The Main Attraction

Quest 1: The Missing Muk Muk

Session Zero: The Hook
The party gets a quest to explore the Sump and find a missing Bullywug

Session One: The Tower, The Pool, and The Jail
The party challenges a magic tower with music, finds a pool that reflects themselves as children, and finds the Bullywug, who is magically asleep.

Session Two: The Mimic, Webs and The Cauldron
Party fights a Mimic and also gets crushed, talks to strange voices behind webs, and meets a witch in a forest.

Session Three: The Library, the Key
Continuing the further, the group finds a library guarded by a stuffed owlbear. They discover the identity of one of the tower’s inhabitants, and they go into a darkened room where a grisly murder scene has been acted out.

Session Four: The Throne and the Demon
The throne room has contains Tailem’s dead step-father, as well as several courtiers. PC’s aren’t sure about the mystery but get items, and proceed further into the dungeon, facing a demon of greed. They return to the library to find that the owlbear has been destroyed and the door that was blocked before is open.

Session Five: Bargle, and the Archway out.
Party Parlays with the unknown wizard and trade clues. Team figures out how to leave the tower and fight and defeat Bargle.

Quest 2: Curse of Haunted Village.

Session Six: Interrogate the Wizard, and Challenging the Party God
Taelim burns half of Stilt Town down, but saves it with a high level spell. To do it, she had to make a pact with the God of Nature, Obad-hai.

Session 6.5 – Rumble in Stilt-Town
Zan gets in a fight with another Martial Artist

Session Seven: Cursed Village of the Faceless ones
Team heads into the cursed village, and has several harrowing misadventures. In the end the team is able to cleanse a yew tree of corruption and restore some of the balance, but the full Curse hasn’t been removed yet.

Session Eight: Return to the Cursed Village
The party is missing team members, and they head back into the village and fight some wights. The party gets split up further in a misty graveyard.

Session Nine: The Raven Queens Crypt
Maziel rescues Cosmo from Ghostly Possession. and Hoot leads them to Klotonk. They find the crypt of the raven queen, which has an unusual puzzle. As they attempt to solve it, they’re swarmed by zombies and Wights. They fight a retreating action. Mattias solves the puzzle and receives special abilities from the Raven Queen Knights, and is able to turn/destroy many of the attackers. They meet the Ghosts of Bargle’s Cultists, receive some quests, and prepare to enter the Shadowfell.

Quest 3 – The Shadowfell

Session Ten: The Shadowfell
Group flees from a mob of Ghouls and Shadowborn. They ride a Giant Raven to the Temple of Ivory, guarded by an Avatar of Nerull. They meet the Azure Prince, one of Tailem’s vassals, but he and his crew have been cursed by the treasure there. They get further into the temple but are attacked by werewolf mercenaries working for Vecna.

Session Eleven: Puzzles, Puzzles everywhere.
Group starts working on several different puzzles. Cosmo trips a crushing trap and is at 2 hp.

Session Twelve: Seven Wishes
The team meets the Black Snake, guardian of the White Orb, Hope. Each member earns a mighty Boon.

Quest 4. The Curse

Session Thirteen: Woods, Wights, and Wyverns
Zann finds some guild treasure, and then everyone gets in an argument on how to deal with approaching ghouls.. the party starts to escape and runs into a Wight riding an undead wyvern, so they fight both groups.

Session Fourteen: The Standing Stones:
The team get into an epic battle with an elemental and some will-o-wisps. They defeat the creature and Taelim purifies the last area in the Village, releasing the curse and completely removing the source of the Blight in the Sump.

Quest 5: To Illium

Session Fifteen: Homecoming
Taelim gets a spell to speak with her dead dad, and Lloth shows up for a fireside chat with Maziel.

Session Sixteen: Family Ties
Team talks to Viceak (Taelim’s step father) and realize that the Glaistig killed him because he was a jailor for her mother, Baba Yaga. They head south to Freeport

Session 16.5: The Inquisitors

Session 17: The Inquisitors
The group meets a race from the shadowfell called the inculabum, who are headed the opposite direction into the sump They meet with the Rose Knight, who demands that Taelim return to Illium. They’re setting up a teleporter.

Session 18: Rain of Tears
The group gets in a massive fight against the forces of the Wroth, who are invading Illium. They petrify Tailem’s fiance, turn on the giant golem protectors to fight the Dragons, take on a Dragon of their own, and Klotonk disables the summoning portal for Tiamat and gets sucked into it along with a Red dragon.

Quest 6: Aftermath

Session 18.5 – The Bizarre Misadventures of Klotonk
Klotonk explores the Forgotten city of Mechane and makes a deal with the Red Dragon.

Session 19: Illium, Epilogue, Part 1
The group takes on Yaup, agrees to rescue Tailem’s real father, Elroar, and makes preparations to head to the Goblin Market

Session 20: Illium, Epilogue, Part 2:
Maziel and Cosmo head into the sewers underneath Illium meet a Man in Brown, and Cosmo explores the Tower

Session 21: The Goblin Market
Both Groups in the same place at the same time. Lots of lumps to plot threads and a lot of shopping

Session 22: All Those Who Wander
TMA finishes up with the Goblin Market, Cosmo hires Dagon, and Dagon meets Xee, Prince of the Asimba Mountain Dwarves. The team agrees goes to Viceak’s tower to follow up on Klotonk’s news that the Avatar of Nerull is hanging out in the Desert room.

Session 23: The Sand Temple
Party fights the Avatar of Nerull and Dunne, killing them both. They go to the center of the giant desert room and find a ziggurat with four animated giant skeletons. Cosmo is allowed to enter and opens a gate. The gate opens, and after that, the characters can’t remember….

Quest 7: Rescue Elroar

Session 24: Magaat, the City of A Thousand Lights
Team wakes up a boat with some of their memories missing. They dimly recall a creature named Primus, and that they were completely following his command. The team is headed to Magaat, so they continue the voyage and investigate the leads in Magaat.

Session 25: Break Out
Team meets the mysterious Aleph (they think) and are told that if they bring one of Viceak’s control collars that they can trade for Elroar. They go to visit Elroar and tell him about Primus. Elroar tells them they are possibly humunculus clones (they are) and that Primus is a super Big Bad that caused the fall of the Cabiri Empire. Team makes plans to break Elroar out, and finally decide to summon Baba Yaga’s House.

Quest 8: (Fragment 1) Baba Yaga’s Hut.

Session 26: Welcome to the Hotel Baba Yaga
Party meets the Fiddlesticks, who has them sign a contract to explore the hut. They pass a room with a chest and enter a room that looks like a museum with paintings. They wind up fighting a horde of spiders, and meet a bird headed chef, and giant chocobo like creature guarding a giant golden egg.

Session 27: House Cleaning
Party explores the other direction, cleans out a ruined area which turns out to be an armory. Find the remains of an old library (Viceak stole it, as they learn from a ghostly guardian of spirit trees.)

Quest 9: (Fragment 2) Podunk

Session 28: Meanwhile in Podunk..Part 1
This fragment is in the southern lands, which are overrun with the Wroth. They fight off some Wroth baddies and then go into the wilderness, fight some wolves, and negotiate with Bandits. They’re looking for one of the lost Archmagi.

Session 29 Meanwhile in Podunk… part 2
Party splits up. The core group gets in a fight with Bandits that doesn’t go well. Then Yaup and Klotonk show up and bag a scout and take him to Podunk

Session 30: How I Met your Father
Fragment 1 explores Baba Yaga’s house, interacts with a illusionary party, and enters a labyrinth. They meet Knights of Tiamat who start a fight with them. Party does alright, and some of the knights flee.

Session 31: Labyrinth Part 2
Fragment 1 finishes the knights. Cosmo wanders off and brings them back a message, but they don’t know how to decode it. They explore an abandoned castle guarded by magical animated suits of armor called Helmed Horrors. They decide to break through the floor beneath them, and the Helmed Horrors attack.

Session 32: To the Hills
Fragment 2 meets up with halfling bard named Doom. They recruit him for the party and head into the hills. They go out of their way to avoid a group of Wroth but Doom throws a rock at them, forcing the group into conflict. Team wins, but it’s a tough fight. Doom turns invisible and abandons the party.

Session 33: The Hermit, and a Fight for the Fortress
Fragment 2 heads closer to the Wroth HQ. They meet a hermit in the woods who seems to know nothing of the Archmagi. The group continues on and proceeds closer to what turns out to be a fortress and a large bowl with a cavern entrance. The group has a fight and kills several Wroth attackers, but an entire horde chases them into the bowl.

Session 34: There Will Be Blood
Fragment 1 fights the Helmed Horrors and Fragment 1 Maziel dies. The party breaks into the caverns beneath, but they are unable to heal Maziel in time.

Session 34.5 Haal Gra Turg
Fragment 2 Maziel gets all the memories of The dead maziel (and we assume the other Maziel’s do as well. This Maziel is with the Drow Army in the Sump, so Maziel goes to stilt town and tries to get Gnasha to surrender with minimal losses to both sides. Maziel works with Xee to start the negotiation, and then Gnasha challenges her to orc on elf single combat.

Session 35: Big Brawl
Fragment 2 continues to fight in the bowels of the Wroth HQ.

Quest 10 (Fragment 3) Medusalon

Session 36: Medusalon
Fragment 3 of the group starts in Medusalon. They intercept a package meant for Primus, then fight a giant snake god and escape into the Jungle.

Session 37: A Gentle Touch
Fragment 3 gets hit by a flash flood, get equipped, take on an assassination mission in the capital of murder.

Session 38: Panic on the Streets of Medusalon
Fragment 3 fights their way through a city in the grip of riots.

The Main Attraction

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