League of Xee

Session Eighty Seven (TMA) - Illium Stories - Jailbreak

Cosmo – IS IN JAIL
Kolae and Odison went to Hestavar
Maziel & Taelim and Feeps Breakfast
Dagon is Carousing
Klotonk and Maziel – Cosmo
Maziel goes to work
Klotonk – go to mages guild and ask if they have spell scrolls
Look for scroll/spellbooks
Kolae and Odison
Temple of Pelor – Odison wants to hang out
Odi religion check -9

Kolae goes to the trade district sold corlleoan helm for 100 pp
Cosmo – explores the room, realizes the look on the door isn’t too tough but doesn’t know how to escape

Taelim – vallum
He’s accountable
KIllian on a date
Feeps – friend making time
Klotonk – Very Rare (mass suggestion)

Spell scroll (very rare) is 10,000 gp

Day 2
Team gets message from cosmo
Klotonk – research on where cosmo is
Maziel – Jail
Klotonk price on mass suggestionis 2,500 gp
Kolae got HUGE price on vicious sword but no one wants to pay
Odi doing nothing
Cosmo escapes

Day 3
Klotonk, Maz, Cosmo
Klotonk leaves
Ilya Bleeve – Impatient, interrupts people
Maziel goes to work
Cosmo hangs around in the house
Ilya leaves in a huff, thinking Taelim broke Cosmo out of jail and that he was being bribed
Klo Doing more of the Viceak’s Library
Kolae – 200 pp for the scroll
Taelim – has cosmo’s stuff

Skip ahead

Session Eighty Six (TMA) Illium Stories - Coming Home to Roost

Week 1
Cosmo – training on the lute –
Dagon – buys armor, gertrude to brew beer (ROLL)
Taliem – waiting on rep, managing the city
Klotonk – research (battery gem) – (viceak’s gem) get rid of items
Llloth Rep + complication
Maziel – D’ragh is having trouble preaching EILISTRAEE.- wants
Talks to Klotonkbot
Okri the Dwarf

Sir Gerald + The Drow
(choose the Drow)

Lady Minolin
Rejects offer of solstice
Offering Alliance
You need convince orcs they need to go somewhere else
Drow get the Sump Gives Sending Scroll to Taelim

Going to release Vallum to Sir Gerald
Feeps to do the ambassadorship with the Orc

Week 2
Cosmo – buy eyes of minutes seeing – get lead on the sending stones
Dagon – Working as Brewmaster – Carousing week 2 Party
Kolae – Selling items in hestavar (scroll, grell tentacles, (250 gp), sword, helm of commune
Staying at Temple of Pelor – Odison (roll)
Klotonk – Send Kolae to Hestavar to sell items (1 weeks)
20 work weeks – 6 workweeks spent – Okri gets a job
Complication – Cosmo
Maziel – Vallum
Orc Plan w Feeps – yes
Taelim and Killian Feeps goes to Vallum and let him go

Week 2
Cosmo – buy eyes of minutes seeing – get lead on the sending stones
Dagon – Working as Brewmaster – Carousing week 2 Party
Kolae – Selling items in hestavar (scroll, grell tentacles, (250 gp), sword, helm of commune
Staying at Temple of Pelor – Odison (roll)
Klotonk – Send Kolae to Hestavar to sell items (1 weeks)
20 work weeks – 6 workweeks spent – Okri gets a job
Complication – Cosmo
Maziel – Vallum
Orc Plan w Feeps – yes
Taelim and Killian Feeps goes to Vallum and let him go

Cosmo – Gets arrested

Session Eighty Five (TMA) - Illium Stories - Lay to Rest

Wait for Dragons
Wait for Archmagi
Get psychic warriors (what’s the cost)
Reparations w Gnasha

Go back to Illium

Tailem and Kolae
Maziel and Maziel

Reseal Primus? – Talk to Good Dragons
Why not kill Primus
What’s the ritual to seal Primus?

Cloudgoat to Illium

Which Maziel – Undercity Report to leaders – drow were killed
Klotonk – Check in on Snee and Vinetonk – what they were up to
(iou) $300
Vendor for contingency statuette (yes, need to be built )
Kolae/Taelim – Entertaining nobles
Kolae and Odie – want to meet with Taelim
Wants to give bird to Taelim

Klotonk updates – sealing primus, gonna read books
Gonna go shopping next

Kolae updates taelim Taelim gets a pygmy Hawk

Maziel – Meet me at the Pit Fighter

Cosmo – putting out word that they’re looking for a magic item (roll 13
Ioun stone (awareness)
Deck of Illusions
Stealth items

Party meets back up

Maziel talk to Feeps about work
Help Gnasha – send DREAM at night
DREAM to Archmagi
Maziel goes to talk to Feeps about work

Klotonk going shopping for a statue
- 100 gp, 1 week

Maziel Cosmo show up at Pit Fighter
S’bell meet up –
It’s been dealt w but can’t bring people back and her boss know

Tinker shows up – deck of illusions – looking for “stealth items”

Klotonk – reading books – downtime
Checking in at Mage’s Guild
Got $ from feeps

Kolae – trading down

Gertrude got the green drink

Sending Dream
Maziel was a parent
Agrees to meet up in Cloudgoat

Wanted an alliance

Taelim and maziel hash out what happened to Gnasha and the stilt-town people

Give the drow solstice

Study Results –

Maziel – Feeps
+2 x 2 maziel
1 week – training
Unseelie rep

Glaistig stuff
Maziel seeling info to Unseelie

Cosmo – learns how to play the lute

Go to Cloudcoat – heals Gnasha (is in Cloudgoat)

Session Eighty Four (TMA) - The Underlake (part 2)

Kolae and Maziel are separated from Klotonk and Cosmo

Versus fight with multiple mind flayers – Maziel is killed. Cosmo spends a wish to resurrect him.

Team gets back to cloudgoat – Klotonk sends tinker to Illium. Team returns to Illium.

Session Eighty Three (TMA) - The Underlake (part 1)

We can go back down – there’s an abandoned town a cycle back there with multiple exits that don’t go further into the underdark

12 hours (2 hour increments

Get separated, find a creature in the underdark but it doesn’t want to talk to maziel, team burns some time exploring
Finds the underlake

(boats have been destroyed) – Kolae swims, runs into Mindflayers but thinks the voice in her head is a god or something.

Top left area
House may have random trinkets (1d10 – 1-4 nothing, 5-8 random, 9 treasure, 10, magic one shot

Top right
Body of a recently dead grimlock, brain scooped out, part of a map on the body
Houses may have random trickets, 10, rickety basement, dex 14, fall down, loud noise attracts attention


3 Mind Flayers, Mindwitness, grimlock, exploring the ruins
Carrying some treasure, a book in deep speech that talks about “continued extensive analysis on surface animal control” – you realize from the description they are talking about the Wroth.

Klotonk goes to cast invis, and the party preps to fight.

Session Eighty Two (TMA) - Zguttmoy defeated

Fight and beat Zguttmoy – then attacked by giant slime from the room above.

Win, and rest in the room, but trapped for a while due to earthquake – need to head down further into the underdark in order to get back to cloudgoat

Level up for team.

Defeated: banished from plane for a while
Leaves behind her body and a divine sliver gem
(attunement, power)

P’Dest (14) Avair (32)survive

100 PP + 100PP reward for them from Maziel

Session Eighty One (TMA) : the Road Below

Cosmo joins up Derek too
Find an eye agate worth 100gp
And demon goop
225 gold to p’dest and the rogues

Took D’ragh hostage – we don’t kill drow, right?
You’re not a drow, just some changling recreated by a demon god
You’re an exile.

We’re on the King’s Highway, neh – this is all the king that crawl’s place now.. You can’t see the god’s blood? But it’s abandoned? No formorians or wroth like in the south? Just these plant things
(zuggotmoy had a thing with torog+lloth , lloth wants the drow to break the pact and kill maziel)

Options – we kill you and friends, we do everyone a favor. Then find out about this dead god
We wait here, you tell us what you see. But you could lie.
We go in together and see what happens. And maybe no one will kill each other

Ghost of Queen Vinhilde
Zuggotmoy abandoned me
We made a contract – I was going to help you defeat primus,
What makes you think you know what’s best for our people?
She tells me things – whispers things
She tells me you’re a coward, you’re a fool, you’re a traitor,
She whispers I should kill you – what was once mine I can use again
The Sleeping Lords will Awaken again!

Session One Hundred and Four (NBL) - Goat-tastic
in Hestavar

Party goes to Illium first, then Hestivar.
Go to Palor, Zukko and Dimitri feel uncomfortable. (because of masks)
Met by Palor’s Faithful. Meet up with a priest and ask for a resurrection.
Doki is back! As is her arm
Go to the Song and Rest Inn. There’s a bunch of hunters there who just got back from a mission who were very excited.
Go shopping
Timony’s corpse is probably the only one that can tell you what that item does (his eye)
There are rumours of a library, filled with knowledge. So powerful and so overwhelming that everyone wanted to fight for it. One individual decided to destroy it. The knowledge was so unique and so strong. That destroying the library couldn’t remove it from the knowledge of man. It doesn’t exist in reality, but it exists in dreams of man. It’s called the Shadow Library. The only person i know I knew was an Arch Mage named Timony.
Dimitri thinks we’re being followed.
Little Halfing sells Naora pies. She wants more so he leads her to the store. She gets a meat pie and a fruit pie. She meets with family of halflings. She buys all the pies.
Things have been going well for the Halflings. It’s easier to travel between places now. Hestavar is doing great. It seems like crime has also been going up. They’re expecting the Eratis Devas to step and keep peace but they have not. This crazy Tiamat dude keeps requesting stuff, and he keeps getting priority.
Naora gives everyone pie!!
Ask Genies about the Abyss.
Tell the Inn that Boat Man Geary sent you. For cheap stuff
Dimitri and Zukko talk to a Geanie.
Teleport to City of Brass, in the Abyss. You’re going to a place called the Plane of Rust? That doesn’t sound like it’s Down Below. “You can pick up a ship at the City of Brass, just don’t go to the Abyss. I really don’t recommend it.
Is this plane of Rust in the Abyss? You can’t get to the City of Rust from the City of Brass.
No ship will take you there, have to go through gate. There is a gate in Callundaran. Just one. Somewhere. Otherwise there is a Plane of Portals. It’s heavily fortified. Have to sell your soul. Or find a gate that goes directly to the Plane of Rust. OR Plane Shift there with rod that is attuned there.”
Material Plane, Shaum, and Hestavar (Xillali spends 1250g total). Demon has a rod for the Abyss.
Naora gives Erdan tea when he arrived at the Inn, so he’s super awake now after spending 16 hours writing spells. He goes back to the Ion Temple.
Plane of Rust, Adventurers that went there, and Timony’s eye
Shen knows a lot about the Abyss. It was originally one of the places without a Demonic Ruler. There was war, now what’s left is a bunch of acid and rust. What people find there are not smart and not intelligent. No one goes there, there are palaces and fortresses in order to protect those places. Not a lot of lore as to why it’s important. There is a tale that there is an astral forge there. Elemental forgers are interesting because they were used to create Archones. Archones were the answer to Angels. They fought Gods and other Angels. When the primordials were defeated the Archons gathered Elemental Forges to create more Archons. They’ve tried getting access to get that forge, and they’ve been unable to. There are no intelligent people on the Plane of Rust
“There is a book about the Plane of Rust written by an Archon. Then they destroyed it and removed it. Erdan finds a very slim portfolio written by a mad Orc Priest from Orcus. Author is Feltid Zyrr. He contracted various demons. He found a gate. Shen points out the book was written 20 years ago. "
Zukko performs as a gladiator. 2 carnelians worth 50gp each. He gives you a crate full of wine, he won bets.
Zukko walks up the Bard Guild. Zukko tells the Story of the Ladies Death, and Who Killed them, and Who killed that Person.
Zukko is allowed inside.
" What can I do for you? You want to know about the plane of rust. I have not been there before. None but demons I suppose. I could consult with a couple of friends. It would cost you a little bit. The thing is when you deal with demons, you don’t know what it’s going to cost you. Let me tell you what, I’ll go check it out. "
“We can make this happen. Come back here at midnight tonight. Bring a black goat. We’re going to do this the old fashion way. "Plus 100gp of herbs and spices.
Finds a Black Goat, but it’s an Awaken Black Goat. He’s currently working at the market, performing.
Dimitri and Zukko go talk to the Goat.
" My master and I don’t talk anymore. If the pay is good I’ll get a new master. They usually give me 10-20pp a day. I’m saving up to buy my own ship and get out of this town. Hrmmm your story smells a little sour to me. I’m down for a party! THE BARD OF COLLEGE?! YOU CAN GET ME IN THERE?! That will make my career!! "
Xilalli goes off to meet Mutus, he doesn’t want to talk me. Goes to say hi to the Angel. There is no Angel. It’s an Archon instead. The Archon is wearing a silver band around it’s neck.
“I made some deals. Part of the deal is not talking about it. I now have a more secure way of guarding the light house. "
The little kids want Naora to meet Kory the Talking Goat.
“I thought that in order to get torches, there had to be a Deva to give it’s life. What happen to the first spirit? You lost the first one? That doesn’t sound very heroic.”
Kory goes into the Bardic College, where he meets two tieflings. One looks like a warlock.
Warlock mutters a chant, passes out, he rises up, eyes rolled up to the back of his head.
You summoned me? Why do you need to know? Hint! Make it compelling. I cannot get you to the plane of Rust. I know two people.

  1. Archone fortress in the Elemental Fortress called the Dragon’s Eye. There’s a gate there that’s locked up. Archon don’t want anyone to enter it. They are looking for something called the Star Hammer. Describes the hammer that can be used to remove magic from magic items and is transferr it to another magical item. Held by a Giant.
  2. Citadel Catheris, it’s currently occupied by vecknites. It used to be occupied by the Dun Guard. It’s in an astral moat. It’s attuned to the plane of rust. Talk to an advisor named Hurloon, he advises the lich lord Kas.
    The card bursts into flame.
    Kory drops to the ground, and blinks his eyes.
    That was such a great performance!

Everyone who rested at the welcome rest get a 5hp stack bonus that ends in 48 hours

Session Eighty (TMA) - Heading North


Other Maziel scout
Cosmo Scout

Orc village
Orcs and Orog
Red Sash
Gnasha accuses Maziel of leading the drow army
Maxiel proposes helping gnasha

At the leyline that wasn’t fixed, Max failed a save – cursed
Klotonk knows how to fix but would take time they didn’t have

Undead Justice dwarves – tell Max to restore the dwarven culture he can’t be judged
If he dies, gets cursed

There’s a Teleportation Circle in Cloudgoat
Give the sigil to the mechanic (sent to illium)

This journey isn’t the adventure we needed but the adventure we deserved
Vagga daughter of local chieftan
She’ll spread the world of Dagon’s invitation to tribes

Make it to the Drow Road – go into cave
No Yellow Fog
Attacked by tough shrubbery – beat one, other one runs off

Session One Hundred and Three (NBL) - Lupe Takes Bad Notes

We continue fighting.
Dmitri used the dragon mask to save against the curse. He drops the loot that he took from the temple of Bane and the curse was lifted. Bobbert killed a Wyvern. It was the opposite of an Erdan. Erdan killed a Knight, Zukko was going to maul the head off the knight so he was disappointed. Nobody else cared. Zukko was then rewarded with a maul hit on the wyvern that splattered its spine into a million pieces. It was kinda nasty. Zukko enjoyed it and it reminded him of that time he splattered a bear in an arena.

Dullahand grabs his head out of a bag and casts fear.
Erdan changes into a t-rex, bites the Dullahand while Naora is grappling it. Inside of the t-rex mouth she lets go of the Dullahand to hit it with Karasi.
Bobart does the final hit, then the Dullahand dissipates into a smoke as it goes back to its plane of existence.

Dimitri let’s Zukko BORROW the green mask.
Xillali goes back to pick up the sisters head, one of the head is glowing. You hear a voice
Is it done?
Then we’ll release the spell
The eclipse ends. The area around us starts to rumble.
Drimitri buldozules his way past people, killing a few in the way. Group head back to the port.
Grab whatever boat you can, if you know what’s good for you you’ll leave
Get on boat, boat is going away from where the other people are going. He’s taking us where the Yaun-ti temple.
Dimitri is exited he can lie.
That’s where the ferry usually goes
There’s an old abandoned dock and set you off at a jungle, if you want.
Yuan-ti gives the captain a bag of gold to send us away.
At the jungle inside the smuggler’s hut. Decide to go to Hestavar next.

Spine whip of the Dullahand (Bobart)
4 gold pieces (immediately used)
7 silver pieces


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