League of Xee

Session Ninety Four (NBL) - The Black Dragon Mask

Xillali casts pass without a trace,
Scaly guilly thing comes out
Giant red fin pops out, guy rides off on the shark
Owl is sent to find exit
Follow owl to area
Walk on Water and pass without a trace
Naora climbs wall to get into a hole. It doesn’t look like a door.
Karassi goes out
Strong necromancy arcana. Giant spider web moving by itself.
Dimitri tries to flame up the web, it goes straight through it. Start hearing an unknown language get closer and closer.
Erdan comprehends languages
What manner of creature is this and what kind of magic do you bring here
See a big pulsating mask of rotting flesh. Dimitri thinks it’s an Undead Abaleth. Then a second one appears.
What is it’s name and what is it’s purpose
You seek a necromancer
That is not the one you trapped us
We propose a trade for more information
Been there for about 200 years
Ask about the black dragon mask, they retreat
Offer to give information if we get unlocked from here
Three levels to the hut, possibly 5
Next to the lake of memory
Stuck, naora light starts flickering. With her holy light we can leave from the gaes.
Keep walking, see a boat, head of the boat is dragon head, it turns it’s head
What is this
I sense the bind of tequises on you
Those names are known to me
Ha – you’re welcome to try
To be specific you’re welcome to try to get the mask
Step on in and meet your fate

Dimitri doesn’t want to boat
Go back to boat
Boke takes us, barnacle men on sharks escort us
Can talk to Ghost to visit this place again
Entrance looks a lot like the one on sham
Walk into the tower, magic dark. Cast daylight
Moss shrinks at the light
Go into the cave, follow dragon
Why can’t I destroy the mask, and you can
At this specific time I have no ill will
My sources tell me Timony is no threat
If you bring a different dragon mask I will give you this one to destroy
My name is not freely given
My understanding is that the wizard is being held captive by nite mare, Greate Fang
Unseelie will know more about the horses
Go upstairs and talk to unseelie


_X_ _X_

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