League of Xee

Session Eighty Five (TMA) - Illium Stories - Lay to Rest

Wait for Dragons
Wait for Archmagi
Get psychic warriors (what’s the cost)
Reparations w Gnasha

Go back to Illium

Tailem and Kolae
Maziel and Maziel

Reseal Primus? – Talk to Good Dragons
Why not kill Primus
What’s the ritual to seal Primus?

Cloudgoat to Illium

Which Maziel – Undercity Report to leaders – drow were killed
Klotonk – Check in on Snee and Vinetonk – what they were up to
(iou) $300
Vendor for contingency statuette (yes, need to be built )
Kolae/Taelim – Entertaining nobles
Kolae and Odie – want to meet with Taelim
Wants to give bird to Taelim

Klotonk updates – sealing primus, gonna read books
Gonna go shopping next

Kolae updates taelim Taelim gets a pygmy Hawk

Maziel – Meet me at the Pit Fighter

Cosmo – putting out word that they’re looking for a magic item (roll 13
Ioun stone (awareness)
Deck of Illusions
Stealth items

Party meets back up

Maziel talk to Feeps about work
Help Gnasha – send DREAM at night
DREAM to Archmagi
Maziel goes to talk to Feeps about work

Klotonk going shopping for a statue
- 100 gp, 1 week

Maziel Cosmo show up at Pit Fighter
S’bell meet up –
It’s been dealt w but can’t bring people back and her boss know

Tinker shows up – deck of illusions – looking for “stealth items”

Klotonk – reading books – downtime
Checking in at Mage’s Guild
Got $ from feeps

Kolae – trading down

Gertrude got the green drink

Sending Dream
Maziel was a parent
Agrees to meet up in Cloudgoat

Wanted an alliance

Taelim and maziel hash out what happened to Gnasha and the stilt-town people

Give the drow solstice

Study Results –

Maziel – Feeps
+2 x 2 maziel
1 week – training
Unseelie rep

Glaistig stuff
Maziel seeling info to Unseelie

Cosmo – learns how to play the lute

Go to Cloudcoat – heals Gnasha (is in Cloudgoat)


_X_ _X_

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