League of Xee

Session Sixty (NBL) - Battle Continues on Island

Dimitri talks to rogue by using intimidation. The rogue reaches under his bow and takes out a crossbow from his left hand and begins to walk away slowly. Alarm bell has changed it’s tone and it’s now doing a coded message.
Dimitri feels a little static in the air He tries to figure out the source, the best he can tell is that direct affinity with lightning is coming from the ship.
The group hears a loud noise coming from the direction of the docks. Doki casts major illusion making it look like the room is on fire. Dimitri takes a sneak peak by opening the door and sees an undead creature in body armor so he knocks the door open and 7 undead in full body armor headed toward us.
Derek rolls a crit with sneak attack.

Xilli shoots it in the face with a magical arrow. Non magical attacks seem like they do nothing.
Undead dies and explodes in and deals electrical damage.
Fire disappears and we all see the roof collapse and block the entrance to the room (major illusion)

Druid goes down and archers are begging for mercy. Derek gets hit with a necromancy attack. Hit point maximum for Derek is now reduced by 4.

Xillali loots the druid. The bell is no longer ringing.
Have the achers sound the all clear. There is a lot of noise coming from the warship. After interrogation Doki finds out “We’re supposed to drop off food and items and then leave. We don’t know when we’re supposed to leave. The wizard probably summon the writes, don’t face him he will kill you by looking at you.“ Doki scares a guy to death (well, fainted).

Hear a magical voice looming from the ship. “Come out and surrender and drop all your weapons. If you don’t we kill your friends and destroy your ship.” Dimitri senses that we are indeed being watched. Party leaves weapons in nooks and crannies. “Go up the back onto the dock” We walk out into the area with shipping containers. “Please walk forward until I can actually see you” Naora leaves kurasi, dims it, and hooks it up to a wall so it looks like a normal torch.
The group se three large cannons pointed at us. “Who is your representative?” Xilalli steps forward. Wizard points at Xillali and sends message. He’s super impressed and wants to offer us get offered a job.
Dimitri, Doki, and Xialli will head towards the ship by themselves to talk to the wizard.

15 silver
1 potion of greater healing
18 c
1 pl

TMA Sesson Fifty Four - The Dragon's Hoard


FIght with Fire Giants

Polymorph one into a squirrel, charm it and and put it in a bottle

go to treasure hoard room

see large room with two levels, dias, and an enormous treasure horde – light source from middle of room, but can’t see the source.

Go up top, see nothing.

Tailem flies up with bottle to drop giant – attacked by dragon

Wizard and 3 fire giants. Wizard wears a red dragon mask

Dragon fight, tailem tries to summon mob, fire giant ignores and takes her down, hostage

wizard attempts to parley, tailem brought to consciousness and attacks, wizard fireballs

Session Fifty Nine (NBL) Coup deGrasse - die, son

<derek class="”rogue”">
<title> Coup deGrasse – die, son! </title>
The party debates what to do. Options are
Arrow of Finding
Use Animal Means
Xilalli could change into an animal and sniff her out
she could also talk to the plants to find out what’s going on
Naora wants to do drugs

Xilalli attempts to smell out Doki as a panther, but only gets a whiff of her at our current location, and then the scent fades away. As we debate what to do next we see somebody coming down a pathway dragging a body. It looks like an Eladrin dragging a halfling, leaving a trail of smeared blood, likely Doki’s.

Keeping hidden, we book it to the base of the slitted dome, and then run alongside the base to cut off the Eladrin. Derek leaps at him, critically slicing his throat so finely that the Eladrin is confused at what happened. Unable to make a sound and quickly dying, he drops to the ground, dropping Doki as well. Not losing momentum we grab Doki, leave the Eladrin, and continue moving toward the doorway, visible to possible onlookers as nothing more than a tumbleweed.

After Laying On Hands we start to hear commotion on the other side of the door. Meanwhile Derek loots the body. He finds {
copper: 15,
gold: 5,
semi-precious gems: 6,
potion: 1

Using his quick thinking, because he’s the smartest, Erdan casts Web on across the door. Upon first attempt of opening the door it gets entangled in the Web, allowing on a slit to be open.

[DIMITRI] – The small guitarist needs to drink now, but is hardly the time, I think. But her skin is no longer pale, so perhaps halfling need alcohol to live. Elf librarian wants to put everyone in bag, but this is bad idea. Also, more healing. [/DIMITRI]

<derek>“Sound the alarm!” is heard beyond the door, with quick, diminishing footsteps. Quickly dropping the Web, we run in and hear combat music.

Doki bravely runs forward and with vengeance in her eyes casts cone of Fear.
Erdan follows up with a Web spell, clearly intending to not let anyone run away and sound the alarm. {Erdan: “those bow-zoes”}
Dimitri moves to the farthest non-feared Eladrin he can get to and proceeds to double attack him. Both hitting and one critting, splattering him in half. He’s now blue and red.
Looking around and finding the odd one out in terms of who’s not feared, Derek charges at the lucid one and just plunges his big knife into the Eladrin’s sound.

Some of the Eladrin disengage and run upstairs.

[DIMITRI] Cat elf runs into the room and is disappointed that Dimitri has already slaughtered the pathetic archers using his superior combat ability. Then, there is bell, which is meaning there is more archers to eviscerate. Today is good day, and much blood will be spilled. [/DIMITRI]

We kill all but one, which Doki interrogates with a fierce vengeance, while Derek searches the bodies. Loot {
silver: 30
semi-precious gems: 5
ornamental gems: 2
ring: amethyst (magical)

We hide in a room. After a while Erdan openes the door to which leads to the doc. He sees 3 winged apes land and charge towards Erdan, who’s screaming in panic.
Dimitri casts some wind thingy, pushing back 3 of 7 (“fart in their genital direction” ~ Naora).

Gorillaz bust through the door and proceed to attack us.

Erdan blasts them with Fireball.
Dimitri only hits one of the two he attacks he lobbes, dealing 15 dmg.

An Eldarin pops up and casts Entangle on Dimitri, Naora, Derek, and Doki. Only Naora is not restrained.

Xilalli pounces and claws at a gorilla.
[DIMITRI] In our bloodlust, the paladin and I fail in our duty to murder. However, cat elf makes up for this and rips out the monkey’s jugular. Hurrah! [/DIMITRI]
Doki casts Shatter.
Erdan fireballs.
Derek breaks free of the tangle and runs partially up the stairs.
Naora tripped a gorilla.
Xilalli blighted the ass ass in.

Dimitri gets rended by a gorilla.

Derek runs up the stairs, gets missed by the readied actions of 5 Eladrin and a Druid, crits one Eladrin and then runs down the stairs.
Naora frightens the gorilla.

The Assassin holds a blade to Erdan’s throat saying “let’s discuss this peacefully now”, threatening to Coup deGrasse Erdan, telling Dimitri to stop his Gust of Wind.

It’s Xilalli’s turn ..

TMA Session Fifty Three- The Lava Shrine


Vicious ghosts go into a monologue about how Dagon has defiled their temple. Dagon rages, and the fight is on, and the party gets tromped pretty hard.

Le Monasch: Okay, so here’s what happened. Some of my turn ordering may be incorrect. I apologize. >_>;
Turn 1: Half the group gets possessed (Klotonk, Dagon, and Cosmo are the ones not affected). Dagon rages and goes fury mode. Cosmo icebites a ghost. Klotonk casts confusion a bunch of them, hits 3 on the floor beneath where Dagon is.
Turn 2: All possessd people move towards lava and the rest attack. Biggest consequence of this is that Klotonk takes two crits in the face and drops. Dagon smashes through a ghost and cleaves into another. Cosmo tries to reason with the ghosts to stop, but no response.
Turn 3: Ghosts move more. Taelim is out on the lava now. Klotonk makes a death save → 20. He’s a 1 hp and conscious now. Dagon talks with ghosts and realizes that it’s the pendant he snagged that they want. He throws it at them and they all vanish. Including the ones in possessed bodies. Taelim falls into the lava. 10d10 damage occurs and Taelim is knocked out.
[12:54:28 AM] Le Monasch: turns are fuzzy now since we went in order, but I don’t recall what was what.
Yaup healed Taelim to keep her alive, but in agony. Everyone wracks their brains to think of something. Maziel considers Windwall but decides not to. Klotonk casts fly to get Taelim out but needs two turns to get there due to distance. Yaup heals Taelim again. Klotonk arrives and needs to pull off a DC 16 strength check to yank Taelim from the lava. Cosmo gives massive encouragement (gave inspiration for advantage on check) → 3 and nat 20. Klotonk lugs Taelim to safety and we all take a well deserved short rest and blow much of our hit dice

Party goes back to the shrine and finds a ghost bard sitting on it, playing music. They ask it various questions and learn more about the red dragon, who is being “tortured by Torog Cultists” – they learn they have to take the boat down the tunnel to the Palace, since that’s where the red dragon is.

Party doesn’t want to risk grabbing the pendant again, so they go back and ask slicer, since he’s a follower of tiamat, if he can talk to the boat. The boat responds!

The team uses the the boat to go down the lava river a ways and maziel gets out and scouts a chokepoint. She see a fire giant guard and possible small door to go through. maziel and klotonk use a message to communicate with each other.

So, the rest of the session.
After our short rest, we found a ghostly bard that was provided some information to us. The dragon that resides here is actually being tortured by fire giants. We surmise that saving the dragon will grant us the answers we want. We also learn that the dragon boat only responds to those with an affinity to Tiamat. From this we make a couple of plans. Plan A: See if Slicer can command the boat. Plan B: Pray to Tiamat ourselves and then try to guide the boat. Plan C: Pick the amulet back up and have Yaup turn undead to fuck their shit. Plan D: Plan C failed and we’re dead (Plan Dead). From Gard (ghost bard, we named him since he could not recall his own name), also knew songs of dwarven heritage. Just cool to note. We tried to get him to join us for the fight, but he has ghost alzheimer’s or something. He did ask that we set his bones to rest in the land he once came from. This happened to be Illium. Dagon very much wants to make this happen. His bones were the ones on that rock. The disk was also his. He tells us to flip it and we do. It slows time incredibly. We snatch it out of the air in an attempt to not waste this usage. It cracks anyway and likely only has one use left. We figure we could get an 8 hour rest in a matter of seconds real time. Great for our situation.
[8:42:40 PM] Le Monasch: We get back to the Dragon Boat and Plan A succeeds. Slicer commands the boat down the lava river to the palace. We make it to the initial gates and Maziel jumps out to scout the area. She takes some damage, but learns valuable information about fire giant patrols and guard huts that scatter the inner area.
[8:45:18 PM] Le Monasch: As Maziel returns, we use a Message cantrip to communicate and figure out what we need to do next. Yaup and Taelim convince the party to all meld into stone in the boat as the boat drives itself through to the inner palace. This provides us little understanding of where we are and our surroundings, but it will likely get us in. Dragon Boat can also shoot fire (three times a day). It’s full capacity in terms of structural integrity has not been fully tested (fire giants had large rocks that they can likely throw to assault the boat). DB also hates the fire giants since they’re torturing the dragon.
[8:46:08 PM] Le Monasch: We meld in (this uses like… 7 major spell slots from Yaup and Taelim) and go forth. There’s lots of banging and murmuring, but the sounds come and go. There’s eventually scraping and then nothing.
[8:47:00 PM] Le Monasch: Maziel pops out and surveys the area. Treasure room of sorts. Guards outside, but not exactly guarding the room I don’t think. Maziel knocks on the boat in all the spots that we melded into and tells us to come out.
[8:47:15 PM | Edited 8:47:21 PM] Le Monasch: Dagon pops out and screams, “FROM STONE I AM REBORN
[8:47:50 PM] Le Monasch: All players have facepalm hard enough to shatter diamonds.
[8:47:59 PM] Le Monasch: Fire Giant guard bursts in
[8:48:01 PM] Le Monasch: Session ends

Session Fifty Eight (NBL) Piece of Ship
Dimitri is a blueberry

A rough looking Eladrian tells us to put down our weapons, shields, and any magical implements and follow them in the citadel. Erdan tries to weasel his way out of it by letting them know we are just looking for our boat. Derek his request wasn’t successful as he sees the Eladrian use thieves cant to signal “leave no one alive”.
Derek attacks the head honcho Eladrian as four rangers attack Xillalil. In duress from the pain Xillali loses concentration. In the distance there is a roar as a cat transforms into a Bulette.
An assassin cuts Xilalli’s throat and infects her with poison. She’s heavily bloodied.
Doki casts Stinking cloud encompassing all but 1 of the guys.
Druid guy restrained us by using plants. Speed is now 0, attack rolls against us are on advantage.
Erdan casts fireball over the sticking cloud. Die of fate is a 6. Stinking cloud is gone, we see a big smoking crater. Two guys are prone in the back, and more guys are completely incinerated. Main Eladrian dude says to kill the druid then the mage. Xillali gets a crit hit and falls to the ground.
Erdan gets attacked and falls as well. Naora is able to tell that boss dude is a super high level rogue, then kills him. The rangers flee. Derek loots the body and cuts out a piece of the skin indicating his tattoos that boss dude is a vecknite. Dimitri cuts off boss dude’s head, pokes out an eye and cuts off one of his hand then puts the head and hand into his bag incase he needs to warn other Vecknites of his power. Doki takes off the ring from the dead druid and is easily removed and goes perfectly on her finger.
As doki starts to walk over her, she feels like a great weight has been lifted from her. Doki checks her aura – it’s unchanged. Derek puts on shoes and they resize. Dimitri pushes bodies off plane.
Dimitri can see a very large war ship coming in our direction. He can tell it looks like a hestavarian ship, but there’s something off about it. Xillali equips pass without a trace and successfully casts it before the warship can see them. The Warship circles the moat. An hour passes without finding an adequate place. Group decides to camp for an hour to rest as Xillali casts pass without a trace again.
Doki and Derek sees a giant gorilla with wings, lands on a tree and and sniffs around. It looks around, sees nothing and leaves. Dimitri continues to dig a pit to hide under a bush for cover.
Erdan crawls into the hole and pats dirt all around him. Group sleeps as Dimitri keeps watch.
Group heads back towards the village and sees over 10 Elandran searching the town were we fought. Group decides to go through the jungle to reach the docks. We make it through the jungle without any encounters. See giant stone smooth wall with a tiny door and half way up there’s a murder holes. Beside the wall we see a smaller building and on the dock we see our ship docked next to the war ship.
Xillali is reasonable sure that the bullete tracks match the tracks she found in hestavar. Doki turns ethereal. She uses longstrider and heads towards our ship in search of squint and crew. Doki sees 6 eladrean ransacking all of our personal belongings, and 5 eladrean standing gaurd on the top. Next Doki goes to the other ship, she finds a room on where she finds squint, crew, Sierra, and Nym broken in half with two guards keeping watch.. She sees 20 eladrin sailors in the second tier. On the top of the dock there are 10 Eladrian soldiers and more mage druid dudes.
There have been adjustments made to the ship that protect a massive hulk of the ship. It doesn’t look like we can break from the outside in. It looks like the ship came from Pandamonium.
The small building is a clearing house. Inside the giant wall there is open hall for eating. There is a stairway that leads up, there are 10 Eladrian that are wearing metal weapons scouting. Doki sticks her tongue out at them. There are barracks on the top part of the building. Doki goes to scout the tower.The tower does not respond to her. She randomly pass the wall. She enters a room that is about 10ft wide by 25ft long. It looks like it’s been prepared for corpses. It looks like a holding cell for bodies, like a morgue. There is no one she recognizes but they look like they come from Hestavar,. She goes through the nearest door. Sees a hospital type room where they disincent Bullete. She goes into another room and sees two Devas discussing with each other. She doesn’t understand them.

Derek – 1 vial of assasin’s poison from boss dude
Derek – very nice elven that are magical boots – advantage on dex saving throw
15 silver
1 pl
Doki – wooden ring with 2 connecting paws.
Derek – plants

TMA - Session Fifty Two - Crypt-ology


start in the crypt
solve puzzles
Pray to tiamat
find the lake
explore the ruins
provoke the ghosts

Session Fifty Seven (NBL) Ballistics: Cat-apults and Bulettes.

Naora wants to stay and wait for party. Xillali turns back and sees that one of the four Bulette is missing. Ahead of the party Naora sees Derek creep out of the forest line and then sees a Bulette jump out and lands in front of the Derek. Naora runs towards the party. Derek gets a surprise attack and hurts it a tad. Dimitri trashes it with a double hit and it falls to the ground
Xillali has her centipedes come up closer to the group so that they can attack another one by itself. After healing Derek and going into hiding the group sees a giant centipede emerge from the forest then the Bulette jumps out of the forest and it tramples the last remaining centipede.
Derek jumps onto the Bulette from a rock and stabs it with both his daggers blooding it. A third Bulette appears and attacks Dimitri. Erdan Banished it from the realm. The Second falls down in flames. Erdan dismisses the spell and the Bulette is no longer Banished. Derek is annoyed that he can’t harvest from the first fallen Bulette again so he jumps on top the third Bulette and was unable to attack. The Bulette attacks Naora and she falls to the ground then Xillali heals her. A fourth Bulette lands on top of the rock that Erdan was occupying. He takes 40 damage is prone. He stands and leaves towards the first Bulette in order to seek protection from the hole that dimitri cut open. Xillali releases her flame blade and polymorphs the fourth Bulette into a cat. The cat attacks Erdan. Group decides it’s best to throw the cat into space from the boat. When the party goes to the boat they saw the boat was missing so Dimitri throws the cat into the abyss (mraooooooooooowwww). Xillali went to go figure if the footprints of the Bulette were the same as footprints from the town. As she’s searching she sees a boot in front of her. She looks up and sees a bunch of Elandrean soldiers pointing arrows at the party.

LOOT – Bulette plate (can be used for a shield)

Session Fifty Six (NBL) - You can probably Whale it
Dicks and Dongs

Group votes and decides to head towards the abandoned village instead of the docks (which Xilalli totally prefers, but noooo majority vote won – peasants).
It looks like an abandoned homestead, or gold mine shack. Group follows trail of destruction. Doki sees painted on a wall “They have given up on us” in common. Xillali searches and doesn’t see any large animal tracks. Instead she sees Eladran shaped feet and a steel arrow head sitting in the ground near by. Potential Fight or dropped or just dropped an arrow.
Doki goes into the room and she senses there’s a trap. She stops immediately. As she switches to aura vision she doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary and the feeling intensifies. As she turns to step outside of the house, the party sees her shake a little bit. She sneezes and we can see a cloud of pollen come out of her, lingers behind her and it slowly moves back into the house. Derek attempts to collect pollen with a vine. The vine retracts itself and Derek now has a vial of strange pollen.
The party continues to follow the trail, Xillali’s foot hits something, and sees a strange coin. She uses mage hand to pick up. Doki immediately recognizes as a vecna coin.
Continue walking when all of a sudden Derek stops EVERYONE. He sees a Malice weed. If a person fails a con safe throw they become blinded. He manages to harvest two doses with Xillali’s help.
Xillali lost the tracks, Doki recommends going straight. Xillali becomes aware that there’s something large and big in front of her. It seems like the light itself stops on something solid. As we walk forward, the rest of the party can see the purple blob. Walking towards a structure, it looks like a big wall.
Xillali transforms into a blood hawk and flies towards the wall without consulting the rest of the party.
Xilalli sees a tower that’s at least 30 feet tall, the center of the purple tower is centered around the tower. There is no sign of an entrance. She goes back to the party where she gets smacked by Noara for being stupid.
Doki turns Xillali invisible and she flies away. She enters into the royal and is immediately blown away. She tries again and continues flying. Finally there’s a brief bubble of air and she flies through to the center.
Two black obsidian tablets with odd squiggly writing in the center of the alter. Don’t see an obvious entrance. Hop closer foot touches something in the ground and I realize I’m standing on an elaborate rune trap. Sets off trap. FUCK. Again, Mah Bad. OOPS. Sorry guys. I totally dead.
TOTALLY fail perception but use inspiration to pass strength test. Escape from sticky trap on the floor. Entire floor of tower lights up.
Group tries to get closer and fails the group dex save. See a flash along the entire line of the building. See runes appear along the wall and they go up along the tower. As Xillali cycles around the tower she can’t find a door, sees runes go up towards the top of the building. See an electric line appear right in front of Naora. Doki, Erdan, and Dimitri see a sign for summoning appear in the runes.
Ground give way behind Doki, and monster things appear, they are large and take up 2×2 square. All of them surprise attack Doki, she turns ethereal – all attacks miss. They are Bulette, most dangerous magical creatures ever and there’s 4 of them. Doki gets hit again and goes down, Naora drops her Karassi and drags Doki away. Derek picks up karassi and books it away. Xillali flies as a double move and mid air transforms into a killer whale and crushes two of the Bulette. Erdan casts confusion, effectively confusing 3/4 Bulettes.

Doki suffers -2 on her charisma because of her massive disfigurement. “My scar is now my beauty mark!!” D:
Doki casts dimension door so Naora and Doki are gone (500ft away). Erdan casts minor elementals and 8 smoke memphis show up, Xilalli rolls off the Bullettes as a whale changes into human form casts Giant Insect and 10 giant centipedes appear. Then she runs in a separate direction that Erdan, Dimitri, and Derek ran (to avoid attack of opportunity). Group is split three ways.

Vekna Coin (Doki)
2 Doses of Malice (Derek)

TMA - Session Fifty One - Knowledge is... heavy


Partty leveled
Loot the Library
Pick up Mug
Go back to Solstice
Attacked by hill giants
Head to the volcano
Choose the crypt over the fortress
Set off a trap – party is split

Session Fifty Five (NBL) This Party is Boppin’

Erdan learned more about how to make blood gems
Give Sierra an option to stay or leave. She wants to stay with us. Sierra will stay with us and Nym changed his protocol so his primary goal is to protect Sierra. Doki doesn’t want Sierra to join us, Nym says that he will take care of her.

Day 2 ends – 5 pp

Day 3
Erdan finished transferring the information from the bodies to the books.
Squint finds enough porters to help us carry the items. Erdan leads the way.
Giant Sphinx acknowledges that we returned. Erdan asks permission to enter with the books,
Receive instructions to get to the top of the observatory.
“Two fortnights ago, I was requested to deliver a letter” says Erdan, the deva goes
Erdan sees a knight bored that looks up. Erdan see’s his face.
“Erdan!! It’s you!! Good to see you good man, what are you doing here?” Says Bobart
“I think I’m going to join the members of Ion, what are you doing here?” Replies Erdan
“Ohhh I’m on a secret mission” mummers Bobart
See guards dressed in the garb of the purple palace, Bobard invites us hurriedly to the inn The Welcome Rest for drinks later tonight.
“Excuse me, are you Erdan Galalandel. My name is Shen, the master librarian is not available, but I am available for any assistance.”
Shen inspects the bodies. “We’ll make transcripts for the bodies then we’ll dispose of them.”
Erdan pleads to not kill the only one that’s alive. She’s uncomfortable that she’s referred as a person.
“You brought her here, you do know what you mean… she’s exculted.”
Normally exculted persons cannot cross planes.
“Of course if you pass our test you’ll have access to our library”
Erdan will have to stay there for three days in order to pass the test. It doesn’t seem too difficult.

Naora goes to the palace of Palor. A beautiful nun clad in white leads her to a fountain. If you ask for penance to Palor he may grant you healing. After a while of meditating Naora opens her eyes, she hears a voice “What is your name and your desire – why have you not healed yourself”
Naora is suddenly aware that she can remove curse herself. She’s now a 13th level paladin.
Naora removes curse from herself. Naora has full understanding of her body at a molecular level. Then it’s gone~
Noara is glowing.
Derek is petitioning to become a member of Ion to enter the library.
Xillali goes to the zoo.
Everyone goes to the Bobarb’s Party. Derek dies his hair and changes his appearance to look older. Doki tries to play, but there’s a representative of the Bards Guild here. Naora is talking to Bobard and talking paladin stuff together. Bobard is paying for everything and everyone knows he’s super shallow, but he has money. Xillali is smooching it up, and talking to everyone. She slowly becomes the center attention. Bobard, very jealously pours wine on her dress. OOPS. Doki super offended does major illusion and makes it appear that his pants fell down. Bobard begs his leave after being super embarrassed, and excuses himself from the party. As he walks away he looks at Xilalli and Doki notices that he gives Xillali the snake eyes.
Librarian is here, Le’Sandra is getting acclimated. (book 15)
Erdan goes to find Bobard, his mascara is running low. Erdan asks about the family. “Well they are fine if the war goes our way” says Bobard
“I’m sure the war will go our way with you on case” Erdan Bobard noticeably flinches at the remark.

-10 PP for the night

Day 5-7
Erdan is at the library doing tests to become a first tier member
Dimitri is unsatisfied and has a new found dislike for sphixis.
Xillali tries to find dusk men and fails
Dimitri wants to improve the lives of the desert people.
Naora is teaching Sierra how to fight
-5gp x 3

Erdan has access to:
all 1st level
3 2nd level
2 3nd level
1 4th level spells
can do more to quests to increase ion reputation
A lot of different factions, and not everyone knows what the others are doing. Shen is a shady character.

“Oh we would like to do that but Stiltown is currently occupied by drow, but if you wanted to clear the area of any hostile forces and set up a temple then we can set settlers there and we can set up a temple of learning.” (SADNESS)

Squint takes us to the shore of the lagoon. It’s super dark and at the edge. Xillali casts Commune with Nature and it’s divination is blocked.
See at the corner of her eye several hooded figures carrying bows.
Speak to me in High Elven, “Thou are not welcome here, leave immediately” Xillali doesn’t want to leave then she sees 10 more come out of the woods, they are Eladran (true fey).
Erdan tries to convince them that they operation is a bad idea and that they should move. The Eladran aren’t taking it, and ask us to leave. Xillali noticed that there is some kind of wrapping magic on everything.
Group decides to go around and attack.


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