League of Xee

Session Ninety Five (NBL) - I Wish I Could Fly

Boat Lore – fight in the sump. Babayaga fought demons
Viziaq (Kelly’s dad) caught Babayaga – kinda of a big deal
Unseleli went to her hut to find things
They never entered the dark palace
Dragon boat takes us to the shore with the path that leads to unselie village

Fox mask Unseli comes heads back to us
Who are YOU?
Asks every person. At the end.
Wait right here
Four fairies materialize
Send my fairy out, talks to them, Fairy whisper in my ear,
I don’t really understand what they said, but one of the unseeli wants us dead.
Fox mask comes back out, address Xillalo
You are invited to dinner with the Three
Party heads over to dinner
You all look HORRIBLE, (xillali looks ok) everyone! Must change!!
Party gets makeover!!!!!!!
Dimitri gets gold light fine chainmail.
Mother Magenta Balm of War
Two headed fiend – Named Gilber sloat
Lundwand the Wisest
Behind Lundwand is a Nite Mare
None of the three seem to be happy to see us.
Dimitri wants to know about the Nite Mare.
I can talk about myself (says the horse)
Hmrmmm your name sounds familiar
We have similar professions (guards really old guy)
My name is trust.
Cannot talk about Timony
Erdan talks to Lundwand. Erdan is being insufferable
Without any trace of malice.
Yes I’ve heard of you. You were involved in releasing the terrasque.
Do you think it was worth it?
Devotion to a cause is better than obeying the law?
Dimitri moves on to talk to Mother Magenta
You may call me Maggie!
OhHhhH, hrmm well, I wonder what to tell you, I would hate to just give you information
We could trade? Or we could play a game!
I am a healer of sorts
Conversation gets SUPER philosophical
I heard a rumor that one of your members has a card of many things
Dimitri doesn’t want to give out the information, choses to play a game instead
A memory
I can take an unimportant one
She sees EVERYTHING in his mind. Sees a memory of a fight in callendoroun. He raises his hand full of sand after a fight.
She takes that memory
You were hiding some things from me! Very clever!
Let’s go for a quick walk, I’ll tell you about Timony
We’ll be right back!

Xillali agrees to play a game…. OH Uh. I WIN! Shows me whats inside the bag. It’s a puppet.
It’s not going as well as I would like
Erdan – I don’t think you are who you say you are
You are correct
He raises from the table – the nonn bits of the meal are set away. Magenta walks back in.
It’s been a pleasure to meet you.
Are we ready to make our decision?
Everyone nods
Nay, Yes, yes, Nay
You are free to go, you shall receive nothing from Faeries are sent in to send us away.

Timony – he brought a black dragon Lady, they showed up in Village. They did not pass.
They believe that the dragon mask should not be removed from here
They were kicked out. Magenta was surprised there was another way in.
Timony is still in the hut. She thinks they’re in the maze.


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