League of Xee

Session Thirty Eight (NBL) - Hestavar


After defeating the Gith, they continue with interrogation and learn about Hestavar:

Core city is 30 miles wide on a large “earthmote” with several other earthmotes around it. Lot of little places to explore. Center of learning/magic/civilization – Erathis, Pelor, and Ioun all make their homes here. Always some degree of sunlight here.
Lore: Hestavar is the center of the “Lattice of Heaven” which originally was built by the gods to guide souls to their appropriate dominions. The Lattice was destroyed in the Dawn War (The great war between Primordials and Gods) and the God of Creation who made the Lattice was killed as well. The biggest effect of the Lattice not working correctly is that not every soul that travels to the Astral Plane makes it the Dominion – Souls that do gain immortal status and become “Exemplars”. Those that incarnate outside the dominions get a second chance at life, but are Mortal. They’re known as outsiders. As the Goddess of Civililzation, Erathis wants to rebuild the Lattice and restore the working order, but do this she needs to master the domain of Creation by creating one of everything in the Multiverse that’s possible to create.. To accomplish that, she’s asked her followers to take up the “Game of Making”. In addition she sponsors Adventurers in exploring and clearing the various “Fallen Dominions” (Dominions without a God of their own) so that new Gods can installed there.

Hestavar is a mega city with access to pretty much all the wealth and magic one could want. There are two catches – one is that the entire city uses the Platinum Piece standard (everything is ridiculously expensive). The second catch, as the party finds out, is that status is incredibly important.

Players debate for a bit on which ship they want to take with them, the Drow ship or the Gith ship – decide on the Gith ship since it’s made for astral travel .

Players given a small paper map with “what they see” with several locations to explore – decide to go directly to the city. Since they are piloting the Gith ship, the city dispatches several hostile Dreadnaught class ships and orders them to stop. The Gith Ship is a little more complicated than the “helm driven” Drow ship and the party rolls a group skill check. They fail to stop the ship, ramming into the side of the Dreadnaught.

5 hours later…

Team has just been released from court, with a Marut as their defense lawyer. They can pay 200 PP for repair of the dreadnaught, they can put their ship into default, or they serve community service making 20pp a day between the 5 of them. They choose community service, and the next day they need to go in to get evaluated for how they can best help the city.

They go to an Inn in the lower quarter named “The Outsider” which is an Adventurer’s inn. They meet the Bartender, Praxus, who inquires about where they came from and gives them basic info about where to go in the city based on their interests

For Erdan, if he’s interested in books and learning, he should go to the Observatory.
For Doki, she should check out the Harper’s Guild
For Naora, if she wants to get Kurasi repaired, she should visit the Cloud Giant, Mutis at the Lighthouse (which is at an earthmote near the edge of the Dominion.
For Xillali, there are traders in the Bazaar

Day 1:

Erdan works for Erathis sorting various treasures – End of day he heads to the observatory, and has to interview with a Sphinx. He passes the Sphinx’s riddle. In order to join the Order of Erathis, they give him a quest to go to Tytherion, and get a certain book from a Cultist of Zehir.

Naora and Nym serve as bodyguards over a site that’s sustained damage, as if from a meteor strike. They’re told to make sure no one gets in. At the end of the day, Naora goes to Lighthouse and meets Mutis, the Smith. Mutis says he can repair the superficial damage to the Kurasi, but says the only way it can become magical again if is they can use the soul of a willing Exemplar to power it. Luckily, there’s an Exemplar awaiting his execution, there’s a chance Noara can convince the Exemplar to give his soul over. He’s at Pelor’s Retreat.

Doki and Xillali work in an infirmary for the old, sick, and injured. There’s an influx of patients from the recent damaged area that Naora and Nym are guarding.

Doki heads over the Harpers Guild. A Marut intercepts her and calls her out on her Vecna markings. She explains its a curse. The Harpers decide to interview her and they bring out a Candle of Truth to get the whole story. She tells a Halfing, an Eladrin, and a Half Elf the story of how she got her curse. They say that they approve. If she wants to join the guild, she needs to bring them a magic item or a story that they haven’t seen before.

Xillali goes shopping and quickly realizes that things are ridiculously expensive. She gets a taxi boat out the island of Equipose where there is a less expensive line of shops.

Day 2-5
Erdan gets a spell that will allow him to break into the Vault at the Fire Island in the Sump. Learns more about the Sump, from books that the Maestro wrote, that are in this library. In terms of getting home, they either need status in the city or a powerful patron, or they can purchase or earn a key to Sigil, and get to the Prime Material plane from there. They could also use the Kurasi in theory, but such a plan is inherently dangerous.

Naora goes to Pelor’s retreat, which is a purple castle. She asks to meet the prisoner and realizes it’s Diva the Deva, the Paladin that escorted them to Lowfort. Apparently Deva’s original mission was to fight the Gith. At some point s/he ran into some Gith and learned through them that Tiamat was planning an attack on Illium, a city loyal to Erathsis. S/he went to her/his superiors for help and was told not to interfere. So s/he deserted her/his post. Diva went to warn Illium, but the ruler wasn’t there and the person in charge didn’t take Diva’s warning seriously. So Diva went first to Stilt town, then Lowfort (in secret) to enlist the aid of the Orcs (to not much effect) Diva made it back to Stilt, and was taken prisoner by her/his commander. Diva has already been tried and found guilty. In the end Diva decides to give her/his soul to the Kurasi (though s/he was kind of looking forward to breaking the cycle of endless reincarnation that a Deva goes through) – s/he makes Noara swear to find the new ruler of Illium, a half-elf named Tailem, and assist her so that Diva can strike a blow to the forces of Tiamat.

Xillali and Doki do more shopping, invest money into the ship to outfit it, get weapons for Nym, and pay a little money for a map of the Astral Sea. On their way back to the inn, they’re stopped by a Tiefling and a half-fiend. The Tiefling mistakes Doki for Noara and tells her to leave Diva alone.

Xillali drops the mirror and the disc off with a merchant with the expertise to identify the items. She also goes to the city Zoo and adds a bunch of animals to her Change list.

Day 6 they have the day off. Xillali goes to the Merchant to pick up the items and finds out that the Merchant has been murdered. They’re hold everything in the shop as potential evidence. They interview Xillali, telling her that the Merchant was an Exemplar and should eventually return to life. They take Xillali’s info and tell her that they’ll contact her as soon as the Merchant returns.

The team goes to the Purple Palace and is escorted by Dreadnaught to an earthmote outside the Dominion. Naora is given an executioner’s sword, and kills Diva. A Marut performs a ritual and summons Diva’s soul into a gem, and gives it to Naora. it glows blue and feels warm to the touch.

The team heads back to Hestavar proper. They want to go to the lighthouse to work on Kurasi, and the ship is ready, but Erdan argues that it’s better to leave the ship in the impound dock for now since they’ve already paid for that with their fees, and they would have to pay extra to redock the ship.

They take a small taxi back to the lighthouse, the same ferry that Naora has been using, to travel to the Lighthouse.

They get to the edge to the dominion and they are within sight of the lighthouse, when a ship appears. The ferry driver appears to be in league with the ship, and pulls up along side. The same tiefling that they met before is there with several other tieflings and the half fiend. They demand Diva’s soul gem.

Erdan says that this obviously an issue of value, and starts to distract them with Naora’s cursed lamp. This buys the team some time and they get a surprise round. They use the round to send a fairy to the lighthouse to get help.

Team starts the fight and it gets ugly fast. Mage cone of colds the party and tiefling fighters knock down Nym. The fiend turns out to be a full fledged Bone Devil and takes off after the fairy. Doki manages to illusion the Devil into thinking that the fairy got away, and the devil comes back and attacks Xillali. Erdan takes down the Mage, Xillali transforms into her Dinosaur form which is enough weight to rip the small boat off the side of the ship. The Bone Devil Grapples Xillali, flies her off the ship, poisons her, and leaves her floating in the sea, then flies back to attack Noara.

Doki is bleeding out, Noara and Nym are dealing with the demon and a remaining tiefling while Erdan cowers. Xilalli is floating in space, and the large ship seems to have maintained control and is coming back around….



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