League of Xee

Session Ninety Eight (NBL) Masks


Doki goes off to get the latest scuttlebutt on the upcoming festival in two weeks. Do they use masks?

Dmitri is interested in tracking down and talking to the Bane-ites – You know that the Bane followers are very militaristic and powerful, but they haven’t made any major moves in a long time (couple hundred years)

Erdan is still interested in talking to the Zehir followers and getting information on the green mask. Given their experience in Tytherion (the ‘murder palace’) they’ll try to bluff their way in, or maybe get ahold of the special “ambassador” medallions

The team goes up to the back gate of the Temple District, are told to go in through the fortress with everyone else.

Team goes up to the Fortress – they get inside the Outer Bailey easily and have several places to explore but they are locked out of the Inner Keep, there’s some kind of hold up in terms of opening the doors. Bunch of people outside. Erdan spots a monk, an herbalist, and a soldier trying to handle a rowdy Wyvern. Doki casts speak with animals and talks to it in Halfling (so the soldier can’t hear) – The wyvern is upset because it smells a dragon. Dmitri gets downwind of the Wyvern, and it relaxes.

Erdan tries to mansplain what’s wrong with the Wyvern but Kennis the Animal Handler isn’t having any of it. Naora and Kennis talk as well.
Fire Giants have joined the garrison lately and it’s bugging the soldiers. One of the soldiers was recently killed a gruesome way in public, by getting nailed to wall, by one of the giants.

Dmitri goes and explores the nearby barracks, looking for a quartermaster. Finds a Thri-kreen Sergeant named Krick’Wk

Erdan talks to the Herbalist, who thinks that he’s Bobbert. Apparently Bobbert is currently stationed in the Bane Fortress(!?)

Dmitri pays 260gp to bribe Krick’Wk.
Gets further confirmation that the rank and file soldiers are upset about the fire giant situation and that a Storm Giant has recently shown up with an Honor Guard as well. Suggests the best way to sneak into the Temple District is to find a Half Orc named Marco who runs a brothel and buy a fake ambassador medallion.
Tells Krick’Wk that he’s on a special mission to retrieve “objects that would useful against Tiamat” and the Thri-Kreen tells him that a foppy elf (Bobbert) recently told him the same thing.

Erdan wanders in to the Temple of Bane. The Bane priests don’t pay attention to him, but he runs into the Fire Giant Honor guard. They are wearing the same clockwork medallions – this is the exact same group that the team found in the Fire Island. And just like on the Fire Island, the giant is nearby meditating. The Honor guard tells Erdan to piss off and he does.

Doki returns and learns the new Festival is called New Sun’s Dawning, but the new rites haven’t been given to the populace. Should be a few weeks.

Team goes back into the city and negotiates with Marco the Half Orc (owner of the brothel) for a fake ambassador medallion for 1000k, and goes into the temple district. Doki casts Major Image to make copies of the medallion that seem real.

Look for a special priest that stands out from the rest. Find a Blind priest named Brother Vulture. Drop Brother Owl and Spider’s names

Learn from Brother Vulture that the two Zehir Priests that they escorted from Kallenduren to Tytherion were actually sent to interrogate Voyja to learn the location of the White Dragon Mask. When they got the next clue, they hired an assassin (Derek) to remove Voyja from the board so no one else would learn the location, then set things up so that Derek would be hunted as well. But Derek disappeared.

Vulture seems to let slip that he knows/has possession of TWO of the masks. The green masks is being held by the Sisters of Fate. He seems to be confused that Dmitri doesn’t know where the Red Mask is. (indicating again, that Vulture knows where it is)

Brother Vulture says that he’ll make a request to let the team speak to the Sisters of Fate personally. Sends the team to fine quarters.

Right as the team is about to head to bed, several priests come in to talk to Erdan. A failed Charm spell reveals them to be Vampires, and they attack the party.

To be concluded Sunday.


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