The “World As We Know It” is composed of several continents spread about a vast ocean. Historically there have been pockets of independent cities, cults, tribes, and monsters, that survive by interaction, trade, and warfare. In the last couple hundred years or so “The Empire”, lead by an enlightened group of scholars, soldiers, and leaders, conquered and united a central group of cities states and things were looking up for civilization. Humanity and their associated races flourished in a Golden Age, an age of Peace.


This was not to last. A great catastrophe happened, about 20 years ago. There are a variety of rumors, but the end result is that most of the great civilizations have fallen to the forces of Wrath, a “league of evil” composed of a variety of sources – giant, demons, dragons, orcs, and undead and aberrant horrors beyond one’s imagining.

Today, the last remaining groups of “good” races, lacking real leadership, have scattered to all corners of the globe. There are a few pockets of light that stand against the darkness still, and currently, some of the evil forces are turning on each other. The world is in desperate need of heroes who will fight against evil. There are other forces that are a bit more pragmatic, that are looking for freedom and survival, and for that they need power.

There are, in truth, forgotten and deadly areas of the world that are rumored to conceal ancient artifacts and mysteries that could change the tide in this conflict, and many groups of adventurers, of all flavors, are out looking for them.