League of Xee

Session Seventy Five (TMA): Circular Logic

Kelly – Dungeon

Maziel experiments with a fountain, rusts some of her equipment
Find a half mad Tiamat associated wizard
Find other Tiamat Wizards, loot a very shiny sword and a key that burns like fire

Fire Key
Expensive sword
Judge’s Larsali Concentrate
Potion of extra healing
Prison armor

Shiny sword is given to a giant door that looks like an ape.

Went through a hallway with crystals
Tailem got the cool book and the fire key

Cosmo saw a armillary sphere
Cosmo is “IT”

Went into a room with a tree and skull – avoided it

Cosmo to sacrifice the lion (won’t reappear) as a life in exchange for opening the door to the ceiling above


_X_ _X_

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