League of Xee

The Hook

Session 0.5

The area you’re currently is the called “The Sump”, which is a massive lowland swamp covered with fog and filled with all manner of nasty beasts, long abandoned ruins, and cannibalistic frogmen

I’m thinking the basis for the current story arc would be that the PC’s are based out of heavily fortified outlaw hideout called Stilt Town. Think “hive of scum and villainy ruled by an inbred half-orc mafia in the middle of the louisiana bayou” and you would be close, except that the whole Sump is perpetually covered by chill fog and seeps into everything. (haha san francisco)

The two big advantages to being here are a) no one asks questions about you and b) there’s actually a fair amount of grey market activity going on, so there’s a steady stream of really interesting work for folks who aren’t too discerning about who is paying them.

The last job came from a very unexpected place. While the town itself has a bewildering variety of races, the least noticeable of them are the Muks Muks – essentially pygmy rog men (in D&D terms, a variety of Bullywug) that generally exist as servants and low caste. The outlaws tolerate them, and the Muk Muks thrive in their way, safe from the other Bullywugs who tend to the “poison and eat you” side of the alignment scale.

Recently the muk muk’s approached you privately, and let it be known they had a job – some Muk Muk scouts had been exploring an area known to possess some old ruins, and had seen two things that worried them. For one, there were signs of habitation. Two, many of the local flora and fauna were dying around the area, as if some maliaise were spreading out from the ruins. They asked a muk muk ranger to explore the area, and he never came back. Now they are hiring a party to enter The Blight, as they now call it, and explore the three ruins there, and see if they can rescue the ranger or at least bring back his body (Muk Muk’s tattoo their skins with stories, and this ranger’s story is very important to the tribe’s sense of pride )

The mission:
Explore the ruined sites in The Blight and find out what’s happening
Clear the area of threats to the Muk Muks
Rescue or recover the Ranger known as Hissblood

The Reward:
You keep anything you find in the ruins
A Comesurrate monetary reward that wound motivate you
Background: “Tattooed tales of the Blood Fly Muk Muk clan”
+ Overall Muk Muk standing which would be very useful in the Sump
+ Swamp knowledge, survival, flora, fauna
+ A bewildering variety of Muk Muk recipes (bullywugs make for surprisingly good cooks!)


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