League of Xee

Session Sixty Three (NBL) - Touchy Feeling

Very loud noises are coming from the hole in the floor, in very rhythmic stomps. Doki smells leather and metal coming from the door we’re not allowed to come out of. Something slams into the bottom of the floor. The floor cracks. Naora flips over and lands in the other room, just as the section she was standing on. Beneath us there is a 30 ft tall giant made out of stone. It’s some type of construct. There seem to be multiple light sources on him from below. From Dimitri’s quick perception the light source is coming from kurasi. It seems like there is a reflection mechanism. There seems like there is a big fight going on in the other room.
Dimitri guesses it’s some kind of stone construct with unusual properties. He looks remarkably lifelike. As Dimitri starts to run across the floor and falls.
Dimitri sees a lot of mirrors of various shapes and sizes along the wall. On falling there is a guy hanging from the ceiling, and another guy is squashed on the floor.

Xillali conjures an Earth Elemental. Dimitri sees stress fractures on the golem then the big golem shatters and instead two golem appear from the mirrors.
Derek opens the door away from the fight since he can’t do any magical damage.
There are very neat armors and weapons and a treasure chest. Doki casts detect magic and sees that the magic comes from the mirrors. She’s now prone on the floor. Nym climbs down.
Party shatters mirrors, the elemental fights the vampire.
More (smaller) golems appear from the non broken mirrors.
When all the mirrors are shattered, the spell ends. Group takes vampire hostage. He will not reveal any secrets from his master. Derek gets vial of vampire blood and takes off the vampire teeth.

Derek leaves the party, climbs up the room, and looks inside. There is 5 statues with adventuring gear. He opens the chest, sets off the trap. The chest is full of copper pieces and silver pieces. He checks the bottom, there is a false bottom. It looks like a blank piece of paper. It’s sitting on the bottom. It’s wrapped in velvet. He rolls up the paper and put it away. Goes back to group and lets them know of the silver, not the paper.

There appears to be an anti magic field.
Derek shows him the paper, it’s a magic scroll.
Cast Stone Shape, create passageway. In the center of the room there is a pedestal in center of the room and runes all over the floor. In the pedestal, circular. At the base of the pedestal is a supernal word we don’t recognize, on it is a scale that’s the size of a halfling. It’s glowing with it’s own light. Erdan finds out it says STOP CRUSH MAIM MURDER in repeating order. The writing on the pedestal that says SUN. The runes on the floor are alteration magic.
Erdan casts Lore, it says – WOE BE HIM WHO DISTRESS THE SLUMBER OF TARASH THE DESTROYERS OF WORLDS. Ceiling is also covered in similar runes. Throw a rock, dissipates. Decide to unhinge the door and make it land over the rune.
Erdan is able to figure out that this vampire is obsessed with the war of the illumians. Dimitri, Nym, and Naora push the door. Dimitri isn’t intelligent anymore and halo is gone. Nym goes across the door, and picks up the shard then carries it back over.

47 S
Scroll of Legend Lore (used)

Session Sixty Two (NBL) - Ham Horn pt 1
Falling Slowly

Session Sixty Two (NBL) –
Group signs an NDA, finds out that all the stuff going on in the island is sanctioned by the government. Find out that this division is in charge of biology. Wizard says we can work for the Deva’s in the tower (that’s a portal) or we can take a job for the Wizard. He says he needs guys to Oshom. There is a sphynx we have to get by, and get a special shard. Anything else is allowed. If we make it back alive, the party gets 600pp, and he’ll resurrect us if we bring back the bodies in the allotted time.

Doki goings to clerics for healing in the temple of Ioun. Cleric takes her to a room, shows her a coin of vecna. (There are secret agents of Vecna in the Ioun.)
“What is a bard without a nice face.”

Day 1- find fae wild strand
Day 2 – loose fae wild, find 9 hells strand
Day 3 – Find celestia, carseire
Day 4 – Carserie and Pluton (get on stand of pluton)
Dimitri throws vecna head off ship
Day 5 – 8 Days pass on strand
Day 9- End of day, get closer, but not that much closer.
Dragonborns play chess.
Sierra is learning to mend (using cantrip)
Xillali is freaking out because she only has 20 days of rations
Day 10 – Getting closer
Day 11 – It’s getting closer, but it might be a day away.
Day 12 – Finally arrive, we see giant earth moat, as far as the eye can see it’s a dessert. It’s day time, see a giant golden ship casting the light in the desert. It’s probably over 50ft long. There’s a silver ship that represents the moon, and a golden ship that represents the sun. Anyone who attempts to raid the ship is destroyed.
The Illumians died out, they used to populate the area. It’s been uninhabited by human life. A lot of people come over for magical artifacts.
See the sphinx “What are you doing here?”
“This man here is a scholar, we’re here to collect stories and knowledge” replies Doki
“As long as thou do not want to enter Xigarath, you may ask questions” asks the sphynx.
“I am roof and glass walls, it burns and burns yet never falls” is the puzzle
“It’s lantern” dimitri answers correctly
The sand starts to take a yellow tint and swirl around you, we see a halo of sand that starts to circle around his head.
“Thou has received the gift of Shou” mentions the Shynx.
Dimitri now has +1 to attacks and damage, just physical
Xilalli turns Dimitri into a Flying Snake, she changes into a Blood Hawk.
There is a statue in each corner, see the statues with their head down. There is one statue holding a key. Dimitri sees a stone with symbols in a language he doesn’t understand. Can figure out it’s a supernal writing,”
“Lookssssss ssssafe to me” A door rises above the ground and Naora and Doki exit through the door.
Simple translation is that the stone is repeating “mind” in supernal (language of celestials).
Dimitri and Naora touch things, and the capstone starts to rotate and spins above the ground 20 feet up, and a door is revealed.
See a decrepit old man, as we bring light, he looks confused, “eh? what are you doing here?”
He has a pile of books and papers around him.
Doki shakes his hand to detect magic on him, instead she’s now charmed. He didn’t cast anything.
“We’re here for the Shard of Tarask”
The super pale dude, is excited about the illumions. The god of Osoum is the god of WORD. He created the Illumions and during the dawn war died. The shard is in one door, and the other door has his stuff on how he got down here. It’s nothing important, he says. Derek is about to go in, and the man doesn’t want to let him in. He grabs Derek by the hand. Dimitri goes to the other door, and says, “since we can’t go through the other door, I might as well open this oneeee”
Man turns into mist. See Women Cleic, Male Archer, and Half Orc and look like they haven’t eaten in a long time. They see us and smile. We see that they are vampire. There is a pit in the center of the room that goes into the ground.
One of the people goes over to the hole, and hits Erdan with blight. Naora is dominated and now has to attack her comrades. Two vampires jump into the hole, one cannot because it’s entangled. .
Dimitri smashes the remaining vampire in the face until it dies.

Session Sixty One (NBL) - Discussing Next Steps on Chat

The three of you are invited to walk up to the ship, which it lowering a rope ladder. There are some archers on the top deck but you’re out of range of the cannon. The magus on the ship is offering a parley – you’ll come to no harm while you talk
Dimitri is all smiles
Doki will go up after xillali
Whispers: remember, our crew resides in the bottom and there are at least 20-30 people on deck
Dimitri in the back, he supposes. Xilalli changes her hair changes to white and steps forward and head up the ladder
We make it to the deck and see several sailors, mostly eladrin but there’s an elf or human kind of mixed in there.
there are a couple of eladrin archers, (the sneak attack ones) – they are equipped and armored the same way but not wearing their camo cloaks.
to your left is the aft portion of the ship which rises up and goes to an upper deck. There are two sets of stairs and at the bottom of the stairs farthest away from you stand four people.
one looks like a grizzled seacaptain with scars of battle and an oversized cutlass
one is standing closest to the wall and is keeping his cloak around him, but you guess he’s an assassin/ranger from the way he’s trying to keep to the shadows
It’s not the assasin from earlier.
The third is a hulking dragonborn in medium armor and equipped with a variety of deadly implements of the killing persuasion. He’s a Red. He does NOT look amused.
the fourth is an Inculabum of great age. He’s wearing a tattered robe, but oddly, the bits to the robe flutter and animate on their own, it’s a little creepy he’s missing his left eye.
Dimitri cautiously nods in acknowledgement toward the unamuswd dragonborn.
The Wizard has got a hand, covered in bandages. He’s likely a vecna agent
given what you know. Doki doesn’t acknowledge right away, just stares at the rest. Unamused dragonborn is as still as a rock. you don’t think he’s blinking.
inculabum waves down the archers.
“Well, this is definitely intriguing.”
He nods at Doki.
“A Dabbler, or an Initiate?”
“I dabbled. Part of the curious nature, no?” responds Doki
“Verrrrry interesting.”
“Yes, but the true nature of interest for our lovely band now is this job you have for us.”
Dimitri is all smiles
“Ah of course of course where are my manners? My name is N’hail. I trade in many goods, but my specialty is items that are difficult to obtain.
“From time to time I hire adventurers to scout areas that others might consider too difficult or contentious to explore – or hire individuals with.. special skills.. to deal with challenges that others might consider.. a bad return on investment
“Tell, me have you heard of the Great Game?”
I need to just bring a story or thing they have never seen
“let me elucidate.”
“The Great Game is nothing less than Erathis understanding the creation principle of everything in the multiverse.” The more things that Erathis and her priests create, the stronger her Lattice of Heaven grows.
When the Lattice grows strong enough, then every soul that makes its way to the astral plane will be accounted for, and the cycle of heaven will be complete
there will be no more lost souls
And knowledge, especially hard to find knowledge, is Vecna’s domain.
Xillali inturrupts, “Is there anything you want us to find?”
“Straight to point. I like that in a potential employee. But before I can offer you the job, I need to know if you’re actually up to the task.”
“What morally or mortality? We’ve come back from both. Of course I would like to know a little of what we’re walking into. You know, informed decisions.” asks Doki
“We welcome new adventures if the payout, or the cause is worth it” mentions Xilalli
“Especially the payout” Doki’s eyes glimmer
“Especially if the payout is secrets…” mentions Dimitri
Xillali smiles at her companions responses (a tad greedily)
(Naora does not enjoy worldly things… Just drinks, adventure, good friends, and good tea)

Basic premise – he wants you to go to Shom and investigate a crypt and bring something back. if you do that successfully he’ll hire you for the real job. the payout for the shom job is platinum. the payout for the real job is secrets and magic

Xilalli asks “can we get our ship and crew back? Otherwise we’re going to have some difficulty going anywhere”
Doki bis clearly eager but quickly takes out her map to double check (I’m not sure if she read up on this planet/realm)
Shom is one of the unclaimed realms
it used to belong to an entire race called the Illiumians who wiped from existence. The realm is a sandy desert land with abandoned cities and crypts.
and of course is said to be highly magical and full of lost secrets. sphinx’s and other ancient guardians left behind by the Illumians guard this land from interlopers.
“Yes, you can get your crew and ship back. He’ll only pay you when you’ve completed the mission. He’ll meet you at another location (not hestavar) when you’ve returned, on a particular date. Price and date to be agreed upon if you decide to enter the contract. And the contract will be magically enforced,” he says.
“Who needs to be binded by the contract and will you send some of your men with us?” inquires Xillali
“Not that I don’t think we can do this ourselves all of you, and of course not.
it’s a test to determine if you’re worthy for the real deal”

“Sounds good, we don’t need babysitters” replies Xillali
“Can one of my comrades let the rest of the party know then we can one by one sign the contract
If that’s all right with you” suggests Xillali
“of course, by all means.”

Notes/ Concerns
Um… aren’t you gonna try to bargain a bit? Like “if we do this, will you leave the innocent citizens of Hestevar alone?” or something? Like, that was the whole reason we’re murdering Eladrin on this earthmote, right?
Also, I’m a little concerned about an evil alien wizard casting a gaeas on me. But, you know, cest la vie.
“Pcchhh. Is why YOU are here. I am here to pay for room and board.”
(hmmmmm that’s a good point. Let’s prove them our worth first, we’re not in a bargaining position atm)
Sure thing, it’s totally up to you. I just didn’t want you to forget anything. I know it can be a while between the beginning of a storyline and the end of one.
Dimitri, on the way back to the ship, wants to motion over to the motley crew he’s got going on.
“What’s their story? More employees for dangerous jobs? Look friendly.”
(to the wizard)
Sorry, let me rephrase – Dimitri is returning to the party to tell everyone about the job, then is returning to the ship, and the Wizard, which I assume he is still talking to Xil
And then he does the thing about the crazy… evil A-Team he’s got going on the ship
June 26
Xavier Rodriguez
6/26, 4:01pm
Xavier Rodriguez
“Consider them my business partners. And if you’d join us as a business partner, I’m sure they’d feel more comfortable disclosing proprietary information. "
At this the Dragonborn snorts and the eladrin seems to disappear even further into the shadows.
Xavier Rodriguez
6/26, 4:08pm
Xavier Rodriguez
Ooc so is anyone in disagreement?
Jacob Yanovsky
6/26, 4:24pm
Jacob Yanovsky
Hm… I think we should be trying to bargain a little harder. We should at least ask who’s tomb this is or why N’hail wants it! Those magic contracts can really bind you in some unexpected ways… I wanna review the thing before I sign anything!
Xavier Rodriguez
6/26, 4:28pm
Xavier Rodriguez
Haven’t heard anything from Vlad, Bre, or sheka in a while?
Guadalupe Gonzalez
6/26, 4:51pm
Guadalupe Gonzalez
I agree that more information is better but Im hesitant in mentioning that they leave hestival alone since we’d be accusing them blindly
Also are we really going to fight the contracts? We’re not leaving the island alive otherwise
Xavier Rodriguez
6/26, 6:17pm
Xavier Rodriguez
I don’t know if it’s clear, but I will point out that the two people you saw in the tower were devas, not eladrin. and you haven’t seen anyone that looks like a “duskman”

Now, home to murder wizards

Breyana Scales
So regarding our current D&D situation:
Naora: “Are we doing evil deeds for evil people now?
Or is this a ploy to get rid of us?
Is there another option… Can we use this quest in someway to weasel (…Erdan) our way into getting to our crew and escaping?”
June 26
Vlad Metrik
6/26, 10:11pm
Vlad Metrik
Derek goes along with the flow. He doesn’t care who he works for.
Ok so it sounds like Derek and Dmitri will sign on for the job. Erdan has concerns. Doki and xillali seem like yes
Luke Gamble
6/26, 11:18pm
Luke Gamble
“He seems pretty trustworthy to me…” [knowing smile]
Breyana Scales
6/27, 12:20am
Breyana Scales
Naora is definitely concerned too
Xavier Rodriguez
6/27, 12:21am
Xavier Rodriguez
Ok seems like the maybes need to talk it out.
Xavier Rodriguez
6/27, 12:52am
Xavier Rodriguez
Ooc want to be clear that I’m not trying to railroad this job.
Luke Gamble
6/27, 12:53am
Luke Gamble
(In character: Dimitri is)
Breyana Scales
6/27, 12:53am
Breyana Scales
Dimitri, think of the children
Luke Gamble
6/27, 12:53am
Luke Gamble
“Pcchhhhh, she can’t even use breath weapon.”
Breyana Scales
6/27, 12:53am
Breyana Scales
I’d like to scope out this new place and possibly what’s inside for curiosity sake, but what if we end up waking something that completely desecrates all of the plains?
Just completely destroy Hestavar
June 27
Poopykins Jurado
6/27, 8:21am
Poopykins Jurado
Yes sorry, got kidnapped to Disneyland
Guadalupe Gonzalez
6/27, 8:22am
Guadalupe Gonzalez
Poopykins Jurado
6/27, 8:23am
Poopykins Jurado
Catching up quickly
June 29
Breyana Scales
6/29, 6:46am
Breyana Scales
I’m out Tuesday. Feeding the dogs, walking the dogs, picking up the keys to the next place i’m house sitting and picking up the owner of the current place i’m sitting
Xavier Rodriguez
6/29, 8:39am
Xavier Rodriguez
Ok. Miss you.
Breyana Scales
6/29, 9:25am
Breyana Scales
I miss you too, wish we had played a game or hung out a bit more at Dylan’s.
I miss everyone, it’s been like a month
June 29
Xavier Rodriguez
6/29, 9:03pm
Xavier Rodriguez
Sorry folks but I need to bow out tomorrow frown emoticon
Just leaving work now and I have more shot to do tomorrow
Luke Gamble
6/29, 9:04pm
Luke Gamble
Oh noooes!
Jacob Yanovsky
6/29, 9:12pm
Jacob Yanovsky
heart emoticon
Guadalupe Gonzalez
6/29, 9:14pm
Guadalupe Gonzalez
totally ok smile emoticon
Poopykins Jurado
6/29, 11:37pm
Poopykins Jurado
Totally gasp emoticon
Guadalupe Gonzalez
7/2, 4:48pm
Guadalupe Gonzalez
can I bring a friend on tuesday? we’re driving to comic con the next morning and she’s staying over
Xavier Rodriguez
7/2, 5:08pm
Xavier Rodriguez
Sure sounds fine.
Guadalupe Gonzalez
7/2, 5:09pm
Guadalupe Gonzalez
smile emoticon
Guadalupe Gonzalez
7/5, 2:15pm
Guadalupe Gonzalez
alright guys, we have two options,
A) fight
B) take the job
A) will be messy and we’re split and idk if it’ll go well.
B) some of the concerns are that we should make sure they stop operations on the island, since that was our initial goal. get them to stop doing stuff on the island, but we aren’t in a bargaining position right now. And I agree, we should see if we can have them stop, or at least test elsewhere. But, we can’t outright accuse the Wizard that he’s the one in charge. It might be better if we take the job and prove our loyalty and then asking them to stop/move operations.
More information on what we’re getting into is better, in case it goes against our morals. Plus more details about the contract would be good.
Vlad Metrik
7/5, 4:12pm
Vlad Metrik
What are morals? Derek says job.
Luke Gamble
7/5, 4:49pm
Luke Gamble
Dimitri heart emoticon Evil Wizards, and bargains involving their magic.
Poopykins Jurado
7/5, 4:51pm
Poopykins Jurado
Secrets, magic, adventure. Doki votes job
Guadalupe Gonzalez
7/5, 5:54pm
Guadalupe Gonzalez
Kicking butt without fear of horrible retaliation. Xillali votes job
Naora? Erdan?
Breyana Scales
7/5, 5:55pm
Breyana Scales
Guadalupe Gonzalez
7/5, 5:55pm
Guadalupe Gonzalez
Want more info on what we’re actually doing? That’s alright. Let’s ask the wizard.
Jacob Yanovsky
7/6, 7:03pm
Jacob Yanovsky
I’m okay taking a job if it means solving the problems that we want to solve, but it sounds like it won’t accomplish anything and would continue to leave Stilttown in the dust.
(Also, I have a lot of work and might not be able to make it this week)
Vlad Metrik
7/6, 7:07pm
Vlad Metrik
does that mean we get to use Erdan as a human shield for another fight?
Breyana Scales
7/6, 7:08pm
Breyana Scales
A magical human shield
Vlad Metrik
7/6, 7:09pm
Vlad Metrik
+1 Erdan shield
it’s lightweight, because it’s con-descending! get it?
Luke Gamble
7/6, 7:10pm
Luke Gamble
“It’s unanimous – human shield!” Dimitri says, fully aware of the actual definition of ‘unanimous’
Poopykins Jurado
7/6, 7:50pm
Poopykins Jurado
Guadalupe Gonzalez
7/6, 8:06pm
Guadalupe Gonzalez
are we doing it? jake made a good point, it’s not really helping stilt town, and it’ll mean we’re stuck in this land longer.
Vlad Metrik
7/6, 8:11pm
Vlad Metrik
I don’t really see a viable alternative
Guadalupe Gonzalez
7/6, 8:12pm
Guadalupe Gonzalez
lol, fight?
and die
Vlad Metrik
7/6, 8:14pm
Vlad Metrik
Derek: what’s wrong with doing the job? We don’t die for a while longer, we might make some money, we gain some influence and perhaps work our way out of the situation.
Breyana Scales
7/6, 10:48pm
Breyana Scales
We might lose influence if this is bad for Hestavar
Vlad Metrik
Vlad Metrik
We can always kill them all later at an advantageous moment.
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez
(just a reminder, he’s willing to give you more information but he wants to sign his NDA basically)
he wants you to sign his NDA
Poopykins Jurado
Poopykins Jurado
Doki is still a yes
“Can we ask you consequence free questions when we sign this?”
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez
Breyana Scales
Breyana Scales
Is signing an NDA an agreement to do the task?
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez
He’s actually surprised that you have moral issues considering you just came to a hestavar garrison and murdered duly appointed guards for said garrison.
Luke Gamble
Luke Gamble
“I would hate to think of political fallout that would happen if we DIDN’T help wizard, considering everything we have done on island…” Dimitri says with a wry grin
Vlad Metrik
Vlad Metrik
I’m having a hard time imagining what a dragon-born grin looks like.
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez
it’s probably fairly disturbing. not that dereck would pick up on that
Luke Gamble
Luke Gamble
Probably not far off from just a baring of teeth, like an angry dog
… but jollier!
Vlad Metrik
Vlad Metrik
Luke Gamble
Luke Gamble

Luke Gamble
Luke Gamble
… Immediately regret not making Dimitri a green dragon druid.
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez
Luke Gamble
Luke Gamble
The dandiest dragonborn in all the land

Session Sixty (NBL) - Battle Continues on Island

Dimitri talks to rogue by using intimidation. The rogue reaches under his bow and takes out a crossbow from his left hand and begins to walk away slowly. Alarm bell has changed it’s tone and it’s now doing a coded message.
Dimitri feels a little static in the air He tries to figure out the source, the best he can tell is that direct affinity with lightning is coming from the ship.
The group hears a loud noise coming from the direction of the docks. Doki casts major illusion making it look like the room is on fire. Dimitri takes a sneak peak by opening the door and sees an undead creature in body armor so he knocks the door open and 7 undead in full body armor headed toward us.
Derek rolls a crit with sneak attack.

Xilli shoots it in the face with a magical arrow. Non magical attacks seem like they do nothing.
Undead dies and explodes in and deals electrical damage.
Fire disappears and we all see the roof collapse and block the entrance to the room (major illusion)

Druid goes down and archers are begging for mercy. Derek gets hit with a necromancy attack. Hit point maximum for Derek is now reduced by 4.

Xillali loots the druid. The bell is no longer ringing.
Have the achers sound the all clear. There is a lot of noise coming from the warship. After interrogation Doki finds out “We’re supposed to drop off food and items and then leave. We don’t know when we’re supposed to leave. The wizard probably summon the writes, don’t face him he will kill you by looking at you.“ Doki scares a guy to death (well, fainted).

Hear a magical voice looming from the ship. “Come out and surrender and drop all your weapons. If you don’t we kill your friends and destroy your ship.” Dimitri senses that we are indeed being watched. Party leaves weapons in nooks and crannies. “Go up the back onto the dock” We walk out into the area with shipping containers. “Please walk forward until I can actually see you” Naora leaves kurasi, dims it, and hooks it up to a wall so it looks like a normal torch.
The group se three large cannons pointed at us. “Who is your representative?” Xilalli steps forward. Wizard points at Xillali and sends message. He’s super impressed and wants to offer us get offered a job.
Dimitri, Doki, and Xialli will head towards the ship by themselves to talk to the wizard.

15 silver
1 potion of greater healing
18 c
1 pl

TMA Sesson Fifty Four - The Dragon's Hoard


FIght with Fire Giants

Polymorph one into a squirrel, charm it and and put it in a bottle

go to treasure hoard room

see large room with two levels, dias, and an enormous treasure horde – light source from middle of room, but can’t see the source.

Go up top, see nothing.

Tailem flies up with bottle to drop giant – attacked by dragon

Wizard and 3 fire giants. Wizard wears a red dragon mask

Dragon fight, tailem tries to summon mob, fire giant ignores and takes her down, hostage

wizard attempts to parley, tailem brought to consciousness and attacks, wizard fireballs

Session Fifty Nine (NBL) Coup deGrasse - die, son

<derek class="”rogue”">
<title> Coup deGrasse – die, son! </title>
The party debates what to do. Options are
Arrow of Finding
Use Animal Means
Xilalli could change into an animal and sniff her out
she could also talk to the plants to find out what’s going on
Naora wants to do drugs

Xilalli attempts to smell out Doki as a panther, but only gets a whiff of her at our current location, and then the scent fades away. As we debate what to do next we see somebody coming down a pathway dragging a body. It looks like an Eladrin dragging a halfling, leaving a trail of smeared blood, likely Doki’s.

Keeping hidden, we book it to the base of the slitted dome, and then run alongside the base to cut off the Eladrin. Derek leaps at him, critically slicing his throat so finely that the Eladrin is confused at what happened. Unable to make a sound and quickly dying, he drops to the ground, dropping Doki as well. Not losing momentum we grab Doki, leave the Eladrin, and continue moving toward the doorway, visible to possible onlookers as nothing more than a tumbleweed.

After Laying On Hands we start to hear commotion on the other side of the door. Meanwhile Derek loots the body. He finds {
copper: 15,
gold: 5,
semi-precious gems: 6,
potion: 1

Using his quick thinking, because he’s the smartest, Erdan casts Web on across the door. Upon first attempt of opening the door it gets entangled in the Web, allowing on a slit to be open.

[DIMITRI] – The small guitarist needs to drink now, but is hardly the time, I think. But her skin is no longer pale, so perhaps halfling need alcohol to live. Elf librarian wants to put everyone in bag, but this is bad idea. Also, more healing. [/DIMITRI]

<derek>“Sound the alarm!” is heard beyond the door, with quick, diminishing footsteps. Quickly dropping the Web, we run in and hear combat music.

Doki bravely runs forward and with vengeance in her eyes casts cone of Fear.
Erdan follows up with a Web spell, clearly intending to not let anyone run away and sound the alarm. {Erdan: “those bow-zoes”}
Dimitri moves to the farthest non-feared Eladrin he can get to and proceeds to double attack him. Both hitting and one critting, splattering him in half. He’s now blue and red.
Looking around and finding the odd one out in terms of who’s not feared, Derek charges at the lucid one and just plunges his big knife into the Eladrin’s sound.

Some of the Eladrin disengage and run upstairs.

[DIMITRI] Cat elf runs into the room and is disappointed that Dimitri has already slaughtered the pathetic archers using his superior combat ability. Then, there is bell, which is meaning there is more archers to eviscerate. Today is good day, and much blood will be spilled. [/DIMITRI]

We kill all but one, which Doki interrogates with a fierce vengeance, while Derek searches the bodies. Loot {
silver: 30
semi-precious gems: 5
ornamental gems: 2
ring: amethyst (magical)

We hide in a room. After a while Erdan openes the door to which leads to the doc. He sees 3 winged apes land and charge towards Erdan, who’s screaming in panic.
Dimitri casts some wind thingy, pushing back 3 of 7 (“fart in their genital direction” ~ Naora).

Gorillaz bust through the door and proceed to attack us.

Erdan blasts them with Fireball.
Dimitri only hits one of the two he attacks he lobbes, dealing 15 dmg.

An Eldarin pops up and casts Entangle on Dimitri, Naora, Derek, and Doki. Only Naora is not restrained.

Xilalli pounces and claws at a gorilla.
[DIMITRI] In our bloodlust, the paladin and I fail in our duty to murder. However, cat elf makes up for this and rips out the monkey’s jugular. Hurrah! [/DIMITRI]
Doki casts Shatter.
Erdan fireballs.
Derek breaks free of the tangle and runs partially up the stairs.
Naora tripped a gorilla.
Xilalli blighted the ass ass in.

Dimitri gets rended by a gorilla.

Derek runs up the stairs, gets missed by the readied actions of 5 Eladrin and a Druid, crits one Eladrin and then runs down the stairs.
Naora frightens the gorilla.

The Assassin holds a blade to Erdan’s throat saying “let’s discuss this peacefully now”, threatening to Coup deGrasse Erdan, telling Dimitri to stop his Gust of Wind.

It’s Xilalli’s turn ..

TMA Session Fifty Three- The Lava Shrine


Vicious ghosts go into a monologue about how Dagon has defiled their temple. Dagon rages, and the fight is on, and the party gets tromped pretty hard.

Le Monasch: Okay, so here’s what happened. Some of my turn ordering may be incorrect. I apologize. >_>;
Turn 1: Half the group gets possessed (Klotonk, Dagon, and Cosmo are the ones not affected). Dagon rages and goes fury mode. Cosmo icebites a ghost. Klotonk casts confusion a bunch of them, hits 3 on the floor beneath where Dagon is.
Turn 2: All possessd people move towards lava and the rest attack. Biggest consequence of this is that Klotonk takes two crits in the face and drops. Dagon smashes through a ghost and cleaves into another. Cosmo tries to reason with the ghosts to stop, but no response.
Turn 3: Ghosts move more. Taelim is out on the lava now. Klotonk makes a death save → 20. He’s a 1 hp and conscious now. Dagon talks with ghosts and realizes that it’s the pendant he snagged that they want. He throws it at them and they all vanish. Including the ones in possessed bodies. Taelim falls into the lava. 10d10 damage occurs and Taelim is knocked out.
[12:54:28 AM] Le Monasch: turns are fuzzy now since we went in order, but I don’t recall what was what.
Yaup healed Taelim to keep her alive, but in agony. Everyone wracks their brains to think of something. Maziel considers Windwall but decides not to. Klotonk casts fly to get Taelim out but needs two turns to get there due to distance. Yaup heals Taelim again. Klotonk arrives and needs to pull off a DC 16 strength check to yank Taelim from the lava. Cosmo gives massive encouragement (gave inspiration for advantage on check) → 3 and nat 20. Klotonk lugs Taelim to safety and we all take a well deserved short rest and blow much of our hit dice

Party goes back to the shrine and finds a ghost bard sitting on it, playing music. They ask it various questions and learn more about the red dragon, who is being “tortured by Torog Cultists” – they learn they have to take the boat down the tunnel to the Palace, since that’s where the red dragon is.

Party doesn’t want to risk grabbing the pendant again, so they go back and ask slicer, since he’s a follower of tiamat, if he can talk to the boat. The boat responds!

The team uses the the boat to go down the lava river a ways and maziel gets out and scouts a chokepoint. She see a fire giant guard and possible small door to go through. maziel and klotonk use a message to communicate with each other.

So, the rest of the session.
After our short rest, we found a ghostly bard that was provided some information to us. The dragon that resides here is actually being tortured by fire giants. We surmise that saving the dragon will grant us the answers we want. We also learn that the dragon boat only responds to those with an affinity to Tiamat. From this we make a couple of plans. Plan A: See if Slicer can command the boat. Plan B: Pray to Tiamat ourselves and then try to guide the boat. Plan C: Pick the amulet back up and have Yaup turn undead to fuck their shit. Plan D: Plan C failed and we’re dead (Plan Dead). From Gard (ghost bard, we named him since he could not recall his own name), also knew songs of dwarven heritage. Just cool to note. We tried to get him to join us for the fight, but he has ghost alzheimer’s or something. He did ask that we set his bones to rest in the land he once came from. This happened to be Illium. Dagon very much wants to make this happen. His bones were the ones on that rock. The disk was also his. He tells us to flip it and we do. It slows time incredibly. We snatch it out of the air in an attempt to not waste this usage. It cracks anyway and likely only has one use left. We figure we could get an 8 hour rest in a matter of seconds real time. Great for our situation.
[8:42:40 PM] Le Monasch: We get back to the Dragon Boat and Plan A succeeds. Slicer commands the boat down the lava river to the palace. We make it to the initial gates and Maziel jumps out to scout the area. She takes some damage, but learns valuable information about fire giant patrols and guard huts that scatter the inner area.
[8:45:18 PM] Le Monasch: As Maziel returns, we use a Message cantrip to communicate and figure out what we need to do next. Yaup and Taelim convince the party to all meld into stone in the boat as the boat drives itself through to the inner palace. This provides us little understanding of where we are and our surroundings, but it will likely get us in. Dragon Boat can also shoot fire (three times a day). It’s full capacity in terms of structural integrity has not been fully tested (fire giants had large rocks that they can likely throw to assault the boat). DB also hates the fire giants since they’re torturing the dragon.
[8:46:08 PM] Le Monasch: We meld in (this uses like… 7 major spell slots from Yaup and Taelim) and go forth. There’s lots of banging and murmuring, but the sounds come and go. There’s eventually scraping and then nothing.
[8:47:00 PM] Le Monasch: Maziel pops out and surveys the area. Treasure room of sorts. Guards outside, but not exactly guarding the room I don’t think. Maziel knocks on the boat in all the spots that we melded into and tells us to come out.
[8:47:15 PM | Edited 8:47:21 PM] Le Monasch: Dagon pops out and screams, “FROM STONE I AM REBORN
[8:47:50 PM] Le Monasch: All players have facepalm hard enough to shatter diamonds.
[8:47:59 PM] Le Monasch: Fire Giant guard bursts in
[8:48:01 PM] Le Monasch: Session ends

Session Fifty Eight (NBL) Piece of Ship
Dimitri is a blueberry

A rough looking Eladrian tells us to put down our weapons, shields, and any magical implements and follow them in the citadel. Erdan tries to weasel his way out of it by letting them know we are just looking for our boat. Derek his request wasn’t successful as he sees the Eladrian use thieves cant to signal “leave no one alive”.
Derek attacks the head honcho Eladrian as four rangers attack Xillalil. In duress from the pain Xillali loses concentration. In the distance there is a roar as a cat transforms into a Bulette.
An assassin cuts Xilalli’s throat and infects her with poison. She’s heavily bloodied.
Doki casts Stinking cloud encompassing all but 1 of the guys.
Druid guy restrained us by using plants. Speed is now 0, attack rolls against us are on advantage.
Erdan casts fireball over the sticking cloud. Die of fate is a 6. Stinking cloud is gone, we see a big smoking crater. Two guys are prone in the back, and more guys are completely incinerated. Main Eladrian dude says to kill the druid then the mage. Xillali gets a crit hit and falls to the ground.
Erdan gets attacked and falls as well. Naora is able to tell that boss dude is a super high level rogue, then kills him. The rangers flee. Derek loots the body and cuts out a piece of the skin indicating his tattoos that boss dude is a vecknite. Dimitri cuts off boss dude’s head, pokes out an eye and cuts off one of his hand then puts the head and hand into his bag incase he needs to warn other Vecknites of his power. Doki takes off the ring from the dead druid and is easily removed and goes perfectly on her finger.
As doki starts to walk over her, she feels like a great weight has been lifted from her. Doki checks her aura – it’s unchanged. Derek puts on shoes and they resize. Dimitri pushes bodies off plane.
Dimitri can see a very large war ship coming in our direction. He can tell it looks like a hestavarian ship, but there’s something off about it. Xillali equips pass without a trace and successfully casts it before the warship can see them. The Warship circles the moat. An hour passes without finding an adequate place. Group decides to camp for an hour to rest as Xillali casts pass without a trace again.
Doki and Derek sees a giant gorilla with wings, lands on a tree and and sniffs around. It looks around, sees nothing and leaves. Dimitri continues to dig a pit to hide under a bush for cover.
Erdan crawls into the hole and pats dirt all around him. Group sleeps as Dimitri keeps watch.
Group heads back towards the village and sees over 10 Elandran searching the town were we fought. Group decides to go through the jungle to reach the docks. We make it through the jungle without any encounters. See giant stone smooth wall with a tiny door and half way up there’s a murder holes. Beside the wall we see a smaller building and on the dock we see our ship docked next to the war ship.
Xillali is reasonable sure that the bullete tracks match the tracks she found in hestavar. Doki turns ethereal. She uses longstrider and heads towards our ship in search of squint and crew. Doki sees 6 eladrean ransacking all of our personal belongings, and 5 eladrean standing gaurd on the top. Next Doki goes to the other ship, she finds a room on where she finds squint, crew, Sierra, and Nym broken in half with two guards keeping watch.. She sees 20 eladrin sailors in the second tier. On the top of the dock there are 10 Eladrian soldiers and more mage druid dudes.
There have been adjustments made to the ship that protect a massive hulk of the ship. It doesn’t look like we can break from the outside in. It looks like the ship came from Pandamonium.
The small building is a clearing house. Inside the giant wall there is open hall for eating. There is a stairway that leads up, there are 10 Eladrian that are wearing metal weapons scouting. Doki sticks her tongue out at them. There are barracks on the top part of the building. Doki goes to scout the tower.The tower does not respond to her. She randomly pass the wall. She enters a room that is about 10ft wide by 25ft long. It looks like it’s been prepared for corpses. It looks like a holding cell for bodies, like a morgue. There is no one she recognizes but they look like they come from Hestavar,. She goes through the nearest door. Sees a hospital type room where they disincent Bullete. She goes into another room and sees two Devas discussing with each other. She doesn’t understand them.

Derek – 1 vial of assasin’s poison from boss dude
Derek – very nice elven that are magical boots – advantage on dex saving throw
15 silver
1 pl
Doki – wooden ring with 2 connecting paws.
Derek – plants

TMA - Session Fifty Two - Crypt-ology


start in the crypt
solve puzzles
Pray to tiamat
find the lake
explore the ruins
provoke the ghosts

Session Fifty Seven (NBL) Ballistics: Cat-apults and Bulettes.

Naora wants to stay and wait for party. Xillali turns back and sees that one of the four Bulette is missing. Ahead of the party Naora sees Derek creep out of the forest line and then sees a Bulette jump out and lands in front of the Derek. Naora runs towards the party. Derek gets a surprise attack and hurts it a tad. Dimitri trashes it with a double hit and it falls to the ground
Xillali has her centipedes come up closer to the group so that they can attack another one by itself. After healing Derek and going into hiding the group sees a giant centipede emerge from the forest then the Bulette jumps out of the forest and it tramples the last remaining centipede.
Derek jumps onto the Bulette from a rock and stabs it with both his daggers blooding it. A third Bulette appears and attacks Dimitri. Erdan Banished it from the realm. The Second falls down in flames. Erdan dismisses the spell and the Bulette is no longer Banished. Derek is annoyed that he can’t harvest from the first fallen Bulette again so he jumps on top the third Bulette and was unable to attack. The Bulette attacks Naora and she falls to the ground then Xillali heals her. A fourth Bulette lands on top of the rock that Erdan was occupying. He takes 40 damage is prone. He stands and leaves towards the first Bulette in order to seek protection from the hole that dimitri cut open. Xillali releases her flame blade and polymorphs the fourth Bulette into a cat. The cat attacks Erdan. Group decides it’s best to throw the cat into space from the boat. When the party goes to the boat they saw the boat was missing so Dimitri throws the cat into the abyss (mraooooooooooowwww). Xillali went to go figure if the footprints of the Bulette were the same as footprints from the town. As she’s searching she sees a boot in front of her. She looks up and sees a bunch of Elandrean soldiers pointing arrows at the party.

LOOT – Bulette plate (can be used for a shield)


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