Factions and Powers

There are 13 rumored factions:


The combined forces of badness: includes dragon, drow, giants, demons, and assorted humanoid minions (Chaotic Evil)

The Empire

Pretty much demolished. The Empire was recently ascendent but there’s no real power here anymore, just a diaspora of refugees. (Lawful Good)

The Free Cities

With the Empire in ruins, the last points of Light have contracted down to a dozen or so City-States, or in some cases, just places that haven’t fallen completely to Wrath. Stilt Town was nothing more than a pirate hideout and now has grown into something a bit more. The Sultanate of Magaat is probably the brightest point of light, comparable to a fantastic Baghad. Taelim’s home country, Illium, is also a respectable City-State (Neutral Good, Neutral, Neutral Evil)

The Hordes of the Orc Lord

The Orcs have always been a powerful, unpredictable force. They refused to ally with the Wrath out of pride. They treat everyone equally, which means you’re just as likely to get an axe in your face for being good as you are for being bad. The Orc Lord has been around for a couple hundred years, no one is sure why, but he’s pretty crafty and no one know he’ll just go over to the Wrath, or whether he’ll lend aid to the Free Cities. (Chaotic Neutral, in this scenario)

The Fey Queen

The Fey Court, as always, is indecipherable. Many elves were killed when the Empire fell, and they’ve officially allied with the Free Cities, but people have tended to notice that the Fey aren’t showing up to save the day or anything….
(Chaotic Good)

The Unseelie Court

The Unseelie always see opportunity where others see misfortune. They’ll provide shelter and aid to anyone who can pay their price, and if those needs happen to conflict. well, refer to Charlie’s Rule #3: We are in the business of solving problems for our clients. Corollary: Creating problems for our clients creates business.
(Neutral Evil)

The Viridian Circle (Rangers and Druids)

Civilization has just collapsed. The Druids do not have a problem with this. However, the Wrath learned the hard way, when they tried to make inroads into some of the old woods, that the Druids don’t tolerate them much either.
(Neutral, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good)

The Archmagi

A secretive cabal that is rumored about in legends and stories. Some believe that the Archmagi have all died off, and that’s what triggered The Fall. Others believe that that Archimagi are the masterminds behind the Wrath Still others believe that the Archmagi will return and drive the shadow out. There are whispers.. just rumors.. but people are telling tales of grey-robed wizards that have saved or guided refugees through danger, then mysteriously disappeared

Factions and Powers

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