League of Xee

Session Eighty Eight (NBL) - Munari of the Ebon Wing
Dragons Yo

Klotonk figures out how to take the power gem.
Erdan can’t figure out how the gate works, it seems to work differently than he’s used to. It seems like he needs a specific knock spell to open the gate. It’s a gate that Erdan has never encountered before. He can figure out that it does not lead to the far realms .
Derek harvests the Beholder.
Xillali doesn’t’ really see anything. The storm is crackling pretty badly right now in the Storm Drouss.
Doki resists the temptation to grab the gem and run off with it.

As we travel we see a trees part way revealing a black ship. A giant orc jumps off.
He wants to trade. Sees the power gem, offers 7K gp for it.
Klotonk asks what would he would want a power gem for?
He smiles, looks at Doki and Xillali, smiling, for tomb of horrors, it needs more power. Big goblin boss asks for more power, so we want more power. The boss is named Sme, who Klotonk hates.

Klotonk wants to sell his blueprints. The Orc doesn’t know what to offer, so he wakens the drow on the ship. She recognizes us, we saved her in the storm drouss.

Sme left for medusalong. She can take Klotonk into Low Fort, but can’t take anyone else. She tells us that Low Fort is over crowded. The assumption is that the head Orc is dead or fled. So now the Drow are in charge of Low Fort. She’s headed south to do trading. Yarow is the name of the drow.
If we kill the Black Dragon, bring it’s head to low fort, they’ll lower the reward on your head and give you a reward instead.
They give us a ride to the edge of Storm Drouss. We cannot make the center of the storm drouss by night fall.

In the morning, we noticed that doki aged another 30 years. Again.
We see a clearing ahead, Bahamuts temple seems to have been collapsed upon itself. In front of this temple there is a cairn, it’s a mound of stone. Someone has stuck a large shield. The shield itself is a sign of Tiamat.

The same place that the cairn is located is where the dead body was located.
Xilalli summons an earth elemental, and changes into an earth elemental. She’s trying to get to the center of the temple to get to the lair of the black dragon.

Klotonk wants to re-animate the skeleton, Dimitri convinces him it’s a bad idea.
Xialli and Earth Elemental take stairs all the way down.
It looks like something has pretty much collapsed the entire area.
How did you die?
“My ring didn’t work. It was supposed to help me”
Notice the corpse was pretty charred.
Where is Tiamat’s power strongest in this area?
“You should Seek Munari of the Ebone Wing”
What do you know about the Black Dragon Mask
“Investigating rumor that Munari has it”
Who else was on the trail of the mask?
“Timony the Illuminated, Knife and Dagger (inculaban)”
Timony is low level Tiamant cultist, he’s interested in books/knowledge. He has an eye that moves around.
How were you planning to get your hands on the mask when you found it?
“Just needed to confirm it was here”
What information did you gather about the mask
“Many rumours abound about the mask and their locations. Tracking rumour that black dragon mask was being held in A temple of bahamut, but there are no active bahamut temples. So he went to check old bahamut temples that are no longer maintained. He thought it was odd, that Munari’s lair was so close to the temple, and she’s a black dragon so I came to investigate.”

Party heads towards Munari’s fort. There are no longer any more trees in this area. See a cave mouth, sitting in front of the cave mouth is a table and a woman in a nice black flowy robes, she’s sitting at the table. In Front of her is a Tiamat Knight minding his own business. There is a reptilian shaman guy in rags.

She immediately looks over at Xilllali, “princess”
She walks over with a limp.
“I am cross with you. What did you do to my trees?”
“How did bayaga’s daughter wind up here?”
“From someone who keeps asking all these questions, you seem to know all the answers” snips Klotonk
“That’s very smart of you, I know who you are”
“I know how you’ll make it up for me, maybe a month of your time”

She holds up small bag, she throws out a little animal. Boris falls dead. They cursed her bag of tricks.

The knight in the back laughs so hard, he shoots acid out of his hand. Timony will be here soon, with a lesser princess.
“What do you know about the floating island of Mecalin”
“Why do you ask that question? Any information I may have will be outdated”
“Primus is living right there, is there anything you plan to do about it?”
“That’s above your paygrade. Xilalli, I’m running out of patience”
Xilalli agrees to get drained in a day, not on a month.

Laser Cannon
Power Gem
Beholder junk
Derek trades beholder junk and vampire blood for 2 drops of dragon blood.

Session Eighty Seven (NBL) - Beholder

Klotonk walks up the steps and sees runes that match the runes in the black tower.
Naora talks to the door, it responds in deep speech, asking for a password. Klotonk responds in deep speech, incorrectly giving the wrong password. Naora is attacked, shoot upwards towards the sky. Erdan tries to help Naora with his wand of birds. It shoots web. Completely confusing Erdan.
Klotonk tries again opening the door, fails and triggers the second trap. Naora opens the door and ruins the door mechanism in the process. All the torches light up.
In the center of the room is a floating sphere. It looks natural, it’s glowing and spinning. Erdan guesses that it’s similar to a Calibri power socket.
Klotonk can tell how to take the power source out. He also uncovers a spinning secret door.
There are 3 rows of 4 golems each in the room past the secret door. The runes on the statues is the same type of form and model as the other one found near the wight room.
Klotonk is able to control one of them, it follows him around the room but won’t go outside with him. He finds out that the last time the golem was operated was over 800 years ago (caribi war).

As Derek opens the door, it falls from the hinges. It looks like a military arm room. There are scatter bits and pieces of drow all along the room. Derek finds out that it was attacked by something really large with very large teeth. He notices that there are really clean shoes. He goes to investigate and the shoes disappear exposing bare feet.
All but one of the bodies on the ground is covered in magic. All that reminds is the lower half of a body that is cleanly cut. Upper body is completely gone, there is no blood. Open up a locker room. In two of them there are two old laser cannons. They could be servisible.

Take both laser cannons to the room with the power stone. There is no response from the shard. Klotonk touches the torch, gets faerie fire on him. He manages to get a small receiver. We all leave him there and continue exploring the rest of the building. Go down path, see that all the torches are light except for the last two. Erdan sends his weasel, it disappears. Derek goes in the room, encounters a Beholder and his ice bite loses power.
Fight commences. Naora fell down, Klotonk runs towards us as the beholder dies.

Session Seventy (TMA) The Lady of the Mountain


Party 8 hour rests after fight

Statues of: sehanine (lodestone), Aurashnee/Lloth (obsidian), correleon lorethian (opal)

Party takes a while and opens a door into upper levels

Finds a room with a floating scimitar by the name of Ghost – casts identify, it disappears

Find empty room (sehanine room) and open a passage

go into last room and find a wolf that’s been overtaken by fungus
Manage to talk their way out of a fight with it by promising to free it from Z’s grasp – it leaves

Go into final passage and get bugs and put them into order around a gate, water rushes down and they wind up back in the ooze room.

Meet the lady of the mountain

Hundreds of myconids all breathing
There is a raised dias or platform and the skeleton of some long dead titan “A failsafe, forged by several races”

I am the lost lady

I want you, dagon to take the horn to high peak and blow it – you’ll know the right time. I’m confident that you are the one.

Why am i involved? He threatens my ancestral home, the bleed. My own goals cannot proceed until primus is removed. And I never liked lack of free will. The asmiba will choose death before we bow to a unworthy king.

Party leaves, goes to the mountains since Dylan and D’ragh are captured.

get contacted by other party at this point

go up the mountain and see all the badness – trapped in time bubble.

Session Eighty Six (NBL) - A Burning Sensation

The turtle cannot take us the whole way, so we part ways then head up the hill.
At the entrance of the valley, Erdan and Xillali are preparing for the spell. It’ll take four hours to complete.
Derek finds unknown plants, a plant attacks him. As the plant the retreats, Derek can see that the plant is growing from a mukmuk carcass. Derek was able to harvest a dead bulb from the plant, but it doesn’t have any special properties. He tosses the bulb down to the ground.
Derek tells Doki, she recalls about the MukMuk and their tattoos. Doki wants to go back and get the bodies of the dead to see if she can return the bodies back to their clan.
Doki Derek and Klotonk come up with a plan to retrieve the base of the plant and the body. Derek goes back in. He starts attacking the plants on the body. Out of nowhere, tendrils burst out of the ground around him. They attack. Derek loses two points of Intelligence, and stays completely in place. He loses another point of Intelligence. Doki jumps in, and then dimension doors him out. Derek starts walking back towards the plant, as if charmed. Klotonk dispels magic.

Dimitri sulks, staring off into the distance, grumpy.

The yellow fog is dispurses once the spell ends.
On the left there are Cabiri ruins, on the left there are really decrepit ruins, on the very back there is a pyramid. Klotonk recognizes the pyramid and wants to book it. SUPER NOPE. He wants to leave.
We head into the karabi ruins. There is a broken eye that we destroy. As we near it, there is a sygale that appears on the drow. It looks like drow. There is an explosion. A 30 foot of fire that hits everyone.
We see a 30×30 room, across away from us, on the back wall there is a statue of the karibi plated in solid gold. Across the room there is a bunch of random pile of stones. Dimitri finds a Magic Ring, useless sword that he don’t tosses back, a old and rusted pole. Derek mends it.
There are stairs that go down on both the left and the right, Derek is unable to find any traps.
Gold statue radiates very STRONGLY of Karibi Magic. Klotonk gets super close to the statue.
He soon realizes that it’s probably a golem, not a statue. Klotonk does not recognize the style, it looks vaguely Giant size. It’s super unharmed, new looking.

Erdan throws a rock at it. Eyes open, they’re two glowing gems. Everyone is caught in his gaze, Doki and Derek cannot move. Derek shoots at him, the arrow bounces off the Golem. Klotonk is restrained. Dimitri gets haste from Erdan, and the golem is completely destroyed.
“Are you alright?” – Dimitri
“My soul is broken” – Klotonk
Doki picks up gold encrusted rock remains from the Golem
Go downstairs and face the wights wall. There is a giant slowly withering plant in a corner. Klotonk approaches, the plant raises and looks up.

Wall is water damaged. The plant could be bigger than it actually is. A couple little tentacles start sneaking out of the plants.
Erdan is looting the library. He spends a few minutes looking for something useful. He pulls a slim folio that looks untouched. Then all of a sudden he sees red runes in drow. Giant Explosion in the middle of the library. The wall is on fire.

The pages are crisp, but the binding of the folio is undamaged.
Plant is burnt and dead.
Near the end of our rest, we hear an incomprehensible voice.
“Got to look, got to see, see and see, look and look, I can smell, I can see, go to hell” the voice completely in front of the portal. There is no visible person, just a voice.
“Nothing there here, but there is fire” it goes back up the stairs, “no the drow, no the drow”
He goes back downstairs to check on it, it believes nothing is here and then goes back upstairs.
The likest suspect would be a gibbering mouther, a nothic, a flumph, or a beholder.
See a 60×40ft vault, at the end of the vault is a circulinder wall. Adorned is a wight with a crown, carved around the wall are elemental sigel which say “Seal. Death. Danger.” 4 main support pillars that are keeping the ceiling up. On the vault door, the whigh is holding two daggers, which are Dimitri recognizes as Ice Bite. The crown is unknown to Dimitri, but at the top of the crown is a worn it looks like a drawish rune that reads “king”.

Klotonk knows that the dwarfs are well renowned for making necromantic weapons.
There is a chapel with the Wights fighting the Drow.

Magic Ring (Dimitri) Ring of Resistance Magic Force Damage, it is a sapphire ring.
Rusted Pole (Xillali)
Useless Sword (Thrown away)
Undestroyed Folio Binding
Chunks of plated gold (Doki)

Session Eighty Five (NBL) - I Wish I Could Fly

Klotonk subconsciously starts drawing circles. No one really understands why. It may be related to the Fire Giant Amulet.
Erdan was able to read about the Karibi. They no longer exist, they are descended from giants. One of the precursors of the karibi are these giants that had technological advancements. They’re symbol was a circular gear. Once Klotonk thinks about the gears and giants, he recalls meeting giants with the gear amulets.
We arrive to the area where the shadow thread area is completely bare. It looks like the area was cleared, then it was There are some MukMuk tracks. Follow tracks, Hear a rumble. Derek and Doki go to investigate. See a giant turtle carrying the town. They stop when the see Erdan.
We get on the turtle, the MokMoks take us to Dimitri the Miracle Worker.
At the middle of the tower, there is Viscera Tower. There is a 5 story tall spire tower. We are lead into a larger hall where there are several people discussing thing. Dimitri, Nym, and a medusa are there. No signs of Sierra.
They found and restored the giant turtle. The turtle is undead.
Klotonk immediately asks about the tower in the first moment of silence. Meanwhile Doki heads off to say hi to Sierra and asses her magical powers.
A guy by the name of Magus of Myth, he showed up and moved the tower to the turtle so they could easily defend it. There is a creature defending the tower so no one can literally enter the tower.
When Doki shows up, Sierra sees a closed for good sign in front of her business. After a while, Sierra starts reacting negatively to Doki. “You didn’t join the nasty flying man with the spinning eye, did you?” She asks cautiously.
“I am walking example of where adventures take you.” Doki replies
Sierra doesn’t believe Doki. She looks over at her. “I like you Doki, but you shouldn’t be like flying man.”
“I won’t be like flying man, but sometimes you have to choose something other than death” and she walks away.
Meanwhile Derek wants to learn how to make fire sausage. He goes to the main chef, and the chef challenges him.
Klotonk figures out that the Magus of Myth left to the north to check on his wife.
Xillali goes to visits, Old Wort Nose, she goes to help people who have been wounded by Drow.
Klotock and Dimitri find a giant magical sword. It starts to glow, grow, and elongate. A form of a woman appears. She is green, with feathers. “Neither of you are welcome here”. Dimitri and the Coatl go at it with words. They decide that they are going to duel the next day.
Before the night is out Erdan goes and gives her a green feather that we found beforehand. He gets a lot of XP. The Coatl thanks Erdan. We have dinner with the higher political figures. They tell us how they had to be on the move because it was no longer safe to live in the village.
Dimitri goes back the next morning to challenge her. She has cleared out an area to fight. Says that they can only fight as equals and dispels magic.
Dimitri turns into a dragon. We see Tiamat tattoos all over his body. Dimitri shoots thunder savagely, releasing his wings, then he falls back down, into a dragonborn once again. He’s dismayed, naked, and broken.

6 100g Diamonds for spells (5 Erdan, 1 Doki)

Session Eighty Four (NBL) - Unfinished Business

At the stomp when a Gnome joins us.
Xillali notices something peaking on them. Looks over and only sees an eye staring at them.
Dimitri takes first shift.
Rustling in the leaves, Something flew over us, everything is completely dark and then everything goes white again. See for of MASSIVE Dragon Flying towards the left. Color Unknown. It was headed towards the lightning caves.

They way it was flying, it looked it had a rider. It was a black dragon based on the silhouette.

Continue journey, we come upon the great lake In the middle of the lake is the fire dragon.
There are two black statues. Next to one of the statues is a cloud GIANT meditating. There are four Fire Elemental guards.
The Air Elemental is ready to attack.

This area is sacred to the fire giants, we’re making purification rituals.
To pass, you must make an appropriate offering. Like incense and gold.
Derek offers them Sbasil (space basil), they grudgingly accept, we move onward.

Doki believes in herself and touches the door. THe door turns WHITE, then completely BLACK and splits in half. The door is broken.
There is something breathing heavily in the darkness.

There is a vast room/vault, inside we see a titan that is 3 or 4 times BIGGER than the storm giant upstairs. There are massive chains holding it down. It’s currently sleeping.

“I will wake when the horn is sounded” is engraved on walls. There is obviously a lot of power here to keep the titan in place.
ON the base of the wall, there is a basin/fountain with fresh water in it.
There are words in kabiri in the fresh water that appear when the water is touched.
“Guess what I contain”

Keep exploring, and gather plants. Collect fire plants and bushels of FeverFew
The mound itself, there is a metalic/rustic thing under it.
Large remainder of karaibi mech. Electronics are rustic, the frame held, but a lot of it is broken/damaged. Core pieces are long gone.

3 Fire Plants
8 bushels of FeverFew
2 bushes of FeverFew

Session Eighty Three (NBL) - Helmed Horrors

Doki – gets two cards – Jester and Star
Erdan – turns tower into insta fortress
Xilalli – Ioun Stone +1 to AC, however, it’s visible
Dimitri – Level Maul, now officially Maul of the Giants
Naora – Armor of the Stone Giant
Derek – Ice Bite Dagger

Yellow fog, dwarfs in the north, find thief’s that stole stuff from vault. Just no more money. STILL ANGRY.

Half the population remains in Stilt Town
Zee is unhappy that his father is alive. “I know that I’ve asked a lot of you already, but this guy being free in the world is not a good thing. He’s not my father and he needs to die.”
He will go to Hestavar to learn more about Vampires
Derek has bullet armor that he sells to Doki, sets up his establishment
Doki and Xillali recover artifacts from the vault
Doki gives them the lute and becomes a Journeyman of the Bard’s Guild.

Icebite" Silver Dagger +1
If you say the name “Icebite” in common, then the Dagger shines with a cool blue light in 10’. If you concentrate, it shines with a brillant blue light in 25’
Once per day, after you hit, you may activate Icebite wordlessly. It will “explode” with a necromantic aura and deal an additional 2d6 Necromantic Damage. If you roll box cars, you may roll an additional 2d6 damage
“Psionic training”
+1 bonus on saving throw to mental attacks.
You can burn this bonus to get an extra saving throw to resist a mental attack

Session Eighty One (NBL) - Helmed Horrors

Fight Time

Attacking the knights makes them bigger, duplicate or make spheres.
When blue knight dies, Derek notices that there is a man dressed in blue.
Immune to dispel magic, shatter, and fireball.

As they are defeated they sit at the table. On the table, written in vampire “Sit disciple and gain the mantle of the chaos knight.” There are three empty seats.

Doki sits, a spell enters Doki’s mind. She can mutter words for “knock”. She understand it opens the door.
Naora sits down, and she starts to feel itchy. She suddenly feels very hungry. Doki looks delicious.

Session Eighty Two (NBL) - Heart of the Primordial
Complete all the quests

(Naora is not a vampire, she just has a curse)

Doki casts knock on the door. Its opens.
Inside the room there is a giant beating pulsing mass. Inside that there seems to be a gem that;s burning brightly. It’s attached tot he floor by veins. There are two vampires hanging off the heart. Around it, there is a multitude of vampire bodies littered over the floor. The Pulsating Mass does not react to our entrance.

Dimitri hears a voice in his mind. “You’re addressing the wrong individual”

We seek the heart, he replies.

“Then you have found it”

Of what nature is your power?

“The remainder of the black heart of a fallen primordial. This is where I was placed. The elf has done nothing to impress me, tell me why I should give you any information.”

We tell it our mission, “I can come willingly. HOWEVER, you murdered one of my chaos priest, and destroyed my home. You owe me two souls in exchange. I suppose I could accept a trade. I would accept cards. Vecknite has one” he mentions Doki, she greedily grabs her card.
We come to a compromise, that doesn’t require giving up the cards.

We continue to explore, on the floor we see rib like structures. The entire room is covered in the rib like material. 5 ft from the center, there seems to be a skull. The Bone Naga wants the Unseli gone.

We learn that the Dwarf is the KING , his surname is also Zee. He came to the heart looking for power.

The heart leaves with us willingly, the vampires detach from it. A vampire says to give him a card, the other vampire will carry it. He puts the heart in a pouch.
The place stopped bleeding.

We then give unseli blood to the Naga, who in exchange gives us a rib. At any time we need to teleport to Orcus’ Black Tower we can with this Magical Word. It will take us straight to the citidal, bypassing all obstacles. The Naga also gives us 6 tokens, looks like 6 skulls.

We return the monk’s book. In return we get mystic rewards. We sign the book indicating that we are the very first to leave the monastery. Rest and Level UP!

We head back to Hestavar, deliver the heart to the inculaba, get super rewards.


We are invited to the Lattice Ceremony, there are a verity of famous people and gods. Arathis is there personally (she looks like Athena). Palor and Iuoun are also there. Erdan talks to her about libraries. He totally fan boys.
Naora talks to Arathis about Religion.
Squib and the rest of the ship guys are all there.

Arathis gives a big speech. All three gods get together and work on fixing stuff, finally they add the heart. There’s something on the ground with legs, completing the final creation.
Rainbow bridges are all complete, everything grows back together. The four legged creature stands up, held by chains. There is a TERRASQUE. Aratheis asks’ Ioun to cast the final spell and the Terrasque is transported. People start appearing, as they recently died. The Terrasque was sent to Calandurin.

Session Sixty Nine (TMA ) Umber Hulk Attack


Went down and left after the after the ooze

abandoned thing – a decrepit statue -

went down the left way path – found a shell of a chain worm

Attacked by Umber Hulks h2. Your title here…


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