League of Xee

Session Seventy Nine (NBL) - We’re Boned

EEEWWWWWWW, everything is still GROSS

Dimitri starts to feel very strange and very odd, then fades out. His eyes fade out.
The floor underneath us starts to do something and the feet start sinking into the fleshy floor
Doki and Xillali are blinded after getting spit in their faces. Everyone feels slower, weaker, etc. Some of us get stuck on the floor and can’t move. As minions get killed effects are removed.

Doki destroyed the shrine. All of Doki’s hair grows longer. Erdan’s hair is white.
We all feel stronger, smarter, less lightheaded.

We manage to kill everything. Search the room.
Dimitri loots moving bone armour

Short rest

Pass without a trace, see humanoids stuck to the wall. Erdan is able to figure out they’re vampires. They seem to be important to something.

Naora rips open the spyntar. The room looks like an active orary that maps the elemental chaos. Downside, it’s large.
Erdan grabs it anyway.

Doki, Xillali, and Derek fail. Xillali loses concentration on pass w/o trace. Everyone affected drops to one hitpoint, their spines leave their body and create a giant skeleton surrounding the map.

“Who are you that are not the flesh of my master” says the monster

2 fiery axes (magical)
Moving bone armour
6 scrolls, 4 of them Erdan doesn’t know about
One of them is a teleportation sigil
symbol don’t recognize on his body
Doki has a handful of bone things

Session Sixty Seven (TMA) - Cloudgoat


Outer city –

most of city is in ruins – not inhabited – core group of goliaths and dwarves have resettled
strong enough to fight forces of primus, but they are thinking of leaving

5 places
Ironmaster – I CAN make a +1 shield for you – but it will take something
The Chieftan – you can clear out the dungeon and bring me the horn? I will offer a great reward
Melora’s church – cagey – knowing – potions (healing, poison proc) – who to side with? the land, of course.
The Keep (dwarf den) – learn more about the dwarf curse (the two xee’s and zuggutmoy) – Give US the horn!
The market – buy shit
Wildcard: Melora has an active interest here – ask around and investigate – get melora’s blessing (protection, advantage on saves vs. everything “natural”, on activation, for 24 hours)

Kolae niddhog [ dwarves who make trap – won his favor

Klotonk – 10 – go to the chieftan – Kilot – 0 cleric of melora

maziel – 8 goes to sisters of Eilistraee, learns about drow living in peace with dwarves
dragh – 7 – iron masters
cosmo – entertainment – got a wish spell from robbing the church of Melora

dagon – 8
Drunken Swan – got drunk and got married to an ugly dwarf. Vagga Ironvien

Session Seventy Eight (NBL) - Stinker Surprise

Xillali levels up. Hell yeah guys, thanks for reading!

Approaching this large mass of pulsating flesh. In front of Naora there is this large hole. Everything is covered in a fleshy substance. She gets a bone that’s still fleshy. Super nasty, Do not want to touch. She throws it, thank goodness – it’s so ichy. Goodness this is disgusting.
Hear clatter clatter clatter and more noise than we expect. Hear, in common, “WHO DARES DISTURB MY SLUMBER” something BIG comes down the ceiling. GIANT BAT. It’s NOT happy.

Doki feeds it a skull, and the giant bat bites doki she gets dragged upwards. Doki teleports away. Derek and Erdan suggest that it eats a pile of bones.

The walls pulsate every so often, everything is most. To our left, we see the pathway constrict. To the right there is a set of ribs/bones that look like a stairway. As they touch it, it pushes back a little bit. SUPER GROSS. Aurg. Disgusting. EWWWW. EWWWWWWWW…..

Naora massages it enough that she falls through the section. There seems to be black clusters. OH GOODNESS IT GOT MORE DISGUSTING. The black clusters are poisonous.


Naora pushes back. It’s harder to get back.

Naora goes into the other room, two fire elementals create fire swords. They tell her she’s not a part of the unseelei and not welcome here. She heads back. Derek is harvesting poison in the other room.

Unseelei are a part of the fae court. They are blocking blocking an entrance.

Xillali knows the direction of the heart.
Dimitri and Naora touch a hole with their Javalin and Staff.The second it touches it they decompose, touching it causes mummy wrath.

There are scrolls in little crevesasses in this viney chamber. GROSS but kinda cool. Still GROSS. The scrolls are stuck in holes. There seems to be a subtle magical effect in this room. Erdan throws the scroll through the hallway. Nothing happens. Doki brings it back. After everyone keeps walking away. Erdan opens the scroll. He is now affected by a chaotic curse. Negative affect on him. Saving throws are reduced by 1 pt until long rest. The book is about vampires. He can tell that it’s stuff he shouldn’t know about.

All scrolls that he gets are orcus. He takes out the gem card. It resonates with three different cards. One is Tiamat, the other is Torog, and the last one is Veckna symbols. They resonate very strongly. He opens Tiamat’s scroll. No noticeable effect (he failed saving throw). Scroll describes a story of a vampire. Description of meeting Vodja. He sensed that she had various chaos magic. He found out he had she had the card.

The two other scrolls are testaments from Vampires. One of the vampires worked for Torog. He found out that there was a card of the red dragon. Which is the prison card, that lived in Solstice, but it was under a time spell that no one can get at. The Vecka one is about the Tallons. There are certain agents of Vekna that had this card. He tracked it down to Veklan’s hidden city called Citadel Caveteas. It’s currently in the hands of the captain of the city guards called the reevers. It looks like a very harrowing place, even for a vampire. It’s a haven for undead. His curse is undone when opening the Veckna scroll. He takes all four scrolls.

In a different room there is a sundial, in the body, that I want. SRSLY want.
Sundial looks li

“Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era”

Xillali moves the dial so the line and the “f” match. Xillali leaves to get Erdan.
See three suits of armor. One is black, one is white, one is red.

Erdan passes the sundial icon, and he now sees that the area is now open. Erdan sees tables and chairs, all made of bone. He sees light from way back, like a blue light, similar to karassi.

Doki hears a lot of muttering/voices. Sounds of torture coming from upstairs.
Helmed Horrors. They posses intelligence, fly, serve w.o ambition or emotion. They follow orders through complete loyalty. They’re immune to three spells that the owners chose.
Embedded into the wall there are humanoid. He could guess that they are vampires merged from the wall.

Find a very small sphinter on the wall, where the book direction is at. In front of us there is a cleric sitting in front of an idol with the symbol of orcus. You are forbidden here. One weapon is is flame, the other flame is blue flame.
EEEWWWWWWW, everything is GROSS.

Session Seventy Seven (NBL) - Un-bear-able puns

Head monk comes to visit Erdan. I have an interesting story that might be relevant to you. Apparently there was a monk that studied here and had a lot of information on the hearth. He took books from into the abyss. The monk is hoping for us to find him, or the book “Decay of Power”, at least make it back first.

The red cloud is completely opaque. The red fog smells like guts.
Laughing black bones, they sound the alarm. More zombie stigian skeleton. They’re remnants of fallen heroes that die in an area corrupted by evil.

One of them has a bright green feather. Path widens significantly, the bell hits something and make a loud dong. It looks like the bell is up against a large bone. Dimitri thinks it’s a dragon bone.

Compass points to the path on the left. Naora feels the presence of a very powerful fiend.
!0 minutes pass. Erdan finds the book, same direction as the Fiend, and the hearth.

Hear in front of us, “what is this? what is this?” “A bell?” chackles
Hear a voice in our minds “whoooo wishes to pass the gate”
“Would you bell-ieve it was just a bell” says doki
The voices start laughing, “ohohoho this one is funny!!”

There are two bones devils, in front of what looks like to be in front of a giant dragon’s head.

That’s an acceptable bride for one of us. Give them the mirror that doesn’t show reflection to the other one.

They open the gates for us. There’s no fog when you go over the gate.

7gems various ~10gp
various black bones
Erdan has a green feather.

Session Seventy Six (NBL) - The other Zee

Zee is a part of the family, he’s looking for the deck of many things. and is currently in shadowfell. The family is part of undead?

Go to kord district, dimitri and naora are further away near the gate
Ham is with the enchanter
address is a burned down building
has never been burned down
Cards are vibrating.
Only the key card is vibrating
Erdan’s eyes start glowing red, he can see the door, wants to go inside, xialli wont let him

go inside, see Ham, you aren’t supposed to be here, oh you have cards? come right in.

dimitri and naora get thre, were gone door opens and they see darwen vampire wearing death knight armor

Haemnathen – blood lord, primordial, super gluttonous,
the race of blood fiends are decescendants from him, orcus designed vampires based on the blood fiends.
During tghe dawn war, he was slein, parts of his body were scattered across the shadowfell, no one knows who killed himn, just rumors

The wall around glimmer is remains of his spine and parts of his brains.
His heart is rumored to have fallen in a mountain range a few days away from were’ at. The impact created a giant crevasse, it’s the one major peiece of him that no one has access to it. People make pilgramages there, the GITHZERAI have a monsetary near. It’s the same race of the GITHYAKI, but they’re more zen months, vs rapangeging warriror
Found a book/journal that indicated all the people that have gone through in the last 10 years, The list contained mostly vampries, adventurous and Bobert the Goodfellow (Erdan’s Brother).

Set of entry with a list of who comes back, it was empty.

three possible oppiurtuties, tomorrow there are a group of slavers going in that general direction. Pay well for extra bodyguards. Few days is a resupply mission. Don’t pay as well. 1 week from now there are patrols from raven queen that are flying there.

Kaess is the patron, the dead guy, he’s traveling with us

Dimitri, Naora and Xillali get Fear after seeing slaves being sold for pleasure. A few days pass and 6 riders appear, they look like us. We ignore them, and keep moving.
4th week passes by and we get there, the slavers pay us the remainder. While we’re there there is a mist that rises up around us. It starts to get really cold.

5 people are plants that are moving and the other 5 are fae
The 5 fae are ridding the plant creatures spider plant things. Speak Silvean, they want us to leave, so they ask us to move down for an hour to give them more space. We head back down, and for our troubles get 50g worth of amethysts.

The monks do not expect us, they ask us if we are here to see the crevasse. They were looking for a monk of the green flame.

Blood red fog, covers the crevasse, there is a
the fog causes a confusion effect, avoid fog affects, some people come out. a goliath fighter came out about 50-60 years ago, without much memory. He saw things of bone.

Show a device that was used at one point, it looks like a bell looking like device with tubes

Session Sixty Six (TMA) - Asimba After


Dagon rolling on down the hill, Mage of War slows him down and gets him back to normal

Klontonk – Read the book, get exhausted (resolved)
Gnomes – Build cooking implements – serve
Kolae – tries to get D’ragh to hook up with Maziel
D’ragh explain estraylee to Maz, actually interested

Kolae Mad on for the Two Headed Dragon

Do a scene shift – bunch of stuff happens – team cleans up other skeinpaths -

one is an ancient fighting barbarian arena – an ancient spirit from the skein has been attracted to the recent break and will attack the players trying to restore it (this one team broke)

One is a in grove on top the hill – corrupted nightmares protect this one

One is inside an abandoned monastary – place is a maze and there are odd ghostly things haunting it – will find a corrupted monk with strange powers

D’ragh D’Nambra doesn’t worship Lloth – his group worships Eilistraee “the Dark Maiden” -
came up through the crevace (there are strange yellow fog, moving fungus creatures – it’s a strange landscape where the creatures and plants won’t talk to us – they are listening to some other song)

The Hole in the ground is abandoned drow elf entrance to the underdark – first level is all zuggutmoy’s

Nearby city – ruined dwarven city, but will see smoke – holdouts are bandits but not neccessarily hostile

Session Seventy Five (NBL) -

Lots of books about Osoum. There is a book on rune magic that Erdan might be interested in. Erdan doesn’t take anything.

Session Seventy-Four (NBL) - A farewell to Arms
Blue > Bronze

Everyone is fucked

Erdan is kicked out of the bookstore. He notices how dark it is, and decides to head back home. Meets up with Xilalli at the bar, talking to the old guard. The guard recommends to Xillali that she shouldn’t change her hair color while in town.

Xilalli needs to go to the roots

Derek bribes his way out of the island (-10gp). He remembers “Mario”, the moustached guard who wields the keys, for next time. He makes it back to the Inn.

Dimitri needs to kill the dragonborn, he saw his face. Ham recommends that instead of killing it, he’d wrap him up in ropes. Naora and Dimtri walk back to the Inn. They hear a sound, see a raven with a necklace. It starts following them even after they left the raven queen’s domain.

The last thing Doki recalls is an old lady who helps her take her back to the Inn. Xilalli makes sure that Doki’s arm heals properly and won’t get infected. She notices that Doki’s arm was cut off and healed.

Derek sneaks off into the kitchen to go bake a poisoned pie. Looks for a crate to stand on since everything is human sized. He gets all the materials and then he hears a cough “what do you think you’re doing?”
Derek and Chef are now on a pie cook off. Both members switch pies, both pies are disgusting. Switch pies, and pies are still disgusting. The chef gives Derek better ingredients and leaves him alone. In the morning the crew finds Derek and the Chef in the kitchen still going at it, with fifty pies of all sorts ready for everyone to consume. Derek keeps one pie which is poisoned for the guards.

Doki wakes up, and gives Naora her arrows. Xilllali tells Doki she can’t have the bag of holding anymore. Gives it to Naora to carry instead. Xillali does not believe Doki at all.

Party goes downstairs in the morning and see Derek and the InnKeeper Chef filled the kitchen with pies.

Xillali goes to buy a shawl to cover her hair. Erdan haggles it from 5 copper to 1 copper by ripping it.
They reach the entrance of the Roots. The guards inquires on his
He gives us 3 Necklaces each, “wear this and you shouldn’t come to any harm while you’re inside. Beware if you wander outside the guided path, we cannot guarantee your safety.“

The Elf takes us to the Inculaba, get stuck in truth telling spell. Xillali fails so she gets questioned. She has to answer truthfully. She gives up her braces for 10K and be taken to Steven’s office. Research for a very high level spell. From what we understand, they want to go back in time and alter one particular event. They’re in a chain of at least 10 different descendants. They’re searching for the books in hopes of finding more words from the spell. Erdan learns a spell. Detect Book (3rd level spell Ritual – as long as you’re within 1000 ft of a particular book. You can name that book and it will let him find it. He needs to know the name of the book).

-20gp Inn

Session Sixty Five (TMA) - Swarm of Bats


[3:21:02 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Summary of last nights events:

Team uses Greater Restoration on the petrified person since they have clues that this person has potions that might help out.

D’Ragh D’mora – Drow Elf Druid – His mission was to enter the temple as a sacrifice to the old gods and last thing he remembered was touching the door. He has some ungent that he smears on Maziel and she slowly starts to unpetrify.

Kolae uses this opportunity to try and play matchmaker <3→t handle it)

Team fights, things are going okay, but then swarms disappear one by one, moving to other side.

The team skeinpaths back to the real world to fight the swarms.

Dagon does something with the staff – and begins to grow – he grows about 50 feet tall and breaks through the ceiling – rocks fall down and crush some of the bats

end line

Session Sixty Four (TMA) - The Lightning Lord

[10/12/2015 1:19:34 AM | Edited 1:45:17 AM] Monasch: Session Recap:
Maziel asks more questions to the Magi of War. She revealed that was not able to access the area because the Magi of the Hunt (Viceak, if I remember correctly) had marked her thereby preventing her entrance to the location. MotH also marked others, but I don’t think it was revealed who. MoW also appears to have a love interest inside the circle of Magi. We suspect Magi of Myth. After questioning, Maziel heads back to the cursed temple.
Maziel and Cosmo find the group lounging about after a tough battle. Some additional loot was acquired from the eel monster, including a cursed demon-armor chain helm. The helm fuses to your armor and grants you +1 natural weapons in the form of claws that deal 1d8 damage. This was only discovered when Koale decided that it would be a great idea to try it on.
After regrouping, the second door – the lightning lord door – become the object of investigation. A number of procedures were attempted, but the touch of lightning of a Lightning Arrow spell from Maziel opened the door. The inside was a medium sized chamber with small hallways that connected at the corners. After a minute, the door began to close and a statue (not the petrified person) was used to prop the door open. Venturing further into the room revealed that there was a creature waiting for us. A large six-legged stone goat that crackled with electricity apparated and looked none too pleased with us. It could zap projectiles out of the air and also retaliate with petrification. The group tried to lure it into the main chamber, but Koale got stuck trying to squeeze past the statue that propped up the door. Once Koale got through, Maziel was able to take a few shots at the creature but suffered full petrification from the goat. Cosmo moves swiftly out of the room. The goat rammed the statue, breaking it, and causing the door to descend rapidly. Klotonk, last in the room, slips out and the door slams shut. The goat monster did not appear to be making any attempts to break through the door. Spent from the previous battles and with a petrified Momziel, the group left for the Kenku village. Koale took both the petrified Maziel and the other petrified human that we found in the main chamber. It was nighttime when the group hit the village and so they decided to set up camp for the evening under a spell hut (which protected them from a flash storm). In the morning, the group tried to find a cleric within the Kenku village but were unsuccessful. Some went to go find the Mage of War while Klotonk entertained the Kenku’s and learned about how they communicated. The Kenkus did reveal that they knew the petrified man we brought back and that he might be of help to us. Yaup unpetrified him and the session ended there.
[10/12/2015 2:51:31 AM | Edited 2:51:37 AM] Monasch: We also need a count on that gold from the chain worms since we said we counted that before hitting some sleep time in the spell hut.


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