League of Xee

Session Ninety Seven (NBL) Vectoria's Secret

Doki uses the Venca – Spirit Talk ability –
What was Timony collecting for the vecnites – Was trying to piece together the deck of many things

Didn’t talk about the mask?

2 shadowfell origin “Trade Bars” of Carved Bone, scripted, worth 1000 gp each

4 yellow Topaz’s worth 500 each
A ring that summons an Invisible Stalker
A spellbook ( see Archmage spell list in the Monster Manual)
A book that’s locked and warded

Timony’s eye
Luke cast Identify on the eye – keeps Timony’s eyeball

Doki had the magic drum as focloran bandore

Zukko – good for my career
Dagon talks Zukko into joining
Dagon and Naora disappear

Doki gets Keep fine new clothes
Nectorian’s secret

Brown drum arms – Bar

Dmitri – ask about the egg
Doki – go to the bartender and act like a tourist – egg
Erdan and xillali – observe
Zukko – singing stuff to orc The Blac
Noara Purple Tea

Temple district off limits – the egg was destroyed
Fate sisters took a hit
Orcs don’t like zukko

Erdan – go to the undermarket

Festavis In 2 weeks

Grab an orc

Head into the undermarket

The black candle – dwarf female Madame Divola

Love Potion for Doki
Give gifts for Festivus
Healing tea
New stuff
Yaun ti prayer scrolls
Casts comprehend – “useful”
Xillali – snake weapons
Instruments – Snake drum – 10 gp
Noara – tea
Doki – egg – snake
Headless horseman
Dmitri – wants to check out the fortress
Erdan – scroll came from priests who left – 100 gp spent
Zukko – buy potions

lupe – buy key from the doppleganger locksmith


_X_ _X_

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