The Sump and Immediate Environs

The Sump

A massive lowland swamp that takes weeks to navigate. Filled with all sorts of nasty, bitey fauna, poison flora, pockets of flammable swamp gas, cannibalistic bullywugs, and all manner of deadly horrors. Is also rumored to contain fabulous ruins from a civilization that predates the Empire. The one safe place is Stilt Town, located deep in the swamp,and the routes are constantly changing. Only an experienced guide who know the secret ways and can follow the signs can get you to Stilt Town, and frankly, anywhere else. There are ancient, untended roads that meander through the swamp, and some traders and invaders attempt to use them from time to time. Those ventures frequently don’t end well.
*Stilt Town
*The Valley of Yellow Fog
*The Ice Caves
*Village of the Smoke Treader Muk Muk Clan

The Coast

There are some small, nameless villages on the coast. Some are fronts for pirate dens, others are legit trading posts and farming communities that hold their own against outside threats. They are more tribal, extended families more than anything else, but they do know the sea pretty well and many traders, fearing to actually enter the Sump, do trade with the villages, and the villages then run a tidy business with the Swamp folk.

The Blight

A section of the swamp where everything living has died off. It’s rumored to have started small, only a few miles across, but now extends over a day’s travel. It’s rumored that the location has changed over the years, but there’s the ruins of a small village roughly in the center of the Blight, and people gossip that the village must be cursed.
*The Tower
*The Cursed Village of the Faceless Ones
*The Crevice

The Fells

An area bordering the Northwest side of the Sump, the Fells are a slightly more livable badlands, with low hills, and a maze of deep gorges. Deep in The Fells lies the Lowfort, an ancient fortress. Orcs have made their home there for generations. It’s positioned in such a way that almost all traffic to the North or South needs to go through the castle. The Orcs pretty much run the area uncontested, but who the hell else would want it.

The Barrows

A barren area wrapped around the Northeast side of the Sump, a few days past the Blight. If the Sump is inhospitable, the Barrows are positively deadly. Ages ago, a strong enchantment was laid on this land by a powerful Archimagi, and now the land is exclusively patrolled by mobs of ghouls, zombies, and even more fearsome Horrors. Deep in the Barrows, it’s told, there’s a Necropolis, all built to protect the long dead wizard’s fabulous treasure horde. In the glory days of the Empire, the cities rallied a huge force of warriors lead by clerics and paladins to clear and purify the land and claim the treasure. Now, those same men patrol the border as walking corpses. Nothing living enters, and nothing unliving ever leaves.

The Forest

The Sump is just an extension of this same Forest, several weeks travel to the West. Where the lowland part of Sump is just too close to sealevel, this part of the forest is actually an elevation up. There used to be friendly wood elves here, but the Drow made this a target, and now control several surfaces bases in the Forest. Everyone knows there are huge caverns underneath the woods, but no one has ever seen them.

The Mountains

People used to travel up to the mountains, a land rumored to contain mythic cities of the giants and vaults of the dwarves. Since the fall, no one has heard a peep from the Dwarves of the North, so everyone assumes they’ve been killed. Finding out what happened to the Dwarves, a steadfast ally of the Empire, is near the top of several faction’s priority lists, but that would require going up into the mountains which are overrun with Trolls, Ogres, and other nasty things. If the Orcs know, they aren’t telling.

The Sump and Immediate Environs

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