League of Xee

Session Eighty Nine (TMA) Illium Stories - Blacktower

Dagon – Lord Gerald Blacktower
Week 2 – what was Gerald Blacktower
Dagon and double successes

Week 3
(drow show up and want to watch dagon?)
Tinker Gnome missing

Team meets up w Arch Magi

Contact the Dragons
Arch Magi
Knock Primus out
Teleportation Circle to get him over to viceak’s tower

Arch magi

Write scrolls
Use the Collar?

Mind Control Powers
Teleportation Painting ?
Restoring the ley lines -

Summon the Dragons
Blessing of Bahumut (legendary resistance

Summon a dragon

K – Got a yellow mold potion
T – Got the band

Step 1
Step 2

Mage of war pissed at klotonk for mixing the green juice into his beer


_X_ _X_

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