League of Xee

Session Forty Two (TMA) All the Things


The three groups of TMA all arrive back in Illium (Podunk, Baba’s Hut, and Medusalon)

Taelim wanted to loot dragon bodies but a representative of the Good Dragons showed up and asked for their bodies.

Give him the bodies, and we can call on them when we wish
[1:32:06 PM] Kelly Mangerino: ie, helping kill primus
[1:32:23 PM] Kelly Mangerino: as per some great grandfather’s accord long ago

Maziel in the Sump barely manages to survive a brutal beating by Gnasha. The end result is that even with the drow army getting attacked by a black dragon and a horde of angry treants they still manage to beat the Orcs and start staging for their attack on the feywild.

Taelim has to deal with the contingent from Medusalon who is essentially promising war on Illium for harboring the PCs. And there is a major price on their heads. Taelim meets with them and manages to mollify them somewhat.

Taelim meets with them and manages to mollify them somewhat.
[1:40:43 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: ^what was the final resolution on that?
[1:40:54 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: they were awfully polite
[1:46:02 PM] Kelly Mangerino: That’s why she’s obligated to deal with Primus and the clones, when she spoke with the reps, she convinced them their “true forms” weren’t responsible and that Primus and clones were at fault. She’s being held responsible to deal with it, but she essentially got them out on bail.

Maziel gets a response from the fourth group that tells them that they are in the northern mountains of Asimba investigating a new mechanical army
The fifth group fails to reply.

Klotonk’s investigation leads him to believe that Primus has probably reclaimed the “island of toys”, Mechane.

Couple weeks go by. Team goes shopping and equips with magic weapons and armor
Maziel tries to head north but is kicked out by angry locals

Maziel consults with Elroar and learns a bit about the archmagi.

In the meantime, Azure Prince takes off for the sea and the illium navy gets in a fight with the new naval force of the Wroth, nickednamed the “deadnought”

Snee and the Azure Prince are captured.

One of the Fragments is sent under the city to find the archmage of Beasts. It goes pretty badly. The Archmage of beasts shows up and tells Tailem/Maziel he’s barely escaped with his life and there are illithids under Illium The entire fragment is captured.

Party has three choices:

- head north and take on the hordes of primus or find the black tower.
- save a fragment from the nefarious clutches of the illithids
- Join the remaining navy and fly an airship at the dreadnought

^team decides for the airship fight. They ask the archmagi to rescue their friends.


2. Find the Black Tower How did we lose it?
[3:03:47 PM] Dylan Gould: What thread was it that we got the Dragons of Metal to agree to help us out with?
[3:08:46 PM] Kelly Mangerino: It was right before we boarded the deadnought
[3:10:42 PM | Edited 3:10:58 PM] Dylan Gould: yes, they’re definitely supposed to help us with something, because we gave back the chromatic dragon bodies. but i don’t remember what that something was
[3:12:44 PM] Kelly Mangerino: it’s up to us, and as a party we agreed (or really it was Taelim and Maziel) to use them against Primus, since defeating Gods is a wee bit above us
[3:44:37 PM] Monasch: @X That… sounds really cool. :D Klotonk has been battling this for a while now. I as a player don’t want to stop playing him, but we’ll see how the story goes. He has a conflict of “Seeing things in the world is crazy inspirational and there’s so much I don’t know” and “Ohhhh shit, I’ve learned so much and I want to make all the things”
[3:45:40 PM] Monasch: Maybe he could hire interns from the mage academy to work off schematics/blueprints that he writes up as we adventure? I feel like he’d be kind of okay with that tradeoff, but he does really want to cobble stuff together himself.
[3:59:28 PM] Monasch: @Dylan Yeah, I’m confused too on that. Did Primus move the Black Tower perhaps?
[4:00:14 PM] Monasch: It was where he was sealed and he probably has the power to move it. Likely to make it more difficult to seal him back away where he was originally sealed.
[4:01:12 PM] Monasch: With our luck, it’ll be ON Mechane
[4:04:13 PM] Dylan Gould: Mechane? Is that a plane for robots?
[4:04:14 PM] Monasch: If we could find someone in Illium capable of casting the Scrying spell, we could find it pretty easily
[4:04:34 PM] Dylan Gould: i’m not sure he was sealed in there, tho
[4:04:36 PM] Monasch: It’s not a plane. It’s a literal floating island in the material plane where Primus once resided.
[4:04:49 PM] Monasch: We let him loose from the Black Tower.
[4:04:54 PM] Dylan Gould: oh, that’s the island, kay. i didn’t know it had a name
[4:05:25 PM] Dylan Gould: see, i thought for that one, the tower was teleporting us to a faraway land
[4:05:27 PM] Monasch: Yeah. I forgot it too. X mentioned it earlier up. Same island I found myself on when the portal sucked me up from the dragon ordeal.
[4:05:42 PM] Dylan Gould: yes
[4:05:45 PM] Monasch: Hmm, possible.
[4:05:59 PM] Monasch: I just figured it was crazy magic holding space.
[4:06:03 PM] Monasch: Like the library from Baba Yaga’s
[4:06:08 PM] Monasch: that was just /gone/
[4:06:15 PM] Monasch: because it’s now in the Black Tower
[4:08:09 PM] Monasch: I’m reading up on the scry spell. It looks like it succeeds unless the target makes a wis save (must be a creature on same plane of existence).
[4:08:28 PM] Monasch: this save gets modifier based on how well you know the target and your connection to him.
[4:09:01 PM] Monasch: We just bring in Taelim and it’d be like a -20 mod if something tried to interfere with the save. :D
[4:12:58 PM] Monasch: the Primus Patented Fuck Off Field
[4:13:11 PM] Monasch: Sounds like something Snee would make
[4:15:13 PM] Kelly Mangerino: I mean, technically she inherited the tower. It’s evicting the current tennants that’s the problem :D makes me wonder if there are any clues left for her that might help our group
[4:15:59 PM] Monasch: I bet the library IN the tower has clues
[4:16:06 PM] Monasch: hella fucking clues
[4:16:42 PM] Kelly Mangerino: irony. the ONE place she is loathe to look
[4:16:56 PM] Monasch: My thinking is that this is where whatshiskingfacename kept all his research
[4:17:00 PM] Monasch: Viceak?
[4:17:43 PM] Kelly Mangerino: indeed, and mostly likely, but last time there was a very powerful spell guarding it
[4:17:47 PM] Monasch: Awwww. I don’t recall why she doesn’t want to look there. Scared to find something else?
[4:17:53 PM] Monasch: Mhmm
[4:18:23 PM] Kelly Mangerino: lol no, Taelim would just rather play with puppies instead of read a book
[4:18:43 PM] Kelly Mangerino: “That’ll teach my daughter” he thought in his dying breath
[4:22:18 PM] Monasch: Wooow. Dick. :D
[4:27:54 PM] Dylan Gould: um, the time we tried to use that library in the tower, we were like level 3
[4:28:10 PM] Dylan Gould: it might not seem that powerful anymore
[4:28:30 PM] Dylan Gould: we’ve come a long way since then
[4:28:58 PM] Monasch: This is true.
[4:29:15 PM] Monasch: Though K was there just before the Goblin market.
[4:29:29 PM] Monasch: Not sure how much we’ve leveled since then. Probably about 2?
[4:35:55 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: If we could find someone in Illium capable of casting the Scrying spell, we could find it pretty easilyI thought you did – You used the Orrery in the Castle – you got the general location (asimba mountains) but couldn’t get much closer because of Primus’ plot power
[4:39:00 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: My thinking is that this is where whatshiskingfacename kept all his research
Viceak?Since we are just pulling plot threads I’ll help make this more clear:
1. Q: What do you want me to do with Illium
A: Only my heir can rule Illium

6. Q: Now what do you want me to do?
A: To inherit my legacy: Find the Tower
[4:40:33 PM] Xavier Rodriguez: Though K was there just before the Goblin market.You tried using fiendkey against the barrier in the library and rolled a 1, switching bodies.

Klotonk now has old body back.


_X_ _X_

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