Places and Kingdoms

Illium, Free City of the Western Reaches

Ruled for many years by Taelim’s father, the wizard king Vicera is respected for his magical might and knowledge of magical constructs and artifacts. The city’s army of warforged and magical war machines makes it a formidable force. However the King has gone missing a little longer than usual and the provinces are somewhat worried of their future. Will the forces Wrath of seize this chance to attack?

The Sultanate of Magaat

Magaat, the City of a Thousand Lights, is an ancient capital of a once grand nation on the Eastern shore of the great sea. Magaat has been a melting pot of many cultures and races for as long as their have been stories, and people to tell them. As a result, the factions and power struggles here are complex, old, and ever changing. The one constant is the absolute power of the Sultan and his pacts with the Efreeti of the Primordial Chaos. Wrath may threaten the southern lands, but here, light shines defiantly.

Places and Kingdoms

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