League of Xee

Session Seventy Three (TMA): Radiant Blade of Truth

TMA threads

Illium plots
The Orcus Tower – need OC Rib
The Good Dragons (Call A Friend – Phoning in favor – Please Come, we may need you)
Primus – Krow is the envoy for fey agents
Dad’s Tower – Druid (via plant walk
Magaat/Baron Bael Slith

(((Maziel gets slipped a note from the Unseelie saying certain parties were VERY impressed by her team – they would be happy to hire her or any of her compatriots to escort the diplomatic mission to Asimba. Sounds like the ambassador is gonna be Krow the Troll.))

Dagon Had a Riding Lizard with Barding (33 HP)

Taelim told Noara to take out Tiamat

Cosmo Would have been running around the arena juggling and pickpocket

Cosmo robbed people got treasure but it mostly disappeared.

Mug goaded Klotonk into the fight

Split for everyone was 100GP
Big renown bonus

Tailem is ready to go home to illium

Morgan Battlehammer gives you an address for Dagon to find him in Medusalon


Can we send messages with OC – Sending
Hire Derek YES

Next Steps:
Acquire the Rib
Derek – Recipes
Dmitri – Magic Item
Erdan – Books

Xillali – (pile of money) – dagger with deep speech scribed on it
Doki – Arm (Snee)
Naora -

Rib transfers to TMA

Tailem – Calling in the dragon favor (stand by)

Klotonk – Might be a good time to take down Orcus (depending on the diff)

Back to Illium
Transport through plants Village – Dad’s tower
Rib to Orcus Tower
Ilium to Krow
Krow Departs to head north

Klotonk – to mages Guild
Slotted Klotonks – Have a lab – they are make something
Taelim – Court
Yaup and Cosmo go to the Lord Temple

Research (magic power) Zggutmoy’s Spores have been picked up and analyzed – it’s causing a big ruckus – several high ranking mages have been corrupted and quarantined

Klotonk goes in mages guild
COSMO and Yaup is inside

Palace intrigue – Thri-kreen Envoys from the far east are causing a huge stir – they want to meet with the famous Taelim – Their Eating habits are causing a lot of concern, they like their prey live – they consider cats a delicacy

Tailem takes Lysandra and Feeps
Recruits Derek

Thri – Kreen wants recipe books from dad’s tower for training people in Psionics

Displacer Beasts are thri-kreen pets

Tailem earned Azure Prince points by rescuing Fluffy

Yaup, Klotonk and Cosmo managed to deal with the Yellow Spores – Zyguttmoy
Show Fungi and Demon Lord Books

Wizards guild owes Klotonka favor
Gives Klotonk five 1st – Wizard 2nd for his lab

Dagon Wakes up a with a Pig covered in lipstick
It is now your pet
Chunk The Pig
It’s a chunk of chunk
Especially on a Sandwich

Transport yourself to the Sump

Teleport to the turtle village
Find the village

Tries to kill tailem

Doesnt work. The blade is now Tailems

Session Ninety One (NBL) - Goblin Market - Year 2

Mug picks us all up.
Dimitri fights in the 50g slot for the Tourney. However, he messes up and signs up for the 1000g instead. He wins his first fight, barely. His second fight is against a ware-boar.

Erdan, Doki, and Derek are going SHOPPING
Erdan finds a halfling family who sport a an Ioun medallion. He talks to them, they offer him. List is sent as a private chat.

Doki and Derek have a tail that they easily leave behind.
They travel to the flesh market.
In one shop, Doki inquires inside. She gets offered an Adoptive. She refuses it. Instead she gets a Pony.
Erdan exchanges scrolls for some pretty cool stuff.
Derek finds a seller where he buys poison stuff. The seller tells him that Derek’s being watched because of his black mark.
Dimitiri BARELY wins. He gets 2K. (IT WAS A LIE, he got second place)

Erdan is looking for Timony (such a HORRIBLE idea). He sees a man come out of a room wearing dark clothing wearing a hat. He’s carrying a wide variety of scrolls. Erdan catches up with him, and accompanies him to keep his wares safe.
Odd gives the scrolls to the bookseller.

Dimitri spoofs up his Javalin.

Doki needs to complete a quest to get a singing book, that when opened, it will give the listener knowledge of something or make them horribly insane.
Derek buys a book for 101 uses for dragonblood and another book on asimba mountains recipe.

Session Seventy Two (TMA) - Goblin Market - Year 2
Maziel is involved with some shady people

Taelim has Klotonk cast identify on the collar so she can learn the password. They can re-set the password to anything they want.
A purple cat comes up to the group, they get super excited. Goblin market happens every blue moon. It’s run by the unseeli, it’s a neutral ground.
We walk to a run down restaurant, obviously overdressed. We have to cross through nooks and crannies and finally under a small passageway. The air changes, and suddenly we’re in the Goblin Market.

Dagon is going shopping
Maziel and Xillali are going to sign up for the Grand Melee and then talk to the Fey Court.
Klotonk is going shopping, while also talking about food.
Taelem shows up the fate
“Ahh, the princess, just as predicted, so you wish to change your fate?”
“The good news is that you won’t have to pay for it with material goods. The bad news is that the Vampire Leader Balon Slith of the Roth in the South. He has offered a truce. He came to us first, you see.”

Mug reappeared and Klotonk and Mug are consulting on the Astral Flea Market.
Dagon is in search of the pet/mount in the Bazaar.
Cosmo is looking for a bow.

Fey Court, there’s the usual group of all the courts. Maziel is going to the Unseeli then Winter Court, and Xilalli is going the Summer and Green Court.

Maziel tries to find the Unseeli, she has casual conversation about the weather, she gets the code that someone is going to find her. After a while, a rather familiar form, everyone is giving it a wide form. It’s the same NightMare arrives, she recognizes it from Medusalon. . “Well there’s no point in being subtle, hop on.”
She does.

Xillali looks around for quests in the Summer court, she walks with her hair changing colors, her python staff is out and sliding, and her Ioun Stone and Knight Hood are shimmering as much as possible. She talks to all the princesses exchanging stories. Captain Vanness shows up, she’s a war mage. She’s very well renowned. There is a quest in Solstice. There is some discussion about the Fey to go back to that place. They heard that there is a red dragon and giants there.
There are rumours to fund an expedition to clean up.

Callenduran is all the rage, there is a Tarrasque there there. They’re asking everyone to evacuate. They continue to raid the demons, and will pay a heavy sum to anyone to help with the demon problem.

People go to Ravenloft and don’t come back.

Dagon is searching for his old cellmate, as he wanders around he realizes he’s followed. Who ever he is a giant fellow, his arm seems to be scaled. He runs into a slave owner, who happens to be his friend, Moregin Battle-Armour.

Klotonk finds a shady elf who deals with buying and selling books. On the other side there are fearies that no one is dealing with.
- The first thing he gets to buy is cake. It’ll make him smaller and weaker, but it will give you speed. (permanent)
- Second item is a pill bug, this one you want to be careful with. If you put it into any skin that’s not fae, it will burrow in and kill it. You have to put it against warm skin.
We can guarantee it will work on humanoid creatures made of flesh.
- The third item is dream powder. Best stuff, best dream powder you’ve ever had. So useful you can see into the past. As far back as you want to go, man.
- Fourth item Beetle Paste, it’s the best stuff EVER. I’m wearing it right now. It helps you get the ladies. Helps you get better deals.
That’s the MINOR stuff
In exchange, we’ll borrow a memory of a spell, we’ll give it back. Beetle Paste is level 1, everything else is level 3 spells.

Tealim wants to buff up her armour, it’ll cost up to 800g. It will also come with an extra ability. It’s a +1 and fighter ability action surge, once per long rest. She buys it.

Captain Vanness and Xillali walk around, looking for a person to give the Solsitice quest, we meet the former ambassador of Illium. Krow the Troll. “It’s a long term job with decent money, If you have clear out an area of Solstice of monsters. You can go to an encampment to collect your reward. There are different zones of difficulty.”
500g a head
800g a head
1100g a head
Killing the dragon is a huge purse.
The Troll says he’s a BIG fan and shows me a Xillali doll. It changes hair color. He’s trying to collect the whole set. They sell the dolls at the Bazaar.

As she leaves the Summer Court, she sees a familiar face. It’s Sundarr. Much excite!!

Maziel rides the NightMare. She reaches a secluded section of the Goblin Market. Everyone is wearing a mask, so she puts on her Fox Mask.
Maziel asks for the name of the NightMare, it replies that she may call him Mitus. A spokesperson appears to greet her, Maziel gets invited to participate in the conference. There is a group of individuals all wearing masks waiting for the undeclared leader. Maziel recognizes LySandra she mentions that Maziel may sit next to her.
“There’s been a disturbance, stilt town didn’t go as planned. The vampire are unhappy with us after a storage room got destroyed (the primordial heart). We also heard rumours of a vampire named Zee. I’m surprised you didn’t know, he was an ally of the Drow and the contact with a Drow.”
The non-vampire Zee is Prince. There is a former King, Zee.
“You can reach out to King Zee and see if he will ally himself with the Unseeli court.”
Before Maziel can answer, the leader walks in and commences the meeting. The good chunk of the conversation deals with the fae wilds fight. They would have prefered to have the fae wilds lose instead. There is now a bunch of leaderless orcus forces. They’re recruiting leaders to take command of the forces and defend Roth, however Vampire Leader Balon Slith is attempting to make a truce deal with Illium. Finally one of the members of the group has a sad tale, he is in search of a black dragon mask. However, he was foiled in this quest by a group known as Ornamental Chaos and Former Princess Taelim. His current mission is to find the black dragon mask. He’s headed towards Ravenloft, he’s not worried about Taelim, but Ornamental Chaos needs to be taken care of.
Maziel stands up, she mentions that there is unrest in the North with Primus commanding the Drow. The group starts murmuring. A wise person says that he’s probably looking for the Crown of Command. A couple people lose their shit, discussing that it’s a myth, and a lie, Primus and the crown are not real. All Maziel suggests is to find representatives to verify the truth of her finding. There a lot of people who are violently opposed. There is a vote, the council agrees to send a messenger.
(OCC: as TMA listens to all of this for the first time they realize that MAZIEL IS A BACKSTABBING ASSHOLE + BITCH = UBER ASSHOLE BITCH)
Maziel talks to LySandra and asks her to be her contact of the result of the Primus search by the Unseeli Court.)

Xillali talks to Sundarr, he says that Narishe is looking for mercenaries to help come out. She’s going to make it worth people’s whiles. He doesn’t know if the contact is here, it’s a dead plane so there’s no teleport there. You have to take a ship there.

As written on Skype
Dagon is offered a Komodo Dragon as a potential mount
+ Exotic Military Saddle and barding for 1600 GP and 60 GP for the saddle
Without barding, 500 GP
“So what do you want, a reacharound?”
shows off the icebite hands for the djinn
“He’s not for sale”
Dagon gets a cheap Komodo Dragon named Teddy
“I have a dog a cat and a komodo dragon to give belly rubs to. My life is complete” – Taelim
Dagon gets a Venerial Disease and essentially becomes MODOK
Huge head with arms and legs
Taelim joins the Unseelie Court (against her will)

Kord's Kommandments

Kord’s Kommandments
1. Always pump iron.
2. Eat of the meats and the eggs, but eat not of the breads
3. Let nothing interrupt thy long rest.
4. Bros before hos (Brethen before Wenches)
5. Curl not in thy neighbor’s squat rack.
6. Honor Leg Day and keep it holy.

As per Dylan/Yaup
1. Always be lifting.
2. Eat of the meats and of the eggs, but eat not of the carbs.
3. Let nothing interrupt thy long rest.
4. Curl not in thy neighbor’s squat rack.
5. Honor Leg Day and keep it holy.
6. Brethren before heathens.

Session Ninety (NBL) Part 2 - Summary of the Sump Adventures

Things went a little weird for Ornamental Chaos for a while. They were there when Drow raiders used Earth Ships that could slip through the Sump with magic to raid various villages, and their goal was Stilt Town. After the party saved a Muk Muk tribe from a Drow assault squad, they headed Northwest to the Storm Dross to enlist the aid of a Black Dragon to help in the fight. They convinced the dragon, Munari of the Ebon Wing, to get involved in the fight, and then called a favor in to summon the Glaistig, who animated the trees around Munari’s Lair and sent them south to harry the Drow. On their way home, however, the odd effects of the lightning storm in the Dross interacted with Noara’s magic Torch, Kurasi, and wound up sucking their earth ship into the Astral Plane.

A lot of stuff happened in the astral plane, so we’ll go with the relevant summary:

The team went to several planar motes. On Kallenduren, a snowy, abandoned city mote, they were opposed by Vecnites, Demons, and a White Dragon, who were after or had cards from the Deck of Many things. They were joined by Derek, a Halfling Assassin, and Dmitri, a wandering Eldritch Knight with a terrible curse from Tiamat herself. On their departure from Kallenduren, Derek killed the White Dragon, Voija, by poisoning her food.

The team went on to a couple other places, and eventually ran afoul of more Vecnites who hired them to do a job for Erathis. This took them to more planes and more mysteries. On a strange mote not on any maps, they found an oasis temple guarded by blue dragon monks who had an ancient Blue Dragon Mask that could control blue dragons, and when merged with four others, could summon Tiamat herself. The team also heard of a forge in the Abyss that could be lit with the power of a Kurasi flame, and then used to destroy the mask.

In the Shadowfell, the team went into the living heart of a defeated primordial that served as a way station and “library” for various vampires clans, who aspired to merge with it. They managed to negotiate a piece of the heart’s power for themselves and took it back with them. They also learned about the mysterious vampire lord, Xee, and some other locations of cards from the Deck of Many Things

Finally, after collecting all the various treasures and took them back to the Vecnites for a magical reward. Erathis then took the treasures they had gathered and used to them to resurrect a mythical monster, the Terrasque.

After staying in Stilt Town and helping to restore it a bit, the team decided to tie up some loose ends in the Sump. At the Fire Island (Sacred to Giants), they met some Fire Giants and Klotonk noticed they had the same odd clockwork symbols as the Giants down in Solstice, but they weren’t with a wizard, they were with a Cloud Giant of some kind, who was meditating.

Under the Fire Temple they found a Sleeping Giant. They also found survivors from Stilt Town, who had set up shop on the back of a giant turtle. The found that the Magus of Myth had transferred Viceak’s black stone tower to the back of the turtle and set a Coatl to guard it.

They went into the valley of yellow fog and returned to a door that led to some kind of Wight graveyard, and was linked to the Asimba Clan dwarves. Doki ventured inside and was cursed with aging.

The team went to a giant ziggurat that was topped with a portal, but they couldn’t figure out how to open it. It was guarded by a Beholder which they easily dispatched.

Finally, they decided to follow clues that lead them to think that Munari might know the location of the black dragon mask. Munari was there, and hired them to protect her from a double cross from another dragon, Shimmerlee and a wizard that the group had tangled with on Kallenduren: Timony. Timony turned out to be powerful, and had captured Tailem with one of Viceak’s collars. But it was Noara who accidently started a fight, since Timony knew that a halfling had killed Voija back on Kallenduren, and mistook Derek for her.

A massive fight broke out, but the party prevailed, killing a dragon and a shaman ally, and forcing Timony and Shimmerlee to flee.

Munari joined the party then, and went with them back to Illium. She recruited the party to destroy the black dragon mask in return for all the information she had on the locations for the others. In addition, she’ll help Tailem equip her army with dragonscale armor.

The Red mask was in the South in Solstice, in a Temple of Tiamat and guarded by a red dragon – Someone ran off with the Mask
Blue one at at an oasis defended by an ancient order in Shom ( team knows this location)
White one lost to a demon lord of ice who rules in Kallendurren
Green one at a dragon hatchery near a city called medusalon -ancient and old powers there
Black one is in the most dangerous place of all. An ancient black dragon was bound to servitude by the current black dragon mask, in the remains of a Domain of Dread. The Domain was once powerful bastion for good, but has long since been corrupted and was drawn into the Shadowfell. It’s known by many names, but it’s currently spoken of, in hushed whispers, as Ravenloft.

Session Ninety (NBL) - Save the Princess
The other one, the less important one

Derek crits on the dragon and dies. Shimmerlee is pissed and causes fear on EVERYONE.
Well, mostly everyone.

FEAR – disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks, while source of fear is within sight.
Cannot move closer to source of fear.
Dragon flies towards Derek and screams “YOU!”
Taelim uses a spell and unlocks the choker, then runs away. The wizard is SHOCKED that she took off the choker.
Doki makes the dragon DANCE.
See a big Orange glow around the wizard. He says “Is this manageable?”
Shimmerlee, “Forget the princess, help me kill the assassin” he replies back in draconic.
Derek hears buzzing – Dimitri realizes that Munari called plague.
Wizard stares at Taelim, “this is not over” and leaves.

Shimmerlee flies away, bloodied. Munari comes back and attacks the water elemental.
She turns towards us, and says, we need to leave. FAST.
Munari is frantic. She mutters an incantation to the tree, she runs with the pool room.
She casts the teleport circle, there are only some places that can be considered safe, but she promises us to keep us safe. Klotonk teleports us all to Illium.

First of all, you made serious enemies. I have information that I’m willing to give you, I only want to talk to Klotonk, Taelem, Naora, and Xillali.
Munari deals with potions and ingredients.
She has a request for us. She doesn’t trust Dimitri or Doki to complete this quest.
Dimitri wants to know where the black dragon mask. I have a bit of information on where the black dragon mask, as long as you promise to destroy them.
Klotonk asks for help against Primus. She got the information from her flying books. Her books disappeared. Around the time that the drow raided the Dragon Lair.
Munari is to figure out how to destroy the Masks.

Dimitri and Munari agree that Dimitri will not use the mask on Munari.

Possessor of any mask, has protection of that dragon color.
If you combine all 5 of them, you summon Tiamat into the material plane.
You have a time limit on the black mask, she told the information.
Red Dragon Mask – Solstice, in the south by a volcano, guarded by a mage (not timony) and
Blue Dragon Mask – Oasis in a land called sham.
Black Dragon Mask – Most dangerous place of all, ancient black dragon, guarded forever, in Ravenloft.
White Dragon Mask – lost and comprised, Demon Lord of Ice in Callanduran
Green Dragon Mask – in a city called Medasulan.

Munari will provide Dragon Scale Armour for your entire ARMY, she says to Taelim.
Munari will help Klotonk with how to build a chemistry lab.
Doki asks about the greatest treasure in the north. They’ll have a separate talk.

She hands four scrolls. Raise Dead, Legend Lore, Detect Thoughts, Fabricate
15 Dragon Scales for Doki

Session Seventy One (TMA) Session Zero/Asimba Synopsis


[6:08:52 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: We started in Asimba in late june 2015 real time

The party was freed from Primus’ enchantment by Zggutmoy, the Earth Witch, and former queen of the dwarves.

This was the catalyst that freed the other parties (in the ocean trip to Magaat, the group in Medusalon, and the group in Podunk)

More info on Party status here:

The Asimba group had basically been going around and severing leylines for Primus. They learned about another world that overlaps the Prime Material, a world of dreams and spirits called the Skein. Primus was trying to tap into it and use it’s incredible magics to power his army.

The Team managed to attack and kill the giants and a man with an eye tattoo who claimed he was a Cabiri.
[6:10:35 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Team traveled to a Giant Village (Expository Village, dammit) and from that point went to the “sword Saint’s” abode, and were attacked by Primus’ robo spider minions
[6:11:33 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Back in the village, they were attacked again, and on the road to the north, they were attacked by flying robo creatures. The were tracking the missing Sword Saint, who they had suspected had shaped changed and was heading north to a Kenku Village
[6:12:36 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The characters had a couple of encounters with undead – an ancient dwarven warrior ghost possessed Kolae, and an undead giant tried to kill Cosmo.
[6:14:21 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Arriving at the Kenku village they couldn’t really communicate, they managed to find the “Sword Saint” only to realize she was really the Magus of War (and wife to the Magus of Myth) – She asked the Group to go up into a forbidden place and rid it of evil in exchange for teaching them how to repair the Skein
[6:15:28 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The group almost died in the Forbidden Place while encounter extraplanar guardians whose job it was to forbid access to a Skeinpath, a small ziggurat with a staff implanted in it
[6:16:18 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The group managed to leave, and get their training, and negotiate with the kenku
[6:17:17 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: as a result, Dagon’s lack of impulse control almost killed the party again when he accidentally cursed himself and grew to a massive size, knocking down the cave around the ears of the rest of the party
[6:17:30 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The Mage of War removed the curse on Dagon
[6:18:11 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: The party then had adventures (out of game) where they went around the countryside healing the leypoints they had previously damaged
[6:18:41 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Then they went North, lead by the Drow Druid D’ragh, to the city of cloudgoat.
[6:19:31 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Maziel met a group of drow who lived in the daylight with other dwarves and barbarians, and Dagon got drunk and got married.
[6:21:11 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Then the party went north to a former Drow Waystation, an entrance to the underdark, where Zggutmoy had told them to go. They removed the sigils throughout the dungeon, met the Former Lady of the Mountain, who detected as evil. But she did give the horn of the solemn promise to Dagon, and bade him to vanquish Primus
[6:23:40 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Yaup and D’ragh were captured by Primus’ minions, and the party went after them. High in the mountains, they were contacted by the other groups and the story is finally wrapped. We last leave our heroes staring into a valley of Primus’ Army, while he’s leading from the Floating City of Arcanus. The generals of his army, of course, are the last clones of the party, that had never replied back to the group. Then the group was stuck in a time bubble, similar to the one that was cast over solstice.

Session Eighty Nine (NBL) - Dragon Fight Commece
Timony is a jerk, yo

Munary directly Messages Xillali privately.
I don’t Timony or his allies, since you solved our the princess blood problem, you can take this other princess, and be her bodyguard.
Dragonian and Dimitri talk in Draconic.
I come from very very far to the east. “Reken and I come from the very far east”
“What brings you so far out here.”
“Tiamat called for us”
“Why did Tiamat call you?”
“What clutch are you from”
“Azure flight” Dimitri replies honestly
The battle against illium did not go there. The armies of Tiamat to the south were destroyed. An upstart princess led the fight with a drow elf, and strange DYLAN”S CHARACTER. The way I hear it, the one who is coming, the dragon, was there, you can ask him. Have you heard of flying books?
Dmitri recalls, flying books. He knows that apparently information about the dragon mask are in very unusual books, that got flight.

Klotonk removes curse on Doki’s bag. Group decides to take the job.
Klotonk and Erdan play all the dragon chess.
Hear wings of Black Dragon, see a bigger dragon than Munari.
Wreccin bows down and kneels, “my lord”.
“Hopefully I’m done being a taxi service” responds the dragon. Timony doesn’t respond.
He is excited to see Munari, then he stops when he sees Erdan and Klotonk.
“My guests” replies Munari.
“Well, I did my job” he opens the burlap sack, and drops it, opens it and princess appears. She has a silver collar.
Xillali walks outside (regally), “well, this is interesting company you’ve been keeping Munari”
“I have business with many individuals”
“Is the deal on, or is it off, one princess for the information that I asked for?”
Munari thinks about it. There is a really low rumble going behind Timony, from the giant black dragon.

“Yes, I’ll take the princess as agreed, she pulls out a scroll from her robes” she hands him the scroll, he waves his hand and disappears. He touches the silver necklace and the necklace unsnapped and Taelem wakes up.

Timony exclaims when he sees Naora, “You know that they were the ones that killed the Silver Dragon” Munari gasps, Wreccin slowly starts to walk away and turns into a dragon.
Erdan and Xillali are horribly confused, last they saw Vodja was in Nariche’s cell.
Timony asks why Naora is sneaking around if she’s so innocent. She mumbles a response, Wreccin tires from her responds and spits fire at her.
The Larger Dragon, Shimmerlic attacks Taelem, she gets hits really badly. Changes into an earth elemental, and steals the silver choker, and places it on his neck.
Dimitri comes out,
“AND YOU HAVE A BLUE DRAGON BORN?!? They raided the temple of Tiamat”
Munari is even more confused than before.
Doki goes over to Munari to convince her to not attack us. Timony is not the problem, it’s Simmerlic Death Descendant.
Munari flies away.
Party attempts to win the fight against two dragons and two dragon riders.
Taelem takes off the choker, puts it on the wizard and changes into a mother fucking Earth Elemental. Xillali conjured a water elemental and she too changes into an Earth Elemental. She soon loses concentration on the water elemental.

The party starts to re-enter the cave, one of the dragon’s is paralyzed, so Xillali attacks it.
Meanwhile, above the cave, the wizard has a hold of now half-elf Taelem with the choker back around her next and an evil maniacal laughing wizard.

Session Eighty Eight (NBL) - Munari of the Ebon Wing
Dragons Yo

Klotonk figures out how to take the power gem.
Erdan can’t figure out how the gate works, it seems to work differently than he’s used to. It seems like he needs a specific knock spell to open the gate. It’s a gate that Erdan has never encountered before. He can figure out that it does not lead to the far realms .
Derek harvests the Beholder.
Xillali doesn’t’ really see anything. The storm is crackling pretty badly right now in the Storm Drouss.
Doki resists the temptation to grab the gem and run off with it.

As we travel we see a trees part way revealing a black ship. A giant orc jumps off.
He wants to trade. Sees the power gem, offers 7K gp for it.
Klotonk asks what would he would want a power gem for?
He smiles, looks at Doki and Xillali, smiling, for tomb of horrors, it needs more power. Big goblin boss asks for more power, so we want more power. The boss is named Sme, who Klotonk hates.

Klotonk wants to sell his blueprints. The Orc doesn’t know what to offer, so he wakens the drow on the ship. She recognizes us, we saved her in the storm drouss.

Sme left for medusalong. She can take Klotonk into Low Fort, but can’t take anyone else. She tells us that Low Fort is over crowded. The assumption is that the head Orc is dead or fled. So now the Drow are in charge of Low Fort. She’s headed south to do trading. Yarow is the name of the drow.
If we kill the Black Dragon, bring it’s head to low fort, they’ll lower the reward on your head and give you a reward instead.
They give us a ride to the edge of Storm Drouss. We cannot make the center of the storm drouss by night fall.

In the morning, we noticed that doki aged another 30 years. Again.
We see a clearing ahead, Bahamuts temple seems to have been collapsed upon itself. In front of this temple there is a cairn, it’s a mound of stone. Someone has stuck a large shield. The shield itself is a sign of Tiamat.

The same place that the cairn is located is where the dead body was located.
Xilalli summons an earth elemental, and changes into an earth elemental. She’s trying to get to the center of the temple to get to the lair of the black dragon.

Klotonk wants to re-animate the skeleton, Dimitri convinces him it’s a bad idea.
Xialli and Earth Elemental take stairs all the way down.
It looks like something has pretty much collapsed the entire area.
How did you die?
“My ring didn’t work. It was supposed to help me”
Notice the corpse was pretty charred.
Where is Tiamat’s power strongest in this area?
“You should Seek Munari of the Ebone Wing”
What do you know about the Black Dragon Mask
“Investigating rumor that Munari has it”
Who else was on the trail of the mask?
“Timony the Illuminated, Knife and Dagger (inculaban)”
Timony is low level Tiamant cultist, he’s interested in books/knowledge. He has an eye that moves around.
How were you planning to get your hands on the mask when you found it?
“Just needed to confirm it was here”
What information did you gather about the mask
“Many rumours abound about the mask and their locations. Tracking rumour that black dragon mask was being held in A temple of bahamut, but there are no active bahamut temples. So he went to check old bahamut temples that are no longer maintained. He thought it was odd, that Munari’s lair was so close to the temple, and she’s a black dragon so I came to investigate.”

Party heads towards Munari’s fort. There are no longer any more trees in this area. See a cave mouth, sitting in front of the cave mouth is a table and a woman in a nice black flowy robes, she’s sitting at the table. In Front of her is a Tiamat Knight minding his own business. There is a reptilian shaman guy in rags.

She immediately looks over at Xilllali, “princess”
She walks over with a limp.
“I am cross with you. What did you do to my trees?”
“How did bayaga’s daughter wind up here?”
“From someone who keeps asking all these questions, you seem to know all the answers” snips Klotonk
“That’s very smart of you, I know who you are”
“I know how you’ll make it up for me, maybe a month of your time”

She holds up small bag, she throws out a little animal. Boris falls dead. They cursed her bag of tricks.

The knight in the back laughs so hard, he shoots acid out of his hand. Timony will be here soon, with a lesser princess.
“What do you know about the floating island of Mecalin”
“Why do you ask that question? Any information I may have will be outdated”
“Primus is living right there, is there anything you plan to do about it?”
“That’s above your paygrade. Xilalli, I’m running out of patience”
Xilalli agrees to get drained in a day, not on a month.

Laser Cannon
Power Gem
Beholder junk
Derek trades beholder junk and vampire blood for 2 drops of dragon blood.

Session Eighty Seven (NBL) - Beholder

Klotonk walks up the steps and sees runes that match the runes in the black tower.
Naora talks to the door, it responds in deep speech, asking for a password. Klotonk responds in deep speech, incorrectly giving the wrong password. Naora is attacked, shoot upwards towards the sky. Erdan tries to help Naora with his wand of birds. It shoots web. Completely confusing Erdan.
Klotonk tries again opening the door, fails and triggers the second trap. Naora opens the door and ruins the door mechanism in the process. All the torches light up.
In the center of the room is a floating sphere. It looks natural, it’s glowing and spinning. Erdan guesses that it’s similar to a Calibri power socket.
Klotonk can tell how to take the power source out. He also uncovers a spinning secret door.
There are 3 rows of 4 golems each in the room past the secret door. The runes on the statues is the same type of form and model as the other one found near the wight room.
Klotonk is able to control one of them, it follows him around the room but won’t go outside with him. He finds out that the last time the golem was operated was over 800 years ago (caribi war).

As Derek opens the door, it falls from the hinges. It looks like a military arm room. There are scatter bits and pieces of drow all along the room. Derek finds out that it was attacked by something really large with very large teeth. He notices that there are really clean shoes. He goes to investigate and the shoes disappear exposing bare feet.
All but one of the bodies on the ground is covered in magic. All that reminds is the lower half of a body that is cleanly cut. Upper body is completely gone, there is no blood. Open up a locker room. In two of them there are two old laser cannons. They could be servisible.

Take both laser cannons to the room with the power stone. There is no response from the shard. Klotonk touches the torch, gets faerie fire on him. He manages to get a small receiver. We all leave him there and continue exploring the rest of the building. Go down path, see that all the torches are light except for the last two. Erdan sends his weasel, it disappears. Derek goes in the room, encounters a Beholder and his ice bite loses power.
Fight commences. Naora fell down, Klotonk runs towards us as the beholder dies.


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