League of Xee

Session Ninety Nine (NBL) - Vampire Fight!

Vampires were sent from Brother Vulture
It’s too late the ladies will know we’re here now
Vulture is a double agent, he was the blind monk we met
He works for Bare and Slith, the Vampire Lord down South
Bare and Slight is very reserved, so he’s not really fighting right now. He’s super powerful. He’s running a ring of vampire guys.
The vampires are trying to find the green dragon mask, they know that the ladies have it
They were concerned because the Fire Giant showed up, their sources tell them that they have the red dragon mask
Giants are here because of Bane Church
“Is that normal, send people from the murder palace to just start murdering you?”
Have the Vampire Spawn take us to Brother Vulture. Erdan opens the door. See 5 petrified status. They are in front of a Zehir (god of death) statue. They are all facing the door.
There are no other obvious entrances or exits of this room.
Doki finds a hidden passage under the statute leading downwards
I think that the Ladies did this, they found us out.
I don’t know where this goes
The ladies know everything, they are Demi Gods
Go down the stairs, below the zygorath. Wind up in an area with three passageways.
Left, Center, Right
Go to the right, Erdan senses a book coming from there (that he knows was in Brother’s Vulture’s belonging)
It feels a lot like the the library in the hearth.
There is also a wooden chest and a few weapons.
There is a magical trap on the chest – Erdan dispels the trap
The chest has several scrolls, a pair of boots, and a wand. The scrolls are coded discussions, letters between Vulture and a different agent.
Hear a scream from behind us, the vampire spawn wants to book it, he’s already super scared.
Spawn is killed.
Head back towards the scream. Sense that there is evil on the left. Check out the center

There is a pool of water in the center, Zukko puts his hand in it, the pool ripples and for a minute he thinks that he sees a different place in the water.
The room is dark. Destroyed puddle
Go down the Left, see three coffins. Two are closed one is open. There is a petrified vampire in one of the caskets. Same one as earlier.
Doki gets vampire soil from their coffins.

They must have crossed the sisters
What happened here!?
Voices can be heard muttering next to the status.
Talk to the guards who take us to Brother Hyena. He takes us to the Ladies.,

My ladies
I have brought the ones you have spoken of to you
The vails change from left to right, they have a red vail covering their eyes up to their nose
We have forseen you here
We have forseen you. Here. We have acertain that we have no choice but to give you what you need.
We wish for you retreive the red mask and destroy the Bane. Crush them, at their power.
Kill the headless horseman
Doki asks for assistant
Resources will be given to you, there will be some guards to help you
Fire Giants have helped the Banenights
No matter what choice the Ladies take our team will get the Green Dragon Mask

Session Seventy Six (TMA): Ice Bites

Go upstairs
Find the trash room and window to the upstairs
Find a Storm in a Bottle
Use a web to climb up?

Meet doresain, ask a lot of questions
Doresain goes away

Lose icebite spell
Gain ice meteor spell

Fight mages, lots of ice storm
Crazy octodemon

Session Ninety Eight (NBL) Masks


Doki goes off to get the latest scuttlebutt on the upcoming festival in two weeks. Do they use masks?

Dmitri is interested in tracking down and talking to the Bane-ites – You know that the Bane followers are very militaristic and powerful, but they haven’t made any major moves in a long time (couple hundred years)

Erdan is still interested in talking to the Zehir followers and getting information on the green mask. Given their experience in Tytherion (the ‘murder palace’) they’ll try to bluff their way in, or maybe get ahold of the special “ambassador” medallions

The team goes up to the back gate of the Temple District, are told to go in through the fortress with everyone else.

Team goes up to the Fortress – they get inside the Outer Bailey easily and have several places to explore but they are locked out of the Inner Keep, there’s some kind of hold up in terms of opening the doors. Bunch of people outside. Erdan spots a monk, an herbalist, and a soldier trying to handle a rowdy Wyvern. Doki casts speak with animals and talks to it in Halfling (so the soldier can’t hear) – The wyvern is upset because it smells a dragon. Dmitri gets downwind of the Wyvern, and it relaxes.

Erdan tries to mansplain what’s wrong with the Wyvern but Kennis the Animal Handler isn’t having any of it. Naora and Kennis talk as well.
Fire Giants have joined the garrison lately and it’s bugging the soldiers. One of the soldiers was recently killed a gruesome way in public, by getting nailed to wall, by one of the giants.

Dmitri goes and explores the nearby barracks, looking for a quartermaster. Finds a Thri-kreen Sergeant named Krick’Wk

Erdan talks to the Herbalist, who thinks that he’s Bobbert. Apparently Bobbert is currently stationed in the Bane Fortress(!?)

Dmitri pays 260gp to bribe Krick’Wk.
Gets further confirmation that the rank and file soldiers are upset about the fire giant situation and that a Storm Giant has recently shown up with an Honor Guard as well. Suggests the best way to sneak into the Temple District is to find a Half Orc named Marco who runs a brothel and buy a fake ambassador medallion.
Tells Krick’Wk that he’s on a special mission to retrieve “objects that would useful against Tiamat” and the Thri-Kreen tells him that a foppy elf (Bobbert) recently told him the same thing.

Erdan wanders in to the Temple of Bane. The Bane priests don’t pay attention to him, but he runs into the Fire Giant Honor guard. They are wearing the same clockwork medallions – this is the exact same group that the team found in the Fire Island. And just like on the Fire Island, the giant is nearby meditating. The Honor guard tells Erdan to piss off and he does.

Doki returns and learns the new Festival is called New Sun’s Dawning, but the new rites haven’t been given to the populace. Should be a few weeks.

Team goes back into the city and negotiates with Marco the Half Orc (owner of the brothel) for a fake ambassador medallion for 1000k, and goes into the temple district. Doki casts Major Image to make copies of the medallion that seem real.

Look for a special priest that stands out from the rest. Find a Blind priest named Brother Vulture. Drop Brother Owl and Spider’s names

Learn from Brother Vulture that the two Zehir Priests that they escorted from Kallenduren to Tytherion were actually sent to interrogate Voyja to learn the location of the White Dragon Mask. When they got the next clue, they hired an assassin (Derek) to remove Voyja from the board so no one else would learn the location, then set things up so that Derek would be hunted as well. But Derek disappeared.

Vulture seems to let slip that he knows/has possession of TWO of the masks. The green masks is being held by the Sisters of Fate. He seems to be confused that Dmitri doesn’t know where the Red Mask is. (indicating again, that Vulture knows where it is)

Brother Vulture says that he’ll make a request to let the team speak to the Sisters of Fate personally. Sends the team to fine quarters.

Right as the team is about to head to bed, several priests come in to talk to Erdan. A failed Charm spell reveals them to be Vampires, and they attack the party.

To be concluded Sunday.

Session Ninety Seven (NBL) Vectoria's Secret

Doki uses the Venca – Spirit Talk ability –
What was Timony collecting for the vecnites – Was trying to piece together the deck of many things

Didn’t talk about the mask?

2 shadowfell origin “Trade Bars” of Carved Bone, scripted, worth 1000 gp each

4 yellow Topaz’s worth 500 each
A ring that summons an Invisible Stalker
A spellbook ( see Archmage spell list in the Monster Manual)
A book that’s locked and warded

Timony’s eye
Luke cast Identify on the eye – keeps Timony’s eyeball

Doki had the magic drum as focloran bandore

Zukko – good for my career
Dagon talks Zukko into joining
Dagon and Naora disappear

Doki gets Keep fine new clothes
Nectorian’s secret

Brown drum arms – Bar

Dmitri – ask about the egg
Doki – go to the bartender and act like a tourist – egg
Erdan and xillali – observe
Zukko – singing stuff to orc The Blac
Noara Purple Tea

Temple district off limits – the egg was destroyed
Fate sisters took a hit
Orcs don’t like zukko

Erdan – go to the undermarket

Festavis In 2 weeks

Grab an orc

Head into the undermarket

The black candle – dwarf female Madame Divola

Love Potion for Doki
Give gifts for Festivus
Healing tea
New stuff
Yaun ti prayer scrolls
Casts comprehend – “useful”
Xillali – snake weapons
Instruments – Snake drum – 10 gp
Noara – tea
Doki – egg – snake
Headless horseman
Dmitri – wants to check out the fortress
Erdan – scroll came from priests who left – 100 gp spent
Zukko – buy potions

lupe – buy key from the doppleganger locksmith

Session Ninety Six (NBL) - Dimitri Flies - He Can Touch The Sky

Enter the castle, we see a Ghost bird we haven’t seen before. Need to fly over the crevasse since the bridge broke. Cross Maze, Dimitri sees something on the edge of his eye. Follows it.
Who dares trespass on my castle
I care not for your petty quest
It’s a weird old voice, it belongs to an ghostly elfish thing.
Cannot pass
Get to an area that is floating rocks. It looks like a little road. Walk up to one of the bigger islands. See four trolls in armor.
They are guarding a little bridge. Looks at Dimitiri
I need a secret that you have never spoken
Find a different pathway, chose to not give up secrets
Keep walking, in the center of a clearing there is an Idol. In front of the idol there is an unseeli.
Surrounding the idol there is a lot of offerings and candles.
It’s from an OG god
We make a monetary contribution to the idol, Felix hugs it. His shadow becomes a separate entity
The Shadow leads us to the arena. Mines that we need to go to the bleachers, and suggests we walk around the arena.
There are a lot of imps, they saw Timony but don’t know when.
Timony had a lady and a ghost thing they were talking to.
They made one of our friends lie down. He hasn’t got up yet
You can go through the door, but first you have to pass the game.
You can’t get hit by lightning
Doki walks up to an imp, holds it’s hand – casts shocking grasp
She says
You lose
Imp dies
I win! I get to pick the next game!!
Ok (says the imp)
Doki’s mouth starts to dry. She broke the contract.
Doki revivify’s the imp.
They take us across the hallway and point to where Timony went by. See two figures talking to each other and they turn over. It’s Timony and dragon in human form.

Kill Timony, Shimmerlee gets away


2 shadowfell origin “Trade Bars” of Carved Bone, scripted, worth 1000 gp each 4 yellow Topaz’s worth 500 each A ring that summons an Invisible Stalker A spellbook ( see Archmage spell list in the Monster Manual) A book that’s locked and warded
Undestroyed Folio Binding
Chunks of plated gold (Doki)
Cards of Deck of Many Things
(( OLD Want to make sure he has)) Magic Ring (Dimitri) Ring of Resistance Magic Force Damage, it is a sapphire ring.

Session Seventy Five (TMA): Circular Logic

Kelly – Dungeon

Maziel experiments with a fountain, rusts some of her equipment
Find a half mad Tiamat associated wizard
Find other Tiamat Wizards, loot a very shiny sword and a key that burns like fire

Fire Key
Expensive sword
Judge’s Larsali Concentrate
Potion of extra healing
Prison armor

Shiny sword is given to a giant door that looks like an ape.

Went through a hallway with crystals
Tailem got the cool book and the fire key

Cosmo saw a armillary sphere
Cosmo is “IT”

Went into a room with a tree and skull – avoided it

Cosmo to sacrifice the lion (won’t reappear) as a life in exchange for opening the door to the ceiling above

Session Ninety Five (NBL) - I Wish I Could Fly

Boat Lore – fight in the sump. Babayaga fought demons
Viziaq (Kelly’s dad) caught Babayaga – kinda of a big deal
Unseleli went to her hut to find things
They never entered the dark palace
Dragon boat takes us to the shore with the path that leads to unselie village

Fox mask Unseli comes heads back to us
Who are YOU?
Asks every person. At the end.
Wait right here
Four fairies materialize
Send my fairy out, talks to them, Fairy whisper in my ear,
I don’t really understand what they said, but one of the unseeli wants us dead.
Fox mask comes back out, address Xillalo
You are invited to dinner with the Three
Party heads over to dinner
You all look HORRIBLE, (xillali looks ok) everyone! Must change!!
Party gets makeover!!!!!!!
Dimitri gets gold light fine chainmail.
Mother Magenta Balm of War
Two headed fiend – Named Gilber sloat
Lundwand the Wisest
Behind Lundwand is a Nite Mare
None of the three seem to be happy to see us.
Dimitri wants to know about the Nite Mare.
I can talk about myself (says the horse)
Hmrmmm your name sounds familiar
We have similar professions (guards really old guy)
My name is trust.
Cannot talk about Timony
Erdan talks to Lundwand. Erdan is being insufferable
Without any trace of malice.
Yes I’ve heard of you. You were involved in releasing the terrasque.
Do you think it was worth it?
Devotion to a cause is better than obeying the law?
Dimitri moves on to talk to Mother Magenta
You may call me Maggie!
OhHhhH, hrmm well, I wonder what to tell you, I would hate to just give you information
We could trade? Or we could play a game!
I am a healer of sorts
Conversation gets SUPER philosophical
I heard a rumor that one of your members has a card of many things
Dimitri doesn’t want to give out the information, choses to play a game instead
A memory
I can take an unimportant one
She sees EVERYTHING in his mind. Sees a memory of a fight in callendoroun. He raises his hand full of sand after a fight.
She takes that memory
You were hiding some things from me! Very clever!
Let’s go for a quick walk, I’ll tell you about Timony
We’ll be right back!

Xillali agrees to play a game…. OH Uh. I WIN! Shows me whats inside the bag. It’s a puppet.
It’s not going as well as I would like
Erdan – I don’t think you are who you say you are
You are correct
He raises from the table – the nonn bits of the meal are set away. Magenta walks back in.
It’s been a pleasure to meet you.
Are we ready to make our decision?
Everyone nods
Nay, Yes, yes, Nay
You are free to go, you shall receive nothing from Faeries are sent in to send us away.

Timony – he brought a black dragon Lady, they showed up in Village. They did not pass.
They believe that the dragon mask should not be removed from here
They were kicked out. Magenta was surprised there was another way in.
Timony is still in the hut. She thinks they’re in the maze.

Session Ninety Four (NBL) - The Black Dragon Mask

Xillali casts pass without a trace,
Scaly guilly thing comes out
Giant red fin pops out, guy rides off on the shark
Owl is sent to find exit
Follow owl to area
Walk on Water and pass without a trace
Naora climbs wall to get into a hole. It doesn’t look like a door.
Karassi goes out
Strong necromancy arcana. Giant spider web moving by itself.
Dimitri tries to flame up the web, it goes straight through it. Start hearing an unknown language get closer and closer.
Erdan comprehends languages
What manner of creature is this and what kind of magic do you bring here
See a big pulsating mask of rotting flesh. Dimitri thinks it’s an Undead Abaleth. Then a second one appears.
What is it’s name and what is it’s purpose
You seek a necromancer
That is not the one you trapped us
We propose a trade for more information
Been there for about 200 years
Ask about the black dragon mask, they retreat
Offer to give information if we get unlocked from here
Three levels to the hut, possibly 5
Next to the lake of memory
Stuck, naora light starts flickering. With her holy light we can leave from the gaes.
Keep walking, see a boat, head of the boat is dragon head, it turns it’s head
What is this
I sense the bind of tequises on you
Those names are known to me
Ha – you’re welcome to try
To be specific you’re welcome to try to get the mask
Step on in and meet your fate

Dimitri doesn’t want to boat
Go back to boat
Boke takes us, barnacle men on sharks escort us
Can talk to Ghost to visit this place again
Entrance looks a lot like the one on sham
Walk into the tower, magic dark. Cast daylight
Moss shrinks at the light
Go into the cave, follow dragon
Why can’t I destroy the mask, and you can
At this specific time I have no ill will
My sources tell me Timony is no threat
If you bring a different dragon mask I will give you this one to destroy
My name is not freely given
My understanding is that the wizard is being held captive by nite mare, Greate Fang
Unseelie will know more about the horses
Go upstairs and talk to unseelie

Session Ninety Three (NBL) Baba Yaga Part 2

Go into labyrth
Go right

Grove – Met Ghosts

The Waiter was not staff
Killed by a man
Doki got the blue mold key

Erdan has the key from the Arena

Arena goes to the crypt

Black lake sound

Session Seventy Four (TMA): Two Towers


Party heads to Viceak’s tower – enters Viceak’s library and acquires key books.

Klotonk memorizes teleportation circle.

Team uses rib to travel to the Shadowfell to the Black Tower in search of wishes.

bluff their way past undead guards. Enter room that appears to have the Wand of Orcus in it, avoid it.

Find a room w a coffin, don’t touch it. Encounter an undead centaur performing arcane rituals

Jastu the Bonelord

Attacks and kills Tailem


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