] Ryan Walters: You didn’t trade any… names, did you?
[4/28/2014 11:16:58 PM] The Game: The chromatic dragons, or maybe just Red at least, has some sort of working deal with Baba Yaga
[4/28/2014 11:17:43 PM] The Game: I’m pretty sure I understand the value of a true name. I wouldn’t trade my life for something that valuable
[4/28/2014 11:17:56 PM] Ryan Walters: (y)
[4/28/2014 11:18:18 PM] The Game: Though, that would’ve been an interesting alternate plan B to saving Illium, come to think of it…
[4/28/2014 11:18:43 PM] The Game: Ah well, didn’t need that
[4/28/2014 11:19:42 PM] The Game: So because Red has affiliation with Baba Yaga, she did not want to give up the staff. Were Baba Yaga to find out that she had the staff in her posession and then lost it somehow, it would not look well on her.
[4/28/2014 11:20:24 PM] The Game: That being said, letting Baba Yaga possibly get her staff back is not exactly something that seemed in our best interest so I appealed to what I hoped to be Red’s driving motivation
[4/28/2014 11:20:25 PM] The Game: gold
[4/28/2014 11:20:41 PM] The Game: You remember that massive pile of gold in Nerul’s temple?
[4/28/2014 11:21:02 PM] Ryan Walters: (nod)
[4/28/2014 11:21:05 PM] The Game: I figured it wouldn’t really hurt if Red knew about it
[4/28/2014 11:21:35 PM] The Game: the pile there was significantly larger than her current horde and Red’s pile is also part broken toys
[4/28/2014 11:21:56 PM] The Game: but there was a catch, Red couldn’t enter the shadowfell on her own
[4/28/2014 11:22:21 PM] The Game: and she wouldn’t let me go or have the staff until she saw the gold with her own eyes
[4/28/2014 11:22:28 PM] The Game: I did let her know about the curse beforehand
[4/28/2014 11:22:43 PM] The Game: but not also without letting her know that I figured the curse would be of no issue to her
[4/28/2014 11:23:36 PM] The Game: with that said, Red requested (demanded really, I suppose. I didn’t quite have a choice unless I wanted to choose not existing) that I be her guide
[4/28/2014 11:24:16 PM] The Game: So Red flew and I directed. By the way, riding a dragon is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever done.
[4/28/2014 11:24:46 PM] The Game: Or perhaps on par with sealing a massive ominous existence-threatening portal
[4/28/2014 11:25:44 PM] The Game: Red and I got to the temple. The avatar was there at the top and also with a new buddy. Dunne’s alive, by the way.
[4/28/2014 11:26:13 PM] The Game: But he’s more out of it than normal. He was silent and did not recognize me at all.
[4/28/2014 11:27:01 PM] The Game: Didn’t make any sort of move towards me at all. A touch creepy, in truth, but I figured that it was no longer quite Dunne but just his body acting as host for something Nerul related
[4/28/2014 11:27:05 PM] Ryan Walters: On 4/28/14, at 11:25 PM, The Game wrote:
>Dunne’s alive, by the way.
Figures. I’m guessing more dead now than alive. Twisted and evil
[4/28/2014 11:27:37 PM] The Game: Perhaps. He certainly wasn’t the Dunne I remember.
[4/28/2014 11:27:38 PM] Ryan Walters: yeah, that sounds about right
[4/28/2014 11:28:10 PM] The Game: so I paid the avatar similarly to how Zan paid for us to get in last time and brought Red to the cursed gold
[4/28/2014 11:28:14 PM] The Game: Oh!
[4/28/2014 11:28:24 PM | Edited 11:28:27 PM] The Game: Dragons can shapeshift, it seems
[4/28/2014 11:28:31 PM] Ryan Walters: O_O
[4/28/2014 11:28:35 PM] The Game: When we landed, she turned into a human
[4/28/2014 11:28:46 PM] Ryan Walters: well, I guess we should have guessed that
[4/28/2014 11:28:57 PM] The Game: not sure if she can do any other forms, but she can definitely do human
[4/28/2014 11:30:21 PM] The Game: a quite beautiful woman at that too
[4/28/2014 11:30:43 PM] The Game: I would imagine most men to fall head over heals were they to see her out of context of her being a dragon
[4/28/2014 11:30:53 PM] The Game: or perhaps even in that context. Not truly sure on that one
[4/28/2014 11:31:09 PM] The Game: ostensibly why dragonborn exist.
[4/28/2014 11:31:30 PM] The Game: So with Red in human form, we traveled to the cursed gold
[4/28/2014 11:31:51 PM] The Game: And, let me tell you, she was beside herself with how much gold was there
[4/28/2014 11:32:12 PM] The Game: without so much as a second thought, she gave the staff back and immediately began to work on a countercurse
[4/28/2014 11:32:35 PM] The Game: Which… was going to take a while
[4/28/2014 11:32:47 PM] The Game: and I didn’t exactly want to be in Red’s presence longer than I had to.
[4/28/2014 11:33:34 PM] The Game: It was rather enjoyable, honestly, to work with her. Not an experience I thought I would have the pleasure of.
[4/28/2014 11:33:48 PM] The Game: but to be there when I was no longer of use? Not exactly the best of plans
[4/28/2014 11:34:10 PM] The Game: Problem here was getting out
[4/28/2014 11:35:04 PM] The Game: With no raven or dragon to fly me out, I didn’t have much other option to leave other than to fly by my own power
[4/28/2014 11:35:25 PM] The Game: two hours of flight time, the most I can do in a day, would just just give me enough distance to get out
[4/28/2014 11:35:53 PM] The Game: but that doesn’t account for whatever manner of beast or monster or encounter I might have while flying
[4/28/2014 11:36:26 PM] The Game: that was a wager I was willing to make though since the odds I think were more in my favor there than with dealing with Red after she had her gold
[4/28/2014 11:37:00 PM] The Game: as luck would have it, I made it out with no interruption
[4/28/2014 11:37:18 PM] Ryan Walters: (clap)
[4/28/2014 11:37:47 PM] The Game: got out of shadowfell as fast as I could on foot with a couple of something chasing after me
[4/28/2014 11:38:04 PM] The Game: made it back into that temple where a raven was waiting for me with a note
[4/28/2014 11:38:48 PM] The Game: A certain someone’s dying day.
[4/28/2014 11:39:57 PM | Edited 11:40:00 PM] The Game: Looks like Baba Yaga knew the day she would die. I suppose that would come with being an incredibly powerful witch. I wonder if it’s due to old age or what. I do intend to attend however.
[4/28/2014 11:40:01 PM] Ryan Walters: Well, to be fair, if that staff were returned to her, this could have gone a lot differently
[4/28/2014 11:40:22 PM] The Game: which was my next set of problems, actually
[4/28/2014 11:40:40 PM] The Game: as you can see, the staff is not on me
[4/28/2014 11:41:00 PM] The Game: I figured it wise to not bring it here
[4/28/2014 11:41:43 PM] The Game: Almost reconsidered that, actually. The magic on the staff I imagined would likely be a beacon to her and she’d be able to find it anywhere. I was thinking that at least some obstacle between her and it would be better than none
[4/28/2014 11:42:08 PM] The Game: but I’m hoping that if she hasn’t gone searching for it yet, that she simply just won’t
[4/28/2014 11:42:53 PM] The Game: Hmmm… I… actually wonder if it’s safe to tell this next part
[4/28/2014 11:43:48 PM] The Game: If someone else were to be listening or scrying or something at us because they knew I had the staff, then the next part would reveal location…
[4/28/2014 11:44:00 PM] The Game: not that they perhaps couldn’t have been doing that all long, come to think of it
[4/28/2014 11:44:13 PM] The Game: and already know. Hrm
[4/28/2014 11:44:44 PM] Ryan Walters: would have already seen it, we should be going to pick it up asap
[4/28/2014 11:45:23 PM] The Game: How did you all come here anyway?
[4/28/2014 11:45:40 PM] The Game: I’m still not sure it’s the best idea to bring the staff here
[4/28/2014 11:45:51 PM] Ryan Walters: no, we should get out of here soon
[4/28/2014 11:46:00 PM] Ryan Walters: and when we do, we pick up the staff
[4/28/2014 11:46:34 PM] The Game: the scrying is a guess. I’d sooner wager that it’s safer where I stashed it than safer on us at the goblin market at her dying day party
[4/28/2014 11:47:03 PM] Ryan Walters: I once again agree. After we leave, we get the goods
[4/28/2014 11:47:15 PM] The Game: If we could not take on a dragon and a dragon would bow it’s head to Baba Yaga…
[4/28/2014 11:47:50 PM] The Game: This I much agree this. I didn’t plan to leave it where I left it. Simply a holding spot so I could come here with a bit less to worry about
[4/28/2014 11:48:36 PM] The Game: How safe do you feel about me talking about that location now?
[4/28/2014 11:48:43 PM] Ryan Walters: we’ll worry about that later
[4/28/2014 11:48:46 PM] The Game: Or would you rather me hold on that section of the story until later
[4/28/2014 11:48:49 PM] The Game: that’s what I figured
[4/28/2014 11:49:08 PM] The Game: that also leaves my new form to mystery, but I suppose that’s okay for the time being
[4/28/2014 11:49:15 PM] The Game: not much that can be done about it right now anyway
[4/28/2014 11:50:28 PM] Ryan Walters: well, actually, it can be
[4/28/2014 11:51:45 PM] The Game: is that magical modification agency at the market?
[4/28/2014 11:51:53 PM] Ryan Walters: yep!
[4/28/2014 11:52:04 PM] The Game: I still don’t feel safe doing that
[4/28/2014 11:52:06 PM] Ryan Walters: in fact, it’s over in the festival grounds
[4/28/2014 11:52:15 PM] Ryan Walters: ok, so let’s answer this question
[4/28/2014 11:52:15 PM] The Game: I know what happened to my body
[4/28/2014 11:52:22 PM] The Game: or, rather, I have a hunch I know what happened to my body
[4/28/2014 11:52:28 PM] The Game: but just not how to retrieve it
[4/28/2014 11:52:35 PM] The Game: but I know where it could probably be
[4/28/2014 11:52:44 PM] Ryan Walters: is it a) something you’re comfortable with being permanent, or b) we can handle on our own?
[4/28/2014 11:52:56 PM] The Game: leaning more towards b
[4/28/2014 11:53:18 PM] Ryan Walters: ok
[4/28/2014 11:53:18 PM] The Game: I’m not used to my eyes not adjusting to light well
[4/28/2014 11:53:27 PM] The Game: though I do see much better in the dark
[4/28/2014 11:53:47 PM] The Game: and my balance is all off. It’s weird having long legs. I’m not sure I like it much at all
[4/28/2014 11:55:00 PM] Ryan Walters: (light smile) you get used to that, at least
[4/28/2014 11:55:35 PM] The Game: My plan is to head back to Illium after the goblin market and talk to some of the wizards there to see if we can find a solution
[4/28/2014 11:55:52 PM] The Game: I hope they find this scenario just as interesting as I find it
[4/28/2014 11:58:56 PM] The Game: Right so, that’s most of what’s gone on in the life of Klotonk-and I just realized that I have another loose end in Illium
[4/28/2014 11:59:07 PM] The Game: I need to look into that airship business.
[4/28/2014 11:59:46 PM] The Game: Maybe Smee will be here? I still really want to discuss how he was able to complete the airship design
[4/28/2014 11:59:55 PM] Ryan Walters: that you probably should. We will have an escort again, likely. We managed to get here with one sent from Illium. Royalty connections helped with that one
[4/29/2014 12:00:15 AM] The Game: So how did you all end up here?
[4/29/2014 12:00:40 AM] Ryan Walters: It’s a good thing you spotted me… (somehow. Why do I always fail to blend in the background around here). We were going to presume you dead if you didn’t show up here at some point
[4/29/2014 12:01:19 AM] Ryan Walters: The simple answer is I got an invitation, and one… appeared in Cosmo’s pocket. We also have been… sent some… pleasant… accompaniment.
[4/29/2014 12:02:03 AM] Ryan Walters: We had requested help and a troll representative of one of the fey courts brought us here through the shadowfell
[4/29/2014 12:03:18 AM] Ryan Walters: the other members of the group were lured here by a good time
[4/29/2014 12:04:41 AM] The Game: I have been raving a bit about the goblin market since we knew about it. Good call on that one.
[4/29/2014 12:04:59 AM] The Game: …accompaniment?
[4/29/2014 12:05:15 AM] The Game: you don’t sound all to pleased about it
[4/29/2014 12:05:17 AM] Ryan Walters: We have been sent along a …. hero…. of Kord.
[4/29/2014 12:05:28 AM] Ryan Walters: Allow me to introduce you to Yop
[4/29/2014 12:07:45 AM] Ryan Walters: (Dylan is now a cleric of Kord, and well, he already is blasting everything BUT subtlety)
[4/29/2014 12:09:04 AM] Ryan Walters: (including other people in contests of strength)
[4/29/2014 12:09:05 AM] The Game: and you sound even less pleased about who he is than about the fact that he is accompanying us
[4/29/2014 12:09:42 AM] Ryan Walters: He’s… delightful. And will be a positive member of our team.
[4/29/2014 12:11:37 AM] Ryan Walters: He has his limits though. He lost a duel with some dwarf
[4/29/2014 12:11:51 AM] The Game: Well, I have a feeling that I’ll enjoy his company at least. It may not be arcane, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching him cast.
[4/29/2014 12:11:59 AM] The Game: Might even learn a thing or two
[4/29/2014 12:12:14 AM] The Game: I wonder how compatible different magic types are…
[4/29/2014 12:12:46 AM] The Game: /chickenscratchIntoAJournal
[4/29/2014 12:12:57 AM] The Game: Gah, still haven’t gotten used to these new hands either
[4/29/2014 12:13:15 AM] The Game: and I’m sure to get used to them just before we find the solution back to my old self, no doubt
[4/29/2014 12:14:19 AM] Ryan Walters: Well, if I still had doubts that you’re Klotonk, that just made them disappear
[4/29/2014 12:14:46 AM] The Game: Hmm?
[4/29/2014 12:15:12 AM] Ryan Walters: breaking out the journal
[4/29/2014 12:15:14 AM] The Game: Anyway, backpedaling
[4/29/2014 12:15:16 AM] Ryan Walters: very Klotonk
[4/29/2014 12:15:38 AM] The Game: fey representative brought you through the shadowfell
[4/29/2014 12:16:17 AM] The Game: and it was a troll? That seems a touch off (OOC: or I’m just bad with the lore on this?)
[4/29/2014 12:16:26 AM] Ryan Walters: It is odd
[4/29/2014 12:16:37 AM] Ryan Walters: the Troll represents the Green Fey
[4/29/2014 12:17:14 AM] The Game: Oh, lightbulb just went off. I recalled something that might be quite important
[4/29/2014 12:17:22 AM] The Game: Glastieg
[4/29/2014 12:17:39 AM] The Game: might be that she will attend
[4/29/2014 12:17:56 AM] Ryan Walters: she’s definitely here
[4/29/2014 12:18:11 AM] The Game: strong hunch or you’ve confirmed?
[4/29/2014 12:18:30 AM] Ryan Walters: she’s inherited all of Baba Yaga’s major possessions and debts
[4/29/2014 12:18:59 AM] Ryan Walters: she was there in the procession
[4/29/2014 12:19:40 AM | Edited 12:19:42 AM] The Game: (OOC: how much did I miss? Was Klotonk at the procession or did he miss that?)
[4/29/2014 12:20:45 AM] Ryan Walters: (When we sat down after a group headed into a pavilion, that’s when you found us)
[4/29/2014 12:21:32 AM] Ryan Walters: (we then got a callout for some things Baba Yaga left us, but by initial and were called to get them after the ceremony)
[4/29/2014 12:21:41 AM] Ryan Walters: (I got Baba Yaga’s specs)
[4/29/2014 12:21:52 AM] Ryan Walters: (Cosmo gets to summon Baba Yaga’s hut once)
[4/29/2014 12:22:05 AM] Ryan Walters: (You get her FUCKING CAULDRON)
[4/29/2014 12:22:29 AM] The Game: (ICANSEEEVERYTHING.AGAIN)
[4/29/2014 12:23:06 AM] The Game: (dude. potion mixology is TOTALLY going to be a thing now.)
[4/29/2014 12:24:49 AM] Ryan Walters: (we said we would talk after the ceremony, going on now, except X did say we could retcon things if something critical comes up. I certainly am not here on a mission to harm the glaistig, and you shouldn’t be either with pretty much everyone connected to Baba in a positive way present)
[4/29/2014 12:25:59 AM] The Game: (Oh, pfft. Klotonk doesn’t really have much care in that. It doesn’t really concern him. Too much politics involved.)
[4/29/2014 12:26:37 AM] Ryan Walters: (Good, Taelim didn’t try to send you on a mission to kill her. I basically refused her request on that one)
[4/29/2014 12:27:05 AM] Ryan Walters: (Plus I’m owed double favors if we can get her father)
[4/29/2014 12:27:42 AM] The Game: (We don’t truly have the full story on the whole Glastieg thing yet anyway. Klotonk would have refused on those grounds anyway)
[4/29/2014 12:28:44 AM] The Game: (so yeah, I don’t think I have any retcons that I want to do. If that’s all we’ve done so far, I’m cool with this)
[4/29/2014 12:28:58 AM] Ryan Walters: The others did things
[4/29/2014 12:29:02 AM] Ryan Walters: and the other group did things
[4/29/2014 12:29:24 AM] Ryan Walters: some people met up, some didn’t. I’m told Yop and Cosmo made some shopping friends
[4/29/2014 12:29:48 AM] Ryan Walters: oh, and sadly, Erdan is important somehow. He also got called up for a reward for serving up something to the Glaistig
[4/29/2014 12:29:53 AM] Ryan Walters: we should probably question him on that
[4/29/2014 12:30:06 AM] Ryan Walters: sigh hoping to avoid that pain in the ass
[4/29/2014 12:30:20 AM] The Game: Erdan?
[4/29/2014 12:30:26 AM] Ryan Walters: yeah, that guy
[4/29/2014 12:30:47 AM] Ryan Walters: Also, I’ve discovered Mindy has this conversation muted unless we say a particular word
[4/29/2014 12:30:49 AM] The Game: if you’d be so kind as to demystify for me
[4/29/2014 12:30:50 AM] Ryan Walters: Cosmo
[4/29/2014 12:30:51 AM] Ryan Walters: Cosmo
[4/29/2014 12:30:53 AM] Ryan Walters: Cosmo
[4/29/2014 12:30:56 AM] Ryan Walters: :D
[4/29/2014 12:31:02 AM] Ryan Walters: I can make it ping
[4/29/2014 12:31:21 AM] The Game: _
[4/29/2014 12:32:11 AM] Ryan Walters: yeah, I don’t know the full details, but it something like they tried to serve her a meal and entertained her
[4/29/2014 12:32:22 AM] Ryan Walters: and it was enough for them to be recognized and thanked
[4/29/2014 12:32:23 AM] The Game: so let’s try this again
[4/29/2014 12:32:27 AM] Ryan Walters: recency bias, most likely
[4/29/2014 12:32:27 AM] The Game: Erdan?
[4/29/2014 12:32:43 AM] Ryan Walters: but yes, we should probably… interrogate him further
[4/29/2014 12:32:58 AM] The Game: I’m blanking on who this is
[4/29/2014 12:33:58 AM] Ryan Walters: Erdan is the guy preserving the Maestro’s tower
[4/29/2014 12:34:05 AM] Ryan Walters: the one who let us in begrudgingly to see Bargle
[4/29/2014 12:34:14 AM] Ryan Walters: kind of full of himself
[4/29/2014 12:35:18 AM] The Game: Ohhhhhh, okay. That guy
[4/29/2014 12:35:19 AM] Ryan Walters: He was accompanied by a high elf, I think her name was Xillali, the dwarf that Yop lost to… Naora, I think? And whatever friend Cosmo and Yop made, I think it was a halfling
[4/29/2014 12:36:16 AM] The Game: interesting okay
[4/29/2014 12:36:42 AM] Ryan Walters: at the presentation of gifts
[4/29/2014 12:37:03 AM] Ryan Walters: other than that though, there’s a very large shopping opportunity here
[4/29/2014 12:37:14 AM] Ryan Walters: this conversation has lists of stuff available
[4/29/2014 12:37:25 AM] The Game: that was the main reason I wanted to come here in the first place
[4/29/2014 12:37:28 AM] Ryan Walters: and information is a lot more freely available in the market than other places
[4/29/2014 12:37:53 AM] The Game: but then the dying day stuff made it even more important.
[4/29/2014 12:38:25 AM] The Game: Huh, I did not see available items in the chat. I was pretty sure I looked at back log too
[4/29/2014 12:39:47 AM] Ryan Walters: huh, weird, it’s not here
[4/29/2014 12:40:16 AM] Ryan Walters: Items
Lightning Circlet (consumable) – Casts Haste as an base action, lasts 3 rounds – 300 GP
Turnabout timer (consumable) – switch places with anyone in 5 squares. minor action, 300 GP
Ring of Summoning – Fire Elemental (1 charge) – 1000 GP
Magic Cloth that conceals a small item (comes with a small blade – 500 GP
Scroll Hold person 300 GP
Cypher of Senses 150 GP (blindness, silence, deafness on single target 1d4 rounds, ranged to hit )
Cypher of Entanglement 150 GP (hold a single target 1d4 rounds, ranged to hit )
ioun stone Clear Spindle – no food or water – 4000 GP
ioun stone dust rose prism +1 AC 5,000 GP
Bat familiar – 1000gp
Monk wrappings – 1/day STR +4 for 15 mins – 700 GP
Mist cloak – creates a fog cloud once a day 700 GP
Cypher of shielding – creates indestructible, immovable barrier for 2d4 rounds 200 GP – 30 foot wide barrier or 10 foot radius dome
Cypher of revenge – activate cypher (reaction) – all damage you take this turn is redirected to one target – DC 13 con save for half 500 GP
Shrieker (small mushroom that’s kept in a cage) – crack the cage, shrieker wakes up – can be heard for a half mile – 50 GP
Consumptive claw – 1500 GP
Drain magic completely out of any item, heal self for 1d8 +2 (base action)
Cypher of detection – 500 GP – imagine what you’re looking for, Cypher will bond to you and point in you in correct direction for 1 day
Grow Water – 300 Gp – small flask of water – pour on any plant life to help it grow
Cypher – Wings – 300 GP – small wings that can be used as fly spell
Animated Skeleton that follows directions – 500 GP
Water Armor – 1000 gp – as chainmain, but can disappear into a flask on command
1 per day “water breathing” spell
Genie Slave -5000 GP
[4/29/2014 12:43:24 AM] The Game: [Tuesday, April 29, 2014 12:40 AM] Ryan Walters:

<<< Consumptive claw – 1500 GP
Drain magic completely out of any item, heal self for 1d8 +2 (base action) Ummmm
[4/29/2014 12:43:26 AM] The Game: might want that
[4/29/2014 12:43:36 AM] The Game: pretty sure I don’t have the gold for it
[4/29/2014 12:43:48 AM] The Game: or that even all of us together would
[4/29/2014 12:43:57 AM] Ryan Walters: … I bought a 2nd +1 magic short sword. I spent all my cash on hand on that
[4/29/2014 12:44:05 AM] Ryan Walters: I still have some other assets available
[4/29/2014 12:44:07 AM] Ryan Walters: but not much
[4/29/2014 12:44:17 AM] Ryan Walters: unfortunately I believe all of our money is on Feeps
[4/29/2014 12:44:24 AM] The Game: but it could be useful in draining charges from fiendkey
[4/29/2014 12:44:26 AM] Ryan Walters: aside from my personal stash
[4/29/2014 12:44:31 AM] Ryan Walters: yeah, I know
[4/29/2014 12:44:42 AM] Ryan Walters: we just can’t afford it without knowing how much we actually have
[4/29/2014 12:44:50 AM] The Game: right
[4/29/2014 12:44:52 AM] Ryan Walters: if we have the funds, we should acquire it, yes
[4/29/2014 12:45:15 AM | Edited 12:45:19 AM] The Game: Pretty sure I don’t have that much. I doubt I have more than 500
[4/29/2014 12:45:28 AM] The Game: I spent a fair sum learning new spells
[4/29/2014 12:45:44 AM] The Game: which I would also likely inquire about. I’d be willing to do spell trades with other wizards around here.
[4/29/2014 12:48:08 AM] The Game: in any event, heading to sleep now
[4/29/2014 12:48:14 AM] The Game: glad I got most of the story out
[4/29/2014 12:48:25 AM] The Game: though my form change is still a mystery
[4/29/2014 12:48:34 AM] Ryan Walters: we’ll be able to talk about that soon
[4/29/2014 12:48:39 AM] The Game: yup
[4/29/2014 12:48:57 AM] The Game: I’m glad that the encounter here was amicable with Baba Yaga. I wasn’t really sure what to expect here
[4/29/2014 12:49:19 AM] The Game: Was it revealed how or when or why she would die?
[4/29/2014 12:49:54 AM] The Game: ………….ijusthadaterribleidea
[4/29/2014 12:50:04 AM] The Game: completely unrelated
[4/29/2014 12:50:27 AM] The Game: and I’m not saying this in character, but I still want to share the terrible idea
[4/29/2014 12:50:43 AM] The Game: I have Baba Yaga’s cauldron and staff
[4/29/2014 12:50:50 AM] The Game: I wonder what would happen if I used the staff to mix..
[4/29/2014 12:51:16 AM] Ryan Walters: that is an interesting thought
[4/29/2014 12:52:04 AM] The Game: that is not the reaction I thought I would get from you
[4/29/2014 12:52:19 AM] The Game: I was more expecting a facepalm and a “don’t you do it”
[4/29/2014 12:53:39 AM] The Game: Hokay. actually going to bed now
[4/29/2014 12:53:48 AM] The Game: ‘night all. Hope you enjoy the tale. :D
[4/29/2014 10:24:38 AM] Mindeh: I would imagine the cauldron and staff are somewhat compatible
[4/29/2014 10:25:01 AM] Mindeh: But do mages typically use their staves to stir?
[4/29/2014 10:25:56 AM] Monasch: No idea. Klotonk probably does know though
[4/29/2014 10:26:12 AM] Ryan Walters: My guess is no
[4/29/2014 10:48:51 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: ’re: troll s goblins etc.
[4/29/2014 10:49:54 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: Fey trolls, fey elves, fey goblins, fey gnomes etc are pretty different from the “D&D standard”
[4/29/2014 10:59:48 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: I think we’re treating the cauldron as a background, mechanically. Along with the glasses and the fairy. But Yeah, I get the feeling she knew Klontonk has the staff, and hes experienced the cauldron, so she expects him to do something with it
[4/29/2014 11:03:45 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: Wands/staves/rods combining with a cauldron is actually a thing. Rare though.
[4/29/2014 11:06:29 AM] Monasch: Yeah, I had a feeling she knew I had it. That was my sinking feeling when I first got the invite. :D
[4/29/2014 11:06:42 AM] Monasch: but it seems like she’s okay with that?
[4/29/2014 11:07:44 AM] Monasch: I’m not following with the background. How is that going to work?
[4/29/2014 11:08:28 AM] Ryan Walters: Use the cauldron as a bonus for making checks involving it
[4/29/2014 11:09:19 AM] Ryan Walters: like, I want to brew a potion, and I have a background involving this cauldron
[4/29/2014 11:09:21 AM] Monasch: It sounds like it’s more of an item that confers a bonus than as a background unless we want the bonus to mechanically only apply to a single user
[4/29/2014 11:09:52 AM] Monasch: Oh, uhh, is Baba Yaga’s brew still in the cauldron?
[4/29/2014 11:10:28 AM] Ryan Walters: probably cleaned out
[4/29/2014 11:10:32 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: Skip down to item and relationship backgrounds. http://www.pelgranepress.com/?p=11434
[4/29/2014 11:11:39 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: And it’s cleared.
[4/29/2014 11:12:26 AM] Monasch: alright, I can dig it
[4/29/2014 11:12:40 AM] Monasch: Awww, okay. A little worrisome. I still wonder what the brew was.
[4/29/2014 11:15:59 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: Plot thread heheheh
[4/29/2014 11:18:59 AM] Monasch: One Klotonk intends to yank at eventually :D
[4/29/2014 11:19:12 AM] Monasch: if it doesn’t find him, that is

Session Fifteen and Sixteen (NBL) - The Playwrite, the Chef, the Priest and his Lover.

Team has won the Arena and have claimed the champion’s prize, which include a set of bracers, a special snake ring, and a magic bow. They didn’t get as much treasure as they thought, but it’s still plenty. They also have Barnabas love, Clarice.

The group gets word that they need to get out of town since the drow are probably pissed at them for winning so they try to roll out, but fail sneaking.

The drow confront them in the street but they successfully intimidate the group and the drow flee.

The group travels down south back to Stilt. They must perform a play for Dimitri as part of the agreement for lifting Doki’s Curse.

They get to stilt town, follow up on some plots, and perform the play for Dimtri. There are several guests, including two prominent members of the Fey – The Glaistig, and Baba Yaga. They are mostly delighted by the play and Xillalli goes to talk with them and invites them back to the Maestro’s Tower for Dinner.

Quests that come up
Dead giantkin with all their blood missing in Stilt Town

Session Sixteen
Inculabum show up who are looking to speak to the Maestro – they are headed into the storm dross and hope to get some information. Erdan brings them to the Maestro’s tomb and they cast speak with dead to find out where they should go. Erdan asks them for information about Vecna’s Library and one of the Inculabum gives Erdan a book that will allow him (and friends) to go to Glimmer, a City in the Shadowfell, where the Inculabum live. From there he can several people who will allow him to study in Vecna’s library.

Dream of a demon on the roof.

Xillali barely throws together an acceptable meal for the Glaistig and Baba Yaga in time.

The Glaistig offers to remove the Rakshasha from the premises if Erdan will give them the silver choker. They agree and the Rakasha is finally dealt with.

Now the Glaistig “owes the party a favor” They receive invites to Baba Yaga’s death day.

Team agrees to pay No Name the dwarf 1,500 GP to rebuild and reinforce the tower. He helps Gnasha with her wall building and restoring the town as well, and starts paying for tower expenses out of his pocket, but he needs the gang to head up to the Goblin Crevace and try and get some more Black Rock to reinforce the tower.

Also, Gnasha is having trouble sleeping.

Session eighteen (TMA) - Rain of Tears

[11:56:13 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: [10:13 AM] Luke Gamble:

<<< Oh man, sad I missed that

umm- so the group teleported into the middle of illium. They figured out that the bad guys were summoning some sort of avatar – they snuck through a portion of the city that was overrun by hundreds of crazy cursed nutso people called “The Wroth” who infect other people with their madness – then they made it to the city wall where they ran into none other than Vallum himself, and Feeps briefly spoke with him and got him to escort the team back into the palace (Taelim was hiding out in wolf form. Vallum thought she was Elroar for a minute, but then realized she was a girl wolf, not a boy wolf)
They got back to the City Orrery which was were they needed to use the sceptre, and then feeps and Vallum got into a little disagreement about what happened to the Azure Prince.. everything got really tense:

And then Feeps turned Vallum to Stone.

[11:57:19 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: He had a one shot power that he got from the Inculabum
[11:57:35 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: and Vallum failed his save.
[11:57:45 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: (rock)
[11:58:27 AM] Ryan Walters: best time for DM to roll low
[11:58:32 AM] Ryan Walters: that made that whole encounter so much easier
[11:58:42 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: So then Taelim changes back to girl, convinces the guards not to fight, gets the guards to bring up the Azure Prince from the prison
[11:59:27 AM] Luke Gamble: dang, nice
[11:59:46 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: so they activate the city defenses, which are 4 massive titans
[11:59:57 AM] Xavier Rodriguez: they go up the tower to look out on to the city
[12:00:05 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and they see 5 chromatic dragons
[12:00:20 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: a white, a green, a black, a blue, and a red
[12:00:38 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and then Maziel realizes who they are trying to summon
[12:00:55 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: (rock)
[12:01:51 PM] Luke Gamble: DANG
[12:01:57 PM] Luke Gamble: TIAMAT UP IN THIS BITCH
[12:03:01 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: the black and the red are outside the city, just chilling. With the army of gnolls, giants, dragonborn,and Wroth
[12:03:17 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: the other three are inside the city, generally causing a ruckus
[12:03:43 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and then the city titans get activated, and shit gets real
[12:04:24 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Taelim leads the group through the city sewers to the main city gate, where there a dragon and titan fighting it out
[12:05:12 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: they send Hoot back to the Azure prince to instruct him to get an additional titan in there, then klotonk decides he’s gonna trench run on the dragons
[12:05:42 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: He figures they are opening a portal and he can counter-ritual it
[12:05:53 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: If he fails, he probably dies.
[12:06:03 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: or, he cracks Fiendkey
[12:06:05 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and probably dies
[12:06:09 PM] Luke Gamble: ooooh my gaaaaaawd this sounds so epic
[12:06:31 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: so Klontonk starts drinking all his potions
[12:06:54 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and potions misceability gives him a camoflage effects on top of his diguise self
[12:07:05 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: along with pass without trace potion
[12:07:23 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: so he makes it to where the gnoll shamans are doing the summoning
[12:07:34 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: At but there are these dragons
[12:08:29 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: So Taelim starts casting Call Lighting
[12:08:39 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and everyone else starts shooting arrows
[12:08:46 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and they get the black dragon’s attention
[12:09:27 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: so Team Taelim fights a Black, while Klontonk attempts to counter the gnoll spell.
[12:10:06 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: team gang-wrecks the dragon, doing like 40 damage.
[12:10:56 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: dragon shrugs, DEMOLISHES Feeps, and Acid Breaths the whole wall, except for Maziel who is running away due to dragon fear
[12:11:14 PM] Luke Gamble: nooooooo
[12:11:29 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: There’s a big Implosion over by the Red Dragon and the ritual space
[12:12:15 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and everything over there just collapses in on itself
[12:12:24 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: plus a couple of dragons went down
[12:12:40 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Without the big spell, the remaining dragons fly off
[12:12:52 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and the battle for Illium goes to Team Taelim
[12:13:22 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Meanwhile, Klotonk wakes up on a huge pile of gold..
[12:13:29 PM] Luke Gamble: … lol
[12:14:09 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: he brushes himself off, casts fly, and attempts to leave the cavern he’s in.
[12:14:22 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: he makes it to an exit, and is about to leave,
[12:14:41 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: then something says in a dragonish voice:
[12:14:48 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: “missing something?”
[12:15:30 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and he turns around, and there’s that red dragon, holding up the Fiendkey.
[12:15:34 PM | Edited 12:15:41 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: —end scene
[12:15:48 PM] Luke Gamble: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SHIT
[12:15:52 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: (rock)


Session fourteen (NBL) - Acererak!

ZOMG Demi Lich fight!


The group gets stuck and can’t seem to find any further into the maze. They explore around and eventually find a secret door that leads to a room with a strange plate. They hit the plate and the party gets separated, with the most of the party on one side, and Diva the paladin and Doki on the other. A floating skull appears and tells them that it’s acerak, but Deva and Doki can’t make a decision to attack without the party. They spend a few rounds trying to search for ways out and not attacking, and eventually the floating skull sinks back down into the treasure pile. The team has won the contest by NOT fighting!

Session Seventeen (TMA) - The Inquisitors

Klotonk agrees to an information transfer with the strangers – they will “read” his memory in exchange for payment.
Klotonk is excited, Taelim and Feeps go along for backup
Cosmo and Maziel are kind of suspicious so they keep hidden. Team goes into the stables where there are three Worgs.

The female unwraps her linen and has klotonk hold on. They exchange memories. The specifics from the female are random, and klotonk’s are specific (things that he wants to share)

Things that are hidden – the tower, the powers everyone got from the orb, stuff about Taelim.

Stuff learned
This race is called the Inculablum. They’re one of the ancient races of the Shadowfell and are committed to the accumulation of secrets, mysteries, and histories. They are scribes, treasure hunters, and interrogators of the highest order. They take the information gleaned from their subjects and they record the information on their linen wraps with magic. When they die, the linen is removed and then worn by another Inculaba. This is how their history survives. They revere Vecna as a God but it hasn’t always been that way.

They are wanting to head up to the Sump, in the storm dross, because they’ve heard there are flying books there, and they want to investigate.


Got the Secrets of the Inculabula Background – Underdark, demons, astral plane, elementals
Got a one shot special ability (secret )

Got the Secrets of the Inculabula Background – Animals, Nature, Undead, Spirits
Get a one shot special ability (secret)

Confirmation that Glaistig and Baba Yaga are related. In addition, Baba Yaga has a “dying day” coming up.

Taelim wants to get the Worgs to join her but they won’t do it without an alpha pack fight. In addition, they’re pretty evil and aren’t having any of this namby pamby bullshit.
Worgs left.

Team traded away their happy water as well.

Maziel can’t find Cosmo at all so there’s a bit of fun with that.

The next day the team finds Illium ships in the harbor unloading. Feeps talks with a courtier he recognizes by the name of Castral. Taelim stays hidden. Castral tells them that not only is the Rose Knight expected in, but the Azure Prince was supposed to head back, but Vallum had his ship attacked and destroyed. No one knows where the prince is currently.

The Airship arrives. Klotonk recognizes the work on the airship as his own. Apparently someone stole his ideas and has completed thiem.

Feeps and team (posing as bodyguards, with an extra wolf (taelim)) talk with the Rose Knight. Feeps tells the Knight that Taelim will meet them in Illium. the Knight calls a court wizard to cast a one way teleportation spell back to Portal at the center of Illium.

The team arrives in Illium. It’s Raining Black Oil.

Session Seventeen: (TMA) -- The Inquisitors (intro)

Xavier Rodriguez: anything you want to resolve while we have time?
Xavier Rodriguez: you’re still in bird form but it’s not going to last long..
Xavier Rodriguez: will you try and land on the ships, or try to get away somewhere in on land nearby where you can rest up?
Kelly Mangerino: I will go back (Maziel’s voice in my head has convinced/scared me). I will also give the party my warning: This is your last chance to go back. I no longer know what to expect…or if you will get to leave.
Kelly Mangerino: ALSO
Kelly Mangerino: Do not mention the fact I am 1. A bastard. 2. A druid
Kelly Mangerino: I don’t know what’s known, but until then…let’s play it safe
Ryan Walters: Hahaha.
Xavier Rodriguez: You won’t be able to make it back to the party
Xavier Rodriguez: not even close
Xavier Rodriguez: best you can get is like 15 minutes away on flight.
Xavier Rodriguez: so as you head south, you start to weaken, shed feathers, your straining yourself
Xavier Rodriguez: you can
Xavier Rodriguez: a) land on the rocky beach
ead for the woods bordering the beach
[3/11/2014 5:39:10 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: c) turn and head inland a bit to where there’s a rocky outcropping
[3/11/2014 5:40:07 PM] Kelly Mangerino: Which is safest/closest?
[3/11/2014 5:40:58 PM] Kelly Mangerino: ^ Maziel, just so you know, a few sessions ago, I would’ve been like, ehh, whichever
[3/11/2014 5:41:13 PM] Ryan Walters: which is why I laughed :)
[3/11/2014 5:41:19 PM] Kelly Mangerino: lies, I would’ve boarded the ship..which is worse
[3/11/2014 5:41:23 PM] Ryan Walters: so here’s the good thing
[3/11/2014 5:41:39 PM] Ryan Walters: you already know Klotonk turned back earlier while you got a closer look
[3/11/2014 5:42:06 PM] Ryan Walters: if you told him that you were going to get a closer look, if you don’t come back fairly soon, it’s cause to search the coastline, especially knowing that you guys saw a boat
[3/11/2014 5:43:57 PM] Kelly Mangerino: So, then it looks like the rocky beach is best
[3/11/2014 5:44:02 PM] Kelly Mangerino: at least I’ll be in sight
[3/11/2014 6:05:59 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: [Tuesday, March 11, 2014 5:40 PM] Kelly Mangerino:

<<< Which is safest/closest?closest is the beach. Safest? who knows? use dat wisdom
[3/11/2014 6:08:14 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Okay you land on the rocky beach. You’re exposed to the coast.
[3/11/2014 6:08:19 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: weather is:
[3/11/2014 6:09:16 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: clear. no issues really. but you’re not exactly comfortable.
[3/11/2014 6:09:42 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: do you try to find a place to rest and regain your wild shape?
[3/11/2014 6:10:03 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: or do you just wait on the beach hoping the rest of team will come pick you up?
[3/11/2014 6:10:28 PM] Kelly Mangerino: Can I take a slow/easy walk back or do I have to wait?
[3/11/2014 6:10:34 PM | Edited 6:10:41 PM] Kelly Mangerino: to regain wild shape*
[3/11/2014 6:11:53 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: can’t regain until you’ve completed a short or long rest
[3/11/2014 6:12:34 PM] Kelly Mangerino: If I’m only 15 mintues out, I’ll start walking back
[3/11/2014 6:12:47 PM] Ryan Walters: 15 minutes by flying
[3/11/2014 6:13:00 PM] Kelly Mangerino: balls
[3/11/2014 6:13:02 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: no
[3/11/2014 6:13:04 PM] Ryan Walters: so probably at least 30 minutes at run speed
[3/11/2014 6:13:17 PM | Edited 6:13:24 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: you flew for two and a half hours up the coast
[3/11/2014 6:13:29 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: to get to the ships
[3/11/2014 6:13:38 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: then you flew back as far as you could
[3/11/2014 6:14:00 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: so you’re at least 5-6 hours on foot (in human form)
[3/11/2014 6:14:19 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and short rest implies downtime
[3/11/2014 6:14:29 PM] Kelly Mangerino: short rest for sure then, I’ll need to fly back to the team
[3/11/2014 6:14:47 PM] Kelly Mangerino: Didn’t hoot come with me? I can send him back right?
[3/11/2014 6:14:55 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: yeah he’s still with you
[3/11/2014 6:15:14 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: do you want to send him back now? Or have him chill with you until you’ve rested
[3/11/2014 6:15:19 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: ?
[3/11/2014 6:15:34 PM] Kelly Mangerino: Why does that sound really ominous…
[3/11/2014 6:15:58 PM] Kelly Mangerino: umm. on second thought. I would like him to stay with me and keep me company. we can talk about weird animal things
[3/11/2014 6:16:44 PM] Monasch: She hoots softly at you, head titled to one side
[3/11/2014 6:17:04 PM] Monasch: Little bit of a wing stretch
[3/11/2014 6:23:30 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: okay
[3/11/2014 6:23:32 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: one hour rest
[3/11/2014 6:23:40 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: dm rolling:
[3/11/2014 6:24:25 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: 1d20 = 16!
[3/11/2014 6:24:50 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: your rest is uninterrupted
[3/11/2014 6:25:01 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and you’re good.
[3/11/2014 6:25:03 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: fly back?
[3/11/2014 6:25:58 PM] Kelly Mangerino: Yes please, then I reiterate what I wrote above to the team
[3/11/2014 6:26:22 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: okay I think you guys meet back at the inn right?
[3/11/2014 6:28:09 PM] Kelly Mangerino: Yes? Guys?
[3/11/2014 6:29:19 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: [Tuesday, March 11, 2014 5:30 PM] Kelly Mangerino:

<<< I will go back (Maziel’s voice in my head has convinced/scared me). I will also give the party my warning: This is your last chance to go back. I no longer know what to expect…or if you will get to leave.
Do not mention the fact I am 1. A bastard. 2. A druid
I don’t know what’s known, but until then…let’s play it safe
[3/11/2014 6:29:42 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: for the second part -
[3/11/2014 6:29:49 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: this in case people overhear you?
[3/11/2014 6:31:19 PM] Kelly Mangerino: can we whisper it?
[3/11/2014 6:31:34 PM] Kelly Mangerino: or keep it quiet/low
[3/11/2014 6:39:59 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: sure.
[3/11/2014 6:40:11 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: or speak in elven
[3/11/2014 7:00:04 PM] Kelly Mangerino: that’s fine, let’s do that
[3/11/2014 7:03:08 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: okay. so you guys find a dark corner, taelim, maziel, feeps discuss stuff in low tones
[3/11/2014 7:03:31 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: klotonk is probably studying and cosmo is probably out carousing
[3/11/2014 7:15:46 PM] Kelly Mangerino: cool, so anyone backing out?
[3/11/2014 7:16:08 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Zan ;_;
[3/11/2014 7:25:29 PM] Luke Gamble: (wasntme)
[3/11/2014 8:00:17 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: okay
[3/11/2014 8:00:45 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: so as the group of you are discussing in low tones, you hear a commotion coming from the door.
[3/11/2014 8:02:03 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: you see three humanoids walk into the inn and inquire about a stay over night. everyone else gives them a wide berth
[3/11/2014 8:03:20 PM | Edited 8:03:27 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Best way to describe them – tall, guant, Darth Maul looking with bald heads with a “crown of spikes” (look up zabrak) and covered in linen wrappings
[3/11/2014 8:08:32 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: you can
a) ignore them
b) listen in on their conversation with the inkeeper
c) investigate them closer
d) introduce yourself
f) religion check (15 dc)
[3/11/2014 8:09:42 PM] Kelly Mangerino: Hmmmm….Guys? Thoughts?
[3/11/2014 8:10:21 PM] Ryan Walters: religion check that
[3/11/2014 8:15:18 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Go maziel – you’re not proficient, and your skills won’t help. So wis roll (best in party is 3)
[3/11/2014 8:15:38 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Dm rolls
[3/11/2014 8:15:46 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: 5
[3/11/2014 8:16:09 PM | Edited 8:16:23 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: None of you have ever seen this race before.
[3/11/2014 8:17:45 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: They are wrapping up their business with the innkeeper and appear to have reached an agreement involving a sizable pouch of silver pieces.
[3/11/2014 8:18:24 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The innkeeper’s face appears caught between surprise, fear(?) and pleasure
[3/11/2014 8:21:15 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: While the leader of the group is doing this, one of the other two humanoids appears to be surveying the crowd. When her eyes alight on your group, she gives a visible start of surprise, then quickly confers with her companion, who seems the warrior type (armed and armored)
[3/11/2014 8:34:03 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: (dm rolled d20 13+3: 16!)
[3/11/2014 8:35:40 PM] Kelly Mangerino: Hmm scary…how far away time wise is Illium?
[3/11/2014 8:43:29 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Like a week by ship.
[3/11/2014 8:43:37 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: by land.. a long way away
[3/11/2014 8:45:01 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: about 1,000 miles
[3/11/2014 8:45:22 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: give or take
[3/11/2014 8:47:22 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: you could walk (in theory) for rougly 24 miles a day, overland (not counting terrain) – so best possilble case scenario, on top of which you’re super badass and not ever getting exhausted:
[3/11/2014 8:47:41 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: about 40 days to get there
[3/11/2014 8:47:47 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: on foot-ish
[3/11/2014 8:48:06 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: more likely 2 to 3 months
[3/11/2014 9:00:55 PM] Kelly Mangerino: my bad, I meant to clarify the ships
[3/11/2014 9:02:28 PM] Max: X really broke it down though
[3/11/2014 9:03:38 PM] Dylan Gould: I say we walk!
[3/11/2014 9:07:01 PM] Kelly Mangerino: Lol. No. If I flew two hours and saw the ships, they can’t be that far, a day at most. Problem is, trouble found us first. Will we last…
[3/11/2014 9:08:21 PM] Dylan Gould: So the pub patrons recognize us. Do I recognize them?
[3/11/2014 10:34:14 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: the scary looking dudes? (1d20: 2!)
[3/11/2014 10:34:19 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: noooope.
[3/11/2014 10:34:35 PM] Max: lol
[3/11/2014 10:34:41 PM] Max: at least it wasnt a crit fail
[3/11/2014 10:35:12 PM] Max: the scary looking dudes? (crit fail)
what dudes?
[3/11/2014 10:35:30 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: he can’t crit fail knowledge checks
[3/11/2014 10:35:37 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: bards always get a 10
[3/11/2014 10:35:46 PM] Max: ah
[3/11/2014 10:35:58 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: kinda nice.
[3/11/2014 10:36:19 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: but this isn’t enough for Feeps to get a good idea of who these folks are
[3/11/2014 10:36:25 PM] Max: was there ever an offical crit fail rule btw?
[3/11/2014 10:36:33 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: eh.
[3/11/2014 10:37:02 PM] Max: 4th ed says nothing and anythign I hear sounds like crit fails are more house rules
[3/11/2014 10:37:17 PM] Max: sorry should I use this chat for this kind of chatter?
[3/11/2014 10:37:29 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: roll 20, you do full damage and get to roll again. On some weapons I’ll do exploding dice
[3/11/2014 10:37:41 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: roll 1, I have an excel spreadsheet
[3/11/2014 10:38:02 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: for skill checks I like to “fail forward”
[3/11/2014 10:38:05 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: anywasy
[3/11/2014 10:38:33 PM] Max: okay that makes sense
[3/11/2014 10:38:48 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: so the three scary guys confer and then walk towards you. The tallest one comes to the forefront. He’s got an eyepatch on over his left eye
[3/11/2014 10:42:01 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: "This one is Truth, of the House Ineffable (points to self). This one (points to the shorter femaile) is Pain, of the House Exquisite. This one (points to warrior) is Blade, of the House Indomitiable.

This one does not prefer to waste one’s time. It bears the mark of the Black Snake, and the White Orb, corect? (points to all of you)
[3/11/2014 10:42:19 PM] Dylan Gould: do their clothes, hairstyles, etc. give any indication where they came from?
[3/11/2014 10:42:30 PM | Edited 10:43:13 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The male says this a kind of rasping voice. whatever vocabularly he’s using, he doesn’t seem extremely familiar with Common
[3/11/2014 10:44:36 PM] Dylan Gould: “This one does, but this one did not know that it was so obvious!”
[3/11/2014 10:45:07 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: http://screencast.com/t/3KbUifVQwzN
[3/11/2014 10:45:42 PM] Kelly Mangerino: oh. man.
[3/11/2014 10:47:36 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: They grin. They have filed, sharp teeth.
[3/11/2014 10:48:45 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: “Excellent. May this three request an interview? Perhaps in another location?”
[3/11/2014 10:50:04 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: We are [Inquisitors||Knights|Librarians]. We seek stories and secrets.
[3/11/2014 10:50:30 PM] Dylan Gould: “This one is inclined to say yes. But first tell us – how did it know?”
[3/11/2014 10:51:49 PM] Dylan Gould: They sound like Vecna people to me. Can I tell if they’re Vecna cultists?
[3/11/2014 10:53:44 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The female replies “This one’s [story||rainment||purpose] is to see with eyes unclouded. It bears the mark of a Orb Chosen. But only the one, not the Black Orb.”
[3/11/2014 10:54:27 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: @dylan
[3/11/2014 10:54:35 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: nothing obvious in bearing or gait.
[3/11/2014 10:54:43 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: the tall one has an eyepatch
[3/11/2014 10:54:59 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: but they’re all wearing gloves so you can’t get a look at his hand
[3/11/2014 10:55:09 PM] Dylan Gould: Is that a Vecna thing? eyepatch
[3/11/2014 10:55:27 PM] Dylan Gould: i guess they’d have tattoos on their hands or something?
[3/11/2014 10:55:30 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The vecna guy you met in the shadowfell gave up his left eye
[3/11/2014 10:55:36 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: and his left hand was withered
[3/11/2014 10:56:16 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: But not every cultist does that, only the high priests and wizards and shit
[3/11/2014 10:57:08 PM] Dylan Gould: “There is a Black Orb? That sounds… frightening.”
[3/11/2014 10:59:09 PM | Edited 10:59:28 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: “It has touched the White but knows not the Black? What a strange creature it is! Is it sentient? What is made of?” (from the female)
[3/11/2014 11:02:07 PM | Edited 11:02:48 PM] Kelly Mangerino: “He’s not an it,” Taelim blurts, somewhat annoyed/protective
[3/11/2014 11:05:41 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The female turns to Taelim “He? is that.. a [name|house|purpose?] Define for this one, please.”
[3/11/2014 11:07:32 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: “This one means no disrespect.”
[3/11/2014 11:08:30 PM] Dylan Gould: “Taelim, these people say ‘it’ when they mean ‘you’. They’ll also call you an it, and Cosmo an it, and all the rest of us.”
[3/11/2014 11:10:41 PM] Kelly Mangerino: (out of game. — yeah, but Taelim wouldn’t pick up on that. She’d take it personally lol)
[3/11/2014 11:10:42 PM] Dylan Gould: (to the leader) “Well, I suppose that if there was a White one, there had to be a Black one, too. I should have known.”
[3/11/2014 11:11:08 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The tall one speaks "It is correct. In this one’s language, “You|I|Me implies a development of Ego, of.. individuality.”
[3/11/2014 11:12:20 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: “This One has studied the concept of Ego. This One finds it fascinating, actually.”
[3/11/2014 11:13:22 PM] Kelly Mangerino: (out of game, signing out guys. Try not to get us killed/indebted Dylan/Feeps. Night all)
[3/11/2014 11:14:04 PM] Dylan Gould: “Where must these Ones go to answer its interview questions?”
[3/11/2014 11:14:08 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: “So, does it and it’s companions wish to speak with The Three in a private location? The Three have just purchased a stable to rest in.”
[3/11/2014 11:14:57 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: (the whole stable could fit your group, but you couldn’t rest there. would be pretty private tho)
[3/11/2014 11:15:51 PM] Dylan Gould: yeah, i’m fine with it, but i’m not sure I should speak for everyone, and i kinda have to do some work
[3/11/2014 11:16:06 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: sure we’ll pick it up tomorrow then..

“A little less talk and a lot more action.”
Rain of Oil

Session Sixteen: (The Main Attraction) Family Ties

So the Lloth thing.

Long story short, Lloth and Maziel make a deal:

Lloth will demand that true drow loyal to her will spill no drow blood. (this doesn’t count for drow who follow the elemental eye) – this enforcement is for a year. If the Drow can’t hold their end of the bargain, it proves Lloth correct, that the violence is inherent to the drow, not lloth, and Maziel drops her claim

Moving on – the group wraps up stilt town and goes to the northeast to the Tower to cast the speak with dead spell on Taelim’s Father (not biological father) – Viceak, the King of Ilium.

Taelim casts the spell on Viceak.

Viceak’s Q/A
1. Q: What do you want me to do with Illium
A: Only my heir can rule Illium
Mangerino: 2/3. Q: Did you summon the Glastig and why?
A: Her mother and her mother
Q: Do you want to be returned from the dead?
A: I earned my sentence
5. Q: Why did you have Elroar (Taelim’s Biological father) taken (to Magaat and imprisoned)?
A: A broken heart
6. Q: Now what do you want me to do?
A: To inherit my legacy: Find the Tower

This leaves the party chasing some plot circles figuring out who the Glaistig’s mother’s mother might be…
They try recalling memories using the memory water but it looks like maybe Lysandra might not be who she says she is (false trail)

They visit the Goats in the Glaistig’s field. Taelim makes very close friends with the goats and they spill the beans:
The Glaistig came to the tower because she wanted to rescue her Mom
The Glaistig murdered the master, and they are worried she’ll kill again
The Glaistig’s mom is a REAL BAD LADY

Wraps up a lot of plot threads. team goes back to the cauldron room, Klotonk find a chicken feather
Barnaby tracks the scent from the feather, and they find a whole in the far wall that leads outside. So baba yaga has escaped, which explains why fiendkey was sent to them. (they dont’ want to hang on to something that baba yaga wants)

team heads back to stilt. They run into a caravan along the way and become bodyguards, earn a little money. They throw a perfomance and earn a few more coins.

Team makes it back to the town, tells Gnasha that Baba Yaga is free. then they head south to Freeport on the coast.

Total trip time from 23rd to Freeport was 12 days.

Feeps is nearly carried off by a coastal drake but a fireball and good arrow hits convince the drake that the party isn’t easy prey

Wait two days for the ship to show.
It never shows up.

Taelim decides to shape change as a bird and fly north with Hoot. Klotonk can’t travel that far. She finds ships from the Illium fleet. She hears a flute playing the ship that belongs to the ROSE KNIGHT. A paladin loyal to her father. She broods.

End scene.


Session Thirteen (NBL) The TOMB OF HORRORS Part 2

Efreet all up in the group’s grill. They get to the wishes part. They want treasure, so the efreet opens the chests behind him in the room. They want to know the way out, and the efreet points toward a wall. They ask something else and the efreet departs (think it was whether the room was actually the crypt, answer nuh uh)

Group loots the chests. Ass load of platinum and gems.
Doki takes so many gems (530 gems worth at least 50g each).she’s encumbered and can only move 2 spaces.. Doki is dreaming of FINALLY buying that castle to hold all her treasures, then she realize with this money she could buy a castle to hold all her castles in!

Devani dicks around with the statues a bit and they find a secret panel in the wall. Team comes to two doors, but on the right one they hear a siren, singing, and they want none of that.

They go through a series of doors, and Xilalli falls into a pit of SPIKES.
Team gets Xialli out, she goes a few feet, and falls into ANOTHER pit of spikes.
Devani explores a door to the south and meets another wall and gets shot with arrows.

Devani and Barnabas go up a set of stairs and see a curtain, but Devani gets a bad feeling about the curtain. Turns out it’s actually a green slime and starts eating through Devani’s armor.

Noara comes up to provide back up, and then Drow show up.

The Drow don’t seem to want to enter the room with the Slime. The group retreats and manage to coax the slime to fall into one of the pits by covering it with an illusion.

The leader of the drow (a female wizard) offers to trade treasures for treasures – she is specifically looking for a key. Since the group doesn’t want their bronze one they trade for a silver one. The wizard leaves, laughing.

Xilalli follows, sees a drow guard. She moves to attack the guard but the guard opens a pit in the floor which is very long for X to jump in her wolf form.

Team retreats and explores a little. eventually decides to go back to the siren room, using the wax from the efreet Jug.
Barnabas casts silence, removing the threat of the siren. They see gold and silver mist.

Naora puts her torch in the mist and it goes out!
Devani touches the mist, fails a save, and falls asleep.

Team a bit flummoxed, and we break for next week.

Each character got 500 gold gems.
Doki has that plus 30
Naora put some in her hair +5
Vort added some to his Shoes + 6 gems

each gem is worth at least 50 gold pieces
1 bronze key that was traded for a silver key
Xillali has 1 Magical Sword
Vort has 1 Magical Sword
Deva has 2 Magical swords


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