League of Xee

Session 118 (NBL) - Jura

Make the night in Glimmer alive. Naora and Dimitri turn into Ravens by Xillali and Erdan.
Get a ride to the Oblivion Bog on a boat, costs -80gp.
Doki talks to the Raven, he spies for Raven Queen. The Raven thinks we’re silly so it flies to the top of the boat.

Proceed into Oblivion Bog, after a few hours we feel the effects. Doki sings a song from Babayaga’s song book
At the top of hill, there is a hut. It has spider legs and is surrounded by skulls everywhere.
The hut turns towards us and faces us, it slowly lowers itself to the ground.
We have an hour before the guy leaves with the boat.
“Well, that was mighty nice song I heard, you may call me Aunty Cersei”
The skulls scream in warning.
She offers us tea and seems very prepared for our visit. We tell her that we would like to use her clock. She wants a deal.

Dimitri brings up Babayaga. Gives her the whistle to Babayaga’s hut in exchange for opening the clock into Jura.

Zukko asks about his tattoo, she grins broadly and wishes him luck.
The tattoo is a binding spell, they’ve sealed a very powerful soul. They’ll only do this if they’re trying to hide a type of soul. Individual will slowly be taking over you.

We land into a battlefield. There are clocks everywhere, they look like Clockwork Constructs. One side has a flag with a rose, the other with thorns.
We notice that there’s a casam, a part of the earth has been split apart.
Two main roads, follow one.
Four clockwork pieces wake up, “damn you to the 9 hells”.
They don’t want us here. They want us to leave the city. The Master does not want help, no one can lift the curse.

Some of the clockwork are robots, the other were turned. There is another brother who wasn’t affected by curse. There are fae in the forest. There is a cave in the forest that mutters to itself in languages we don’t understand.

Look for Chime
Usually goes to the library
Her tracks lead into the forest

Find the chapel

Detect people
Erdan you’re better at talking at other people
The Seelie took Chime
Helen the enchantress lied
The dagger has a finger of death on it.

Session Ninety Six (TMA) Death House, Part Two

Harthoon -

I’ll pry the name from your tortured soul

You know, I had respect for Viceak
You’re no Viceak
It took me a while to figure out who you were – Doresain hid you
Schemes within Schemes, I’m thinking

We had a deal you see. We closed the demongate together, created the circlets together. No need for us to invade the world.

But then this prophecy, of someone raised in the feywild who knew the name of the raven queen
Can’t appease the beast
We made compacts – built our army. If we couldn’t invade the realm that Viceak protected, why not under it?
And then, against the fey, in this futile war. And everywhere we went, no sign of the secret
But then, you came to us, didn’t you? If I’d had known, you would have never left the tower.

Session One Hundred and Seventeen (NBL) - Down Time

Naora and Doki are working for a month
Dimitri is looking around for Inculabun. He spends money buying people drinks (-25gp) to have interesting talks. At the end of 5 days of carousing folks, he is looking for someone who has an in with the shadowfell folk. He meets someone who might talk. The old man Pavalar is or was a necromancer (hinted). He spent some time in Glimmer, he’s resting in an undercity in Hestavar. There are places in the shadowfell that the Raven Queen won’t go to, they are known as Raven Loft…. There’s there dark powers that rule there. It sounds like he’s been there. Baravia with a crazy vampire lord. Jura which used to exist in the material plane. It fell into Civil War between 2 brothers. One acquired a lot of magical artifacts, one that is sacred to Tiamat. The other sold his soul to demons. It’s lord met an enchantress by the name of Cersie. She cursed him and the land. In the aftermath, there was a lot of dark powers and it caused it to move to the plane of dread. There are gypsies Vestani that can travel there at any time. They cost them.

There is stories that it was famous for it’s woodwork and grandfather clocks. If you find one with it’s symbol, rose wrapped in grape vines, you can step through and end up in Jura.

Zukko is going to look for gear. Spends 1k to find a seller, who happens to be Pavalar.
“If you courrier something of theirs, and deliver it, then I’d be willing to cut my item is half.”
Zukko is going to buy a figurine of wondrous power, it can become a griffon for 6 hours, cannot be used for 5 days (12k/2).
Pavalar scribes a rune on Zukko’s body. It will give more information when Zukko leaves Hestavar. He feels odd.

Erdan is learning to be super Wizardry. He helps with a spell and has impressed the Ioun’s Guild. Which may help.

Xillali has helps out at a hospital to heal, and has earned a favor with the Church of Palor.

Zukko is a little bit greyer than usual.

Dimitri thinks that Zukko is carrying a personality.
Visit clock maker who may have heard of the clocks. He has, the most pleasant/odd visit was in the shadowfell. I went to visit S who payed a lot of money. Oblivion Bog. Around Glimmer. I seem to recall someone who got us a boat. We got eaten and had to run through a forest, and a fog. Not going back there and service the fog. It was a very nice lady.

Stilt Town was mostly burned, it’s mostly barren. The Drow gave up on this spot. Mostly everyone is on the Giant Turtle. It is generally in the North. It moves around a bit. Gnasha is back. She was leading the resistant in the north, but she’s now talking to folk about moving everyone out of the Stump and giving it to the Drow. This is a deal that Princess Tealem from Illium is working out. Prince Xee went to go look for his father.
We Teleport to Turtle Island. Surprise a lot of people.
Nym, Sierra, and Patches are happy to see us. Dimitri the Miracle Worker is there. Coatl is with Taelem. Patches is saying that there’s a lot of political stuff going on. They’re waiting for Taelem to visit to make a deal with the Drow. Muk Muks don’t want to leave their ancestral home, but they owe The Main Attraction a lot. Xillali lets them know that they helped out also. They give us 7 Fire Sausages, last a week, 1hr of Fire Resistant.
Dagon wished for the Royal line of the asimba mountain to be free of their curse, as a result they suspect that King Zee is no longer a vampire.

Head over to Glimmer. Xillali eats a fire sausage.

Land near Derek’s shop in Glimmer. Go visit Derek’s shop. Derek is not there, but his co partner is there. There’s a few crazy people that may know.

Go down to the Library of the Inculaban. They’re obsessed with secret knowledge.
Get stopped while going downstairs. “Why are you here?”
Searching for the Dread Domains of the Shadowfell.
“Any information is given for a price”
Meet with an Iculabun (Inquisitor) who wants information first. Stevan, Steven, or Stephaan?
Tell them of the Shadow Library.
Which is about a weeks worth of research. Get three Lore Tokens

Session Ninety Five (TMA) - Death House, Part One

They’re going to want to research – not in the mage’s guild
Portal busted can’t port, divination still not working
Social consequences prince and auntie (Taelim needs to make a choice – settle down or renounce any claims to the throne – people are happy now but for the safety of the city this is best time to step down, or to give up adventuring life )
Some RP

Word comes to the group
There is something really strange on the block
The street – feels off – two houses – explore the houses – nothing there.
no secret doors, nothing in basement, no secret doors – but you feel weird

Ask the locals – they swear up and down there are three houses on that street, not two
Maz tailem klotonk beck

when they are shown the houses they literally just freak out and tell you they aren’t crazy, old palarmie’s house been sitting there for 40 years. He’s been dead since the last invasion, no one was in it.

Detect Magic – Yes, there is serious magic spell around both houses
Arcana check – solve a series of runes


Trapped on the carpet

Death house. Destroy the necro bomb

Session One Hundred Sixteen (NBL) - Trial of Hand, Trial of Heart

Fire on the ground starts erupting from the ground.
Fight Ice Elementa.

Fight Ends, 6 doors open, each of us go through a door,. Separate rooms.
Individual talks with

1.Fire 7.Tree
2.Heart 8. Door
3.Bone 9.Horse
4.Coin 10.Club
5.Head 11. Tooth
6.Crown 12. Eye

3 people picked the crown (Xillali, Dimitri, Zukko)
1 person picked the door (Erdan)
1 Person picked heart (Doki)
1 person picked tree (Naora)

Find ourselves back at the anvil. The archone comes back and hands us the hammer. YOu are the first in a millennia that have passed.
He looks at Naora, she gets innate knowledge on what to say with the hammer about the mask.

Naora destroys the masks. Dimitri’s body shows draconic runes that start to burn away.
Naora and Dimitri get Inspiration

Session Ninety Four (TMA) - Rise Against, Part Three

You come out to the Barracks where Cosmo was held
There is a wide square that surrounds the barracks, there are piles of wood stacked, fires burning – it seems quiet – as you approach the barracks people up top raise up a cheer.

You meet with people, they want to know if it’s safe to head to the palace and if you can escort them back now that you’ve cleared the area. They keep hearing rumblings from under the ground

The Dracolich, Ildigrith


Session Ninety Three (TMA)- Rise Against, Part Two

Crow District/ Eagle District
You’ve saved people. Now you need to do it again, and take the city back.

Crow district has become the core of Illium military focus – with the recruitment drive and investment, a lot of individuals and their families live in the city (Irregulars)
Most of the city watch are people that would generally be on night duty anyway, along with some veterans

The palace guard is concerned, as there seems to be quite a bit of smoke coming out of Crow District, and not a lot of people are coming in through the palace gates. Standing orders for irregulars though is to report to their superiors at the central barracks in Crow distrcit which, as it’s a repurposed prison, has a 15’ stone stockade wall around it as well as watchtowers. The smoke that you can see from the palace

The Eagle section has a couple similar redoubts, as there were times in Illium’s past when it was more of a republic and various factions built Palazzo’s – Home/Fortresses, where government could be run, and soldiers housed. It’s the section furthest back into the mountain, so in theory it’s the most secure from outside invaders. If forces are coming from inside the mountain though all bets are off. While various members of the court have showed up at the palace, there are a few notable exceptions – Taelim’s Aunt, who is one of the three regents (with Feeps and the Azure Prince) as well as Lord Gerald Blacktower, who was hosting the exile Vallum before they left to the North. It’s likely they are holed up in their Palazzo’s along with a couple other nobles.

Session One Hundred and Fifteen (NBL) - The Trial of Head

Orb have runes – the bigger ones are protective. The runes read: “Guardians, defeat, door, and
In front of us a metal post rises up in front of us, we’re instruct to touch it. It gets super dark.
It’s still dark, but there’s a sense that’s there’s a slight wind and starlight light.
None of the stars look like current constellations. In front of us, we see a hedge, there’s like an opening in the hedge. The gold vines are blood vines, there are snakes that are super poisonous.
There is a sun dial. It can be affected by the sun blade. It seems like a normal sun dial.
It has a half moon motif.
Touch the sun dial and, we get smaller and land in the sun dial.

“You’ve passed the trial of head, prepare for the trial of hand.”
Zukko thinks it’s some kind of elemental. They carry mauls. They aren’t touching the ground.

Session Ninety Two (TMA) - Rise Against, Part One

Maz x2, Cosmo, Kolae, Odison, Taelim, Klotonk, Dagon return to Illium

Klotonk has weird dreams
Teleportation circle sabotaged, strange fog

Temple district abandoned
Attacked by undead crows
Find guards getting attacked by zombies, fire, use sleet storm to put it out.
Run into the sewers.
Track the undead to entrances to the underdark, get pushed back to the street level onto the other side of the wall
find a group of guards, make way to palace gates
play defense for groups of civilians making way into the palace, fighting off massive amounts of undead, manage to save most of the civilians, lost more than half the guards (to crits)

Session Ninety One (TMA) - Erebus

Epic fight against a Fire Giant King and his Cabiri in the Trial of Kord


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