League of Xee

Session Fifteen: Homecoming

Team Wednesday has reversed the effects of the blight in the swamp!

On the way back ,the team is intercepted by a group of muk muks that are gathered together, to reward them for removing the blight (news travels fast, apparently)

Arrival Date in Stilt Town – Autumn Equinox – Sept 23rd
When the team arrives in Stilt-Town they purchase some gear, and follow up on a few loose ends. They meet Erdan, Zan finds out about Bargle’s past, Zan gets him to confess his sins.

Bargle’s Journal unlocked (bargle had the keychain code tatooed on this arm

Klotonk finally gets a Comprehend Languages on the big vellum scroll from the Desert Room and it’s basically a historical treatise on Giantkind (15 DC Giant related History, Includes the Cabiri)

Klotonk reports in to Lysandra (the Green Fey contact that lives in Stilt) and pretty much tells her everything about what happened in the Shadowfell except that he knows the name of the raven queen. He does tell her that he knows about “the secret that could topple Orcus” and she leaves to report to her superiors. She agrees to meet with Klotonk again at the Goblin Market (October 19th)

Movement on plot thread: Taelim wants to get a raise dead spell or resurrection for her father. She goes to the Miracle Worker, the scary weird Albino that lives in/around an abandoned chapel in the swamp outside of stilt.

Dmitri names a price for resurrection, but it’s too high for Taelim (all the party’s special boons from the White Orb- well, the ones that are there)

Taelim decides to get a speak with dead (she wants to find out if she SHOULD raise him) and for this Dmitri asks for a childhood memory, which Taelim gives with little thought

Interestingly, the thought that Dmitri takes is THE childhood memory that links both Taelim and Feeps – Taelim still feels for Feeps, but the memory that sparked their friendship is missing – repercussions to be determined.

Oh yeah, and Lloth shows up and has a chat with Maziel.

Session Eleven: (Natural Born Looters) Tower part 2, and Lowfort

Long Story Short: Party had their auras ripped off, then jumped through a rip in space into the Elemental Chaos to rescue one of their own that was pulled in by a giant Primordial. They managed to make it out and restore everyone’s auras, and are now currently in a “Kowloon Walled City”filled to the rafters with Orcs, who have drafted them to fight in their pit games for sport. Their first pit game is in giant arena against an all Drow team in the Orc’s re-creation of the Tomb of Horrors.

story points

- group went to library to fight giant thing
- defeated it
- xillali read the book, it’s about nature/spells and how to make broches to stop elemental magic
- turn out maestro made broches with the stuff he had us find and he wanted the most kick ass broch, but something went awry
- people went upstairs (barnabus and erdan)
- upstairs was a giant orb thing and a giant hand thing
- Erdan tried getting the orb was pushed away to the wall
- went downstairs after failing
- group tries closing portal after defeating monster glob thing
- Doki does a spell, closes it
- group goes upstairs
- vort grabs the orb because he is super strong
- no one does anything so hand grabs vort and takes him through the portal
- shaddy, naora, erdan, xillali and doki go through the portal
- naora floats/ has control right of the bat
- everyone else falls
- Vort hears a voice from the sphere to let it go
- Vort agrees if it helps him leave
- sphere tells him he can control what happens with his mind
- naora figures it out too
- group together, sphere says that it will kill us? (i think)
- Xillali presuades it that it shouldn’t, that we’re trying to save it
- doesn’t believe us, she said that the evil wizard stole her essense
- we say that we know the feeling, that the people above also dont’ have an essense and, we don’t anyone else to die because of it.
- we return the other being’s aura that was in our broches. Alll of us
- she lets us go above
- As a group we debate what to do next, Xillali presuades that the next step is to get barnabus wife
- Erdan stays behind
- Wizard/healer guy learns from Doki that Mestro is dead. Doki basically tells him that our story will be of our travels.
- Doki and vort return everyone’s auras. they are SUPER famous in town now. Like SUPER famous.

Traveling to Lowfort in search of Scabrous – The orc.

-get to lowfort
- try to buy stuff/travel/ NONE of speak orcease
- get assistance from Glameur – the teifling, she will help us buy things
- go to slavers
- find human we needed, but don’t buy her.
- Try to bargain
- A drow comes in and says she’ll buy her because we don’t want her
- Group thinks its a rouse, so they don’t.
- Drow get’s B’s wife. OOPS
- Slavers propose another deal, that one of a Drawfen Prince
- Group pays MORE for the drawfen prince…. than the wife cost. B is NOT happy
- Glameur – the teifling tells us not to follow Drow, she knows her
- Drawfen prince says he is no one. For who is he, without his people?
- Wants us to save the rest of the drawfs
- Glameur – the teifling tells us we can win back the girl/wife if we compete in a dungeon maze.
- Group says yes.
- Group goes to black market where word travels fast and everything is over priced
- Xillali finds more druids and sells one of her weapons for the knowledge to use the other. They start to teach her.
- Glameur – the teifling outfits drawf to the teeth/helps prepare him for the event in three days.
- all take potion bottles/ ready for poison
- Xillali sees in druidic “take the middle path” (d’aww)
- End session, phew!

Session Fourteen: The Standing Stones

The group takes a short rest in the Village square, and then heads south towards the standing stones. They exit a small strip of woods and there is a large clearing, and in the center of the clearing are the standing stones. They clearly look different, more jagged, and there appear to be more of them coming out of the ground at odd angles. And it’s cold, very cold.

Zann decides to stealthly cross the clearing and comes up to the stones, counting on his invisibility to undead to protect him. He cross the threshold of the stones and suddenly sees a glowing, spirit like creature in the center of the stones, along with two will-o-wisps. The wisps are pretty dangerous but it’s the spirit that meets his gaze and starts sucking out his soul. He averts his gaze and makes a run for it, and the creatures follow, making a few attacks, but then they disappear.

Zan and Maziel come up with a plan to attack by setting up barriers so that they effectively can funnel the enemy into one area. Then Maziel casts fairie fire, which cancels out the problem with not looking at it. The will-o-wisp turn out to be pretty tough as well and the team takes a few falls but it mostly able to recover by sticking with the strategy. Maziel and zan both walk through the stones and get a “psychic zap” – Maziel being the only one to really get affected, by recalling the sacrifice of her mother by a priestess of Lloth.

The spirit creature appears to be defeated, but then actually appears to get stronger and starts to deal damage just by being next to it. The players take out the wisps and then get a few more good hits on the Spirit. Zann makes a relgion check and remembers a passage speaking bout these types of monsters being sent as agents of Doresain, Lord of Ghouls., who is aligned with the God Orcus.

The party finally takes the spirit down, but it disappates into the standing stones and starts to petrify all the players into stones. Zann attacks the stones and reveals an ancient script, that’s unreadable by everyone except for Taelim, as it’s in druidic.

Taelim succeeds in a skill challenge to solve the rune puzzle, and releases the magic on the stones as the spirit is in inside of it. This completely destroys the blight, sucking back all the evil energy back through the gate into the shadowfell, and the creatures is frozen into a black capstone on top of the gate. The blight has been removed from the Sump!

Session Ten (Maestro's Mission) : The Tower is aflame
I get knocked down/ But I get up again

Flames errupt from every orfice, heat is radiating from the towers. Doki, Erdan,Barnabas, Bargle, and Deva the Diva all fall to the ground after a wave of energy passes the entity of Stilt Town. Xillali wakes up Doki. Doki stirs, frantic, feeling naked, and cold – ever so cold.

Vort wakes everyone up, Deva, shivering says all is lost. There is no hope. Our aura’s are gone. (note: the Deva’s can’t reincarnate with out their auras, so they’re mortal atm) Doki looks up, notices everyone’s aura of the fallen are gone. Fleeing upward towards the top of the tower. Deva explains to Vort that it’s like our shinny boots are taken and we can no longer dance ever so eloquently. Vort vows to return the boots- soles intact – back to everyone. Barnabas says that he can no longer feel the connection the raven queen. Erdan hands Doki the scroll to contain magic, for that is the only thing that could save Stilt Town.

Meanwhile Xilalli turns into an owl in order to fly around the town and notices the majority of stilt town has fallen, very few remain standing. Returning back to the tower she attempts to fly through an open window – a very keen and wise idea, in the mind of an animal. She ends up burning herself, enough damage to force her to turn back into a human. In a slight of panic, Xilalli has enough sense to grab on to a window ledge.

Shaddy – lured to help by imaging the riches inside of the tower, and the vast rewards he might get – kicks open the door which hits a very surprised and startled elemental which starts to take the properties of the door. Battling two elementals, which take on the properties of what ever touches them, the gang try to weaken them. Vort throws grass at one, Shaddy hits it really hard with his dagger, Doki Blesses everyone and Xilalli changes into a panther, falls 20 feet to the ground, dashes though the door and bites one in the leg.

fight fight fight then – BOOM, the last elemental dies- completely freezing the very floor the group is standing on . Shaddy finds a hidden door directly in front of them, and Doki detects that the aura are going upward. Shaddy opens the door, causing an elemental inside to turn around. Shaddy goes in, attacks so hard then leaves immediately to go to Barnabas. Vort goes inside, does a little dance, hits a guy, then gets beaten real good for there is not only one elemental, but three.
Vort, close to dying leaves to be healed by Doki before re-entering the room to smash some elementals in the face. They should know better than to take the soles of people’s shoes!

Naora goes in to help! As does Panther Xillali. Phanther Xillali is forced back into human form, taking some damage, Shaddy comes back after taking the angered Barnabas’ drawftish Brandi and throws it to one of the elementals which slowly starts turning into booze. Forcing a fire elemental and Brandi elemental to combine does not cause the desired explosion. Naora does a crit hit to one of the elemantals causing it to turn to pure stone as the torch is still inside it’s body. Naora does not let go of the handle of the torch. Vort and Shaddy are temporarily blinded from the elemantal’s death explosion.

Xillali goes to help a lion headed man guy that is bleeding to death (he was being attacked by all three elementals before the group went inside). She healed him, he turns to her, “Xilalli, what happened?” It’s Igor, the man who gave the group a significant amount of money.
“I don’t know, do you remember anything?” – Xilalli
“Did you heal me? I don’t recall what happened…” – said the confused Igor
“I healed you, you where about to die” mentioned the concerned Xillali
“That was your mistake” said Igor. Xillali’s eyes turned wide in horror as Igor diabolical smile took over his face and his body turned to gas. Xilalli attacks him with her flame blade – tosses her potion of scorching ray to Doki. Vort – noticing something amiss attacks the gas with his magic weapon, as does Naora (with her free hand, mind). The gas turns back to lion shape and falls – limp – in the verge of death (again). Vort, is about to smash it’s head when Xillali stops him. Furious with herself. She tells the group that he’s a Rakshasa (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Rakshasa_(4e_Race) ) . Unless they can kill him properly he will be incarnated again. Doki confirms he still has an aura, and killing him wont help. Xillali- hesitantly, feeling betrayed – stabilizes him.

Doki searches the body, Naora gets enough courage to free the torch from the stone elemental. Once broken, she picks up a stone and pockets it. Doki then decides to cuddle the lion’s mane to keep warm.
Barnabas says he can help, goes outside for a moment, comes back with a collar, stating that the wizard wont be a problem anymore and snaps the collar closed around Igor’s neck. Erdan and Barnabas stay behind to watch over Igor.

The rest of the group attempt to open a magical door and fail, the other door was unnaturally hot, and they decided it was best closed.

As they made their way towards the stairs they see a dead body with a plant. Doki loots the body, Shaddy searches the room, Xillali inspects the plant and Naora alongside Vort attempt to go up the stairs. Vort saw as Naora triggered a saw trap sawing her to pieces, and as he saw, he could not help her and she tumbled down the stairs, being sawed as he saw.

Shaddy disables the traps in the staircase with his lock picks. Which caused a lot of banter about his ability to use his hands well, and steadily. Something about being firm, gentle, slow and how hard it can get. Then there was talk about his dagger, and how useful that is, talk continued for a while as Xillali blushed.

The group hears crashing noises emerging from the library, lots of thumping and things falling. They head towards the library, doors open. An acolyte holding many scrolls says, “Xilalli thank goodness! Take these away before…” as he dies. Decapitated, from a tentacle like thing that then shreds the remainder of his body.

17 silver, 9g, 5 ornamental gems (~10g each), potion of healing (which was used by Naora this round)
21 copper, 5 Electrum, 3 ornamental gems (~10g each)

Shaddy found a small un-ornamental key

Today’s Anthem

Session Nine: (Maestro's Mission): RUN!
Erdan leaves everyone behind, as always.

The tale continues with Xilali and Erdan continuing interrogation on TokTok-ChitChit our favorite shaman eccentric, but seem to be getting nowhere. Meanwhile Doki, Naora and Vort battle it out with an intimidating group of cold blooded Yuan-ti. The orc who accompanied the group on this valiant quest seem to love dying in battle and prove to be worthy. As Naora angers most of the group of Yuan-ti by killing one of their key brethren, she gets surrounded. Vort seems to be hitting the wind and cannot hit any of the Yuan-ti to save his life regardless of his endless Fury; Luckily Doki learned a healing spell that proved to be very useful as Vort is became a snakes play toy. Naora is resilient in her fighting skills and begins to take down the wretched slithers with her mighty Fire blade spell. Vort begins to get angry at the fact that he cannot hit any of the soldiers, so he begins unleashing a wave of devastating reckless attacks that prove to be more useful than his unheated thrusts.

Meanwhile TokTok-ChitChit is running Erdan’s patience out. The shaman showed them the ritual scroll for unleashing the war machine written on snakeskin parchment. He signals to their beloved orc companion, Chuck Orckiss to get ready to use some sneaky and forceful moves to stop the shaman from performing his ritual. TokTok-ChitChit was no match for Chuck Orckiss, the shaman goes down without a fight and passes onto the next life. Erdan and Xilali loot his corpse and take the scroll, a few gold pieces, a strange crystal blade and an even stranger throwing weapon. As Erdan and Xilali begin too comfortable, a massive giant discovers what they have done, this is what the Trogg feared. As he begins to rampage on Erdan and Xilali, they begin to run and chase them down the corridors and back out into the arena. Erdan does not even look back and is running at a speed that would make most olympic athletes look like turtles.

As Xilali finally catches up with Vort, Naora and Doki, she kills the last of the Yuan-ti that a devout female Orc warrior who just had her brother killed by these cold blooded killers. The female Orc was at her last breathe, but did not want to give up. When she sees that Xilali took the kill, she enrages, but then tells Xilali she will fight any snake men with her and her party anytime.

Meanwhile Erdan scoots on by the whole party on top of the bridge and screams “Runnnnnnnn!”, the rest of the party is insure what he is running from, but we are not sticking around to find out.

The group finally arrives at Stilt town again and visit Gnasha. Leige Lord of Stilt Town and inform her of the encounters and resolve of the mission. A few moments after, the group get on with their respective business(Erdan trying to duplicate the scroll, Vort and Doki dancing for coin after Vort picks up his FABULOUS new boots, Xilali visiting the “Shady” dealer and Naora encountering Diva), Slim the “Shady” dealer and Diva the Deva warn the group of trouble stirring at Maestro’s tower.

As the team arrives at Maestro’s tower to try and find out what is going on with all the lights, a giant elemental explosion shoots out of all the openings of the tower and begin to stir.

This is powerful elemental magic at play…

Session Thirteen - Woods, Wights, and Wyverns.

The group has made it out the depths of the shadowfell and back to the Material Realm. A full rest later, and the group is recharged and ready to explore. The goal: Explore the cursed village and attempt to find the Standing Stones. Apparently Mattias purified the cemetery, so the sky is clear.

Zann (who is now invisible to undead) and Maziel (with her boots of elvenkind) go on a scouting mission to the south a bit, where the fog is very dense and cold. The further away they cold, the more dense the fog and cold gets, til they practically walk into the house that they had camped at before. It doesn’t take Zann long to realize that the buildings are occupied with undead on the inside, but it’s what’s ON TOP of the house that initiates the scout’s retreat. A lone wight, sitting on top of a undead dragon-like creature.

Team reports back and decides to go West instead and cut through the woods. They do so, making their way through scraggly brush and long dead trees. However, Zann spots a Smuggler’s Sign, a configuration of branches broken in such a way that it indicates an arrow, pointing to a hidden Smuggler’s Cache. The team searches for traps, digs in the ground, and finds and old locked chest. Cosmo unlocks the old chest and sets off an old trap, but the poison gas is so old it might as well be inert. Barnaby claims he predicted correctly, since it wasn’t actually a threat.

Group finds a cache of gold, but the REAL prize is a suit of Mithril Scale Mail. Zann makes everyone promise to give the gold to him, but let’s Feeps keep the mail. The Gold, (in theory) would be used to buy off the smugglers.

With treasure somewhat resolved, the team heads west again and comes across a villlage square, or commons, they see a group of ghouls in the distance, coming towards them, and there’s some confusion and discussion over the next course of action. In fact there is so much talking that the ghouls gain some group and zann leads the group to a group of abandoned buildings, which turn out to be exceptionally dangerous as well… Another wyvern was purching by a building.

Team is beaten up faiirly badly, especially tailem, but the team survives and lives to fight another day.

Session Eight: (Maestro's Mission): Assault on Snake-Town Island Fortress of Snakes
In which literally everyone falls into a ditch except for Erdan

The evening sees Xilali, the team’s resident druid, druidically attempting to gain entrance to the Goblin Market, a black market that specializes in illicit wares (and druidic bobbles, presumably). Although she has no luck conniving her way past the guards, Xilali makes the cordial acquaintance of a shady fellow, who introduces himself as bearing the name Shady, a thin man with a thinner smile.

The exchange concludes with Xilali’s pockets 100 gold pieces lighter, yet richer one Scroll of “Scorching Ray,” with which she can target up to three enemies in an attempt to burn them to cinders. The slim, shady fellow named Shady also leaves her with an offer: to look for him if the mood strikes her.

Satisfied that her errand is concluded, Xilali recalls as certain reward, promised by a powerful wizard, that was never actually given. The druid errant is making her way back to Maestro’s Magical Mansion when a drunk but full-of-purpose Erdan Galanodel erupts from a nearby bush with the same heading.

Having convinced himself of the bitter demise no doubt awaiting the adventuring party on their imminent adventure, Erdan sought solace by drowning his doubts in the bitter beverages available at the Mug & Cauldron (Voted Stilttown’s #1 Drinking Establishment!1). It was during this bings that inspiration struck the elf: solve problems by throwing books at them!

And so, Xilali and Erdan found themselves climbing the hill to Maestro’s Magnificent Manor, one seeking monetary recompense, and the other a library. Upon their arrival, the pair is greeted not by the home’s master, but by a frog of a manservant who did not so much speak his words as he did belch them in the direction of anyone unfortunate enough to be caught within earshot2. Informing the elves that his master was otherwise indisposed, our heroes found themselves disposed, rather unceremoniously, in Maestro’s library, while the manservant fetched his master.

Erdan eagerly pores over the books at his disposal, while Xilali attempts to eavesdrop through the locked door. She makes out little more than a cacophony of guttural banter, stressed yelps, and a chorus of shit-is-going-down-in-this-laboratory bangs and rumbles (and something about a wall coming down), and soon, the manservant manbeast returns. Though he is a little worn, he notifies Xilali, cordially, that Maestro, with all due respect, does not have time for our shit. The rewards (which contain coins, a magical scroll of armor-enhancement for Vort, and a some magical scroll that looks like they were raided from a dustbin for Erdan) are rather unceremoniously dumped on our intrepid heroes as they are shown the door.

Their true prize, Erdan notes, is knowledge, as now he knows how to open the vault that contains the Cabiri Kaiju Crusher3 on any day he damn well pleases. No more waiting for the first solstice of every year for us! The literal maelstrom of fire that resides on the vault’s inside, however, will still pose a problem.

Their gear packed, all of our brave adventurers gather at the edge of Stilttown, along with the eighteen half-orcs and the shamen that Gnasha provided us, to plan their attack. The clever ruse will be to attack the yuan-ti4 fortress with the company of orcs, while a smaller group slips into the fortress and attempts to apprehend the enemy shaman and prevent him from completing his ritual to allow the yuan-ti access to the vault and safe passage through the scorching smelter therein.

Faced with the option to either enter through the front door of the fortress, or to sneak in through a treacherously gravelly hole in the back, our heroes wisely conclude that they are least likely to be noticed by the enemy by walking in through the large entrance gates. A short boat-ride, and a helpful resist poison + resist fire spell from Gnasha’s shaman, later and the company finds themselves crossing a large bridge crossing a moat to the fortress.

But what’s this?! The bring begins to rattle and rock and roll violently! At this point, literally everyone falls into the ditch except Erdan5, who only has a moment to wonder if perhaps it isn’t everyone else who was drunk before the arrows start flying. The yuan-ti were ready, and had set up an ambush, attempting to a-bridge the mission just as it began. Cursing their luck, the heroes (and a number of half-orcs) make it to the shore and start, as the half-orcs say, “wrecking house” while the secondary strike team of Erdan, Xilali, six half-orc warriors and an elite half-orc leader slip into the fortress proper, and make their way down to the shaman’s chambers.

He isn’t there! Unable to locate the shaman in his room, strike team (henceforth refered to as “the important team”) expand their search to the vault chaber proper, where they find the shaman absorbed in his ritual and flanked by his two huge, domesticated death-caterpillars whom he will no doubt soon surf into battle not unlike Madame Medusa from The Resuers. About to attack, Xilali halts the party by noticing a small, hidden staircase up to the vault-chambers balcony… a staircase with a yuan-ti at the top!

Combat begins, and the half-orc leader, whom we had previously assumed to just be a Fighter Barbarian of some kind, immediately reveals he has actually taken a few levels in the newly-released Iron Chef class by charging up the stairs like a wrecking ball and dicing the yuan-ti into a delicious snake-fillet with a side of whoop-ass and a light glaze of “I did over 32 damage in one turn and now this yuan-ti is dead.”

Of course, there are more yuan-ti around the corner, up on the balcony proper, and before long, there’s a real fight a-happenin’! Erdan manages to put a yuan-ti to sleep with his enchantment magic (at which point the orc leader tears it’s head off) while Xilali shoots herself in the arm with her bow (part of an elaborate ruse, no doubt) before switching tact and simply wailing on yuan-ti with her quarterstaff while healing up the half-orc leader.

Sensing an imminent defeat (along with resurging abandonment issues) the final yuan-ti catapults himself off of the balcony and knocks the shaman out of his trance. With a yelp and a cliche, the shaman sics his domesticated death-caterpillars on the intruders6. As luck would have it, WE are the intruders, and before long the party is tangoing with acid-spewing, ground-burrowing, dozens-of-creepy-legs-grappling-the-shit-outta-you monsters while the shaman and the last yuan-ti attempt to flee the scene.

Seeing the two miscreants attempting to fly the coop, Erdan decides to heroically catapult himself off of the balcony in order to get a clear shot to cast a spell. Everyone agrees that it’s an incredibly brave thing to do, Erdan gets the begrudging respect of every half-orc in the room, and a thousand miles away a bard is even inspired to write a song about the event. Really, you had to be there. Unfortunately, reality immediately sets in, and Erdan doesn’t even make it off of the balcony because the caterpillar monster grapples him with its attack-of-opportunity, causing the elf to fall on his ass and be covered in acidic goo. Which isn’t quite as glorious as it could have been.

The shaman’s escape is complicated, however, when he is confronted by an intercepting Xilali, who transforms into a dire wolf and attempts to block his path! Sensing a mystical challenge, the shaman transforms too! The shaman morphs into a monitor lizard, and the two nature adepts engage in a Druid Duel™! The fight is short, and eventually the shaman surrenders to Xilali’s superior prowess7.

With the fight over, the half-orcs and elves briefly lick their wounds with some magical healing, and after casting a few Cure Light Wounds, Xilali turns to the now-surrendered shaman.
“Why are you working with the yuan-ti to open this dangerous vault?”
“Opening the vault? What do you mean? I’m renewing the wards to keep it shut!”

1 In an internal poll
2 All descriptions of the manservant are presented in Erdan-o-vision
3 Working title
4 Yuan-ti is actually a Sylvan word which translates, roughly, to “giant fucking demon-snake” in common
5 Told you so
6 Sadly, there is no surfing involved
7 I mean, it was nowhere near as cool as Erdan throwing himself off of the balcony. Even though Erdan didn’t even succeed in doing that. We definitely didn’t both immediately shout “OH MY GOD THIS IS SO AWESOME!” when the shaman transformed, nor were we talking about the druid duel for the next half-hour even after the game concluded. Definitely not8.
8 Okay, fine, it was fucking incredible and you had to be there. Seriously, the look on our faces was nothing short of “dumbfoundmazement” and may eve have been one of the greatest D&D moments of our campaign.

Session Twelve - Seven Wishes

Cosmo has set off a trap in the room of Vecna and is being crushed to death

Klotonk blows his cosmic awareness to be aware of the event before it happens, arriving just as the trap springs. There’s a puff of dust, and then a pool of blood spreads out through the magical darkness….
feeps interacts with the Scepter of the King of Illium, which controls constructs, and attempts to interact with it. This works. The Scepter begins trying to slow the room down.
Maziel and Taelim try to manually pull the floor up.
Klotonk comes down and gets sucked into looking at the Scepter
Zan preps a movement to pull cosmo out
Cosmo heals. The spirit who healed him, that he took as his quest, is a bit concerned that he could die, so the spirit joins the rest of the party to tell them what’s going on in the other room
feeps snaps klontonk out it, who casts grease on the ground. Zan pulls klotonk out and the floor collapses

rest and resolution.
bunch of treasure, cyphers, spellbook, magic quarterstaff (zann)
letter in sylvan – klotonk puts 2 and 2 together and realizes that the Glaistig knows who maziel is and that he would be there…
Maziel comes clean and tells party that Glaistig killed King Vicerak (But not why)
werewolf is jammed into the trapped room, which the scepter controls now. Felix killed.

Party goes downstairs
Maziel sneaks in and is blinded
Zann walks in and sees the giant primordial snake that guards the orb

Presents party to the orb.
Snake says they’ve earned the right to get a boon from the orb, though they cannot take it with them. The orb represents Hope.

Feeps: (wants to to save the azure prince) break a charm as a song
Cosmo: (wants to not be so reckless) has a conscence as a talking german shepherd
Maziel: (wants to get rid of lloth) Maziel’s blade can Kill Lloth
Taelim: (wants to solve all her issues and rescue Illium ) can cast knock once a day, unless it’s plot, then nothing can hold her.
Zan: (wants to bring justice to Bargle) invisible to undead by default unless he attacks an undead
Klotonk: (wants to bring an end to the war between shadow and the fey) now has the true name of the Raven Queen and you knows a critical secret about Orcus
Mattias: becomes a Raven Knight

Party kills their prisoners, priest of vecna and the soldiers.

Party goes upstairs and frees the Azure Prince
Azure prince will teleport back to Illium
will pick Taelim up at a coastal town in 1-2 weeks to take her to Illium, party needs to clear the blight told the prince: dad’s dead, tell mother, I’m looking for the killer

Mattias and team fight their way to back to the gate and make it through. to Cursed Village.

Dunne’s body was abandoned back at the temple…

In the Raven Queen Sanctuary- Taelim unlocks the scroll case –
Azure Prince – legit heir, as is the woman that feeps knows. – Taelim’s druid dad, captured and held in Magaat
- Aleph

team to take extended rest.

Session Seven: Maestro's Mission: Gnasha the Sleepless Leader
Business in Stilt Town

Snake Man falls to the ground after jumping out a window. Erdan convinces Snake Man to become a humanoid. Xillali is unable to see if anyone of interest is paying close attention and flies to Maestro where she awaits her companion’s return. Vort and Naora follow Erdan and help interrogate Snake Man as Doki loots his room (details below).

Find out that Snake Man is alone in the town. He’s collecting information on various situations and relaying it to his betters. Upon further interrogation, the group finds out that there is a catacomb underneath the giant’s home where there is a Fire Druid (SUPER SERIOUS) that can open its unsealable door in three days time. If not stopped they can/will destroy what’s left of Stilt Town by unleashing a war machine. Erdan would like to see the war machine.

Vort goes off to pick up his shoes as Neora joins him. He wants to add snake fangs dipped in Snake Guy’s blood to his masterpiece. The tanner, devastatingly, said Vort can pick up his boots in the morning.

Maestro refuses to help destroy the fire druid as it is not worth his time. Recommends seeing Gnasha, provides the group with a pendant to attain immediate admittance for her audience. Maestro dismissive the group as a shake is felt throughout the tower, his hospitality no longer given.

The group wanders off to the destroyed Tavern where they sleep in the same room as that the snake man jumped out the window – at a discount – while snake man was left in Maestro’s dungeons. Doki paid in 500 copper pieces that she found in the very room they’re about to sleep in.

8 hours later, the group is well rested and head out to Gnasha’s where they are promptly informed they must wait an hour before being admitted. Naora is recognized by the orcs playing card games, she joins them and wins some games, looses others causing her to come out even. The orcs soon get bored and leave.

Deva the Diva appears demanding admittance before the group, as his quest involving the Purple Palace is more dire than our quest. He needs to speak to Gnasha in less than 20 minutes. Xillali persuades him to wait with us and let Gnasha choose who to see first. He also gives doki a cypher. (Vort mentioned something about a costco sale on cyphers recently).

Gnasha sees our group prior to the Deva, and is unwilling to help. Naora and Deva wait outside of Gnasha’s chambers with out saying much to each other. Gnasha’s help comes at a steep price. Xillali convinces Gnasha to help with the cause after explaining all the details. Gnasha hesitantly decides to provide a troop of Orcs, 8 additional Orcs whose main purpose to defend the shaman who will accompanying them. The shaman will only stay with the group for 2-3 days, upon the third day, she must return to Stilt Town. The use of the shaman will cost 500g pieces, which can be paid at a later date. Everyone will meet in 2 hours time on the northern most exit of the city.

Vort, Doki, Naora and Xillali head to where they think the black market is located as Erdan reads one of his books.
Naora sees a man that has seen many a death. Doki approaches him, shows him her spider necklace, he raises his eyebrows in appreciation. Together with Vort they follow him down a staircase where Doki trades her necklace for super serious armor. Later Xillali and Vort go to buy scrolls.

EDIT: Gnasha has been unable to sleep for the past few weeks. Erdan offers his help by casting a sleeping spell. She informs the group that has been tried already and that when she’s under the sleeping spell her sleep is restless. (Xavier hinted that it’s because she can’t stop dreaming. /EDIT

Loot/Treasures/Bought Items
Doki finds 2000 copper pieces, 100 Electrum, 130 gold pieces and three cyphers, uses 500 coppers to pay for room and board for a night.
Cluster bomb (acid) (Doki)
cat’s eye (Doki)
knowledge enhancer (cyphers/repairing stuff) (erdan)
Retalialation module (xillali)
magic chain mail +1 (protection against snakes) in exchange of spider necklace (Doki)
Magi Scroll in exchange for 100g (transaction still pending) (Xillali)

Session Eleven: Puzzles, Puzzles, Everywhere.

Script room (vecna) – it’s complicated, but the script on the wall is solved, and players have three unconscious captives – a wizard, and werewolf, and some grunt. Klontonk has some special glasses

Well Room (Raven Queen) – dogs manifested, zan read religion tome, found refernce to playing music to sooth the guardian dog, cosmo had a lute, and won the challenge – Raven queen statue obtained

Chain Room (orcus) – crazy undead sphinx challenge taelim and cosmo to riddle duel
cosmo solves, dunne sacrificed on a bad guess to the sphinx, he’s dead
klotonk gets whatever 1/4 of experience is for his level
zan has the orcus status

Darkness Room (Nerull)
zan went in realizes the ceiling is coming in on top of him, gets out. hears hissing sound
cosmo goes in, finds a glass tube goining from cieling to floor with a steady hissing sound, tries to turn it, then runs around it with rope and runs away.. breaks the glass, celing drops. Cosmo is at 2 hp, has a special healing award from the ghost quest, will use that and hopefully survive a few more turns – is currently taking crushing damage until dead


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