League of Xee

TMA - Session Fifty Nine - The Avenger


Party is split

Team magic stabby pants go back to expository village. (Now named Gondohrr) talk to wise ones and learn about Kenku in the northern mountains. Team mazaladin travel north along the glacier and finds a crypt. They investigate and kolae is possessed by the the shade of Gion the Avenger, a dwarf who wants to perform one last great deed.

Wind up staying night in crypt so that they don’t freeze.

Team MSP is attacked by magictek spiders in the night. Use tactics to survive with minimal casualties.

In the mornIng team is fully rested and gains all spells back.

Head north and see magitek flyers, stay hidden.

Team mazadalin heads north until they reach a crevace and take a path. They find a long abandoned giant village. interact with dwarf shades who want them to open the gates. They try to open the gates but plant creatures attack. Defeat them just in time for other group to show up.


Last time! On! LEAGUE! OF! XEEEEE!
Kolae and Maziel went to follow the trail of the bear-Sword Prophet while the rest of the team made the trek back to exposition town.
K&M, while on the trail, found a tomb within which they took shelter from the harsh environments for the night. In the morning they were greeted by a mysterious voice. Gion the Avenger, the spirit of a great dwemer warrior, spoke to Kolae and Maziel of his great deeds and ended up possessing Kolae so that he might show her what a overcoming a true challenge is like. Maziel catches on that Kolae is not herself and attempts to guide her out of harms way and hopefully not directly toward the Sword Prophet who Gion has now sworn to slain as his great challenge. They counter a pack of Fire Worms, but the avoid detection and continue on. The other half of the team eventually sent message that they should meet north of the glacier in the village of the Kenku. Maziel guides her battle hungry companion to the north, under the guise that the trail leads in that direction, after replying that an exorcism is likely going to be necessary once they regroup in the village. During the trek north, as they left the tundra-like area, a fight broke out with some living plant monsters that could take control dominion over other living things with their sap.
Cosmo, Dagon, Yaup, and Klotonk make it back to E-Village with no issue. They speak with the elder of their travels to the Sword Prophets location, how the leylines there are fucked, and how the prophet was missing. They learn about Kolae’s ‘energized’ feeling as step 1 in a ritual to reach a different plane, one where magic flows free and endless. It is revealed that the leylines are like rivers from this plane that provide magical energy to the prime material. When shown the furs with the Kenku design, the elder speaks of how their relations haven’t always been the best but he does know where their village lies if we wished to visit: north of the glacier. They settle in for the night, but are disturbed by an attack from some of Primus’ spider bots. There was a new kind of bot that attached itself to the face of one of the villagers. Yaup ripped it off, sending the villager into shock, but was quickly healed. After making sure that the elder was okay, they sent a message to Maziel about the making way to the Kenku village. While in transit, they saw a set of flying Primus bots going towards the Sword Prophet’s cave. The group decided to not engage and continued toward the Kenku village. Off in the distance, the group spies a couple familiar faces felling feral foliage.

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