Natural Born Looters AKA Ornamental Chaos

Quest 1: The Maestro’s Mission

Session One: Maestro’s Mission – Part 1
Team gets their first quest from the Maestro – Find a book in the Valley of Yellow Fog. They make friends with Old Wart Nose from Smoke Tread village and get information about the Valley.

Session One: Maestro’s Mission – Part 2
The Party explores the very deadly Yellow Valley, Fights Carrion Crawlers, solves a strange puzzle, finds a dead Drow Elf body and a sealed crypt of wights, finds the book, and copies vital information from the Muk Muk explorer’s body.

Session Two: The Ice Cave
Naora joins the Group. They continue with the Maestro’s quest, defeat some ogres, explore an elemental ice cave, and wake an ooze while searching for bat guano and mushrooms. They find a portal to the Fey Realm and draw the ooze into the same Room.

Session Three: Room of the Guardian
The ooze is defeated using ranged weapons, but it permanently damages the Fey Gate. PC’s explore another side room and wind up a large pool of ice with an elven statue. Noara touches the pool and is sucked into the Astral sea. There she finds Vort, a Barbarian of the Asimba mountains, and Kurasi, an ancient elven torch that fights evil. The PC’s interact with some puzzles (a skeleton puzzle and a mirror) with varied results, then move on to the ice caverns below.

Session Four: The Oracle of Vecna
Group must pass a physical trial and fight skeletons, as well as a floating eye and hand of Vecna. They win the trial and get to ask the oracle (actually a talking skull) questions. Doki gives in to her desire for talking skulls and steals the oracle, and winds up cursed. She gets Dimitri the miracle to remove her curse in exchange for writing and performing a play for him a month from now.

Quest 2: Snake Men of the Fire Island

Session Five: Ring of Fire
Group continues with the Maestro’s quest for elemental stuff, and go to the island. Erdan gets captured. They run into troglodytes, and Vort enchants them with his dancing skills. They make friends, then ask about the mysterious Yaun – ti. One of their members transforms into a Snake Man and orders the trogs to attack.

Session Six: Snaaaaaaake!
With Vort’s Dancing, the group convinces the Trogs not to attack and defeat the Snake man. They take the Snake Man back to stilt. On the way back they run into White Robed monks but get the sense that something is wrong. They suspect monks are actually Yaun Ti so they try to make a run for it in the night. They get to the town and rest and in the morning they see a white robed monk enter an Inn. They confront the Yaun ti and it turns into snake form and leaps out a window. Erdan casts a charm on it and it is magically compelled to cooperate.

Session Seven: Gnasha, the Sleepless Leader
The PC’s are convinced that the Yaun Ti’s are the real threat, so they try to get help from Gnasha, Stilt-town’s leader. They get Gnasha to grudgingly give them orcs to make a raid.

Session Eight: Assault on Snake Town Island, Fortress of Snakes
Team heads back to the fire island and get ambushed at the docks by Yaun ti. They win out, but take orc casualities, then head down into the dungeon. They fight more yaun-ti, then a druid with some insect followers. Xillali and the Druid have a shapechanger faceoff, then make friends.

Session Nine: Run!!
The group backstabs the druid, faces down more Yuan ti, and then the Yaun-ti’s leader, a Fomorian, shows up. The party flees and heads back to Stilt-town. They check in with Gnasha and head back to the tower, when it explodes with elemental fury.

Quest 3: Elemental

Session Ten: The Tower is Aflame
The group (along with Barnabas the Cleric and Shady the Rogue), along with the whole town, have had their auras ripped off by the elemental explosion. They don’t have a lot of time so they head into the tower. They fight strange elemental creatures that take the property of whatever hit them last. They shower them with booze then kill them. The find a half dead Rakshasha and capture it with Bargle’s collar. They find one of the Maestro’s alcolytes in the library then see him killed by an elemental fiend.

Session Eleven: The Tower, and Lowfort
The party fights an elemental fiend, closes a rift that leads to the elemental chaos, but get sucked into another one. They find an elemental creature that was being used by the Maestro, and convince it to give them enough power to restore their Auras. They win the day, but the Maestro is dead. The group decides to help Barnabas and heads north to lowfort. They encounter a Black Dragon that takes some of Xillali’s princess blood. Once in Lowfort, they decide to buy a dwarf slave that they are told is the prince of dwarves, and they ignore rescuing Clarice. They make a deal with the owner to fight in the Lowfort pits for Clarice’s freedom.

Quest 4: The Tomb of Horrors

Session Twelve: The Tomb of Horrors, Part 1
The party enters the fake tomb while the crowd watches. They solve a false wall puzzle, fight flying magical swords, deal with a room full of bodies, use mage hand to solve an exploding throne problem, deal with a wall that bleeds on them, and makes it to the Crypt of Acererak. Then they piss off an Efreet.

Session Thirteen: The Tomb of Horrors, Part 2
The group gets three questions from the efreet, and realize this a fake crypt room. They move beyond the room and run into more traps. They find a room with strange mist that puts them to sleep.

Session Fourteen: Acererak!
Head to “Head” against the floating skull of the Ancient Demilich!

Quest 5: The Goblin Crevice

Session Fifteen and Sixteen: The Playwrite, the Chef, the Priest and his Lover
The party heads back to Stilt town, and deliver a play for Dmitri. They make nice with the Glaistig and get invited to Baba Yaga’s Death Day. They meet a group of Inculabum and start investing in rebuilding the Maestro’s Tower

Session Seventeen: The Goblin Crevice
No Name needs special rocks from the Goblin quarry to the north, so the party is sent to work that out. They wind up fighting goblins and charm an Ettin into helping them out

Session Nineteen: Erdan, Master of Disguise
(Session Eighteen occurs first in RL, but Session Nineteen was played afterwards to close the continuity gap between the ending of Session 17 and the start of Session 18, where the group shows up relatively unscathed after getting out of the crevice.)
Noara and Xillali are captured, while Erdan disguises himself as a goblin, ferrets out information about the Goblin King, and uses internal politics to convince a Medusa to remove the king from office and sets up trade between the gobbos and Stilt town!

Session Eighteen: The Goblin Market
(Session Eighteen occurs first in RL, but Session Nineteen was played afterwards to close the continuity gap between the ending of Session 17 and the start of Session 18, where the group shows up relatively unscathed after getting out of the crevice.)
The party does a ton of shopping. Xillali spends time with the summer court and gets some new quests. Noara beats Yaup in a Tournament.
Everyone got gifts from Baba Yaga (Xillali got a fairy follower)

Quest 6: Blood Gems of the Black Berserkers

Session Twenty: The Investigation
The group returns to Stilt Town and are asked by Gnasha to investigate some ritual murders. They investigate and eventually track the clues to certain half giant foreman who is working on their tower. They unintentionally piss him off and he starts a fight with them in the scaffolding around the tower

Session Twenty One: Thunder and Lightning
Xilalli summons a thunderstorm to defeat Big Black Jack. They find a bloodstone that seems to the source of his power. The gems look similar to ones seen on the Fire Island. Could the Yaun Ti be behind this new threat?

Session Twenty Two: The End of the Blood Gems
The group recruits more half orcs and proceed back to the Fire Island. They investigate the ruins and find a shrine to Dyanacastra, Giant goddess of trickery, and more corpses. At the entrance to the catacombs, they see a strange man standing alone, with eyes tattooed on his head. The party argues (loudly) about what to do, and when when they decides to look again, the man isn’t there. He’s coming up the stairs to them with two giant like creatures. Then the man transforms into a Hydra.

Session Twenty Three: The End of the Blood Gems Part 2
The group fights the Hydra, dealing fire damage and preventing it from regenerating. However, with all the area effect damage they blow the wall that they are standing on and send it crashing down – along with the party and the hydra. After defeating the hydra, the group heads into the catacombs where they see Yaun Ti hiding in ambush in the next room.

Session Twenty Four: Attack of the Giant
The group fights a group of yaun-ti and trained stirges, but they don’t cause too much trouble. Then they proceed down to fight the giant. They barely manage to survive, but their follower, Agnatha, dies.

Session Twenty Five: Xee goes missing
The group encounters a small door in the giant’s lair that they can’t proceed past. It reminds them each of them of a specific act that they are ashamed of. They head back to Stilt town with treasure and a book that links the Formorian giants to the Black Dragon that stole Xillali’s blood. They realize a primary ingredient in the Blood magic is blood from an elven princess. They realize that their dwarf partner is missing and go to rescue him. They learn that their Drow enemies from lowfort were in town, and that the entire thieves’ guild has left Stilt town. A few weeks pass as the group invests in their tower.

Quest 7 The Dragon of the Dross

Session Twenty Six: The Temple in the Dross
Gnasha gives the group a mission to investigate Munari of the Ebon Wing, the black dragon who may be allied with the drow. They head into the dross, and explore a strange temple. They fight and defeat an acid elemental in the shape of a dragon.

Session Twenty Seven: Carrion, Carrion
The group explores a hole going into the depths. They wind up fighting a group of carrion crawlers in a vertical shaft, but win out.

Session Twenty Eight: Rats!
A swarm of corrupted rats gives the group a hard time, but they win out. Doki finds a strange orb and pockets it, then sees a strange room full of corrupted stuff.

Session Twenty Nine: Blessed by Bahamut
Group attacked by Cloakers. Defeat them, find a second orb to match doki’s. Use both orbs on a set of pedestals and earn a visit from Bahamut. After leaving, the meet some strange one eyed creatures that came out of the corrupted pit.

Session Thirty: Dragon’s Lair
Xillali and Doki are able to fool the creatures into going back into the corrupted portal. They use the magic of a light that they found to close the pit, which they think is a gate to the Far Realms. At the last minute, something reaches out and contacts Doki and asks her turn for profit and power, but she won’t betray her friends. The group heads to the dragon’s lair, which is in an old forest.

Session Thirty One: Dragon’s Lair, Part 2
The group explores the Dragon’s lair. They get in a fight with mushroom creatures that paralyze them. Naora gets charmed by a tree spirit. They find a couple old golems and restore of them, which becomes their follower, Nym.

Session Thirty Two: Here comes a new challenger!
The team negotiate with a mad drow priestess who seems to affected by the yellow fog. They fight against some animated armor and eventually the dragon itself, which seems to possessed by yellow fog fungus. After rescuing Munari they confirm that the Orc-Dragon treaty is still intact, though Munari isn’t particularly disposed to help the party.

Quest 8: Dark Fleet

Session Thirty Three: Level up, Wrap up, and Tidings from the Sump
Group heads to nearby village of Smoke Tread to rest and re-equip. They meet with Old Wart nose and hear about drow attacks and the village needing help. They track the Drow to the north and see a strange magical ship with the power to control the trees and move across land as well as water.

Session Thirty Four: Smoke Tread in Flames
Xilalli races ahead to warn the Muk Muks that the drow are attacking, but she’s curious and gets too close to the ship. The drow shoot her down and capture her. The group proceeds to Smoke Tread, and fight their way through the flaming village. They rescue some Muk Muk’s from attacking Grimloks, and find the ship.

Session Thirty Five: Wrath of the Drow
The party and drow kick the shit out of each other. The PC’s barely survive, but they claim the ship as their own and they rescued Old Wart Nose from certain slavery.

Session Thirty Six: Race against Time
The Party heads into the Dross to get Munari’s assistance against the Drow. Munari attacks. Then Xillali calls in her favor from the Glaistig, who animates the entire forest itself and sends it to attack the Drow fleet. On the way out of the swamp, Naora tries to use the power of the Kurasi to serve as a lightning rod, and inadvertently activates the hidden power of the Kurasi – Planar Travel. The group winds up floating in the middle of the Astral Plane.

Quest 9: Lattice of Heaven

Session Thirty Seven: Making Friends in the Astral Sea
The group tries to navigate, and attract the attention of some Githyanki Pirates. They fight and defeat the pirates, but their own ship is severely damaged. They trade their land ship for the faster pirate ship and head to Hestavar, the realm of the Goddess Erathis

Session Thirty Eight: Hestavar
Team Ornamental Chaos proves their name, as they quickly wind up on the wrong side of the law by ramming a local dreadnaught. They take on jobs to pay the debt. Naora takes on a quest to restore Kurasi, but it requires the sacrifice of an old friend. On the way to the Giant Blacksmith, the group is attacked by a group of fiends.

Session Thirty Nine: Flame of Justice
The fiends escape, and the group is rescued by a planetar, a type of angel. Naora restores Kurasi and it becomes very powerful. The group is trying to earn guild favor, so they take on a job escorting a dwarven diplomat to the fallen realm known as Kallendurren.

Session Forty: Bodyguards at Kallendurren
The group sails to Kallendurren and quickly get caught up in local politics. They take on a new chef by the name of Derek, but Derek is more than he seems.

Session Forty One: The Ruin of Candles
The party takes on a job for one of the Voija, second in command of the Kallendurren Doomguard. They’ll be searching for a card from the Deck of Many Things, which was rumored to have last been seen in the ruins of a settlement named Candles. They meet a demon there and get surrounded by white, birdlike humanoids.

Natural Born Looters AKA Ornamental Chaos

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