League of Xee

Session Forty Three (NBL) What's in your heaaaad, in your heaaaad... ?



The group is in a shop -

Doki finds a large pouch of pipe weed. It seems like it was a smoke shop that could have once used for trading. From time to time we can hear bird calls coming from the town itself.

Derek and Doki stealthily try to go, they are unable to go inside any houses that are open. They are able to find an open shack. The building they see in front of them is two stories, the top chunk is fairly damaged – broken windows, charred walls. They automatically notice several human bodies that are laying on the street,. There looks like there is a demon body splayed on the ground as well. It looks like the bodies have been there for a while. It looks like there is humanoid person with a prepped crossbow pointed at Derek’s forehead. Derek pretends to have not noticed and nonchalantly lets Doki know. They both start to head back.

Doki casts minor image of Sierra, Doki sees the archer in the shadows. The shadow tracks the little girl across the plaza. The little girl cries for their mother with no reaction to the archer.
The group walks around the corner and Derek automatically notices someone is watching us. Derek takes out a white flag.
HALT!!!” see nothing, party slows.
WHO GOES THERE” . Derek answers that “We are just trying to find other survivors”.

Hear mumbling, then a creaking noise right above us. Erdan moves Doki and Sierra to the side. We hear a lot of shuffling and a bunch of zombies coming down the street towards us.

Derek climbs a wall to get away from the zombies and goes face to face to a stranger.
“By the devils tit” exclaims the stranger, “we’ve got one inside” and then shoots Derek with his crossbow. The stranger misses and then runs away, the door closes behind him with a loud thunk. Derek uses a cabinet to prop the door closed.
As Xillali changes into a bear she can hear shuffling noises on the neighboring building.

Derek can hear voices have a conversation -
“I can see him … did you find it yet? No … but they are killing the zombies…we can go around the back”

Doki and Erdan see a form shuffling in the distance between buildings.
They party fights the zombies, all the zombies fall down and don’t get up again.

Xillali smells Doki and Wolf. Naora sees three sets of track. All look humanoid. They are going in the direction that we originally came from.

Xillali runs over and sees two dudes and a dude floating away.

When the guy turned to see Xillali, one side of his face was scarred, and one eye was moving in random directions.
“Deal with it” floaty guys says, the two guys throw their shit to the ground, their skin transforms and change into werewolves and charge full throttle as Xillali does as well.


(Gerty slams Maziel up behind the door)
X: "Hrmm.. Favored enemy: Door”


Snee: Hey Gerty..
Max (Dagon Voice) Yes? err… (high pitched girl voice) Yes?


So we could bring the donkey up with a rope..
Matt: "Do we have the strength to bring it up with a rope?
Ryan: “Gerty can.. oh shit.”
(Gerty is down in the crowd zombie’d out)

Klotonk: " SO! We have a plan now! (Trademark)"

Kelly: I tell the Donkey, “DO A BARREL ROLL!”
X: (in HAL 9000 voice) "I"m sorry Snee, I can’t do that."

_X_ _X_

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