League of Xee

Session Sixty Five (TMA) - Swarm of Bats


[3:21:02 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Summary of last nights events:

Team uses Greater Restoration on the petrified person since they have clues that this person has potions that might help out.

D’Ragh D’mora – Drow Elf Druid – His mission was to enter the temple as a sacrifice to the old gods and last thing he remembered was touching the door. He has some ungent that he smears on Maziel and she slowly starts to unpetrify.

Kolae uses this opportunity to try and play matchmaker <3→t handle it)

Team fights, things are going okay, but then swarms disappear one by one, moving to other side.

The team skeinpaths back to the real world to fight the swarms.

Dagon does something with the staff – and begins to grow – he grows about 50 feet tall and breaks through the ceiling – rocks fall down and crush some of the bats

end line

Session Sixty Four (TMA) - The Lightning Lord

[10/12/2015 1:19:34 AM | Edited 1:45:17 AM] Monasch: Session Recap:
Maziel asks more questions to the Magi of War. She revealed that was not able to access the area because the Magi of the Hunt (Viceak, if I remember correctly) had marked her thereby preventing her entrance to the location. MotH also marked others, but I don’t think it was revealed who. MoW also appears to have a love interest inside the circle of Magi. We suspect Magi of Myth. After questioning, Maziel heads back to the cursed temple.
Maziel and Cosmo find the group lounging about after a tough battle. Some additional loot was acquired from the eel monster, including a cursed demon-armor chain helm. The helm fuses to your armor and grants you +1 natural weapons in the form of claws that deal 1d8 damage. This was only discovered when Koale decided that it would be a great idea to try it on.
After regrouping, the second door – the lightning lord door – become the object of investigation. A number of procedures were attempted, but the touch of lightning of a Lightning Arrow spell from Maziel opened the door. The inside was a medium sized chamber with small hallways that connected at the corners. After a minute, the door began to close and a statue (not the petrified person) was used to prop the door open. Venturing further into the room revealed that there was a creature waiting for us. A large six-legged stone goat that crackled with electricity apparated and looked none too pleased with us. It could zap projectiles out of the air and also retaliate with petrification. The group tried to lure it into the main chamber, but Koale got stuck trying to squeeze past the statue that propped up the door. Once Koale got through, Maziel was able to take a few shots at the creature but suffered full petrification from the goat. Cosmo moves swiftly out of the room. The goat rammed the statue, breaking it, and causing the door to descend rapidly. Klotonk, last in the room, slips out and the door slams shut. The goat monster did not appear to be making any attempts to break through the door. Spent from the previous battles and with a petrified Momziel, the group left for the Kenku village. Koale took both the petrified Maziel and the other petrified human that we found in the main chamber. It was nighttime when the group hit the village and so they decided to set up camp for the evening under a spell hut (which protected them from a flash storm). In the morning, the group tried to find a cleric within the Kenku village but were unsuccessful. Some went to go find the Mage of War while Klotonk entertained the Kenku’s and learned about how they communicated. The Kenkus did reveal that they knew the petrified man we brought back and that he might be of help to us. Yaup unpetrified him and the session ended there.
[10/12/2015 2:51:31 AM | Edited 2:51:37 AM] Monasch: We also need a count on that gold from the chain worms since we said we counted that before hitting some sleep time in the spell hut.

Session Sixty Three (TMA) - The Chained One

The party had just slain two chain worms, their bleeding corpses laying in the room they were found. Maziel now realized that she had more questions for the Magi of War and decided to head back to have those questions answered. It was around this time that Cosmo was noted as missing.
The remainder of the party investigated the other two doors (Rune Door and Crown Door), the ex-worm room, and the main chamber. In the ex-worm room, there was a crack in the corner that Dagon was able to fit through by consuming some of his Gaseous Form potion. The crack led down about 30 feet and revealed a dark room that was covered in deep water. Dagon could see something moving under the surface, but could not make out what it was. He came back to relay this information and the party went out to the main chamber. The runes in the main chamber and on the door were examined. The runes were in an ancient language that Yaup was able to partial decipher. Some names came up, like Thunder Lord and <something>, and it seems like there were beings or perhaps deities that were at odds with each other. In the chamber itself, there were many statues of robed figures that looked vaguely humanoid but all their faces looked like they had been removed by some vengeful act. Yaup and Koale try to touch the rune door, but it blasts them with magic. After the trap, the door was still not open. One of the statues was looking at the Rune Door with it’s head down at the ground looking at dried blood. Yaup opens his hand to give a blood offering, but there was no effect with his black blood. Impatient, the group then goes to touch the crown door which attempts unsuccessfully to petrify Dagon. Klotonk thinks that the blood from the worms might work better than the simulacrum blood, which proves to be true. The Rune Door opens and reveals a room mostly filled with water, four pillars that held up the ceiling, a platform connected to the doorway with a path that lead down closer to the water, and a waterfall that fed into the water in the room. Koale walks first onto the path down and the path immediately breaks throwing Koale into the water. Yaup throws down rope for Koale to grab onto, but Koale is snatched from below by a tentacle before she can be hauled back up. She pulls out a sword in one hand and grabs the rope with the other. As she gets pulled out, and the tentacle is revealed to the rest of the party, she hacks off the tentacle. More rise from the water, 3 of which grab Koale and one more grabbing Dagon. Some hacking, bashing, and fireballing later, the skeletal looking (after fire damage) tentacles are pulled back into the water as if they were being controlled by something. Not sure what is lurking beneath, the party destroys three of the pillars to collapse the roof. The collapsed roof also serves as a walking area in the room. Behind the waterfall is examined, but reveals nothing. Yaup casts Control Water to become Kord Moses and divide the water away from the floor of the room. No monsters, but there was an open hallway and a scroll case. The scroll case included a 200 year old deed to an estate and all inheritances of the Cobblestock family. Yaup then lead the party for 40 day and 40 nights through the hallway to the room that Dagon had seen much earlier in gaseous form. Part of the room was unable to be affected by control water and that is where we found a 20 foot eel monster with 6 limp dead-looking skeletal tentacles attached to it’s body. It shot a high powered water cone at the party, breaking Yaup’s concentration and flooding the area back with water covering the entire party. Underwater rules: you can hold breath for your con modifier in minutes (minimum 1, I’d assume?). Koale smites the shit out of it with figurative and literal haste. Dagon hits it with javelins until he’s close enough to smash. Yaup and Klotonk nearly drop due to additional water blasts. As Koale smites, she attempts to offer it mercy and encourages everyone else to do the same, but the beast does surrender. No one actually does drop (Yaup at 1 thanks to racial feature, Klotonk at 3) and the beast is killed. Koale, Yaup, Klotonk and Dagon are now relaxing on the corpse of their fallen foe, swag style, taking a short rest and hoping Cosmo and Maziel rejoin to gaze upon this marvelous sight.
Loot from worms has yet to be generated.
Loot from eel-tentacle-face has yet to be generated.

Session Seventy Three (NBL) - Faith


Xillali heads towards the border of town to check on the shard outside of the confines of the city. Once she reaches the wall, she waits in a line. She talks to the people around her, a guy comes up to her. He seems very interested in her. His name is Kegless, he is covered head to toe, she cannot see his face. He has a very keen smell that smells of undead.

Doki is in dark dreary catacombs, she searches in the darkness. Doki follows a sound, it leads her towards a door in the hallway. On the other side of the door she can feel powerful vibrations. Doki rubs her veckna face on the door. She hears something something crack, she looks up and sees a vial fall down. The hallway is filled with green cloud. AC 17 – Con. Failed. Doki passes out. (Oh Doki…)

Derek sees industrial sized gargolyes that are weeping black tears. As he nears they glance towards him. He sees a couple of armed soldiers walk up towards him. He is a shadow-kai, he looks like a well established fighter.
“Why do you seek to enter the Sunken Isle”
“I’ve here to search for the coldest touch”
They hassle him, he bribes them, they pocket it, point at the island on the far side. “Ask for Egan”.
This area is obviously noble, oversized manhattan. Everywhere he looks there are hundreds of people. A part of the building next to him completely collapses over him. He books it, makes it away from the disaster as everyone around him dies.

Naora walks into a temple, there’s a bunch of buff dude bros in the process of becoming more buff. A really big buff guy walks over and is suprised at seeing Naora.
“Hey there big fella” says naora:
The guy shows off,

and inquires if she wants to help with the celebration for Kord that they’re getting ready for.

She proves how strong she is, they are more than impressed. They go off and hang out. About 20 minutes later and asks her if she wants to go out for a drink. They go off, on the way over they pass Dimitri. The dude bros are super excited to see Dimitri.
They comment that he should show off his pecs/build. Most of the conversion is: dude, bogus, Dude, and lift.
Dimitiri also agrees to help with celebration of Kord, when he says yes they removed curse and take the armor to see if they can keep the armour powerful.

Get through the fight, return to the inn, figure out where everyone is, invent an alcoholic drink with the Tea-amat tea, probably figure out that Doki is missing, assemble the party on a scouting mission

And pocket away the religious knowledge for review on a later day
and I can’t find the link to the note doc that everyone usually writes in; if anyone finds a moment to share it I totally wanna follow along

Xillali convinces him that she’s just a mere knight. He tells her that he’s always looking for elf princess and gives her his card, tells her he deals with gems. Goes outside checks the shard, the shard points towards the city. Goes to find Inculaba.

Doki is in dark dreary catacombs,
Doki is stripped pretty much of all her primary items. She’s in a halfling sized cage. There’s a wall in front of her, there is a light coming behind her. She sees an inculaban. “You must be a petitioner, what are you willing to pay?”
“well you’ve taken everything”
“Oh, no I haven’t”
“That looks like fun, can I play it?”
He asks for 1970s Smooth Jazz (Doki has nooo idea)
Rolls high charisma – he is very impressed
“It’s been so long since we’ve found someone genuinely naive” laughs/ snorts
He believes her lies. They question her thoroughly to analize her. His last question is “what are you willing to give up to get access to the library of vecna?”

Derek, disguised as his trader persona (an eye patch), Tuvix, trades in most of his identified poisons and pays $275 ($2000 value total) for Gloves of Thieving and a Wand of Web. He agrees to become a merchant seller for the guy. So they’ll be partners. His name is Egan. He wants Derek to get him paperwork that would legitimize his business. Quest Accepted.

Naora convinces the bartender to make her a drink with the tea. It’s an acquired taste, but she loves it. Derek finds out that the celebration is a competetion of muscular feats.
Meet them at butt o’clock the next morning.
Naora goes off to Tiamat, Naora is very assertive and intimidates the black dragon born.
He regrets to inform you that there is a price. She intimidates him and gets the scroll for 50g pieces. Gives the scroll to Dimitri then heads back in searching for a Blue Dragon. He doesn’t think she’s worth the knowledge of the spells. He takes out a big spike ball on a chain, and drops it on ball on the ground.

Xilalli asks the librarian for directions of the Inculaba. She goes pale. Instead, Xialli asks her about the primordial. She says it’s the wall. The inculaba or the guards will know more about the wall. Xillali is going to go recruit Naora in order to talk to the guards.

Naora fights the Dragon borns, it gets scared and runs away. She picks up Morningstar. The darkness is dismissed and he screams, “we have an intruder”. Naora starts to run towards the entrance, she hears guards with armor running after her. In order to get outside of the gate, she has to get past the guards. She tumbles past them and books it past them. She runs past Dimitri, he runs after her. The Dragonborn continue to chase after her. Dimitri and Naora are trying to outrun them, dashing all the way. Everyone is running in full armor. Dimitri’s instinct is to run towards Kord, and Naora follows. As they turn the corner they run into a guy with a cart full of cabbages. Naora runs up the wall around the cart, avoiding it. Dimitri, however, Thunderwaves through. The cabbages are destroyed. One of the guards chasing gets bogged down by the cabbages, while the other one continues through.
On the way to Kord Dimitri throws money ($127gp) at a random city guard who tells them to stop. Naora and Dimitri make it through to the Kord place.

Xilalli – as the city darkens and lanterns become lit she heads out to a bar. She orders a drink. She then scans the room for someone who might know things about the city. She finds some old man, changes her hair to warm golden yellow, and approaches him, asking him questions about the city. She slowly starts prying about the wall. The wall was there before the city was built. The wall moves in some places. Nobody knows more about the wall than the prince.
the wall only attacks people if they’re invading
he tells her to seek the Inculabum
he tells her to go to a place called “The Roots”. It’s a tree that grows into the ground, instead if up above ground. That’s where the Inculabum make their lair.

Doki – she has to choose between her body or her memories to give something up. Doki chooses to give up her left arm. Her Con goes down to 9, but her Int goes up by 1. She can no longer use her bow. She also loses 10hp. She also cannot play a lute.

Derek – since it’s getting late he decides to go back to the Inn, seeing as how now is not the time to pursue bureaucratic stuff for Egan.
As I go on I notice that the city gets more quiet and people are scarce. It gets eerily quiet and eventually I notice that there is a ghostly dog with black eyes following me. I scamper up a ruined building and proceed to the bridge. Upon getting to the bridge I spark a torch and start going, but see the dog in the middle of the bridge. I get my Malice Plant inhalation poison ready, and cautiously move towards the dog, doing my best to avoid it. As I approach, it sinks into the ground.

Session Seventy Two - (NBL) - Rats
Rats (as told by Doki)


DAY 4: The big fight is over, Naora and I realize the horse is missing and weep.

O sweet, pretty horse. Probably gone for worse. After this fight, I see you’re gone from my sight. Goodbye friend, you’re probably dead.

Upon arrival , thanks to this sweetass map I found in that blind man’s house (what, he didnt need it , he’s blind!) We find our way to Glimmer. Just as I expected, spooky and—-oh my word is that a wall of skulls? Is the wall….ALIVE?! (Can I trade one of my skulls for one of these? Nah, it didn’t go so hot that one time…)

We walk into the icy weasel and the area is drab, sad, and musty. Like my Uncle’s musty, old curtains.

When no one was looking, I sneak out of the inn. Gonna see why Vecna is so interesting. What a jerk god but I have mad respect for people who look for shiny cool things. Although they do err on the side of dangerous as far as super kleptos go…


The other group hit up Ventress’ Booklore, full of cool, sneaky, magicy things.

I hear Naora is looking to find herself in Glimmer, but no one knows what a paladin is. I’m not surprised , this is an evil place. Huehue.

I tap a local on the shoulder. “Hey, where is the graveyard? I have a funeral to attend.” I’m told: Dusk quarter, oldest district. Where the nobles make their home. The graveyard here is slowly growing over the ages.

Derek walks into a place, there are slugmen, slaves. They have globbity glooby feelers on their head. He asked for the rarest thing in the kitchen, no, not the temperature. Haha, funny. I gotta remember that joke. Anyway, filet of spectre. Sounds marvelous. Oh, when did Derek get an eyepatch? That’s cool. Anyway he got a minotaur liver.

I find the lichyard and it’s a sprawling necropolis. I play a song to announce my presence and—-FUCK WHAT THE HELL IS GRABBING MY LEG. EWWW NOOOOOOO——


Naora finds some gothy dudes and finds herself in a district of temples. She finds lots of areas devoted to many gods/goddesses. Naora is curious about Malora, Kavandra, and…I’m not sure how to spell the other two. Sorry Naora. I’m not sure of anything right now actually, I was just pulled down into a grave. Please help.

Derek continues investigating.

There are red beady eyes looking at me. Oh god what is looking at me.
“Why are you here….”

I mention that I was given a coin and a light is on.
He sees that I am curious. We ask each other secrets and questions.
For me:
“When the dogs bark, the camels pass.”
“Before you can see vecna, you have to face your greatest fear”
“When will I face my greatest fear” “You’ll face your greatest fear when you find the temple of vecna”
I was asked:
I showed my bag of tricks, huehue demon nonsense.
What is my greatest fear. (BEING FORGOTTEN)
What would be played at your funeral? (SOMETHING CLEVER)

I was wished goodluck, I’m really screwed now. Time to go…

Erdan tried to con some poor sap for a faerie’s book.

Dmitri propositions Erdan (not the sexy kind) to go to “The Wurm”, a curiousity shop. Man I am really missiing out on all this cool junk.

Naora is interviewing religions.

Naora, the wandering soul. Will you find the god that fills your heart’s hole? Naora, Naora , you valiant fighter. Whatever your path, may you grow mighter.

I find myself in a collapsed room and Rattigan crawls under. I dimension door out only to be spoken to by creepy voices in a locked crypt. They ask me a question that THANKFULLY I have the answer to. Unfortunately the path only leads back to the ground. Back to trouble I go.

Derek finds himself in a magical place where they practice the art of bone carving. Weapons! Things!
What is the most expensive bone Derek seeks? Derek find a halfling sized molar, carved with erotic or dreamlike scenes. Derek seeks to pawn some vampire teeth off. The merchant didn’t seem to bite into the deal first (HA) but eventually Derek sells his 2 beholder teeth for some rad amount of money.

Erdan’s wand sure gave a lot of sass today. I WANDer why. (HAAAAAA)

Down the scary hole I go. Will I live, I don’t know.
But stop me, you will not. I won’t fall, I won’t rot.

-10gp per room per night (2 rooms,, # nights) (number of days so far 1)

Session 2 (NBL and TMA) Shadowfell

The group awakens and finds themselves riding along in cages in what appears to be the Shawdowfell, weaponless and without armor, hooded and bonded. Yaup and Cosmo are gone. Their captors only stop when they hear a mysterious voice asking for Respite. Achelogists gnomes hurry over to the Shadar-kai, claiming the captors aren’t slaves, but heroes who can help change the tide of battle.

Gnomes were Bilderdish Poppycocks, esq. “deaf in my right ear” – Sir Fizzle Fourthumbs (near sighted), asst Cammy Tripcoil (mumbles)

They pull the hoods off Kolae and Dimitri who immediately demand for their respective party’s release. The Shadar-kai do so reluctantly, and the gnomes [3 names] hurriedly explain they are a few days from Glimmer, but currently a planor is in need of help at the crystal pyramid nearby. The collective group heads over to find the angel is critical shapes, and he quickly warns them danger is approaching. He at last discovered a primordial shard, the key to find the others. He tells them to prepare for battle, dangers is on the way. The party splits into three groups, each with a gnome and a grossly overpaid Shadar-kai. They split off to set traps and wait.

A bell tolls and enemies appear: Wraith, Death Knights and Death Dogs. Group DEK immediately face off with 6 Wraiths while more float near. Group short stack quickly dismiss a vampire, setting traps and heading back. Dagon and [chef] run to the aid of DEK who are suffering heavy blows. Meanwhile, team [get shit done with magic] sets a hosts of magic traps and awaits the oncoming enemies who are bombarded with spells and suffer heavy losses. The enemies continue to surround the party in hordes, pushing them closer to the angel and doing serious damage. Kolae pulls back to the pyramid and casts Daylight on the crystal, doubling the range and putting the enemies at disadvantage. Lo and behold, Cosmo shows up, arising from the mud behind the enemies, briefly singing, yet wisely ignoring the other temptations. An angry Maziel uses his Fly to head over and brings him to the heart of battle.

When the enemies cross over to the main island, Xillali goes beast mode, and turns into a fire elemental, holding off a horde of enemies. Meanwhile, Noara and Doki (and admirably, the pooping boar) are holding off the Wraiths aiming to cross the other bridge to the main island. Sadly, Dagon falls in battle, unable to take on the unending horde of wraiths and turns into a ghost dwarf. Dmitri, [chef] and Erdan pull back, setting the forest ablaze as they go. The bell has tolled 3 times by now, showing a Beholder and Death Knight who join the battle. The ghost-Dagon asks the angel for help, and in an understanding sacrifice, the angel trades his life for Dagon, restoring his body and leaving a single feather.

Good guys win. Bad guys lose. And TMA hurries off to find their conveniently missing cleric.

Session Seventy (NBL) - Knights of the Green Court


Group elects to leave tower via the (burning) village. Bargle is left behind (with some Drow mushroom food). We start moving into the (still burning) town. It’s unearthly quiet.

Suddenly! A wall collapses near the party, releasing a herd of horses into the street! The party immediately sets about behorsing themselves. Derek begins by pulling a Looney Tunes and successfully lassoing a horse which promptly whisks him away. Xillali uses a more refined approach to tame a horse and finds herself with a pony pal. Naora bends a horse’s will to her own with brute strength, recoiling in horror upon realizing the horse’s innate flammability.

The wood collapses with the weight of the running horses. All of a sudden the horses fall into the gap. Derek is unable to let go, he lands on top of the horses, none of the horses made it. The rope, however, still holds!

Derek, winded but conscious, remains in the lower city below the party, cushioned by a pile of dead horses. He retrieves his rope. A few bedsheets and minutes of carving later, and the pile of dead horses is now a sack of delicious ingredients. Pragmatism at its finest.

A quick gallop through the drier areas of the swamp and the horse-mounted party arrives at a seemingly abandoned church… which is infested with refugees. Pretty much the entirety of the “important Stilttown NPC” menagerie, minus Gnasha, Bargle, and Dmitri the Miracle Worker. Directing the survivors to the Muckmuck settlement north of Fire Island and equipping them with a map and the protection of Nihm the Swamp Ranger (reasoning that the Muckmucks will be empathetic to having their homes razed by drow and being saved by Ornamental Chaos and their +2 “Tattooed Tales of the Shadowtread Bullywug Clan” background bonus), our protagonists depart to the Ice Caves! It’s pretty chill.

A full night’s rest with horse’n’mushroom stew en route to the Ice Caves does the whole party a wealth of good.

Continuing their trek to the Ice Caves, the party encounters a gruppe of Orcs lead by Scabrous, an old acquaintance. Informing him of the Drow’s temporary weakness in Stilttown (a result of Ornamental Chaos’s wildly successful assault), Scabrous excitedly concludes that now is the perfect time to unite the orc tribes and strike against the Drow! Their first target will be to free capable leader Gnasha from the Drow fort. With no time to waste, the gruppe doubletimes it to Stilttown!

Upon arrival at Hestevar, the group notices a cadre of clerics with what appear to be subdued angels chained up and imprisoned. This group is preparing themselves for transport through the portals. Doki approaches them in good mirth, and is engaged by a large, battleworn looking cleric. He informs her that they are about to embark for the feywild in order to aid the fey in their battle against Orcus. Sensing mutual goals, our heroes and the battle clerics decide to travel together. At this point, Ornamental Chaos releases the Order of the Golden Goblet from their service. Adios!

The feywild is beautiful and dangerous. The angels, less subdued now, begin scouting, and find the site of a recent battle. The group is here to rendezvous with Finlae, a centaur general of the Green Court who is a close friend of Xillali’s father. After an excited nerd-monologue delivered by Erdan detailing every aspect of the Cabiri war machine’s history and capabilities. After careful consideration and contemplation, Finlae smiles. “We can find a use for this.”

QUEST COMPLETED: “The Fey want to End the War – They are looking for a secret weapon”

Everyone has a party with hookers and booze. Mostly booze. Naora has to stop Derek from turning the hookers into some kind of salad. Also, everyone earns a Green Court title: Knight of the Green Court. This allows many social benefits, including attracting followers, and a “no wild animals will purposefully attack you” quality.

The group returns to Hestevar, surprised to find an entire week has passed while they spent a single day in the feywild. In preparation for their upcoming trip to the shadowfell, the party members split up to pursue separate agendas. Erdan busies himself with arcane studies at the library of Ioun, Derek analyzes some plants he acquired earlier from a celestial mote, and investigates local assassin activity with the help of Dimitri. Naora engages is nome deific soul searching, finding herself in the company of an aspect of Melora (they have a tea party). Xilali, the responsible one, busies herself with pragmatic preparations for the trip: purchasing magical items, weapons, and potions to keep her friends safe. Doki find a fellow homie of Vecna, and learns much about the Shadowfell and about the town of Glimmer in particular.

Session Sixty Nine (NBL)

Session Sixty Nine (NBL) –
Dimitri notices that everything goes black. He takes the battery off the robot, opens the door and yells that there’s an attack. Derek goes upstairs to see out the windows, two windows are completely black and the rest are clear. He looks over a clear window to see that there are a bunch of drow heading into the blackness.
The drow burn the lock and enter the building. Xilalli turns into a Fire Elemental. Erdan casts polymorph and changes Doki into a Giant Scorpion. There is a Yochlol (spider) coming from the back of the building. Erdan hides in the library, finds the Demotroton book and opens it. Finds out the Yochlol follows Loth and will not attack you if also follow Loth. Erdan runs out of the library with a chair propped behind him so he looks as much as a spider as possible. The spider doesn’t believe it and turns towards him.
Derek is provoking the concubines, they are unhappy and imposes disadvantage.
Dimitri falls.
Naora falls
Noara rolls a NAT 20 and rallies back to 1 health.
The mist tries to attack elemental Xilalli and it does nothing, Erdan goes up the stairs, a drow follows it, and
Erdan sees out the window and sees all of of upper stilts town on fire.

Gold signet ring worth 100 GP.
Lloth pendants.
Fine armor woven from silks. (Sunweak)
Adamantite long swords (sunweak) light xbows, quarrel


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