League of Xee

Session Ninety Two (TMA) - Rise Against, Part One

Maz x2, Cosmo, Kolae, Odison, Taelim, Klotonk, Dagon return to Illium

Klotonk has weird dreams
Teleportation circle sabotaged, strange fog

Temple district abandoned
Attacked by undead crows
Find guards getting attacked by zombies, fire, use sleet storm to put it out.
Run into the sewers.
Track the undead to entrances to the underdark, get pushed back to the street level onto the other side of the wall
find a group of guards, make way to palace gates
play defense for groups of civilians making way into the palace, fighting off massive amounts of undead, manage to save most of the civilians, lost more than half the guards (to crits)


_X_ _X_

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