League of Xee

Session Ninety Six (NBL) - Dimitri Flies - He Can Touch The Sky

Enter the castle, we see a Ghost bird we haven’t seen before. Need to fly over the crevasse since the bridge broke. Cross Maze, Dimitri sees something on the edge of his eye. Follows it.
Who dares trespass on my castle
I care not for your petty quest
It’s a weird old voice, it belongs to an ghostly elfish thing.
Cannot pass
Get to an area that is floating rocks. It looks like a little road. Walk up to one of the bigger islands. See four trolls in armor.
They are guarding a little bridge. Looks at Dimitiri
I need a secret that you have never spoken
Find a different pathway, chose to not give up secrets
Keep walking, in the center of a clearing there is an Idol. In front of the idol there is an unseeli.
Surrounding the idol there is a lot of offerings and candles.
It’s from an OG god
We make a monetary contribution to the idol, Felix hugs it. His shadow becomes a separate entity
The Shadow leads us to the arena. Mines that we need to go to the bleachers, and suggests we walk around the arena.
There are a lot of imps, they saw Timony but don’t know when.
Timony had a lady and a ghost thing they were talking to.
They made one of our friends lie down. He hasn’t got up yet
You can go through the door, but first you have to pass the game.
You can’t get hit by lightning
Doki walks up to an imp, holds it’s hand – casts shocking grasp
She says
You lose
Imp dies
I win! I get to pick the next game!!
Ok (says the imp)
Doki’s mouth starts to dry. She broke the contract.
Doki revivify’s the imp.
They take us across the hallway and point to where Timony went by. See two figures talking to each other and they turn over. It’s Timony and dragon in human form.

Kill Timony, Shimmerlee gets away


2 shadowfell origin “Trade Bars” of Carved Bone, scripted, worth 1000 gp each 4 yellow Topaz’s worth 500 each A ring that summons an Invisible Stalker A spellbook ( see Archmage spell list in the Monster Manual) A book that’s locked and warded
Undestroyed Folio Binding
Chunks of plated gold (Doki)
Cards of Deck of Many Things
(( OLD Want to make sure he has)) Magic Ring (Dimitri) Ring of Resistance Magic Force Damage, it is a sapphire ring.


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