League of Xee

Session Twenty Two (NBL) - The End of the Blood Gems

Rest a day and help
Recruit the Squib

Squib Agantha Devani
But the orcs back out, claiming issues with ‘the moon’

party decides to go to the fire island anyway with the 7 people they have

Land on the west side of the island – walk through high grasses and ruins but don’t see anything
come across a black stone statue (same black stone as the tower – seeing a trend here)
Black stone statue is of a giant raven and represents Dyannacastra, Giant goddess of trickery.
dessicated troglodyte corpses
red gems
someone hits the gems with a rock – nothing happens
word puzzle at the base of statue “sultrydeedglorifiesivymoths“

Walk to top of wall, see a man on the ground, chained by a collar, with tattoos on head in the shape of eyes

Team argues with him for a minute, then goes to back to deciding what to do. take a while and when they go back, the tattooed man isn’t there.

he’s coming up the steps followed by two gray little gnomish looking dudes with red hair.. and then he turns into a hydra.

Session Twenty One (NBL) -Thunder and Lightning

Xillali summons thunder and attacks the group, killing Big Black Jack. Doki friends one of the Orcs and has him loot his friends. Snapping from the enchantment he picks up Big Black Jack’s body and starts to run away. Xillali brings her thunder down once again causing the living orcs to run away.

Inside of Black Jack’s mouth there was a blood gem. Doki takes it and her hand turns black. Only upon releasing the gem did her hand go back to normal. Upon closer investigation the gem is similar to the Diana Costra Gems found in the fire island.

Session Twenty (NBL) - The Investigation

The young heroes return to town on a mission to continue helping the reconstruction of stilt town.

Xillali takes it upon herself to visit Gnasha and give her the pendent to help her sleep. Unable to see Gnasha because she’s busy Xilalli waits until she can give her gift to Gnasha.

The rest of the group finds out there has been more killings.
In order to hold truth to Erdan’s word, the group attempts to do some investigating only to fail miserably at it.

In the library of the Maestro’s Tower Erdan finds that the glass jar, previously broken, has been repaired. Much to everyone’s surprise.

Xilalli and Naora find Devani in the bar, he agrees to help out with the investigation. Doki and Naora convince Agnatha she should try to be a fighter.

During the investigation the group finds out that the gems are blood magic and they could me magic. Barnabas doesn’t know what’s going on. So the group goes to the barracks where everyone is mad drunk. Pemmin the half orc and his pet chicken don’t have any new news on how the killings are going on.

Deva helps Xillali reach Gnasha earlier than anticipated, Xillali was able to giver her the sleeping amulet. Gnasha is extremely skeptical that it will work.

The group reunites as a whole again and head over to tak to Big Black Jack to ask him about the deaths. With completely unsuccessful results the teams is about to leave, only to have Erdan touch Black Jack’s shoulder.

Black Jack doesn’t like to have his shoulder touched, as he slowly turns around his skin turns black and he gets larger.

Session Twenty Four (TMA) - Magaat, the City of A Thousand Lights

The team wakes up in the hold of ship in various states of memory loss – Cosmo is the only one with decent memory recall. Klotonk uses his the “happy water” power and recalls his memory – Klotonk’s original gnome form has been restored as well.

Maziel remembers nothing and doesn’t remember the party at all.

Party slowly discovers they are:
On a ship, called the Crimson Sow
They’re headed to Magaat
And they PAID the Captain to take them there (but they don’t remember why)

Eventually they get some recall and remember meeting some sort of construct named Primus, who simply commanded them to bow, and they did….

The party arrives in Magaat and tries to at look around a bit and do some research

Party splits up – Cosmo meet some kender from the shield bearer’s guild.
Dagon meets an old buddy named Berroc

Maziel gets attacked by rogues and tries to fight them but they call attention to her, and she retreats.

Go to the Summer’s Bloom in undertown and ask for a job (this is how to get in the Roses)

Yaup goes to find a trainer in the parish of Kord – his trainer says he knows a big mission that’s been offered to go into the lands to the south and rescue some VIPS – pretty important mission here.

klotonk made an an energy shield out of parts he found in a junkyard, and tried to find out more about Primus by reading books in Booktown.


Session Twenty Three (TMA) - The Sand Temple


[5/21/2014 11:26:32 PM] Ryan Walters: OK Kelly, let me try to quick summarize
[5/21/2014 11:26:54 PM] Ryan Walters: 1) We go up in the tower, telling the new muscle the rules
[5/21/2014 11:27:01 PM] Ryan Walters: 2) We get fiendkey. Easy.
[5/21/2014 11:27:23 PM] Ryan Walters: 3) Klotonk says we should check out the desert because he saw the Avatar of Nerull and Dunne there
[5/21/2014 11:27:59 PM] Ryan Walters: 4) We decide to fight the skeletons finally that were patrolling the desert area because they are guarding something. This attracts Nerull Avatar’s attention eventually. Some of his minions had Mummy Rot on contact
[5/21/2014 11:29:00 PM] Ryan Walters: 5) Nerull’s avatar lets us buff up and we fight him. Barbarian Dagon rushes the guy fully raged, does nothing with his maul. Nerull kamehameha’s a Harm spell for 14d6, but the spell leaves its target with 1 hp, because that’s how Harm works
[5/21/2014 11:30:03 PM] Ryan Walters: 6) Dunne casts a silence spell, preventing party communication. Maziel snipes him and yells at Dagon that he needs to hit with magic. So Dagon looks at the avatar, then his hands, then PUNCHES the avatar
[5/21/2014 11:30:44 PM] Ryan Walters: 7) Party assaults Nerull avatar and causes him to dissipate. victory fanfare
[5/21/2014 11:31:29 PM] Ryan Walters: 8) Party finds Kabiri bones have animated and are now standing in front of a huge ziggarat in the middle of the desert area. Party is told that Nerull was not allowed in, but one with THE MARK is allowed to pass. Which is apparently Cosmo.
[5/21/2014 11:32:28 PM] Ryan Walters: 9) Cosmo enters and reaches a door. The door has a keyhole on it that when he touches it, hears a voice in his head that says “bring the key”. Cosmo rolls his lucky roll and gets a Nat 20. Turns out he had Maziel’s key to the tower in his pocket (!)
[5/21/2014 11:32:50 PM] Ryan Walters: 10) Cosmo unlocks the door. We know we just awoke a god-like entity within the ziggurat. Session ends.

Session Nineteen (NBL) - Erdan, Master of Disguise

Xillali, Erdan, and Naora.

The team lets the Ettan rage against the door to the Goblin caves for a while while they loot bodies and get in place. The ettin bashes down the door, then dies to some kind of ranged weapons. The team see some goblins hiding on top of a ledge.

Naora is able to sneak in right in front of them without them seeing and hides behind the Ettin’s body. Xillali is in Wolf Form, so she makes a run for the cliff ledge and fails to climb the ledge, falling at the base. The goblins attack Xillali with darts with a sleep poison, and Xilalli falls asleep!

Erdan gets an idea and runs back to a dead goblin. He quickly puts on the Goblin Gear and disguises himself as a goblin, then runs back in and “holds up” Naora.

Queue massive comedy sequence where Erdan lets Xillali and Naora get captured so he can infiltrate the Goblin warren and get a good idea of the internal politics. He manages to free everyone (including a group of cowardly wood elves) and then
a) makes a deal with the Goblin metalworker on the floor above to bring in better metals and
b) makes a deal with the medusa above to take out the Goblin king (who is now weakened without his best fighters and ettin guard.


Session Twenty Two (TMA) - All Those Who Wander

Goblin Market
Yaup meets Dagon
Cosmo Hires Dagon
Maziel works out that Cosmo Splits hos share with Dagon

Klotonk Meets the Soul Sculptors, doesn’t choose use their services

Krow gives Maziel a Boggart and asks him to call him with the Boggart if needed.

Maziel goes to the bar but notices a group a Men in Armor, look like Knights
Dagon shares his story with Yaup, Yaup shares his story

Maziel tries to lure the knights out but it doesn’t seem to work.
They go and get Krow, and leave through the feywild
Krow tells Klotonk that he recommends Dmitri
Krow think that that Knights Maziel saw could be illium paladins.. but then maybe they’re Knights of Tiamat

Stilt town
Klotonk buys a boat
Yaup and Dagon go get a drink
Maziel goes and talks to Gnasha, who updates him on the gems murder giantkin situation, the Collar/Glaistig news, and the Snake Men attacking stilt town

Patches the Bard goes and gets no name and introduces him to Dagon
No Name is actually Prince Xee
and he tells dagon that most the people are dead or cursed “changed”

great treasure of the north is alone in the deep vaults, no one lives there now.

Dagon tries to dig but Xee won’t talk about more, he’s been shamed or hurt in some way.

Team travels to the Tower
Runs into Stilt town Patrol

Runs into Blood Fly Muk Muks who offer to guide the party to tower.

Party is at the tower


The Goblin Market (Special Session, Both Groups!)

Coming back to this five months later, here’s what I recall of the top of my head in no particular order:

Massive shopping trip for both groups.

Baba Yaga had her dying day and gave everyone gifts. Cosmo got a whistle that summons Baba Yaga’s hut. Erdan got a staff with a talking bird head that doesn’t like him. Xillali got a Fairy (as a background) Klotonk got Baba Yaga’s Cauldron. TMA got the gifts because they were instrumental in freeing Baba Yaga. Maziel is surprised to find out that NBL has a relationship with the Glaistig and her mom.

TMA met up with Klotonk finally, in the end.

Cosmo got robbed by pixies, so they attacked and defeated them.

Erdan found a book seller and got many books from him for the Maestro’s Library.

Xillali mingled with fey royalty, saw her parents, found out a little bit about her dead friend, sold dragon blood.

Yaup participated in a contest of strength but lost out to Naora in the end.

NBL got in with the fey a bit and got a taste of the Green Court trying to recruit them for the war against Orcus

Session Twenty (TMA) - Illium Epilogue, Part 2

Maziel tries to find Taelim to complain about Yaup, but the Aunt is unyielding.

Cosmo goes to find Maziel and finds her trying to break into the sewers under Illium
Cosmo decides to join Maziel and they wander around aimlessly in the Sewers


Klotonk is in the Mage’s Tower.
He tries to drink the memory water but it doesn’t help at all.
He tries to figure out a way to remove the charge from Fiendkey,. He also has an invite to Baba Yaga’s death day but he doesn’t want Fiendkey to fall into Baba’s Yaga’s hands.
Klotonk goes into the library – combines the Fiendkey against the Ward that Acerack set up. A big magical explosion happens and Klotonk passes out.
When Klontonk wakes up, he wakes up with the body of a Succubus!

Back in Illium’s sewers..
Maziel and Cosmo descend further into the sewers. They find a homeless hermit with a bag.

Cosmo finds a strange bauble in a small room, and a glowing door that has the same energy as Cosmo’s dagger (Necromantic)

They found a door that’s locked, and someone on the other side tells them take off, so they do.

They finally get down into some caverns beneath the city. Lots of tracks from all sorts of travelers. They come across some Cabiri pillars and then they encounter an Old Man dressed in Brown, followed by a Giant Bear.

Back at the Tower:

Klontonk goes to look for clothes that fit his new form. He goes into the spider room and gets some cultist robes and washes them off in the memory pool – this ruins the pool.

He goes into the desert room to get cloaks from the Skeletons.
In the desert Room is Nerull and Dunne (for the second time) . Dunne still doesn’t recognize him. He appeals to Nerull and Nerull just tells hims to leave the premises.

Klotonk goes into the throne room and gets some clothes from the courtiers there. Then he takes Fiendkey, sticks it in the bottom half of the Owlbear statue, and then puts the top half of the owlbear on top of the top half and leaves it there.

Back in Illium.
Maziel and Cosmo have a relatively unproductive discussion with the Man in brown. They do learn that he hasn’t seen a gnome, and that he defends this area, but he only goes about 5 more levels down, and that there are pathways into the Underdark down there that he tries to avoid. Maziel and Cosmo cut their losses and leave.

Session Seventeen (NBL) - The Goblin Crevice

Team NBL decides to focus their efforts on helping No Name build back Maestro’s Tower.

Erdan, Xillali, and Naora head north to the Crevice. Along the way they run into two Traders, Olaf and Gort, who are heading south from Lowfort with a package for the Maestro Mors. Erdan tells them how to proceed. Then the next night they run into the same guys again, who are obviously very lost. So they try to send them to follow the river.

When they get the ridge where the Crevice is, they can see a small fortification over the horizon. Then they are ambushed by Goblins!

A Fireball and a Lightning summons later, and the Goblins are no more. Badass magic has won the day.

The team hears a horn, and tries to sneak around. They see fast moving forms leave the fort and head to the tree line.
The PC’s make it to the fort and see an edifice of black stone. They see the forms come back and go directly into the stone.
They come up to the walls and see goblin heads. Then they are attacked by wolf riding goblins made of Black Stone!

The team fights and defeats two Wolf Riding Statues, and erdan uses a counter ritual to “turn off” the remaining defenses. He also learns a charm for creating his own Wolf Riding statues out of Black stone.

The group figures out a way over the wall and descends into the Crevice. they heard chanting and hammering from below, in the fog. They find a door and enter a grotto filled with statues. They meet a blind goblin who tells them that they worshp a medusa but the team doesn’t want to fight, and leaves.

The cross a chasm by bridge and come to a goblin gate, but they don’t open it. They go down further into the pit and run into some goblins guards who are watching over goblin slaves and an ettin.

erdan casts the Suggestion spell, suggesting to the Ettin that the goblins are spiders, and he really hates spiders.

Ergo lots of goblin jelly. The two slaver guards make a good fight but go down quickly.

the Ettin is still up and headed to the lair of the Goblin Lord under the Mountain.


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