League of Xee

Session Eighty Three (TMA) - The Underlake (part 1)

We can go back down – there’s an abandoned town a cycle back there with multiple exits that don’t go further into the underdark

12 hours (2 hour increments

Get separated, find a creature in the underdark but it doesn’t want to talk to maziel, team burns some time exploring
Finds the underlake

(boats have been destroyed) – Kolae swims, runs into Mindflayers but thinks the voice in her head is a god or something.

Top left area
House may have random trinkets (1d10 – 1-4 nothing, 5-8 random, 9 treasure, 10, magic one shot

Top right
Body of a recently dead grimlock, brain scooped out, part of a map on the body
Houses may have random trickets, 10, rickety basement, dex 14, fall down, loud noise attracts attention


3 Mind Flayers, Mindwitness, grimlock, exploring the ruins
Carrying some treasure, a book in deep speech that talks about “continued extensive analysis on surface animal control” – you realize from the description they are talking about the Wroth.

Klotonk goes to cast invis, and the party preps to fight.

Session Eighty Two (TMA) - Zguttmoy defeated

Fight and beat Zguttmoy – then attacked by giant slime from the room above.

Win, and rest in the room, but trapped for a while due to earthquake – need to head down further into the underdark in order to get back to cloudgoat

Level up for team.

Defeated: banished from plane for a while
Leaves behind her body and a divine sliver gem
(attunement, power)

P’Dest (14) Avair (32)survive

100 PP + 100PP reward for them from Maziel

Session One Hundred and Six (NBL) - Lighthouse on the Frozen Sea


Go to Inn, find a large set of furs that would fit Dimitri. In the pile of furs there is a vial of Holy Water.

Leave the inn, go to the guilld hall.
Everything is locked. Find a crate full of food rations, inside of it there is a smaller crate. In that crate there is a set of plates.

Search rest of buildings and there is nothing else.
Split up and search different houses.
Naora finds spider and a rake
Xillali found an old empty leather scroll case
Doki finds thick leathers for one person
Dimitri found a small iron box with a small tiger eye (~10g)
Zukko found a Leather working Kit (need proficiency)

Xillalli Looks up to see a giant snow wolf. She growls at it, and it growls back and runs away.
Naora found a bag of tea
Zukko found a bag of marbles
Dimitri found a flask of alchemist fire
Doki found 10g or less item
Erdan found 10g or less item
Xilalli found a shed with stacks of fur and a sled. Break a nail.

Xillali and Doki drink tea with Naora.
I feel SUPER relaxed and tired.
Xillali changes into a Polar Bear, Doki brings out a Panther, Noara as Naora help push the sled.

Go to an area that is desolate, hear a pack of worg.
See a single wolf, running along behind us.
The wolf that we see behind us is not a regular worg. It may have demon blood.
Outpace the worgs. Head over to a frozen water lake and a bridge encrusted in ice. It’s 130ft across.
Doki dimension door over to the end of the bridge. Sees a giant door and sees a shape that comes out of the door.
It looks down at the two of them
He says
‘Oh this even better than I thought.” Doki convinces him that she can entrain him.
“The entertainment is not worth the bounty on your heads” Who?
He points up “they did”
Doki sees nothing when she looks up, but she feels something
Doki dimension doors back.
Three other Githyanki step out of the wall to attack Naora and Doki.
Doki and Naora dimension door back to the party.
“There are FOUR” Naora
“They have a bounty on us” Doki
“Oh No, that means we have to kill them” Dimitri said sarcastically.
White dragon appears
Two black dragons also appear
Kill two of the three, last one says “you’ve been marked by Tiamat. We’ll not rest until you’re all dead” as it flies away.

Session One Hundred and Five (NBL)

Day 3 in Hestavar
Ladies who sold the rods have never heard of Ravenloft.
Squint was here, but they just left to Avendor a few days ago.
Can go to the Salt Oath Bar to ask for a ride/boat/message to Avendor.
“You don’t want to go there. The gun dur were overtaken by Vecknites and undead. It has also recently moved. Talk to Narisce yourself.”
“I’ll take you there for 7pp each – no one else will want to”
Doki buys tea and clothes.
Dun Gurd wants to send stuff to Callenduran on Guy’s Boat.
Start traveling over.
Boat people are on look out for a moat. They notice three White Dragons flying towards us.
Fight Dragons – one is scared away, two die by Dimitri in one turn.
They’re baby dragons
Arrive at Callenduran, the moon and sun towers are gone. There is a giant dust cloud where we think the Tarrasque is at.
Go to Dun Guard, they hold the ship and we transfer supplies.
Narisce is surprised to see us.
“Had to shut down the arena, the Terrasque is here, so far the Demons are also having a hard time with the Terrasque.”
We seek the Citadel Caveties
She looks shocked again, “You know what you’re asking?”
We seek passage there.
“On the bright side, I know how to get there pretty fast. It’s in the plane knowns as Tovag. It moves around in the astral plane. I can give you some areas where it might be. HOWEVER. I know where there’s a gate that can take you there. I can’t guarantee your safety on your way there. There may be demons. I can give you passwords. It will take you to Tovag. It will be a secret place in the Citadel Caveties.”
Whatchu want for this?
Look, we’re done here. At this point I want to leave. If you want to risk your neck and die to a bunch of vecknites.

Scales and a Talon from the Dragons

Session Eighty One (TMA) : the Road Below

Cosmo joins up Derek too
Find an eye agate worth 100gp
And demon goop
225 gold to p’dest and the rogues

Took D’ragh hostage – we don’t kill drow, right?
You’re not a drow, just some changling recreated by a demon god
You’re an exile.

We’re on the King’s Highway, neh – this is all the king that crawl’s place now.. You can’t see the god’s blood? But it’s abandoned? No formorians or wroth like in the south? Just these plant things
(zuggotmoy had a thing with torog+lloth , lloth wants the drow to break the pact and kill maziel)

Options – we kill you and friends, we do everyone a favor. Then find out about this dead god
We wait here, you tell us what you see. But you could lie.
We go in together and see what happens. And maybe no one will kill each other

Ghost of Queen Vinhilde
Zuggotmoy abandoned me
We made a contract – I was going to help you defeat primus,
What makes you think you know what’s best for our people?
She tells me things – whispers things
She tells me you’re a coward, you’re a fool, you’re a traitor,
She whispers I should kill you – what was once mine I can use again
The Sleeping Lords will Awaken again!

Session One Hundred and Four (NBL) - Goat-tastic
in Hestavar

Party goes to Illium first, then Hestivar.
Go to Palor, Zukko and Dimitri feel uncomfortable. (because of masks)
Met by Palor’s Faithful. Meet up with a priest and ask for a resurrection.
Doki is back! As is her arm
Go to the Song and Rest Inn. There’s a bunch of hunters there who just got back from a mission who were very excited.
Go shopping
Timony’s corpse is probably the only one that can tell you what that item does (his eye)
There are rumours of a library, filled with knowledge. So powerful and so overwhelming that everyone wanted to fight for it. One individual decided to destroy it. The knowledge was so unique and so strong. That destroying the library couldn’t remove it from the knowledge of man. It doesn’t exist in reality, but it exists in dreams of man. It’s called the Shadow Library. The only person i know I knew was an Arch Mage named Timony.
Dimitri thinks we’re being followed.
Little Halfing sells Naora pies. She wants more so he leads her to the store. She gets a meat pie and a fruit pie. She meets with family of halflings. She buys all the pies.
Things have been going well for the Halflings. It’s easier to travel between places now. Hestavar is doing great. It seems like crime has also been going up. They’re expecting the Eratis Devas to step and keep peace but they have not. This crazy Tiamat dude keeps requesting stuff, and he keeps getting priority.
Naora gives everyone pie!!
Ask Genies about the Abyss.
Tell the Inn that Boat Man Geary sent you. For cheap stuff
Dimitri and Zukko talk to a Geanie.
Teleport to City of Brass, in the Abyss. You’re going to a place called the Plane of Rust? That doesn’t sound like it’s Down Below. “You can pick up a ship at the City of Brass, just don’t go to the Abyss. I really don’t recommend it.
Is this plane of Rust in the Abyss? You can’t get to the City of Rust from the City of Brass.
No ship will take you there, have to go through gate. There is a gate in Callundaran. Just one. Somewhere. Otherwise there is a Plane of Portals. It’s heavily fortified. Have to sell your soul. Or find a gate that goes directly to the Plane of Rust. OR Plane Shift there with rod that is attuned there.”
Material Plane, Shaum, and Hestavar (Xillali spends 1250g total). Demon has a rod for the Abyss.
Naora gives Erdan tea when he arrived at the Inn, so he’s super awake now after spending 16 hours writing spells. He goes back to the Ion Temple.
Plane of Rust, Adventurers that went there, and Timony’s eye
Shen knows a lot about the Abyss. It was originally one of the places without a Demonic Ruler. There was war, now what’s left is a bunch of acid and rust. What people find there are not smart and not intelligent. No one goes there, there are palaces and fortresses in order to protect those places. Not a lot of lore as to why it’s important. There is a tale that there is an astral forge there. Elemental forgers are interesting because they were used to create Archones. Archones were the answer to Angels. They fought Gods and other Angels. When the primordials were defeated the Archons gathered Elemental Forges to create more Archons. They’ve tried getting access to get that forge, and they’ve been unable to. There are no intelligent people on the Plane of Rust
“There is a book about the Plane of Rust written by an Archon. Then they destroyed it and removed it. Erdan finds a very slim portfolio written by a mad Orc Priest from Orcus. Author is Feltid Zyrr. He contracted various demons. He found a gate. Shen points out the book was written 20 years ago. "
Zukko performs as a gladiator. 2 carnelians worth 50gp each. He gives you a crate full of wine, he won bets.
Zukko walks up the Bard Guild. Zukko tells the Story of the Ladies Death, and Who Killed them, and Who killed that Person.
Zukko is allowed inside.
" What can I do for you? You want to know about the plane of rust. I have not been there before. None but demons I suppose. I could consult with a couple of friends. It would cost you a little bit. The thing is when you deal with demons, you don’t know what it’s going to cost you. Let me tell you what, I’ll go check it out. "
“We can make this happen. Come back here at midnight tonight. Bring a black goat. We’re going to do this the old fashion way. "Plus 100gp of herbs and spices.
Finds a Black Goat, but it’s an Awaken Black Goat. He’s currently working at the market, performing.
Dimitri and Zukko go talk to the Goat.
" My master and I don’t talk anymore. If the pay is good I’ll get a new master. They usually give me 10-20pp a day. I’m saving up to buy my own ship and get out of this town. Hrmmm your story smells a little sour to me. I’m down for a party! THE BARD OF COLLEGE?! YOU CAN GET ME IN THERE?! That will make my career!! "
Xilalli goes off to meet Mutus, he doesn’t want to talk me. Goes to say hi to the Angel. There is no Angel. It’s an Archon instead. The Archon is wearing a silver band around it’s neck.
“I made some deals. Part of the deal is not talking about it. I now have a more secure way of guarding the light house. "
The little kids want Naora to meet Kory the Talking Goat.
“I thought that in order to get torches, there had to be a Deva to give it’s life. What happen to the first spirit? You lost the first one? That doesn’t sound very heroic.”
Kory goes into the Bardic College, where he meets two tieflings. One looks like a warlock.
Warlock mutters a chant, passes out, he rises up, eyes rolled up to the back of his head.
You summoned me? Why do you need to know? Hint! Make it compelling. I cannot get you to the plane of Rust. I know two people.

  1. Archone fortress in the Elemental Fortress called the Dragon’s Eye. There’s a gate there that’s locked up. Archon don’t want anyone to enter it. They are looking for something called the Star Hammer. Describes the hammer that can be used to remove magic from magic items and is transferr it to another magical item. Held by a Giant.
  2. Citadel Catheris, it’s currently occupied by vecknites. It used to be occupied by the Dun Guard. It’s in an astral moat. It’s attuned to the plane of rust. Talk to an advisor named Hurloon, he advises the lich lord Kas.
    The card bursts into flame.
    Kory drops to the ground, and blinks his eyes.
    That was such a great performance!

Everyone who rested at the welcome rest get a 5hp stack bonus that ends in 48 hours

Session Eighty (TMA) - Heading North


Other Maziel scout
Cosmo Scout

Orc village
Orcs and Orog
Red Sash
Gnasha accuses Maziel of leading the drow army
Maxiel proposes helping gnasha

At the leyline that wasn’t fixed, Max failed a save – cursed
Klotonk knows how to fix but would take time they didn’t have

Undead Justice dwarves – tell Max to restore the dwarven culture he can’t be judged
If he dies, gets cursed

There’s a Teleportation Circle in Cloudgoat
Give the sigil to the mechanic (sent to illium)

This journey isn’t the adventure we needed but the adventure we deserved
Vagga daughter of local chieftan
She’ll spread the world of Dagon’s invitation to tribes

Make it to the Drow Road – go into cave
No Yellow Fog
Attacked by tough shrubbery – beat one, other one runs off

Session One Hundred and Three (NBL) - Lupe Takes Bad Notes

We continue fighting.
Dmitri used the dragon mask to save against the curse. He drops the loot that he took from the temple of Bane and the curse was lifted. Bobbert killed a Wyvern. It was the opposite of an Erdan. Erdan killed a Knight, Zukko was going to maul the head off the knight so he was disappointed. Nobody else cared. Zukko was then rewarded with a maul hit on the wyvern that splattered its spine into a million pieces. It was kinda nasty. Zukko enjoyed it and it reminded him of that time he splattered a bear in an arena.

Dullahand grabs his head out of a bag and casts fear.
Erdan changes into a t-rex, bites the Dullahand while Naora is grappling it. Inside of the t-rex mouth she lets go of the Dullahand to hit it with Karasi.
Bobart does the final hit, then the Dullahand dissipates into a smoke as it goes back to its plane of existence.

Dimitri let’s Zukko BORROW the green mask.
Xillali goes back to pick up the sisters head, one of the head is glowing. You hear a voice
Is it done?
Then we’ll release the spell
The eclipse ends. The area around us starts to rumble.
Drimitri buldozules his way past people, killing a few in the way. Group head back to the port.
Grab whatever boat you can, if you know what’s good for you you’ll leave
Get on boat, boat is going away from where the other people are going. He’s taking us where the Yaun-ti temple.
Dimitri is exited he can lie.
That’s where the ferry usually goes
There’s an old abandoned dock and set you off at a jungle, if you want.
Yuan-ti gives the captain a bag of gold to send us away.
At the jungle inside the smuggler’s hut. Decide to go to Hestavar next.

Spine whip of the Dullahand (Bobart)
4 gold pieces (immediately used)
7 silver pieces

Session Seventy Nine (TMA) Catching Up


  • All the copies of PC return to Illium, all money and items pooled. Copies inactive other than Maziel (who has two normal bods) and Klotonk (who has a “klotonkbot” personality)
    *Lot of NPC characters available.
    *Illium army has elite units with dragon armor and lasers. The Eastern Kingdom Envoys are training a few Psions now too.
    *Most of team went to Turtle Island, Nail’s memory restored and Prince Xee removed the silver arm curse from Dagon, gave him the key to the underground city of Asimba.
    *Told Dagon that Asimba had made contracts with Orcus(Undeath), Zuggotmoy (Fungus) and Azmodeus (Devils)
    *Nails told you Tiamat church was hunting dragon masks after the defeat of Illium, there’s a huge bounty out on the Ornamental Chaos team – Timony (Vecna follower) was working for them. They knew Obsilon, the Arch Magi of Elements, is the traitor to the *Archmagi (had the red dragon mask)
    *Taelim gave the silver torc to Mutus, Astral Giant Armorer of Hestavar

Open Plot Threads:

  • (All) Primus is still a threat – Need to gather resources
  • - Lady Minolin from Lowfort sent messengers to tell Maziel to deal with Zuggotmoy (the Dwarf Queen) – Several Drow have died and Lloth told them to harrass you about it.
  • Has the key to Asimba City – the greatest treasure in the world is there.
  • Wants more large power gems like the ones powering the golems in Illium to “level up” Kbot – goes to Hestavar to research and learns about Cabiri connection to plane of Mechanus and Modrons
  • - Doesn’t know what her “power up” from the wish does yet.
  • - Book of making silver torcs is missing
  • - Glaistig is still out there with her own silver torc
  • - Did a snatch and grab for a unscrupulous gnome maker named Krankus. Is worried that the stuff they stole could be cursed, doesn’t want to be in Illium
    *Mage of Melody could be the bard ghost in Solstice that couldn’t remember anything.
    *What was the time speed up in Solstice for?
    *Doresain (aka Aleph) and Harthoon work for Orcus. Harthoon probably pissed at Taelim
  • Old Fronts/Plots*
  • Orcus is down, but not out
    *Torog forces took a hit but the Wroth still a problem
    *Drow have taken over Orc Lands but never got the Sump or the Feywild
    *Zuggutmoy – Had connection w dwarves removed by Dagon’s Wish
    *Tiamat cultists looking for Dragon Helms (OC)
    *Unseelie – no one knows wtf they are up to.
    *Baron Slith (Vampire Lords)


  • Nails (Reformed Wizard) – on a personal quest from Dmitri the Miracle Worker.
    *Minerva – (Succubus) “Taking it easy” in Illium.
    *Kolea – With the team going to Asimba
    *Odie (Kolea’s Brother) is a Cleric -?
    *D’ragh D’nambra – Dark Elf Druid – ?
    *Archmagi of Myth, War, Beasts – Went to Glimmer (in the Shadowfell ) to consult with the Mage of Night about Obsilon
    *Lysandra, Azure Prince, Feeps – in Illium
    *Snee – Working on Klotonkbot
    *Derek – Available for missions
    *The Painting – Is still in the Rotating Tower in the Shadowfell – can’t teleport into it, would have to possibly confront Lichlords again
    *Munari – Keeping head down in Illium
    *Gertrude – Has an Tavern in Illium
    *Mutus (Astral Giant Armorer of Hestavar)
    *Balbis (Rogue Modron, Ioun’s Tower, Hestavar)
    *Legute Prontail (Tiefling Researcher, Ioun’s Tower, Hestavar)
    *Vaga – Dagon’s mountain wife

Important Magic Items:
The Horn

Session One Hundred and Two(NBL) - It’s not Okie-Doki. Part 2

Heal really fast. Run around

Wait to listen at door,
We don’t know what’s going on. The doors are locked. The lord is downstairs. If we don’t fix this, there goes our heads
Pass without a trace, hear a lot of commotion. There seems like there’s a lot of people arguing.
Heading towards the temple. It’s super crowded.
Stand off in a corner, while Erdan casts conjure minor elementals.
In the middle of casting, there is a Wyrm that flies over us, and lands, whifs the air, a second one appears. Erdan summons his minor elementals.

Erdan gestures to a corner of the courtyard, and the ground starts to bubble as these mud memphis appear. The Wyrm look like they are waiting for orders.
The Wyrm is annoyed that it can’t see us, so it does a war cry.

See that several people are turned to stone.
The giants wrecked the zeharites. They looked mauled. Slowly make our way through the temple, cannot see any Giants or guards. It looks like there were a lot of spells cast. Dimitri sees bodies lying on the ground, and we think we see one body move. There are no Giants.

Dimitri opens the door, the bodies stop moving as soon as the door opens.

“Show yourself cowards”
Out of the bodies, the heroic body of Bobbart pops out.
I’m here on a mission to rescue everyone.
I’m looking for the headless horseman ( the Beinart commander)
He was not in the battlefield out here
He might be in Zehir temple fight or inside the main temple
We hear a massive explosion coming from the fortress
The headless horseman is a Dulahand. It’s a fae. Evil.
Dulahand is a harbingers of death. They are like anti paladins.
Obsalon is the Cloud Giant
It’s starting to get very dark outside
Look outside, the sun is eclipsing. Several of the people there are turned to stone.
Then Dimitri’s badge starts to change, there’s a spell that was cast on it. It transforms and it becomes a green dragon mask.

Dimitri merges the masks. The upper level is definitely on fire. Start walking to the Bainite fortress. Dimitri starts to feel weird.

Drimiri looted a temple of Bane, and Bane cursed him. Bane Unblessing
Head towards Zehir. The Zehir bodies look demolished.

Walk up the stairs, on the next level there is a slaughter of bodies. Walking in the direction of the zygorath. There is a shadowy creature, it’s a headless man. In two hands he is holding two head with two veils. As he sees us, he drops the heads to the ground.
Hear a voice booming
So here we are at the end
He reaches over to the side and it looks like a heavy metal vine.

Fight against the Headless horseman.
Two Wyrns appear,one on each side. They look damaged.


Looted bodies of the dead people while Bobbart talks. (LOOT TBD) (HAHA it’s a curse)
Green Dragon Mask

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)
This mottled green mask is surmounted by a frilled
crest and has leathery spiked plates along its jaw. While
you wear the mask, you gain the following benefits, in
addition to those the dragon masks share.
Damage Type. The mask’s damage type is poison.
Water Breathing. You can breathe underwater.


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