League of Xee

Session Eighty Seven (TMA) - Illium Stories - Jailbreak

Cosmo – IS IN JAIL
Kolae and Odison went to Hestavar
Maziel & Taelim and Feeps Breakfast
Dagon is Carousing
Klotonk and Maziel – Cosmo
Maziel goes to work
Klotonk – go to mages guild and ask if they have spell scrolls
Look for scroll/spellbooks
Kolae and Odison
Temple of Pelor – Odison wants to hang out
Odi religion check -9

Kolae goes to the trade district sold corlleoan helm for 100 pp
Cosmo – explores the room, realizes the look on the door isn’t too tough but doesn’t know how to escape

Taelim – vallum
He’s accountable
KIllian on a date
Feeps – friend making time
Klotonk – Very Rare (mass suggestion)

Spell scroll (very rare) is 10,000 gp

Day 2
Team gets message from cosmo
Klotonk – research on where cosmo is
Maziel – Jail
Klotonk price on mass suggestionis 2,500 gp
Kolae got HUGE price on vicious sword but no one wants to pay
Odi doing nothing
Cosmo escapes

Day 3
Klotonk, Maz, Cosmo
Klotonk leaves
Ilya Bleeve – Impatient, interrupts people
Maziel goes to work
Cosmo hangs around in the house
Ilya leaves in a huff, thinking Taelim broke Cosmo out of jail and that he was being bribed
Klo Doing more of the Viceak’s Library
Kolae – 200 pp for the scroll
Taelim – has cosmo’s stuff

Skip ahead

Session One Hundred and Nine (NBL) - The Citadel Cavitius


After four hours, road slowly starts turning into pavement. See a giant orb like structure that is radiating light. As we get closer we see two black pits of darkness. It resembles a skull.
As we get closer we hear muttering of a city, it’s almost as big as Illium. There is two rows of heads on stakes.

There is a gate and two giant statues in front of the gate. The giants are undead.

As Xilalli begins to cast, she sees a fog coming out of the citadel. Fog stays at the gate.
7 undead.
Above us is a building, with a demonic presence. Everything is silent.

Go near the gate. The two giant undead turn towards us.
They pull big massive level, and the gates open. In complete silence.
As we walk in, we gradually start hearing the city.

Naora and Zukko go find a Bar/ Inn. The Silent Shroud.
Learn that we there isn’t that many free people.
There is an underground fighting arena.
Do NOT interact with people who want to give money for information.

As Erdan and Dimitri start walking around, it feels like a labyrinth of buildings. Some buildings have been knocked down and rebuilt. There are a lot of guards and soldiers. They look uneasy and suspicious.

Xillali goes shopping

Naora and Zukko talk to Jakar, who is in charge of the fighting pits. The dude is interested in the mask. Zukko asks about the rod, and Jakar may know information about it. A very nice looking servant ask if they’re from outside. She wants to know if we know how to leave. Those who leave are destroyed. We don’t speak his name, but his birds will destroy you if you try to leave.
You were looking for something, I know someone who might be able to help you.If I help you, will you help me escape. She;ll meet them after the fight at 9.

Doki is alone, and she notices that only female guards are there, at least with four guards. When she’s done scouting, she inquires about THE temple of veckna. An inculabum points up. There’s a set of stairs that surrounds the cimcounfrance of the city that leads up.

There is a skeleton that is assembled by bones. Singed the praises of the whispered one. She makes up a song.
After walking for more hours, she finally gets to a doorway, she sees a moving shadow.
The shadows stretch in her direction. A full shadow walks towards her.
“You want to pay your respects? You wish to pray? Then you may pass” It’s demonic.
In the wall, there are a couple of entrances, and a large white building with a door. Through one of the opening it looks like a meditation center. Doki goes through the main entrance. The entire inner chamber is black. There is a floating black stone platform suspended into space. With the hand and eye symbol. There is an altar in the back. Doki sings a beautiful song, The Fiend was super in love with the song, that she gave Doki a bone. The bone will let her go up the stairs whenever she wants. The priests won’t bother her. The shadow fiend gives Doki it’s name: Trendilla. That is the name it was given when it was created .

Lady comes over, she wants to leave. She grew up here as a slave.
Don’t make deals with jerk from the pits, he WILL backstab you
She thinks that the person whom we want to is that a person with the name of Harloon has it.
She knows people who can give us an audience with him
Give bribes. Several days to talk to the right people to get to know merchant folks. (~200gp)
Rumours that people have snuck out by the sewers. No one has come back.
Kas was driven out, Veckna is in palace.
There are is alters for other gods, in an area called the Secrets.
Doki enamored three sisters, we can get one favor from each of them
Naora and Zukko didn’t get very far in the Pits, only got 50gp
Erdan and Dimitri earn a favor. They give us 6 bids. It signifies that we’re initiated with Veckna.

Group goes to see Harloon. See female guards step out. Armour accentuates their figures. Everyone is female. He is an undead. He walks in
“So my friend has told me all about you. It’s not for sale. Even if you could, you wouldn’t be able to pay the price. Have you heard of the Shadowed Room”
Doki said yes,
“it’s an ancient library, now lost. For many years I have wanted to bring an end to the one we cannot speak of. There are many secrets and many things that are unknown. There are rumours that Kas has been doing some kind of ritual that has weaken Veckna and Veckna’s army. I need to find a piece of a ritual that is in the shadowed room. If I go there, I’m sure I could find the ritual I would need. However, even with my great influence, I don’t know where it is in this city. I suspect it’s in the temple or in the palace. I don’t want you to help me take him down, I want access to the room.”
He can get us a way out of the city.

Doki and Dimitri want to screw over the merchant, not Veckna.

Session Eighty Six (TMA) Illium Stories - Coming Home to Roost

Week 1
Cosmo – training on the lute –
Dagon – buys armor, gertrude to brew beer (ROLL)
Taliem – waiting on rep, managing the city
Klotonk – research (battery gem) – (viceak’s gem) get rid of items
Llloth Rep + complication
Maziel – D’ragh is having trouble preaching EILISTRAEE.- wants
Talks to Klotonkbot
Okri the Dwarf

Sir Gerald + The Drow
(choose the Drow)

Lady Minolin
Rejects offer of solstice
Offering Alliance
You need convince orcs they need to go somewhere else
Drow get the Sump Gives Sending Scroll to Taelim

Going to release Vallum to Sir Gerald
Feeps to do the ambassadorship with the Orc

Week 2
Cosmo – buy eyes of minutes seeing – get lead on the sending stones
Dagon – Working as Brewmaster – Carousing week 2 Party
Kolae – Selling items in hestavar (scroll, grell tentacles, (250 gp), sword, helm of commune
Staying at Temple of Pelor – Odison (roll)
Klotonk – Send Kolae to Hestavar to sell items (1 weeks)
20 work weeks – 6 workweeks spent – Okri gets a job
Complication – Cosmo
Maziel – Vallum
Orc Plan w Feeps – yes
Taelim and Killian Feeps goes to Vallum and let him go

Week 2
Cosmo – buy eyes of minutes seeing – get lead on the sending stones
Dagon – Working as Brewmaster – Carousing week 2 Party
Kolae – Selling items in hestavar (scroll, grell tentacles, (250 gp), sword, helm of commune
Staying at Temple of Pelor – Odison (roll)
Klotonk – Send Kolae to Hestavar to sell items (1 weeks)
20 work weeks – 6 workweeks spent – Okri gets a job
Complication – Cosmo
Maziel – Vallum
Orc Plan w Feeps – yes
Taelim and Killian Feeps goes to Vallum and let him go

Cosmo – Gets arrested

Session One Hundred and Eight (NBL) - The Dead Man at the Crossroads

Zukko jumps into the water. Breaks a wall, goes through a hole and starts to explore.
He finds an alcove with a broken statue. There is a door that that opens and closes because of the wind. It’s a chill wind. It’s an evil wind. Rest of party heads over as well. Door with no way to open it in middle of room. In the alcove there is a chitter chatter of what sounds like monsters.
Doki casts knock.
Loud booming noise
Monsters make more noise and start to make more noise.

We go out the door. Outside there are scatters weapons, a beautiful statue face. Staircase leading down, leading towards the fog, down below.
Dimitri sees the creatures as they head towards us, then stop right at the door.
Dimitri thinks the fog is sentient.
Translation of text: “Those who pledge their heart”
Zuko is the first to enter the fog. He senses unease and coldness. He can’t see very far.
Erdan casts the hut.

Naora, Doki, and Erdan LEVEL UP

There are no living animals/creatures larger than moles. There’s a lot of underground life.
Plants seem like mold, plants that don’t require sunlight. The trees are dead.
One powerful undead about 2 miles out. (away from cliff)
No buildings. There is an influence of another plane of existence. The undead has not moved.
Influence is unknown to me, there seems to be one major path/road that seems to be leading towards the undead. There’s water that’s coming from the temple.

Babayaga’s Hut, blow whistle. No bird taxi appears.
Halfway towards the undead on the road, hear wolf cry.
Xillali doesn’t sense any wolfs, but she heard one.

Dimtri is walking ahead, hears a common bar song in the distance. As he gets closer, he sees a gallows. There is a row of our hanging bodies. The last one is a strange wizardly type clothes – he’s missing everything from the torso down.
“ Who am I? When I remember I’ll let you know. You don’t want to go there, that;s not a place for the living.” He points to the road we’re heading towards.
“I was there, yeah, I remember that, huh, I don’t know why I can’t remember things.”
“Oh I have a ring”
Dimitri get’s excited and checks out the ring. It’s a symbol of Karassi.
Erdan mends the robe. Naora shows him Karassi.
“ Something about Those who pledge their heart. Your light will forever something”
Naora meditates with Karassi, it gives a dim blue light.
Erdan starts to cast speak with dead
Kay gets excited,
“THATS a spell!… The lich lord said you can’t magic,
Pain of something. Avoid horse nights, and giant vultures. Definitely avoid those.
“First they cut my tongue out, then cut my fingers off, and there’s…. And they only thing they value is secrets. You can’t cast magic, and you can’t leave unless you’re dead. Anyone can enter, only the undead can leave.”
Question 1 – who was this man in life
The corpse looks over at the wizard. He says that that is the hanged man on the crossroads.
Question 2 – What happened at citadel
We were attacked by legions of undead, and we had to leave. I didn’t make it.
Question 3 – How to get out of the citadel alive.
There are ways, most likely underground.
Question 4 – What significance does that the cross road have?
A place to ask directions of the cursed one. A place to show discomforts of veckna’s displeasure.
Question 5 What is the significance of the poem
That sounds like that Karassi cultist bullshit

“The citadel is enormous, it’s a city. It’s a massive hill, with two huge dark openings, and giants that guard. You’ll know by the giant vultures.”
“The temple is home! We were guarding a gate, a way out. I should definitely be there. I’ve seen that sword! Something about restoring the light. There’s another piece. You do a thing, and things happen.”
He doesn’t think that the other piece of the sword is back in the temple.

Session Eighty Five (TMA) - Illium Stories - Lay to Rest

Wait for Dragons
Wait for Archmagi
Get psychic warriors (what’s the cost)
Reparations w Gnasha

Go back to Illium

Tailem and Kolae
Maziel and Maziel

Reseal Primus? – Talk to Good Dragons
Why not kill Primus
What’s the ritual to seal Primus?

Cloudgoat to Illium

Which Maziel – Undercity Report to leaders – drow were killed
Klotonk – Check in on Snee and Vinetonk – what they were up to
(iou) $300
Vendor for contingency statuette (yes, need to be built )
Kolae/Taelim – Entertaining nobles
Kolae and Odie – want to meet with Taelim
Wants to give bird to Taelim

Klotonk updates – sealing primus, gonna read books
Gonna go shopping next

Kolae updates taelim Taelim gets a pygmy Hawk

Maziel – Meet me at the Pit Fighter

Cosmo – putting out word that they’re looking for a magic item (roll 13
Ioun stone (awareness)
Deck of Illusions
Stealth items

Party meets back up

Maziel talk to Feeps about work
Help Gnasha – send DREAM at night
DREAM to Archmagi
Maziel goes to talk to Feeps about work

Klotonk going shopping for a statue
- 100 gp, 1 week

Maziel Cosmo show up at Pit Fighter
S’bell meet up –
It’s been dealt w but can’t bring people back and her boss know

Tinker shows up – deck of illusions – looking for “stealth items”

Klotonk – reading books – downtime
Checking in at Mage’s Guild
Got $ from feeps

Kolae – trading down

Gertrude got the green drink

Sending Dream
Maziel was a parent
Agrees to meet up in Cloudgoat

Wanted an alliance

Taelim and maziel hash out what happened to Gnasha and the stilt-town people

Give the drow solstice

Study Results –

Maziel – Feeps
+2 x 2 maziel
1 week – training
Unseelie rep

Glaistig stuff
Maziel seeling info to Unseelie

Cosmo – learns how to play the lute

Go to Cloudcoat – heals Gnasha (is in Cloudgoat)

Session Eighty Four (TMA) - The Underlake (part 2)

Kolae and Maziel are separated from Klotonk and Cosmo

Versus fight with multiple mind flayers – Maziel is killed. Cosmo spends a wish to resurrect him.

Team gets back to cloudgoat – Klotonk sends tinker to Illium. Team returns to Illium.

Session One Hundred and Seven (NBL) - Shadow of Torvag

Naora got a light
Erdan got a light
Doki got a light
Dmitri got a sword bit

Supernaturally dark, dim light past past 5’, darkness past 15’
Dead bodies of the Doomguard everywhere – looks like they were ripped apart, eaten
A statue that looks like a Kurasi ranger (pretty damaged)
Wall carving showing priests holding up “lights ” and wight like, zombie like creatures cowering – all against a background of stars (looks similar to the carvings in the “wight”/cabiri dungeon in the sump)

Session Eighty Three (TMA) - The Underlake (part 1)

We can go back down – there’s an abandoned town a cycle back there with multiple exits that don’t go further into the underdark

12 hours (2 hour increments

Get separated, find a creature in the underdark but it doesn’t want to talk to maziel, team burns some time exploring
Finds the underlake

(boats have been destroyed) – Kolae swims, runs into Mindflayers but thinks the voice in her head is a god or something.

Top left area
House may have random trinkets (1d10 – 1-4 nothing, 5-8 random, 9 treasure, 10, magic one shot

Top right
Body of a recently dead grimlock, brain scooped out, part of a map on the body
Houses may have random trickets, 10, rickety basement, dex 14, fall down, loud noise attracts attention


3 Mind Flayers, Mindwitness, grimlock, exploring the ruins
Carrying some treasure, a book in deep speech that talks about “continued extensive analysis on surface animal control” – you realize from the description they are talking about the Wroth.

Klotonk goes to cast invis, and the party preps to fight.

Session Eighty Two (TMA) - Zguttmoy defeated

Fight and beat Zguttmoy – then attacked by giant slime from the room above.

Win, and rest in the room, but trapped for a while due to earthquake – need to head down further into the underdark in order to get back to cloudgoat

Level up for team.

Defeated: banished from plane for a while
Leaves behind her body and a divine sliver gem
(attunement, power)

P’Dest (14) Avair (32)survive

100 PP + 100PP reward for them from Maziel

Session One Hundred and Six (NBL) - Lighthouse on the Frozen Sea


Go to Inn, find a large set of furs that would fit Dimitri. In the pile of furs there is a vial of Holy Water.

Leave the inn, go to the guilld hall.
Everything is locked. Find a crate full of food rations, inside of it there is a smaller crate. In that crate there is a set of plates.

Search rest of buildings and there is nothing else.
Split up and search different houses.
Naora finds spider and a rake
Xillali found an old empty leather scroll case
Doki finds thick leathers for one person
Dimitri found a small iron box with a small tiger eye (~10g)
Zukko found a Leather working Kit (need proficiency)

Xillalli Looks up to see a giant snow wolf. She growls at it, and it growls back and runs away.
Naora found a bag of tea
Zukko found a bag of marbles
Dimitri found a flask of alchemist fire
Doki found 10g or less item
Erdan found 10g or less item
Xilalli found a shed with stacks of fur and a sled. Break a nail.

Xillali and Doki drink tea with Naora.
I feel SUPER relaxed and tired.
Xillali changes into a Polar Bear, Doki brings out a Panther, Noara as Naora help push the sled.

Go to an area that is desolate, hear a pack of worg.
See a single wolf, running along behind us.
The wolf that we see behind us is not a regular worg. It may have demon blood.
Outpace the worgs. Head over to a frozen water lake and a bridge encrusted in ice. It’s 130ft across.
Doki dimension door over to the end of the bridge. Sees a giant door and sees a shape that comes out of the door.
It looks down at the two of them
He says
‘Oh this even better than I thought.” Doki convinces him that she can entrain him.
“The entertainment is not worth the bounty on your heads” Who?
He points up “they did”
Doki sees nothing when she looks up, but she feels something
Doki dimension doors back.
Three other Githyanki step out of the wall to attack Naora and Doki.
Doki and Naora dimension door back to the party.
“There are FOUR” Naora
“They have a bounty on us” Doki
“Oh No, that means we have to kill them” Dimitri said sarcastically.
White dragon appears
Two black dragons also appear
Kill two of the three, last one says “you’ve been marked by Tiamat. We’ll not rest until you’re all dead” as it flies away.


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